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64% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 112: Recalling 4

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Chapter 112: Recalling 4

"I'm gonna get more chairs," Khalid said and went away.

There were only 8 chairs, which was 2 chairs short for their group.

The 5 women sat took a seat at the chairs.

"Baby!" one of the women cheerfully said and sat right next to Maaz before giving him a hug.

Nathan knitted his brows.

As far as he knows, PDA isn't something commonly seen in Muwin, especially in the south Muwinian culture.

'She called him baby. Is she like his girlfriend or something?'

"Lena, this is my cousin Nathan," said Maaz.

Lena looked at him and flashed a smile. "Hi, nice to meet you."

"Hello," said Nathan with a friendly smile as he studied Lena's features.

She was a 5'4'' tall woman in her early 20s.

She had short black hair, skinny and fair skin. She wore light makeup and a tight black short dress and carried a black purse on her hand.

If Nathan was going to rate her beauty, she was probably at least a 7.

As for the other women...

One of them was sitting beside Nathan.

"Girls, this is Nathan, my cousin. And Nathan, this is Zainab, Fatima, Salma and Kera.".

"Hi," said Salma.

"Hi, nice to meet you," said Kera.

"Hello," said Zainab.

"Hi, you're quite huge," said Fatima.

They were all beautiful as well, ranging between a 5 and 7 in terms of beauty.

Their ages were also about the same -- between 20 to 25 years old.

The one who sat beside Nathan was Fatima.

She was about 5'6" tall, not skinny but also not chubby, her long black hair tied into a ponytail, and had brown, flawless skin.

She wasn't wearing a dress unlike her other companions. Instead, she was wearing black skinny jeans and a white shirt with a foreign heavy metal band's logo printed on it.

It was a band that Nathan was a fan of.

But what really caught his eyes was that she was wearing glasses. Who doesn't like a girl with glasses?

As for her looks, if Nathan was going to judge her, she was a 5.5. But because she was wearing glasses, he decided she was a 6.

"Hello, nice to meet you all," said Nathan with a smile to all of them and then turned to Fatima who said that he was huge. "Nah, I'm just normal. There are bigger guys than me at the gym that I work out."

"Oh okay," said Fatima.

"Your accent. You're not from here, are you?" said Salma.

"I'm from Latif," said Nathan.

"Oh, I see. So that's why."

"Where's Baar and Omar by the way?" said Kera.

"Yeah, where are they?" said Zainab.

"Yeah, baby, where are they?" said Lena.

"They went outside to get something. They'll be back soon," said Maaz.

The women began checking their phones.

"Are you a fan of R.Z.?" said Nathan to Fatima who was sitting beside him.

Fatima put down her phone and looked at Nathan. "Yeah, it's one of the bands that I like."

Khalid returned with 2 more chairs and a waiter.

"Girls, just order anything you want. It's on me," Khalid said as he sat down and took out his wallet.

When Nathan saw his wallet, his eyes widened for a very quick moment because he was as loaded as Maaz.

'What the fuck?!'

He couldn't help but feel so poor. And the fact that Khalid was still a teenager, it really hurt his pride.

The girls began to order.

'What about Omar and that Baar guy?'

He shook his head mentally.

As far as he knows, Maaz was involved with some shady businesses.

However, although he knew that that kind of lifestyle was really lucrative, a person must have the brains, courage and the right connections if they want to survive in that lifestyle.

And plus, it isn't as glamorous as depicted in the movies.

In reality, 9 out of 10 times you either end up in a coffin or behind bars.

And even if you're one of the few lucky ones that triumph in the end, you will be living your whole life constantly looking over your shoulder which can be very stressful.

So although the prospect of earning money was so great, it would be something he would never choose.

The waiter left.

"Do you like R.Z. too?" said Fatima.

"Huh? What?" said Nathan.

"You asked me earlier if I'm a fan of R.Z. and I said yes. So how about you?"

"Oh, right."

"LOL… Are you drunk already? It's still too early."

Nathan scoffed and said, "Of course not."

He grabbed his glass and finished the beer in one gulp and then refilled his glass to show that he wasn't drunk.

He continued, "Yeah, I'm a fan too. I even have a number of their songs inside my phone."


"How about you?"

"Same," Fatima said as she fiddled with her phone.

'Ugh... This doesn't seem to be going well,' Nathan thought. "Want a smoke?"

He lit one before offering her a pack and a lighter.

"Maybe later," Fatima said while she fiddled with her phone.

'Fuck! It really isn't going well!'

Putting aside his so-called lone wolf attitude, the only woman he dated was Karen. And although he wasn't the perfect boyfriend, he was by the very least faithful to her that he never attempted flirting with any woman.

Because of that, he doesn't know how to flirt.

The waiter returned with the drinks ordered by the women.

Time went on and they all chatted happily with each other, except for Nathan.

They shared stories and jokes -- well, mostly from Maaz and Khalid.

Meanwhile, Nathan would just answer with short replies or fake a laugh whenever a funny joke was shared.

For some reason, he couldn't felt but feel this distance between himself and these people.

As a so-called lone wolf, he disliked small talks. If he decides to talk, there always has to be a reason, a purpose.

There's also the part where he hates crowded places.

'Why did I come here?'

'What am I even doing here?'

'To have sex?'

'To let out my frustration from being fired?'

'God I'm stupid.'

Karen's face flashed inside his head.

Whenever he was with Karen on a bar, he didn't have to worry about talking to people because he would just be talking to her or to Vincent.

His heart ached.

Khalid was telling another joke...

"Okay, so there were two guys talking."

"Guy A asked: Who is your idol?"

"Guy B answered: Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"Guy A then said: If he's really your idol, spell his name then."

"Guy B replied: You know, the truth is my idol is actually Jet Li."

