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76.57% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 134: Snap 5

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Chapter 134: Snap 5

"All of you, come at me. I don't have all night," said Nathan.

Walter squinted his eyes and thought, 'Quite the brown monkey.'

He swept his gaze over at the mutilated corpses of his men on the floor and then glanced at Gerald who was being healed in the corner.

'He's one of my best men and yet....'

He returned his gaze at Nathan.

'This could only mean that this guy is a Chosen One. But what exactly is his power?'

He recalled the scene earlier.

Based on what he has seen, Nathan's STR and AGI were quite high, similar to an S2-type zombie.

As for his powers, this is where he was left confused.

Based on what he knows, all Chosen Ones only have 1 skill but gains +1 to all stats each time they level up.

However, increasing one's level was hard, because not only was the source of EXP limited but the EXP gained in killing a zombie also gets lower the higher your level is. And even if he considers the bonus stats given by the System items, Nathan's stats seemed to be abnormally high so he could only assume that Nathan's Chosen One skill is some kind of a stat booster.

But he also saw Nathan summoning a pump-action shotgun on his left hand.

'If this Chosen One's skill is something like a stat booster, what was that summoning thing?'

It didn't make sense.

An idea then popped inside his head.

'Perhaps this brown monkey is one of the people who went inside the Divine Tower?'

He recalled the message mentioned by the System when the Second Phase.

Those who entered the Divine Tower would be able to loot unique and [Artifact] grade items.

'That must be it…'

He was confident to say that that was the most likely the correct answer.

'But where are the rest of his companions? How many Chosen Ones do they have?'

He thought about whether to offer a truce or not.

Back at the East side of Cram city, when the government began to intervene, the groups there decided to settle their difference and banded together to fight the government.

And in this current situation, although it would be an insult to him and also an inconvenience to leave this town that they set up as their base, it wasn't something worth dying for. There are other places that are way better that he and his group could stay.

However, if he does decide to offer a truce, he knew for a fact that he must first prove his strength to these people for them to even take him seriously or look at him in equal footing, such was the case back at the East side of Cram City.

"You're not coming? As expected from ants," Nathan said.

"My fellow --"



Walter wasn't able to finish his sentence because Nathan broke through the side of the wall once again before disappearing.

Walter decided to postpone talking to Nathan and commanded, "Go!"

Gerald, the person healing Gerald, and the 2 men with Walter charged.

And as they charged…


Nathan suddenly appeared right in front of them and swung a [Grade D] Great Sword.

Three of the people charging were sliced into two, only Gerald was left.




Gerald rolled forward and slashed Nathan on the leg.


"Argh!" Nathan groaned and swung his sword again.


The [Grade D] Great Sword missed Gerald's neck just a couple of centimeters as he retreated.

He was about to cast [Stone Spear].

Nathan unsummoned his weapon and quickly charged forward.

He slapped Gerald in the head.



Gerald's helmet bounced against the wall and his headless corpse fell to the floor.




"Argh!" Nathan groaned and blood trickled from his lips.

He felt a cold sensation on his chest so he looked down.

There were two spears, one made of ice and the other made of dirt, protruding out of his chest.

He ignored them because they would eventually vanish after a few seconds.

He turned around and stared at that the people who threw the spells at him. It was the two women with Walter and Wesley.

They were about to cast another spell.

Nathan sneered and disappeared.



The [Ice Spear] and [Stone Spear] flew in the air, hitting nothing.

Walter squinted his eyes.

'What's the meaning of this? He has 3 skills? Were the rewards at the Divine Tower that powerful? Or are there Chosen Ones with more than one skill?'

He looked at his son and the two women.

"All of you. Leave. I'll take care of this."

Wesley looked at his father with worried eyes.

As much as he believes that his father was a powerful Chosen One, the strength that Nathan showcased left him a bit concerned about his father's safety.

Nevertheless, he trusted his father.

"Okay, dad. We shall wait for you upstairs," Wesley said and left with the two women.

Walter summoned two Blood Beasts and his face became pale.

One looked like a panther made of blood with abnormally long claws and fangs, and a tail with a sharp spike.

The other one looked like falcon made of blood with abnormally long talons and beak.

These Blood Beasts had 50% of his base VIT as their overall stats. And to summon one Blood Beast, it requires 10% of his own blood and doesn't have any cooldown.

As for his stats…

Level 24:

• STR – 32 (+14)

• VIT – 31

• AGI – 31 (+13)

• INT – 37

Skill: [Blood Beast]

Walter telepathically sent out a command to the Blood Falcon.

