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Chapter 117: Saint Town

Present day.

David, Dianne and Hannah continued to beg Nathan to let them go.

Nathan felt annoyed by the memory he just recalled.

"You, stand up," he ordered David who was prostrating with tears on his eyes.

David got up.

But as soon as he got up, Nathan summoned his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger, aimed it at David's left knee and pulled two triggers.





"Big brother!"

The two shots shattered his knee that only a bare amount of skin and tendons were holding it together that it was no different from being amputated.

Hannah hugged David and looked over at Nathan with tears in her eyes. "Please! We beg you! Take anything you want! Just please spare our lives!"

Meanwhile, Dianne, who was being held by Nathan like a chicken, tried to fight back by summoning a spell.

However, just like her brother, before she could even cast her spell, she was thrown away.






Dianne landed next to the other two.

"Be thankful I'm not in the mood of killing you three. Be this a lesson to be careful on who you point you gun at," Nathan said and disappeared before leaving the house.


Outside of the house, Nathan could hear their cries inside.

'Annoying ants…'

He raised his head and looked at the sky.

It was still cloudy.

'Autumn is coming…'

If there was a season that Nathan didn't like, it was winter.

In fact, to him, winter was the biggest lie ever sold to him.

The country where he comes from is a tropical country.

Growing up, whenever he watched foreign movies or cartoons that utilizes snow to boost the ambiance of a scene, he developed this idea that snow was this magical thing so he wanted to experience it himself.

He even dreamed of sharing a kiss with someone as light snow fell from the sky.

However, when he experienced snow for the first time here in Womania, he found out that it was a complete utter joke.

It was just so damn cold that you just don't want to do anything but just sleep.

He also got sick for 5 days and Amir almost decided to have him admitted at a hospital to which he vehemently refused.

He never liked hospitals.

To him, hospitals were scary because it's basically a place where sick people gather.

Who knows what diseases he would catch by just staying there.

It also reminds him of how fragile the human body actually is.

And now that there's a zombie apocalypse and the luxuries that society used to take for granted are now, for the most part, gone, Nathan feared what kind of hardships he will have to face during winter.

'I really need to leave this country before winter comes…'

He also thought about the other issues plaguing his mind.

'I haven't yet tried to see if I can make my own Greenie.'

'And if I can't leave this country, I must find one of those mini RV trailers with a solar panel…'

'I also need to loot for new supplies such as clothes and other things like for fishing…'

After ingesting the Divine Blood, he was now 2.2 meters tall so he really needed a new set of clothes.

'There's also the issue of the limited source of EXP…'

When he first witnessed what the enormous stingray-like creature can actually do, he was overjoyed because he didn't have to worry about EXP anymore.

However, seeing it was dead back at the center of the city when he exited the Divine Tower, he couldn't help but be heartbroken.

Nathan shook his head.

'Now is not the time to ponder about things.'

'I need to reach Amir before those two bitches regroup with their members and informed them what happened.'

'Amir, I hope I won't be too late…'

He resumed heading to Saint Town.


3:49 pm.

After hours of non-stop running, Nathan, who was invisible, finally arrived at Saint Town and was around the area of Saint Holy Child Hospital.

The hospital itself was a 50-story wide building that had at least 1,000 rooms.

It would take a while for Nathan to search.

"Haa… Haa… Haa… Fuck… My god… Good thing I had a spatial item… If I didn't have one, traveling here would've been a lot harder… Haa… Haa... Haa…"

He summoned a bottle of water from his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.




He spat on the ground.


He summoned back the bottle of water and then surveyed his surroundings before entering the hospital.

Outside of the Saint Holy Child Hospital, there were many abandoned and destroyed vehicles.

There were also sandbag walls, gears and weapons that were both System and non-System items.

From the looks of some of the vehicles, it seems that the police and military were part of the survivors here.

Some of them even still had smokes coming out.

However, there were no humans in sight, only a handful of 3m-tall zombies loitering around.

'Hmm… It looks like the humans failed in defending this camp and it only happened hours ago.'

He stared at the hospital building.

