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Chapter 133: Snap 4

11:58 pm.

Costa Mansion, Game room.

The sky stopped raining.

"Sorry, boys, but it looks like this round is mine again," Donovan said and placed his cards on the table.

It was a royal flush.

"I swear to God, either he's a crazy lucky son of a bitch or he's cheating. Three royal flushes in a row? What kind of fucking luck is that? Seriously!" said an Asian man as he put down his cards on the table.

There was a Caucasian woman behind the Asian man massaging his shoulders.

Donovan kissed the Asian woman on his side and said, "You're my lucky charm, baby."

He then grabbed the System potions on the table and put them on the side.

"Hey, Gerald, back me up here," said the Asian man.

"I'm already out," Gerald said and put down his cards before grabbing a cigar.

"Man, you can't quit. We have to take back our losses," said the Asian man.

Gerald didn't say anything and got up from his seat.

He made his way to the billiard table to find a match or lighter.

There were four people, 2 men and 2 women, playing Strip Pool.


The eight-ball landed into one of the pockets.

"Got a light?" said Gerald.

"I got one," said of the men and tossed him a lighter.

Gerald caught the lighter and lit his cigar.


"Hey, anyone wants to join us here? We're one man short," said the Asian man.

After lighting the cigar, Gerald returned the lighter.

He looked at the couch.

There was a Caucasian man making out with 2 women, a black woman and a Caucasian woman.

Gerald let out a sigh and decided to go to bed.

As he was headed to the door, it suddenly swung open and a Caucasian man entered.

"Everyone," said the Caucasian man.

Gerald knitted his brows.

'Did some of the prisoners escape again?'

He honestly didn't want to go out and search for them at this time and weather.

The rest didn't notice the man that just entered and continued what they were doing.

The Caucasian man pulled out a gun and fired at the ceiling.


Everyone stopped and looked at the who fired the gun.

"We have an emergency. Follow me."

All of the men grumbled as they grabbed their equipment and then followed.

As they were walking…

"What happened?" said the Asian man.

"Man, if another of those prisoners escaped again, I'm seriously going to gut those useless motherfuckers in the barn," said another Caucasian man.

"Mikey, what's this about?" Gerald said to the Caucasian man.

"Earlier, one of the patrols went out to get something from his house. When he entered his house, he found all of his family members were slaughtered, even his 4-month old sister," said Mikey.

Everyone became silent.

Mikey continued, "The nearby houses have been checked as well -- all of them were also slaughtered."

"Is it a zombie?" said Gerald.

"Based on the wounds of the victims, it couldn't possibly be a zombie. Even with the weather, the work was too quiet and clean. This is the work of humans. Our mission is to search and kill the intruders."

"What about the leader? Does he know --"




The gunshots and voices of people were coming from the main entrance of the mansion.

"Looks we don't have to search for them anymore~" said the Asian man.

They all hastened to the location.


Gerald and the others arrived at the main entrance of the mansion.

The floor and walls were painted with blood and there were corpses either sliced into two or decapitated.

"What the hell happened here?" one of them said.

All of the victims lying on the floor were their companions.

"Could it be a group led by a Chosen One? Or perhaps more than one?" another one said.

Their leader, Walter, was a Chosen One and they've also fought and worked with other groups with Chosen Ones in the past so they knew exactly how strong a Chosen One is.

Although Chosen Ones only have one skill, their stats were higher and their skill is quite overpowered compared to the normal System skills.

They could only pray that their enemy only has one Chosen One.



The sound of gunshots and voices of people was about 50ft away.

"Report to our leader about the situation," Mikey said to one of the men. "The rest of you, follow me."

"No need," a voice said.

It was Walter donned in full-System equipment climbing down the staircase.

Behind him were 5 Caucasians -- 3 men and 2 women. They too were fully geared.

One of the men was his son Wesley.

"Leader!" Mikey and the others said.

"Let's check out who these brave and foolish people that dare to challenge us, shall we?" Walter said with a relaxed and dignified tone.

They head to where the fight was at.


In the hallway.

