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68.57% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 120: Saint Holy Child Hospital 3

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Chapter 120: Saint Holy Child Hospital 3

7:26 pm.

Nathan, Gale and Isla were eating at an open area on the 50th floor.

Earlier, after he left the two women, he decided to check the rest of the floor first if there were other survivors.

Who knows, they could be lying or wrong.

After concluding that were no survivors left, he then went to the room where he encountered the fat man and absorbed 95% of the boxes of food into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger before bringing over the 2 remaining boxes.

There, he prepared his own food, of course, and the two women prepared their own food as well.

The trio ate in silence.

Nathan finished his meal and put down his spoon.

The women finished their food as well.

To Nathan's surprise, they ate the same amount as him.

With his new stature and all the physical activities he did, the food he needed to be satisfied was greater compared to when he was only 6ft tall.

In fact, what he ate was at least 3 meals worth of food compared to an average male.

'Were they being starved by that fat rat from earlier?' Nathan thought as he looked over at the empty plates of the two women.

He took out a pack of cigarettes and lighter from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

He lit one and then offered them to the women.

They both declined.

"Okay. Let's talk. Tell me where exactly Corn Town is," Nathan said.

"Corn Town is the next town from here if you continue heading East to Burrow city," Gale said.

"What's your relationship with Amir? How do you know him?"

"I was one of the civilians who were here when the zombie apocalypse began. That's when I met Amir. He was one of the nurses and was a kind and gentle person."

Nathan looked over at Isla.

"I arrived here looking for shelter about a week after the zombie apocalypse happened. I came here with my family and boyfriend but only I survived," Isla said.

"When Amir left with Red Dust, was he being forced or something? I mean, was he okay?" Nathan said.

"He seemed okay. I didn't notice anything unusual," Gale said.

Nathan looked over at Isla.

"I didn't get to talk to him that much other than one time when I first arrived here. He was the one who patched my wounds."

'So he wasn't being maltreated.'

Isla continued, "Well, he did mention to me about his family."

Nathan raised an eyebrow.

"When I arrived here, I was so shaken because I lost all of my loved ones. He tried to console me by talking about happy memories of our loved ones. That was when he mentioned to me that he had a cousin who was at Haven town."

Nathan squinted his eyes.

"How many people left with him? And how did they escape from here? Was it by helicopter or something?"

Isla was silent and looked over at Gale.

"Amir left with 20 people. And as far as I know, five of them were either among the staff here or people he knew -- I'm not exactly sure. Amir demanded to bring them along or he wouldn't leave," Gale said.

'Five people? Could it be them?'

When Nathan arrived here at Womania a couple of months ago, Amir introduced him to his circle of friends.

And to be honest, as friendly as they were in their own way, he couldn't connect with them.

It wasn't because he was against their ideals, mindset, lifestyle or anything.

Everyone has their own life experiences and desires.

The bottom line is, with his so-called lone wolf attitude, he was just too lazy to deal with other people and deal with their bullshit.

But of course, whenever he meets them he puts on a friendly facade.

Gale continued, "As for how they escaped, they went through the sewers."


"Yeah. There were too many of those 3m-tall zombies above the ground."

'They went through the sewers, huh. Should I just go directly to Corn town? But what if Amir isn't there? Should I go through the sewers as well to see if they were able to escape? Who knows, Amir could be trapped there waiting for me. But…'

He had two issues.

The first issue is about one of the weaknesses of Nathan's skill [Coward's Way].

Although being touched by water doesn't deactivate his skill, it doesn't pass through him.

Take for example the rain. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As water ran downs on him, it forms a silhouette of his body.

So anyone with a pair of eyes could spot him.

Another example is standing or stepping into something like a puddle of water.

Just with standing alone, anyone with a keen eye would be able to spot him because of the hallow formation formed by his feet.

And if he walks, the splashing sounds made by his footsteps would give his location away.

The second issue is about the passages and space of the sewers.

Putting aside the smell, sewers would look like a maze to anyone who isn't familiar with the passages.

And as for the space, how wide are the sewers?

Nathan fights by taking advantage of the space.

The more spacious the area is, the more tricks he can pull.

What if the space is limited and he encounters a horde of 3m-tall zombies?

He has seen the movie Blade II…

The M-types and N2 could just easily bombard him with spells or the zombies could overrun him with their numbers.

Sure, he has Divine Blood but he doesn't want use it unless he has no choice because it's not cheap and it's not like he can just buy it anytime he wants.

Add-in the puddles of water that could most likely be there, the effectiveness of his invisibility is greatly diminished.

Nathan sucked his cigarette and then blew smoke on the air.

'Fuck me sideways…'

He thought about whether to go through the sewers or not.

