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89.83% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 159: Outside (4)

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Chapter 159: Outside (4)

10:52 pm.


"Make sure to hit it properly, kid," said Nathan.

He was holding an N1 that had no arms and legs up in the air with one hand. His fingers were deep inside the zombie's flesh, holding its spinal column.

Zita was standing a few feet away from Nathan and the N1. Floating around her were System weapons such as swords and daggers.

She controlled two swords and aimed for the N1's neck.


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They sliced through the N1's neck clean and its head fell on the ground.

A [Green] Treasure Chest appeared.

"Yay~! I'm now Level 15~! Hehehe~!"

Nathan threw the headless torso away and then proceeded to look for the N1's head.


Meanwhile, Zita went over to chest the treasure chest.

Nathan, on the other hand, was lost in his own thoughts while extracting [Grade D] Nucleus from the N1's head.

'So once she throws an item, although it doubles the power and speed, she can't change the trajectory…'

'But I have to admit, this kid is really dangerous. Her Chosen One powers are definitely no joke. Imagine if she could lift up a hundred weapons and then throw them at a target all at once. And right now she's Level 15 so her INT is 26. So if she throws them all at once, each item has the power and speed of 26 points! My God!'

'And to top that off, as far as I can remember, the range of her powers where she can lift items is 10m!'

'If that's not scary, then what is?! Those people in the shelter are so stupid to waste the potential of such a powerful Chosen One!'

'If I will continue to travel with this kid, I should definitely avoid tight places as much as possible…'

'Wait… Can she stop a bullet in mid-air?'

Nathan absorbed the [Grade D] Nucleus inside his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger before looking at Zita.

"Finally, a [Small] Healing Potion!" she said and then placed it inside her [Grade D] Spatial Bag.


Zita turned to him.

"Can you stop a moving object? Let's say, a person throws something at you."

"I don't know."

He summoned a nucleus.

"I'm going to throw this at you. Try to catch it with your power."


He threw the nucleus at her but he made sure to only use about 10% of his strength.

His STR was 69 (+5) so he was only using about 7 points.

She caught it mid-air.

'Heh… So she can, huh,' he thought. "Give it back to me."

She gave him the nucleus using [Lift].

"Concentrate, I'm going to make it faster."

He threw it again.

This time, he was using 30% of his strength, making it around 22 points.


She failed to stop it and it bounced against her chest.

"Ugh!" she groaned and then knelt down on one knee as he held her chest with one hand.

'Heh~ So does this mean she can only stop things if the force is 13 points and below or at least half of her total INT? If that's the case, then she can be still be killed with guns because even with 50 VIT, they can still penetrate your skin -- at least that's what I know from using the rifles and handguns and trying them on my own skin. I don't know about those mini-handguns though. Also, the weapons that were floating around her didn't fall when she got hurt. If she falls asleep or loses consciousness while using her skill, will it deactivate?' he thought before flashing a concerned and apologetic expression and said, "Oh my God, kid, I'm sorry. I was using only half of my strength so I wasn't expecting that to happen."

Of course, he lied. In addition to that, he didn't dare to approach her because he was also probing what kind of temper she has.

"Ouch… It's so painful," she said as she was rubbing her chest.

"Kid, quick, use the Healing Potion."

She summoned the potion from her [Grade D] Spatial Bag and drank it.

"Are you okay, kid? I'm really sorry."

"I'm fine…" she said as she threw the empty vial away.

Still wearing a concerned and apologetic expression, he said, "Oh, thank God. I don't know if I would be able to forgive myself if something bad happened to you because of my actions. Good thing you're already Level 15. Just a few levels more and you'll already be as strong as me."

"Mister, can you stop calling me kid? My name is Zita Vestergaard and I'm almost 11 years old. I'm not a kid anymore. What about you? What's your name?"

'How cute,' he thought and smiled. "It's Nathan. But just call me mister or uncle, kid."

"I just told you I'm almost 11 years old!" Zita said and then pouted her lips to the side.

One of the culture shocks that he learned here in Womania that up to this day he still couldn't get over with and makes his skin crawl is people calling each other without honorifics.

In Asian countries, there is an unspoken caste or strict social hierarchy system where age and economic status are the main basis -- at least for most Asian communities because there are other communities that still value men/boys over women/girls.

So having a kid calling an adult by their name is considered very, very shameful in Asia.

Zita was still pouting when she murmured under her breath in Iskaldian, "Swhyk scan'tk sthisk soldk sguyk sstopk scallingk smek 'kid'? Ssok sannoyingk."

Nathan raised an eyebrow.

'Heh~ Is this kid insulting me?' he thought. "By the way, I noticed that you don't sound like a native of this country. Where are you from again?"


'Iskaldia, huh? So this is what an Iskaldian sounds like. And as far as I can remember…'

Given that he used to work as an editor in The Young Progressives which was more or less a leftist media, he, of course, heard a few things about Iskaldia. However, he has never been there so he only knows a few superficial things such as…

• It's a first-world country.

• It's one of the few remaining countries where many pure-bred Caucasians come from.

• It's supposedly a politically correct country.

• The foreigners there are mainly Caucasian, brown-Caucasian and Africans.

• It's also one of the Caucasian countries that accepted refugees.

And in the case of Womania, although it's one of the most politically correct countries, it didn't accept any refugees because in their defense they already have too many foreigners.

"Do you people there speak Regisian?"

"Our official language is Iskaldian. Regisian is being taught to us in school along with Kylmaian and I'm still learning them both."

"I see," he said then thought, 'I have to admit: For a kid her age, her command in the Regisian language is already very good. Is it because she's white or the level of education there?'

