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Chapter 118: Saint Holy Child Hospital

5:37 pm.

Nathan was invisible and walking along the corridors of the 37th floor of Saint Holy Child Hospital.

The building had 50 floors and at least 1,000 rooms.

He already checked the 1st floor up to the 36th, opening every room.

He also checked the basement.

But so far, he couldn't find any survivors, only 3m-tall zombies which he killed.

Some of the walls and floors were completely destroyed or had bullet holes and dried bloodstains.

There were also many abandoned items left. Some were still usable while others were broken or just useless.

He picked up the ones that were still usable.

Witnessing the sight, he couldn't help but feel he was the only person left in the world.

And with each floor he checked, his heart grew heavier.

A voice whispered in his head.

'What are you doing here?'


'Stop wasting your time…'

"Shut up."

'We both know you don't care about anyone other than yourself…'


His voice echoed throughout the corridor.

He then heard loud footsteps and it was coming towards his direction.





When the source of the loud footsteps came to his view, Nathan saw that it was nothing but a Level 1 D1.

He rolled his eyes.

With his current stats, a Level 1 D1's defense was nothing but a joke to him.

A D1 has…

• Str - 42

• Vit - 42

• Agi - 11

• Int - 11

Meanwhile, Nathan has…

• STR – 68 (+5)

• VIT – 36 (+10)

• AGI – 33 (+25)

• INT – 33 (+7)

Nathan was currently invisible so the D1 continued to move forward, still trying to find the source of where the voice came from.

When the D1 got close, its neck was met with a swift blade of Nathan's [Grade D] Large Axe.


Nathan lost his invisibility.

The zombie didn't drop any treasure chest so he immediately activated [Coward's Way].


The emergency lights of the hospital turned on.

Although there was no electricity, the hospital had its own backup generator, thanks to the solar panels it had that were located at the rooftop.

However, there were some places inside the hospital that had no light, either by design or it was destroyed due to some battle or whatsoever.

Nathan looked over the window.

The sun was slowly setting.

He checked his watch.

5:45 pm.

He could use his flashlight while invisible.

However, it doesn't turn the light invisible so anyone with a pair of eyes or just one eye would be able to spot him, making his invisibility useless.

Fortunately, he was able to loot 2 pairs of battery-free night vision goggles along the way.


His stomach growled.


Since Stage 5 of the Divine Tower, he hasn't eaten anything except for a few snacks but drank a couple of bottles of water.

And during his search inside this hospital, he noticed that there was a cafeteria in every 5 floors.

Although he still had those sliced cakes given to him by the Item Shop owner back at the Eternal Villae, he didn't want to use them. He decided that those were for situations where he didn't have the luxury of time to eat.

'There's only 13 floors left. After I check them all, I'll go to one of the cafeterias for dinner.'

He took out his battery-free night vision goggles and equipped it before resuming his search.


48th floor.

'This seems odd…' Nathan thought as he continued to walk around.

In front of him was a barricaded made up with furniture and other hospital equipment, preventing those mindless 3m-tall zombies to pass.

However, it wasn't to a point where no one can pass.

It was structured in a way that one would either have to force his way through or put some effort into getting over the barricades.

He looked at the windows on the side.

The glasses were shattered and there were smudged of dried bloodstains on the ledge.

Nathan went over to examine them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

From the direction of the dried bloodstains, it looked like someone either pulled or pushed a body over the window.

He stuck out his head over the window and looked down.

There he saw a few corpses of 3m-tall zombies lying on the ground.

There were also a few corpses on the other side.

Based on the location they landed, it looked like they too were dropped from the window.

Given that he was on the 48th floor, he didn't have the time to go back to the first floor to check the bodies and examine them.

Nevertheless, it still caused him to smile and his eyes flashed a cold glint.

He went over the barricade and was careful not to destroy it because he didn't want to alert the people hiding.

But as soon as his feet touched the ground…




He stepped on a wire and the sound of bells ringing echoed throughout the halls.

'Hmm… Smart fellows I guess?'

He was lucky it wasn't a bomb.

However, he doubts it would be because that would be no different from alerting all of the zombies in the vicinity.

But then again, people could do such thing out of desperation.

Nathan ignored the bell sounds and continued walking.

He decided to summon back his [Grade D] Large Axe into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

In his mind, these people were most likely weaklings that he could easily snap into two with his bare hands.

However, he was very careful not to trip into any more wires so he decided to remove his night vision goggles.

There was light anyway, thanks to the emergency lights despite the fact that not every corner was illuminated.

Nathan continued walking and met no one.

He arrived in front of a second barricade.

It was again a combination of furniture and other hospital equipment.

It also had a tripwire.

He carefully went over the barricade.

Still, he met no one.

He knitted his brows.

'Where are those rats? Why aren't they coming?'


Nathan arrived at the 49th floor.

He was met with another barricade.

But this time, it was more refined.

He couldn't just go over it.

He needed to move things to be able to pass.

He decided to examine it carefully before making his decision.

10 minutes later…

'Fuck this shit!'

He decided to grab a couple of equipment inside one of the rooms nearby.

His plan was to destroy the barricade by tossing things against the barricade because he was afraid might trigger a bomb.

Although his VIT was now 36 (+10), he doesn't know exactly how effective it is against explosions.

What if the bomb explodes and destroys one of his limbs or his eyes?

Unfortunately, he wasn't aware that having 50 points in VIT will allow someone to regrow their limbs naturally.

'Ugh... I need to do some experiments again. I want to see if the healing potions could restore a person's eyes if they were dug out.'

As he was gathering stuff to throw at the barricade, he suddenly face-palmed.


'Why the fuck am I thinking like a normal human?!'

Right now, not only was his stature bigger, but his STR was also higher.

With his physical prowess, he could just easily go over the window and climb to the next floor.

'Oh my fucking God! I'm such a dumbass!'

He immediately went over a window and climbed to the 50th floor.

However, he was met with an obstacle.

The windows on the 50th floor were barricaded with wood planks.

Nathan gritted his teeth.

'These fucking rats really starting to piss me off! If Amir isn't here or they don't give me the information I want, I'm going to rip them apart!'



He punched one of the windows, destroying its glass and the wood planks.



The wooden planks dropped to the floor.

He quickly destroyed the rest of the glass and the other wood planks before making his way inside.

He found himself inside a lit room that was filled with boxes and boxes of food.

"Wow…" he said as he swept his gaze over the boxes.

He was tempted to loot them right now but decided to do it later.

He looked at his arm.

When he punched the window and the glass, it felt like it he was just pushing an open door.

But what really surprised him was that the jagged glass shards couldn't penetrate his skin.

He went for the door.

As he was about to open the grab the handle, someone twisted it from the other end and opened the door.


Nathan quickly took a step back.

When the door was fully opened, a fat Caucasian man in his late 30s donned in full System gear and was holding a pump-action shotgun with a large sword behind his back appeared.

His eyes were wide as he saw the broken window.

Nathan, who was invisible and standing right in front of the man, smiled and tilted his head to the side.

'Hello there, little rat…'


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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The second immortal position is becoming an Immortal Donator by sending it to my PayPal address.


This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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