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68% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 119: Saint Holy Child Hospital 2

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Chapter 119: Saint Holy Child Hospital 2

The fat man's eyes widened as he stared at the broken window.

With the pump-action shotgun on his hand, he slowly made his way to the window while cautiously looking at the side from time-to-time to check if the intruder was hiding behind the boxes of food.

But just after three steps…

Nathan suddenly grabbed the shotgun's barrel, causing him to lose his invisibility, and then slapped the fat man.



The movement was so quick that the fat man wasn't able to react.

Before he knew it, 3 of his teeth flew from his mouth and he was sent flying to one of the boxes.



Nathan was holding the pump-action shotgun with his left hand.

'Nice shotgun.'

He absorbed it into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger before turning to the fat man.

The fat man was dead.

The slap twisted the fat man's neck into an unnatural angle.

'Oh fuck me sideways…'

Nathan was careful not to accidentally kill him so he didn't use his full force.

However, it seemed that the fat man was just too weak.

Nathan went over to the fat man.

He swept his gaze over the sword behind the man's back.

"Hmm… Looks nice."

He pulled out the sword.

The System told him it was a [Grade D] Great Sword and just its blade alone was already 5ft long.

His lips curled upwards, forming into a smile.

'This weapon is fitting for my height.'

He absorbed the man's body into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger before activating [Coward's Way] and heading out.

As he got out, a thought popped inside his head.

'Wait… What if that fat rat is the only survivor here?'

He shook his head.

'That's impossible. And plus, even if they would get angry that I killed one of their companions, what can they do? Curse and insult me to death?'

He continued to search for the other survivors.


Nathan was still searching on the 50th floor.

He still hasn't checked the rest of the 49th floor.

But so far, in the current floor he was in, aside from the fat man earlier, he hasn't encountered any survivors yet, making him worry that he probably killed his only source of information.

He began to pray inside his heart that that wasn't the case.

He found himself in front of a door.

He grabbed the handle to open the door but found it to be locked.

He knitted his brows.

So far, this was the only door he encountered in this room that was locked.

He kicked the door open.


"Kyaaahhh!!!" Two women inside the room screamed.

Nathan was still invisible so they were left confused on who or what broke the door open.

Nathan entered the room and saw a woman dressed in a sexy nurse outfit, while the other was in a sexy cop uniform.

And by "sexy", their clothes were trimmed to make them look very seductive.

The sexy cop was Caucasian with brown hair in her early 30s, while the sexy nurse was a black woman in her late 20s.

Their looks were a little above average at best.

They were hugging each other and their expression was written fear.

Nathan knitted his brows and then deactivated his skill.

When the women saw him appear out of thin air, they coldly gasp.

They were surprised to see Nathan's stature.

However, it wasn't just his height and the black-colored System items that he had on that made them feel dread.

During the past few days since the zombie apocalypse began, many things have changed.

In the beginning, despite the zombie threat, things were, for the most part, still the same.

People were still acting civil -- well, in terms of Womania's standards.

But as days progressed and the zombies continued to grow stronger, some people also started to slowly embrace their inner demons.

They began to witness and experience unspeakable and unthinkable things that would leave anyone living in a first-world country scarred for the rest of their life.

Because of these things, despite Womania being a progressive country and that everyone had the System, they had no choice but to adapt to the new society if they wanted to survive.

And seeing Nathan in front of them and their "owner" (the fat man) hasn't returned, they could only assume their owner was already dead and they have no surrender themselves to their new master.

They could only hope their new master wasn't as sick compared to the previous one.

"Master, please don't hurt us! We will do anything you want! Anything you can possibly think off!" the white woman said as she got up and started stripping her clothes.

The black woman got up and did the same thing as well.

"What the fuck…?"

"Master, we spent all of our stat points on VIT so our bodies are sturdy and we can take any sexual fetish that you want without breaking," the white woman said as she bent over and spread her butt cheeks in front of Nathan.

The black woman also bent over and spread her but cheeks.

Nathan's jaw dropped.

His mind was still trying to process was happening right in front of him.

Sure, he met women along the way since the zombie apocalypse starter. However, he hasn't yet to experience such a thing where people who would openly present themselves in such a degrading manner.

He felt like he was in a porn film or something.

"Master, we only need food and shelter. Don't worry, we can survive with just one small meal a day," the white woman said.

Nathan's brain finally finished processing what he was seeing.

"Stop, stop, stop! Stop what you're doing!"

The two women stopped spreading their butt cheeks and faced Nathan.

"Master, is there something wrong?" the white woman said with puppy eyes.

Meanwhile, the black woman didn't say anything as she stopped spreading her butt cheeks and turned towards Nathan.

She just stood there was and was observing Nathan.

"Whatever this kinky shit you both are into, leave me out of it. I don't care. I just want information. Where are the rest of the survivors?"

Hearing what Nathan said, the two women began to suspect that perhaps this man in front of them was one of those people who still had some civility left inside.

The white woman examined Nathan's features.

'An Asian? This is going to be easy. They like white-skinned women. Now how can I wrap him around my finger?'

She looked over at her companion.

'This black whore is younger than me, but I have more experience in pleasing a man. I have to make sure that my position won't be lower to hers.'

And just like the white woman, the black woman was also thinking about how she can make her position not lower than the white woman.

"Survivors, master? We're the only ones left here. The rest either died or escaped a couple of hours ago," the white woman said.

'You guys are the only ones left here? Let's see about that,' Nathan thought. "Are you familiar with a nurse named Amir or a group called Red Dust?"

"I --" The black woman was about to answer, but the white woman interjected.

"Master, I know Amir and this group called Red Dust. I've met him a few days ago and we've talked together about Red Dust and also met other people who were part of it."

When Nathan heard the white woman knew Amir and Red Dust, he let out a sigh of relief.

Both women noticed it.

The black woman didn't want to be seen as useless so she immediately opened her mouth.

"Master, I also know Amir. In fact --"

However, Nathan cut her off.

"Where is Amir?"

"Master, Amir and I are close. He and a group of people from Red Dust escaped from here 4 hours after the Second Phase began," the white woman said.

'4 hours after the Second Phase began? That was 2 nights ago,' Nathan thought. "Do you know where they went?"

The black woman didn't know where Amir and the others went so she remained silent.

"I think it was at Corn town," the white woman said.

Nathan knitted his brows.

He has never been to Corn town. All he knows is that it's one of the towns between Cram city and Burrow city.

There was also the fact that the white woman mentioned "I think".

Either way, he was still going to Corn town to find Amir.

"Stop calling me master and please wear your clothes. Let's talk about it over at dinner," Nathan said and left the room.

When Nathan was already gone, the black woman looked at the white woman.

"Gale, I thought we were in this together as partners? What about our talk this morning?"

However, Gale ignored and just wore her clothes.

The black woman grabbed her arm.

"I'm talking to you!"

"Isla, unhand me."

Isla let go of Gale's arm and stared at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Gale continued, "Stop being paranoid. Nothing has changed. We're still partners, of course. I'm just making sure of our survival so just let me do all the talking, okay? Come on, wear your clothes."

However, Isla didn't move and continued to stare.

Gale stopped what she was doing and hugged Isla.

"Look, I'm doing this for us. Trust me on this. Have you forgotten how I manipulated that pig master of ours?"

Isla's eyes started to well up.

She recalled the things that she and Gale had to do in order to please their master.

However, their will to survive was too strong that they swallowed their pride and did them.

Gale softly caressed the back of her head. "I promise you that we'll get through this. Come on, we don't want our new pig master to get angry. We could ask him to release us."



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