Although Nathan's proficiency in the Xudonian language wasn't that great, the main reason why he was able to get a grasp of it right away despite having zero knowledge about it beforehand and only studied it for a few months was because he was an Asian mainlander and Asian languages, in one way or another, share many words with each other.

And if anyone were to ask Nathan what's the most difficult part of learning a new language, it's the reading and writing. In the case of Asian languages, brown-skinned and white-skinned Asians have a very different alphabet system from each other.

As for the Regisian language, although he also took Regisian language lessons to improve his proficiency, the reason why he knew how to speak Regisian in the first place was because not only was it was a minor subject being taught in schools but it was also the most commonly used language in the world that 8 out of 10 people knows some Regisian words. Even if a person doesn't learn it in school, the person will still be exposed to it from TV, entertainment, the internet, etc. and eventually pick up some words.

He raised his thermal vision goggles and summoned a flashlight from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger to study more of her features.


'Pasty white skin with icy blonde hair. And I think she also had green eyes? Or was it blue?'

She was wearing a pair of thermal vision goggles so her eyes were covered at the moment.

'It didn't cross my mind earlier but I just realized that this kid is actually a top of the shelf whitey-white, like uber white. Even that bimbo of a Chosen One couldn't compare to her.'

In his 8 months in Womania, another culture shock he learned was that there's actually different shades of Caucasians. And as racist as this may be, he divided them into 3 groups:

• Half-breed and mixed-breed

• Standard white

• Uber white

People like Rose and Kaija were on the half-breed and mixed-breed bracket.

People like Ashleigh, Derek, Ida, Sweet Dave and even Walter were on the standard white bracket.

Zita was on the uber white bracket. This was a bracket that he was surprised to know about. They have this distinct look and aura or demeanor that only they have and he avoided them like a plague because --

'Wait, hold that thought for a minute. Is this kid perhaps an albino?'

He thought recalled his interactions with Zita.

'Hmm… Albinos have this weird way of staring and I don't recall this kid doing that albino-stare thingy.'

'Yep, this kid is definitely top of the shelf whitey-white or uber white. Hmm… I wonder what the parents of this kid look like, how they act. I bet this kid comes from a long line of colonists and white supremacist Cossacks. Hehehe~'

Back in WWI, a Caucasian country called Kholodnia which was led by Tsar Rasputin I with his Cossack Empire butted heads against the most powerful Caucasian country, Regis, and its fellow colonist allies, including Iustia for world domination.

The war lasted from 1914 - 1918 and Kholodnia lost.

About 2 decades later, WW2 came. This time around, Kholodnia was led by Tsar Rasputin II, the first son of the late Rasputin I, and teamed up with the white-skinned Asian country Heiwa led by Emperor Miyamoto Uruha with his Samurai Empire, again, for world domination.

Kholodnia's main goal was to conquer Europe and the rest of the Western world.

Meanwhile, Heiwa, a country colonized by Iustia, aimed to conquer Asia.

The war lasted from 1939 - 1945 and Kholodnia and Heiwa lost.



He put away his flashlight and wore back his thermal vision goggles.

An image of Walter and his son back in Corn Town flashed inside his head.

'I wonder if Iskaldia still has a slave system. I mean, yeah, I heard that it's supposedly a politically correct country just like many Caucasian countries, but I also heard there were some conflicts between the locals and the refugees there. Perhaps they were trying to conduct a Slavery 2.0 against the refugees there? I mean, come on, Iskaldia is like one of the few remaining countries where pure-bred Caucasians come from. So… you know, what would you expect? It's in their blood. But then again, this is the fireworks-loving people that we're talking about, the brown-Caucasians. But what about the Africans? Yeah, the award-winning group of people. My God, it must be one hell of a party there. You've got the torch-parade-loving people, the fireworks-loving people and the award-winning people. What can go wrong? Hahaha~'


'Thankfully, Womania didn't accept any refugees but Burrow City still has too many firework-loving people…'


"Hmm?" he said and then thought, 'What was this kid's question again? And oh my God, I went full-racist there for a moment. Good thing no one can hear me. If there is, sorry, sorry. I'll make it up by talking trash about my people.'

"Mister, I said, I'm now Level 15. Didn't you say that we're going to pick up some clothes once I reach Level 15?"

"Ah yes, yes. Of course, no problem, let's go find a shop now to pick some clothes," he said and then walked.

Zita walked beside him.

'Hmm… I wonder how fucked up Muwin is right now. I mean, even before that being who was claiming to be God appeared and threw this zombie apocalypse on our faces, people in the North were already the wannabe white people but without the funds. Meanwhile, people in the South are the wannabe fireworks people who still can't get over the past. I'm really curious how they're taking it. Sigh… I can't wait to see how they fucked up the country this time around. And if I were to take a guess, the South is probably taking it much easier. And God save the non-believers there. Many chop-chops and stonings may have already happened. Hahaha~'

Immortal_Shades Immortal_Shades

Damn... I had a hard time writing Chapter 158 and had to do a couple of rewrites for Chapter 158 because it was "too racist and political".

In the end, I divided into Chapter 158 into two chapters, making Chapter 159 and trimming a lot of the racism and politics.

But to be honest, I still feel Chapter 159 being too racist and political but I have no choice or else the "bad actions" of the characters, especially Nathan's wouldn't make sense and would just seem like they're just doing bad things for the sake of doing bad things which I don't like.

As crazy, distorted and sick as the logic and actions of the characters may be, I want them to make sense even just a little bit.

I'll post the next chapter a couple of hours from now before the power stones Reset.

And oh, by the way, a friend recommended me to watch this movie called Er ist wieder da (Look Who's Back). Let's watch it :)

P.S. I'll probably do some edits or maybe even delete this chapter if I'm really not feeling it because it's too racist and political.

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