"No! Please, no!" a man begged as he was lifted above the ground with one hand by the head.




Nathan viciously slammed the man's head against the concrete walls and it splattered into bits and pieces of blood and brain matter. The body fell to the floor, while his hand shot pass through the wall.

He pulled out his hand and then wiped off the blood and dust against the wall.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

He heard the sound of footsteps coming to his location.

He turned and saw a group of 13 people.

And among the 13 people, his eyes looked straight at Wesley.

"I finally found you," Nathan said with a cold voice and smiled.

Meanwhile, when the 13 people saw Nathan, although there were a little bit surprised with his towering height which was 2.2m, it was mainly due to his black-colored System equipment.

It's not that they've never seen such color among the System items.

It was that, from their experience, there were some narcissists that liked to paint their System equipment just for the sake of fashion.

In their eyes, not only was it pointless because the paint will vanish once you pour it with a [Grade D] Repair Kit, but also childish.

In these dark times, who has the time to think about fashion?

But although they think Nathan was childish for doing such a thing, they didn't dare to underestimate him because of the killings that he and his companions have done.

Wesley noticed Nathan's dead and cold gaze looking directly at him. A cold shiver ran down his spine and his knees buckled.

'Why is he looking at me?'

He looked at his father.

Walter signaled 7 people to attack.

Among them were Mikey, Donovan and Gerald who charged, while the other 4 cast spells.

[Stone Spear].

[Ice Spear].

[Stone Spear].




Nathan broke through the side of the wall before disappearing.

As angry and thirsty as he was for revenge, he wasn't that crazy to meet the spells head-on, especially in a hallway that had limited space.

When Mikey, Donovan and Gerald arrived near the hole Nathan made, they immediately went inside to search for him.


A long knife slashed through Mikey's neck and causing Nathan to appear.

"Shit!" Donovan said and quickly moved to the side to get a proper footing before attacking.

However, Nathan was too fast.

Nathan stabbed his fingers into Donovan's throat and then grabbed the bone before gripping tightly.


Donovan's entire neck was crushed, only a handful of skin was left supporting it.

Nathan pulled out his hand as Donovan's lifeless body fell to the floor.

"FUCK!" Gerald said as cast a spell.

[Sword Stab].



Nathan swatted it away with his [Grade D] Long Dagger, causing Gerald's eyes to widen for a quick moment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

That single clash of blades caused Gerald to lose his balance due to the overwhelming difference of their physical strength. Fortunately, he had some fighting experience so he somehow managed to recover right away.

He stared at Nathan and felt a sharp throbbing pain on his wrist.

Nathan slashed again and Gerald took a step back.

There was no way he could handle another clash of blades.


A large amount of blood sprayed in the air.

Despite Gerald's fighting experience, he wasn't able to fully evade Nathan's attack.

The dagger carved an 8ft-long horizontal wound across his chest.

Gerald quickly distanced himself from Nathan even further as fast as he could, retreating back to the hallway before healing himself.

Beads of sweat ran down his face and he was pale as a ghost.

'This guy's stats is like an S2-type zombie!'

He himself was...

Level 22:

• STR – 30 (+11)

• VIT – 30

• AGI – 30 (+11)

• INT – 16 (+5)

He was also one of the non-Chosen Ones with the highest level and also among the strongest in their group.

Meanwhile, Nathan's stats were…

Level 25:

• STR – 68 (+5)

• VIT – 36 (+10)

• AGI – 33 (+25)

• INT – 33 (+7)

Nathan slowly walked back into the hallway.

He summoned a pump-action shotgun he looted back at Saint Holy Child Hospital and aimed it at Gerald.


Gerald was blown away but was still alive.

One person quickly went over to Gerald to pull him away before treating him, while the other 3 charged towards Nathan.

As for Walter and the other 5, they continued to watch.

Nathan absorbed the pump-action shotgun back into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger.

When the 3 got to him…




He easily killed them.

He looked at Gerald who was being dragged away by his companion before landing his eyes on Walter and the rest.

"All of you, come at me. I don't have all night."


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