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40.57% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 71: Night Hunt 5

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Chapter 71: Night Hunt 5

Nathan was standing in the middle of the street and invisible.

A couple of meters away from him was a Level 1 D1 zombie.

Its stats were:

• STR- 42

• VIT - 42

• AGI - 11

• INT - 11

He closed his eyes and tightened his grip on the [Grade D] Large Axe's handle.

He thought about the first time he encountered a D1 zombie and almost died.

He thought about the second time he fought Derek.

He thought about how he was going to deal with this D1.

He collected his thoughts and opened his eyes.

'Okay. Let's do this.'

He charged towards the D1.

When he finally got close to the D1, using the momentum, he swung his axe towards its right leg with all his strength.



He lost his invisibility.

The [Grade D] Large Axe chopped off the D1's right leg nice and clean, causing it too lose its balance and tumble down.

Nathan immediately turned back to the D1 and took a few steps before hacking its neck.





The head of the D1 finally separated from its body and a [Green] Treasure Chest appeared.

Nathan held the [Grade D] Large Axe on his right hand facing downward.

He pulled his head back and looked at the night sky.

His breathing was heavy.

His hands were shaking.

His palms were sweaty.

"I killed… I finally killed a D1. And I did it without relying on a grenade. Haha~"

He recalled once again the time he almost died the first time he faced a D1.

"I wasn't expecting to feel this kind of feeling after killing one. It also feels a little anti-climactic... Was I just too overly cautious?"

After calming down and gathering his thoughts, he extracted the nucleus inside the D1 head.

Compared to the M2, the D1, M1, S1 and N1 doesn't give a [Grade C] Nucleus. Instead, it was [Grade D].

After extracting the [Grade D] Nucleus from the D1's head, he then proceeded to open the [Green] Treasure chest.

'[Grade D] Gloves that give +3 VIT, huh.'

He thought about the first time he killed an N1 where he was chasing Lester. It dropped a [Grade D] Ring that gives +2 ST and +1 INT.

He thought about the M2 he killed. It dropped a [Grade C] Tiara that gives +5 INT.

'This D1 dropped an item that gives bonus stats on VIT. With that, I can assume that N-types drop STR-based items, M-types drop INT-based items, D-types drop VIT-based items, and S-types drop AGI-based items. So the ones that I should be hunting are the S-types!'

He suddenly heard footsteps of another D1 coming his way, it was loud as thunder.

He glanced over at the D1 that was a couple of feet away charging towards him.

Nathan held an annoyed expression on his face.

"You're not the one I want."

He activated [Coward's Way].


Haven Town - Southeast

Training Facility.

Rose and Ashleigh along with the rest of the members of Team 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Scavenger Teams were already on the grounds of the Training Facility.

"Three 3m-tall skinless zombies coming! One appears to be an S1 and the other two are N1s!" said a female.

The S1 was faster than the N1s so it was leading the charge and leaving the N1s a couple of meters behind.

"I'll take care of the S1," Rose said in a calm voice as she walked in front with no weapon on hand.

Aside from the System items, she was wearing a night/thermal-vision goggles and carrying a handgun, which was actually a magnum, on her waist.

On their way here, they've encountered a few 3m-tall zombies.

In the beginning, Rose was carrying a [Grade D] Sword and Shield. But after a few fights of winning and without suffering any casualties, she let one of her subordinates hold it for her.

She waited for the S1 to come.

As for her stats:


Level: 19

Exp: %


STR – 28 (+8)

VIT – 26

Agi – 29 (+7)

INT – 30


[Grade D] Helm (11/15): +2 Agi +1 Str

[Grade D] Leather Armor (11/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Leather Gloves (10/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Leather Boots (11/15): +2 Agi

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Str

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Str

[Grade D] Amulet: +2 Agi


Level X [Crystal Body] - Turns the user's body into crystal. While activated, it gives +30 to VIT and allows the user to transform the shape of their arms and legs. No mana cost and cooldown.


When the S1 got closed to Rose, it immediately pounced on her.

She activated [Crystal Body] and caught the S1 mid-air and body-slammed it to the ground.


The S1 roared in pain.



She stomped the S1's head, crushing it.

The blood and brain tissue of the S1 splattered all over.

She deactivated [Crystal Body] and stepped away from the S1 corpse.

Although her skill [Crystal Body] seems powerful, the System doesn't tell her the other secret advantages and flaws of it. She had to do some experiments to learn all of them, just like Nathan.

As for the flaws of her skill:

One - In [Crystal Body] mode, healing potions and skills have no effect on her and her regeneration is off. If she wants to heal any physical damage inflicted on her body, she must deactivate her skill before receiving any treatment.

Two - In [Crystal Body] mode, she doesn't have any sense of touch, which can technically be a good thing but becomes an issue if you link it with the third flaw.

Three - Although her body is extremely hard thanks to the added 30 VIT bonus when activating her skill, once a crack appears on her body, the enemy can exploit that crack by hitting the same spot over and over again or close to it until the crack spreads. With her having no sense of touch, if she isn't aware of a crack on her body and the enemy exploits it, it could lead to a dire situation for her once she deactivates her skill.