'Amir… please be safe.'

But before entering the building, he decided to go to a corner first to change his equipment because his STR was 36 points higher compared to his VIT, which was over the 30-point threshold.

The corner he chose was safe as far as he could see. He wasn't visible to the 3m-tall zombies nearby and there seem to be no booby trap planted by the humans. He also had a good view of any incoming creatures or attacks.

He began checking his loots.

He first took out Rose's headless crystal body and then checked her equipment and pockets.

She wasn't wearing any System gloves, boots and rings.

'Heh~ It kind of reminds me of that werebat Chosen One.'

Unfortunately, he didn't fancy any of the items with her except for one thing.

It was a Divine Stone.

'Ooh~ Lucky!'

The Divine Stone was a pearl that was as large as an adult's thumb.

He also had one with him. He bought it back at the Item Shop.

And for its use, the user must first be outside the Divine Tower before crushing it which will teleport the user to a nearby Divine Tower.

'I wonder what Derek's body has.'

He returned Rose's body inside his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and then summoned Derek's body.

Derek's body was missing its right arm and head.

However, just like Rose's body, Derek's body also had a Divine Stone.


But for the equipment, he also didn't fancy any of them.

He searched for the other bodies inside his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

After taking out the equipment he got from the bodies, he dumped the bodies on a corner before updating his own equipment.

And as he was changing his equipment, he noticed finally noticed something…


About 20% of his body was covered with white spots.

However, their color was different from a Caucasian's skin color.

It was also different from the white scales of the D2.

They were close to greyish or deathly pale as if he was an undead corpse.


He forcefully calmed himself down.

He recalled the Transformation 20% that was written on his status chart after he ingested the Divine Blood.



Level: 25

Exp: 0.4425048828125%


STR – 68 (+5)

VIT – 36 (+5)

AGI – 33 (+17)

INT – 33 (+5)




[Grade D] Long Dagger (12/12) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger: +5 to all stats

[Grade C] Amulet: +6 Agi

[Grade D] Spatial Bag


• Level X [Coward's Way]


• 20%


'So aside from the increase of height and the 30 points bonus stats, there's also these white spots that appeared all over my body. I wonder what will be transforming into once it reaches 100%…'

He shook his head.

'I'll deal with this later. System off.'

Nathan resumed in managing his equipment.

And after he was done, his new stats were…


Level: 25

Exp: 0.4425048828125%


STR – 68 (+5) = 73

VIT – 36 (+10) = 46

AGI – 33 (+25) = 58

INT – 33 (+7) = 39




[Grade D] Large Axe (12/12)

[Grade D] Mini-crossbow (12/12)

[Grade D] Long Dagger (12/12)

[Grade D] Black Helm (15/15): +3 Agi +1 Int

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Armor (15/15): +3 Vit, +1 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Gloves (15/15): +4 Agi

[Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Boots (15/15): +2 Vit, +1 Agi, +1 Int

[Grade C] Ring: +6 Agi

[Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger: +5 to all stats

[Grade C] Amulet: +6 Agi

[Grade D] Spatial Bag

Special Effects:

• 4% Chance to block any physical attack.


• Level X [Coward's Way]


• 20%


Aside from the Black items, there were also a few White and normal class items. However, he chose the Black class items for now.

He also found 6 more Divine Stones and other items as well among the bodies.

And among the other items, there was also the zombie cure Divine Tears. It was an item that could the user from the zombie infection.

He now had 2 in his possession.

'The items I've looted has been really great!'

He had a wide smile plastered on his face but it only lasted for a moment.

'I wonder who took the treasure of the stingray-like creature -- if it did drop one.'

As for eating, although he was hungry, he decided to postpone it for now.

And lastly, for the EXP, the reason why it remained the same ever since he entered the Divine Tower was because he didn't kill any zombie on the way here. He just focused on heading here and would occasionally loot some things if it's in his way.

'Okay, time to enter the building…'


Author's thoughts:

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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This Grandmaster Immortal would be eternally grateful to you... *Kowtows 3 times*

Thank you once again and I'll see you in the next chapter.

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