They began laughing.

Meanwhile, Nathan pretended to laugh.

When the laughter died down, Nathan grabbed two cigarettes and stood up.

"I'm gonna go outside to get some fresh air."

"Okay. And if you see Baar and Omar outside, tell them to return here," said Maaz.


He left the table and went outside.


When Nathan got outside, there were a lot of people.

He checked his watch.

9:49 pm.

He saw Baar and Omar standing across the street talking. They had a cigarette and a can of beer on their hands.

He didn't mind them.

He went to a corner lit a cigarette.

A group of 7 people passed by Baar and Omar.

There were 3 males, 2 females, 1 lowkey lesbian, and 1 gay person.

The gay person was wearing a yellow skin-tight dress and a wig. Meanwhile, the lowkey lesbian was wearing jeans and a shirt and even had short hair which could pass a woman, but there was something in her demeanor that you could just tell in one glance that she was lesbian.

"Hey, faggot, where did you get that dress from? Your mother?" Baar said.

Everyone on the street except the members of that group smiled and laughed.

Even Nathan smiled as well.

Of course, it wasn't because he disliked gays or anything. It's just that in the south Muwinian culture, gender roles were very strict.

So for someone to go outside with that attire, you're either completely oblivious to the society's standards or a masochist because that's no different from wearing a sign around your neck that reads: Come harass and insult me.

The other bystanders began to harass the gay person as well.




One person hidden within the crowd threw an empty can of beer to the gay person, hitting the back of his head.

The group stopped.

The 2 females and the lowkey lesbian consoled the gay person who was crying, while the 3 males tried to look for the person who threw the empty beer can.

When they couldn't find the person who threw the can, they set their eyes on Baar and Omar.

And as expected, Baar and Omar welcomed it.

Out of the 3 men that Baar and Omar were fighting with, 2 of them works out but they weren't as big and tall as Nathan.

Two were facing Baar and one was facing Omar.

'Fuck me sideways!' Nathan said as he threw his cigarette away and dashed forward.

Back when he was still with Karen and they would go to a bar, he, of course, got into some bar fights.

As for how many fights he won and lost, that's not important. The most important thing is the unspoken rule that all Muwinians shared.

Whoever you came with on a night's out, if you see that person get into a fight, regardless of whether he was the perpetrator or the victim, as a man, you should join in and help him, except if it's a fight between females or gays, or it's a fight that involves using weapons like guns or sharp objects. If you don't, you will be branded as a coward among your group of friends or anyone that knows you.

So basically, as long as you joined in and threw at least a single punch, you're already safe.


Nathan arrived and helped Baar who was fighting two people.

He got to the side of one of them and threw a punch straight to the man's side jaw.


The man was knocked out cold.

The bystanders cheered.


"Woah! A knockout!"

"Just one punch!"


As for Nathan, he felt like a heavy load was lifted from his shoulders.

He doesn't know whether it was from all the rage he carried this past 2 months, from his main job, from Baar, or from everything.

However, he had no time to think about it and tossed it at the back of his head because they were still in the middle of the fight.

Baar got hit by the other man once on his face, causing his nose to bleed.


When the man was about to follow-up with an attack, Nathan got close to him and delivered a punch to the side, causing the man to lose oxygen and was momentarily stunned.


Baar immediately took advantage of this and kicked the man's groin.


The man crouched down from the pain and fell to the pavement.


Baar went forward and started kicking and stomping the man's head.





Seeing her companions losing, the lowkey lesbian was about to help. However, Nathan pointed at her and growled, "IF YOU FUCKING COME NEAR, I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR JAW, YOU FUCKING LESBO!"

The lowkey lesbian stopped and backed away, returning to her female companions and the gay person.

Meanwhile, Baar was still kicking and stomping the other man's head who shielding his head with his arms.






A policeman nearby blew his whistle as he ran to the scene. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

There were 3 police officers coming as well.

Seeing the police officers, Nathan grabbed Baar's arm and pulled him away.


However, Baar refused and kept kicking and stomping the man's head.

Nathan was so pissed that he wanted to punch Baar.

Omar, who already taken care of his enemy, tapped Nathan's shoulder.

Nathan looked at Omar.

"Just relax, bro," Omar calmly said.


Nathan was panicking. Just two months ago he got arrested for assault and barely escaped it so he had no desire to get arrested.

"Just relax."

Police officers finally arrived.

Nathan face-palmed.

"Fuck me sideways!"

The fighting stopped, but Baar tried to steal a few hits so the police had to cuff him.

The two groups were immediately questioned.

As they were being questioned, Nathan looked at the side and saw Maaz and the others were outside of the bar.

Maaz was talking to someone on the phone and he looked angry.

An ambulance arrived and brought the three men and the gay person to the hospital, while the others were escorted back to their homes.

As for Baar, Nathan and Omar, they were handcuffed and driven away inside a police car.

And just a couple of minutes of driving around, the driver pulled over on an empty street.

He got out of the car, removed their handcuffs, let them go and drove off as if nothing happened.

Nathan's jaw dropped and he blinked a few times.

He looked at Baar and Omar.

"What the hell is going on?"

"We have some connections," Omar said with a tone hinting him not to ask any further questions.


Baar tapped Nathan's back.

"I'm sorry about earlier, bro. I was wrong about you. You're a cool guy."

Nathan studied Baar's expression.

It seemed like he really meant what he said because he couldn't sense any animosity compared to last time.

"Yeah... sure...."

"Khalid just texted me. They're at the Pension House Hotel and they've already rented a room," Omar said.

Thanks to the fight earlier, Nathan and the other two can't be seen in public for at least 2 days so Maaz decided to rent a room for them to continue partying.

Nathan checked his watch.

9:42 pm.

"Let's call a cab," Omar said.


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