Four - Once she's in [Crystal Body] mode, the bonus stats given by the gloves, shoes and rings are nullified. Moreover, if she were to, for example, change the shape of her right hand into a sharp blade, the glove on her right hand will be destroyed.

A member of Team 1 immediately approached the S1 that Rose killed and extracted the [Grade D] Nucleus.

Meanwhile, the other members started firing their guns on the N1s, aiming for the legs.



The N1s got shot on the leg and tumbled over and rolled a few times. And as soon as they stopped rolling, the immediately tried to get up and charged once again.

"Take them out!" said Brezine.

Six people charged towards the two injured N1s. One of them was Ashleigh.

She was fully geared and was carrying a [Grade D] Mace and [Grade D] Shield.

As for her Ashleigh's stats:


Level: 16

Exp: %


STR – 25

VIT – 26

Agi – 26

INT – 24 (+15)

Mana: (62/78)


[Grade D] Mace (9/12)

[Grade D] Shield (11/12)

[Grade D] Leather Cap (14/15): +2 Int

[Grade D] Leather Armor (14/15): +2 Int

[Grade D] Leather Gloves (14/15): +2 Int

[Grade D] Boots (14/15): +2 Int

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Int

[Grade D] Ring: +2 Int

[Grade D] Amulet: +3 Int


Level X [Heaven's Treatment] - Heals and cures almost everything. Requires 20 mana to cast. No cooldown.


Ever since what happened to her fellow Team 2 members in the hands of Nathan, she so felt guilty about not doing anything to stop it despite being a Chosen One herself.

Ashleigh came from a middle-class family and her family was at another city here in Womania.

Since she was a child, due to her looks and status, she got used to people, especially from the opposite sex, doing things for her. In fact, in her 20 years of life before the zombie apocalypse, her life just revolved around school, dating and traveling.

This is why, when the zombie apocalypse began, she didn't bother about telling Nathan she was a Chosen One with god-like healing power. At that time, she was expecting the government to eradicate the zombie threat and it will be over within a few days or weeks, returning back to how society was.

However, as days gone by, she slowly realized that things weren't getting any better so she decided to learn how to fight and increase her level but didn't really take them that seriously.

It was thanks to what Nathan did this afternoon to her teammates that she finally realized how vital it was in getting strong is if she wanted to protect the people she cared about.

"Miss Ashleigh, we'll distract the zombie while you deal the final blow," said a Team 2 member.

The six people who charged forward decided to divide into two groups. One group would deal with one N1, while the other group that has Ashleigh would take care of the other N1 and have her kill it.

"Okay. Be careful," said Ashleigh.

The two people that grouped up with Ashleigh nodded before attacking the N1 they were in charge of taking care of.

After slashing and stabbing the N1, it finally got to its knees due to its severe injuries.

"Miss Ashleigh, now!"

Ashleigh rushed to the injured N1 and swung her [Grade D] Mace on its head, cracking its skull.



A [Green] Treasure Chest appeared.

The other N1 zombie was also dealt with by the other three that charged with them.

"Good job," said a female voice behind.

Ashleigh turned around to see who it was.

It was Rose approaching.

She shook her head. "I couldn't have done with it without their support. If it was you, Derek or Nathan, you guys could've killed it without needing anyone's help."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. You know that you're the support type so having you charge is new to you. Plus, these aren't the typical zombies anymore."

"But still… If it was you, Derek or Nathan…"

Rose placed her hand on Ashleigh's shoulder.

"I know you feel bad about what happened this afternoon, but you shouldn't push yourself too much. Rushing things will only lead to accidents. Plus, as Chosen Ones, we all have our own powers so it can't be helped that we have different fighting styles. In fact, I think your powers are even more useful compared to ours."

Ashleigh lowered her head.

"Cheer up. At least you're improving, right?"

"What are you two talking about?" Brezine butted in.

Rose and Ashleigh looked at her.

Seeing Brezine, Ashleigh couldn't look at her straight in the eye due to guilt so she lowered her head once again.

"I'm just telling Ashleigh how amazing her performance was."

"Oh… Yeah, I totally agree. She was a real badass. By the way, Rose, where are we going next?"

"We continue searching together as one team. Just keep using guns so that we can catch the attention of the zombies, drawing them to us. As for the other teams, they will be arriving soon."







It was the sound of gunshots and explosions from afar, just a few blocks away from where they were standing.

"Rose!" Brezine and Ashleigh said and looked at Rose who was staring at the direction from where the gunshots and explosions came from.

It was outside of the Training Facility.

"All teams! We're heading there right away!" said Rose.

"Yes, Boss!" They all replied.


Author's thoughts:

Hi, I'm sorry for posting late. I've been so busy since last Thursday and I'm still so busy until now (perhaps I may only post one chapter this week). As for properly editing this chapter, I'll do it later after I wake up. I haven't yet slept and I still got tons of work to do in my other jobs.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

To those people who voted with their power stones, I would like to thank these Power Immortal Voters:

• 7Life7Sky (Second Seat Power Immortal)

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By the way, I also posted the draft of [Chapter 79] there.

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Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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