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15.42% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 27: Loots & Goals

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Chapter 27: Loots & Goals


It was 1:30 PM and Nathan was currently practicing his knife throwing techniques. His targets were the heads of the zombies. Out of 10 throws, he would miss 4 -- his aim was only average.

He was now Level 18 and the overall level of the zombies was Level 9.

As for his stats and equipment:


Level: 18

Experience Points: 2.24609375%

Strength: 31

Agility: 26 (+14)

Vitally: 29

Intelligence: 26


[Grade D] Sword 8-10 (12/12)

[Grade D] Dagger 5-7 (6/12)

[Grade D] Long Dagger 6-8 (5/12)

[Grade D] Leather Cap (15/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Leather Armor (15/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Leather Gloves (13/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Boots (13/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Agi

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Agi

[Grade D] Amulet: +2 Agi


Level X [Coward's Walk]


<Author's note: On chapter 20 I wrote "[Grade D] Boots: Gives +3 Agility (13/15)". After thinking about this for a few days, I decided that this is a plothole so I'm going to ignore this. System loots dropped by Level 1-10 zombies only gives +1 or +2 stat points. This is detail is vital because I have already made a list of how much stat points System loots gives up to Level 99 and other things which I will be basing it from now on. Don't worry, I will write the list at the end of this chapter.>

The Level 9 zombies were barely giving him exp already. Even after killing 23 zombies, it only raised his exp to 2.24609375% as each of them only gives him 0.09765625%. It was a waste of durability and [Grade D] Repair Kit.

But because of the many killings he did, mostly zombies and a "few" humans, his loots became abundant that he already had problems on where to keep them, some he even had to discard. This in return led him to establish secret bases around the area that he usually hunts. Those secret bases are stashed with food, a carton of cigarettes, basic supplies, and System items.

Of course, he separated the items. For the System items such as weapons, armor, rings, and spellbooks, he would just hide them in corners. But for the food, cigarettes, basic supplies and System potions, he would place them inside a box or a bag and then wrap it with plastic or just put it inside a large plastic bag and then bury it under the ground.

In Nathan's mind, food and cigarettes are more important because it's not like they just drop when killing zombies. He also considers the potions from the System important.

As for why he decided to bury them under the ground, this is because in all the zombie movies, anime, manga, and novels, that he has seen, not one of the characters specifically decided to look for treasure chests buried under the ground stocked with food and drinks. Usually, they just loot buildings or steal from others.

If someone could find the resources that he buried underground, then that person has mega [Plot Luck].

Now for the equipment that Nathan is wearing.

Putting aside the System items that he's wearing, he was now wearing a backpack. But of course, he hasn't ditched his fanny pack. He keeps it inside his backpack whenever he's wearing his backpack.

Remember the police station's armory? There were still a few items left there which were useful to him.

For starters, there were two combat knife straps which he is currently using for his daggers. The [Grade D] Dagger on his right thigh and the [Grade D] Long Dagger on his left thigh.

He also found a police vest.

On the top right of the vest were three handgun clip holsters. Each holster had its own System potions: [Grade D] Repair Kit, [Grade D] Antidote, and Small Healing Potion. Regarding the [Grade D] Antidote, he only had two even after killing so many, making him believe that this was very rare.

Below the handgun clip holster was a gun holster. He used it for the Revolver he looted a few days ago.

On the top left of the vest, it had two magazine holster. He used it for System potions as well.

Below the two magazine holsters was for the first aid kit. This he filled with bullets for his Revolver.

On the sides of the police vest was for the grenades -- two for each side. Right now, he only had three grenades. It was originally four, but he wanted to test one out.

Furthermore, he also looted a sword sheath and night vision goggles from the humans he killed.

Regarding the sword sheath, he had no choice but to discard his [Grade D] Scimitar and use the [Grade D] Sword instead because the [Grade D] Scimitar just couldn't fit inside the sheath he looted.

He attached the sheath on the side of his backpack so that he can easily pull it out. But putting it back was a different story.


Nathan had two goals right now.

The first goal was to find as many food resources and stash them at his secret bases all over the city.

Nathan was still at the city where his apartment building was located.

The city that Nathan is currently at is Cram City. It's one of the largest cities in the country of Womania.

The second goal of Nathan was to reach level 20 before going to Amir's workplace, Saint Holy Child Hospital, at Saint Town which is outside of Cram City on the East side.

Saint Town is one of the four towns between Cram City and Burrow City, and is the first town outside of Cram City.

He couldn't take the subway because it was flooded. Riding a car also wasn't an option because not only he doesn't know how to drive, it will attract unwanted attention from both the zombies and humans.

His only choice was to walk his way there.

He was currently at the Southwestern part of Cram City where his apartment building is nearby and walking to Saint Town will take him about 10 hours.

But why hasn't he gon to Amir's workplace already?

After almost being killed by the D1 zombie a few days ago, it really affected his psyche so he decided to increase his level first.

In his mind, it would be suicidal and laughable if he goes around playing hero if he couldn't even kill a 3m-tall zombie.

If he encounters one, would he just run away? What if he was with Amir, what then? Would he choose to abandon Amir or sacrifice himself?

Also, what if he encounters a powerful group or Chosen One that could threaten his life?

Basically, he was putting his safety first. He strongly believes that being Level 20 would ease his fears and worries.

But of course, despite all those "logical" reasons he pointe out, his heart was slowly being eaten away by guilt with each passing day, which eventually led him to switch off his smartphone. He was afraid to see what messages Amir sent him ever since the zombie apocalypse began.


Level 1-10:

-Grade D

-(+1) or (+2)

-White treasure chest

<Note: Regarding the (+1) and (+2), in case you don't know, it's basically the bonus stat or stats it gives. Take for example the (+2). The possible combinations could be:

• +2 Agi

• +1 Agi, +1 Str

• +1 Str, +1 Vit

You guys get what I'm trying to say.>

Level 11-20:

-Grade D

-(+3) or (+4)

-Green treasure chest

Level 21-30:

-Grade C

-(+5) or (+6)

-Blue treasure chest

Level 31-40:

-Grade C

-(+7) or (+8)

-Blue treasure chest

Level 41-50:

-Grade B

-(+9) or (+10)

-Violet treasure chest

Level 51-60:

-Grade B

-(+11) or (+12)

-Violet treasure chest

Level 61-70:

-Grade A

-(+13) or (+14)

-Orange treasure chest

Level 71-80:

-Grade A

-(+15) or (+16)

-Orange treasure chest

Level 81-90:

-Grade S

-(+17) or (+18)

-Red treasure chest

Level 91-99:

-Grade S

-(+19) or (+20)

-Red treasure chest

Level ∞:


-(+20) depending on what kind of item

-Gold treasure chest Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

<Author's thoughts: So this is the 2nd chapter for May 26 - June 1. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter.>

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