For almost 3 minutes, no one spoke a word.

He finally made his decision.

He flicked away the cigarette on his hand.

"You mentioned that among the people who left with Amir there were 5 people who were not part of Red Dust, can you tell me what they looked liked?"

It was Isla who answered first.

"I can't remember their names exactly, but there were men and women…" She looked over at Gale. "Wasn't there that Yeppunian woman?"

Yeppun was an Asian country.

And its main religion was Renasitur which believes in reincarnation.

"You mean that Yeppunian woman named Hae-won?" Gale said.

'Heh~ These women know Hae-won?'

Hae-won was one of Amir's friends and was very beautiful.

In fact, if Nathan was going to be honest, she was probably one of the most beautiful women he has seen in the flesh in his entire life.

He even mistook her for being a model, celebrity or something the first time he saw her.

She was instead one of the doctors at Saint Holy Child Hospital.

But then again, given Nathan's bias preference for Asian beauty, it's hard to take his judgment seriously.

Putting that aside, regarding Amir and Hae-won's friendship, it was a bit awkward -- well, at least from Nathan's perspective.

Amir has been trying to charm her for years but for some reason she was immune to his charms.

Perhaps it was because they knew each other for years so she's well-aware of his sexcapades?

Or perhaps it's because she's a doctor and Amir is a nurse so she isn't interested in sleeping with him?

Or perhaps because of racial discrimination?

Who knows.

Nevertheless, they remained friends for years.

"Both of you know her?"

"Not personally. But I think everyone here in the hospital knew her because of the trouble she brought," said Gale.

Nathan knitted his brows.

As far as he knows, although Hae-won was a feminist, she was not the loud and crazy type that gave feminism a bad reputation.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Um… During the past couple of days, Amir got into a number fights defending her from some people. Fortunately, the members of Red Dust were there to provide support. But there was always this underlying tension."

Hearing what Gale said, Nathan burst out in laughter and shook his head.


The two women wore a confused look on their faces.

To them, Hae-won was lucky because she had someone protecting her.

Whereas both of them, no one was there to help them and they had no choice in the end but to do those degrading things.

'Perhaps this new master of theirs is the sadistic type?' both of them thought and felt a chill ran down their spine.

However, unbeknownst to them, that wasn't the case why Nathan laughed.

Call him a defeatist, bitter, coward, lazy, a realist or whatever you want.

Before the zombie apocalypse, he never chose to go for women who were according to this estimation are more than a 6 in terms of beauty because he didn't want to put a lot of effort into chasing women.

And plus, he didn't want to be accused of sexual assault.

You know the logic -- when a woman gets attention from a person they're attracted to, it's called flirting. But when it's from an ugly person, it's considered as sexual assault.

He was well-aware that he just an average person in terms of looks, status and money.

Looks? Not mentioning his average face, although he had a great body because he works out, it's isn't as ripped compared to someone who uses steroids.

Status? He was just another human drone that's part of the rat race.

Money? He has some savings but it's still far from being enough for him to be able to retire.

So why would he put himself to go through all that trouble by competing with other men over a beautiful woman?

He already had a lot of things on his plate so he was busy.

To him, all cats are black in the dark and it's not like he's looking for a relationship.

As long as he could get some action, that's good enough – though not from a woman that's a 3 and below.

So hearing that Amir had to deal with some problems because of Hae-won, he couldn't help but find it funny.

Right now, because of the zombie apocalypse, if you're not powerful, having a beautiful partner by your side is basically asking for extra problems that could easily be avoided.

And in Amir's case, that Hae-won isn't even family.

Nathan wiped a tear from his eye.

"Oh my God. That was so funny~"

He got up and cleared his throat.

"Thank you for the information, ladies."

He looked over the window.

The sky was dark and cloudy, and there were flashes of lighting.

'I just hope it won't rain…'

He summoned two sets of System equipment from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

"These are my gifts to you and goodbye."

Although he was tired and would like to have some proper rest, he had to continue finding Amir.

He activated [Coward's Way] and left.

Gale and Isla were left dumbfounded when Nathan just disappeared.

It took almost a minute before Isla finally opened her mouth.

"Does this mean we're finally free…?"

Gale looked over at the 2 sets of equipment and the 2 boxes of food supplies before turning at Isla.

"I… guess."


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

Hi, this is the final chapter for this week. Sorry, I miscalculated yesterday. My goal was to only post 15 chapters this week and I forgot to include [Chapter 106] in my counting which I edited from [Announcement!] to [Divine Tower 16] yesterday.

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With that, I want to give my special thanks to the Immortal Patron(s) for March 2020:

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The second immortal position is becoming an Immortal Donator by sending it to my PayPal address.


This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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