It squawked and a wave of sound burst out.


Nathan lost his invisibility and stopped walking.

He looked at his body.

"Heh~ Interesting," said Nathan.

He felt nothing from the spell except a slight tingling sensation from his eyes and ears.

He checked his status chart if he had been cursed with [Silence] or [Lock].

There was nothing.

Walter squinted his eyes.

The spell that the Blood Falcon cast costs 20 mana points and had a 20-meter range. Anyone who gets caught by it will bleed in their eyes, ears and mouth if their INT was lower compared to the INT of the Blood Falcon. And the greater the difference between the INT, the more blood loss the target(s) will suffer.

He unsheathed his [Grade D] Sword and ordered his Blood Beasts to charge before charging as well.

Nathan didn't activate [Coward's Way] and just stood there with a smile.

He pulled out his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun from his left thigh and aimed at the two Blood Beasts.


The Blood Falcon exploded like a balloon in mid-air.


The Blood Panther exploded as well.

Walter continued charging.

When he finally got close to Nathan, he summoned a new Blood Panther, ordering it to attack as he swung his sword and aimed for Nathan's neck.

Nathan ignored the newly summoned Blood Panther that was lunging towards him.

He threw away his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun and summoned his pump-action shotgun before aiming it at Walter's chest.


Walter was blown away and Nathan slapped the Blood Panther.


It exploded.


Although Nathan knew his STR was quite high, it gave it a surprise when he slapped the Blood Panther because it felt like he was slapping a balloon.

He unsummoned his pump-action shotgun and then picked up his sawed-off double-barrel shotgun on the ground before walking towards Walter.

"Old man, are you by any chance a Chosen One? Sorry, I couldn't exactly tell because you were so weak."

Walter's face was pale and he spat out a mouthful of blood as he struggled to get up.

He didn't bother to pick his sword.

There wore holes on his armor and it was soaked in blood.

He also felt a little dizzy, thanks to the Blood Beasts he summoned.

"Nevertheless, it was a cute trick. You should try joining a circus. It's not too late even for your age."

Walter raised his hand and said, "Wait! My name is Walter Romano and I'm also a Chosen One like you. We don't have to kill each other. We can form an alliance. My group and yours."

Nathan continued walking and chuckled.

"Hehe~ The mindset of the weak. It never ceases to amaze me."

Nathan finally got close to Walter. He stood in front of him and looked down.

"What do you say? We can be friends. In fact, I have an alliance with an Asian group. Their leaders are Byung-ho and Chaoxiang who are also Chosen Ones like us. They've entered the Divine Tower and will be coming here anytime soon. I can introduce you to them and we can all work together," said Walter.

Nathan smiled and slowly reached out for Walter's neck. His thumb gently brushing against Walter's Adam's apple.

"Really now."

Walter didn't dare to slap away Nathan's hand.

He knew he was at the disadvantage.

Not only was Nathan stronger than him, but he also doesn't know how many companions Nathan has. Moreover, for all he knows, there could be other Chosen Ones just as powerful as Nathan.


"So you're the leader of this town, huh," Nathan said and realized that Walter looked like Wesley.


"Was that your son who left?"

Walter began to have a bad feeling.

"Wh-why do you want to know?"

Nathan, still wearing a smile on his face, said, "Tell me. Why did he torture my cousin?"

Walter's eyes widened.

Although he doesn't know who exactly Nathan's cousin was, he knew that there was no way they will have an alliance.

Even he won't agree to have an alliance if he was on Nathan's position.

He quickly summoned a Blood Falcon and Blood Panther to attack Nathan and then tried to stab Nathan's eyes with his fingers.

However, Nathan lifted him by the neck and threw him against the wall.




Meanwhile, the Blood Falcon was clawing Nathan's head, while the Blood Panther was biting his back.

Unfortunately, their attacks couldn't penetrate his skin.

They only served as an annoyance.

Nathan grabbed the Blood Beasts and squeezed, causing them to explode like balloons.

Walter, on the other hand, was trying to get up in order to run away but was too weak to do so.

He already sacrificed 50% of his blood to summon those Blood Beasts and he also had injuries.

Nathan stepped on Walter's back, pushing him back to the ground.

"So, are you going to answer, old man?"

He increased the pressure.



The sound of ribs cracking could be heard. Walter groaned and coughed out more blood, "AHH!!!"

Nathan continued to apply pressure.


Nathan stopped stepping on Walter.


He summoned Blood Beasts again. This time, it was three -- one Blood Falcon and two Blood Panthers.


Nathan lightly kicked his jaw, dislocating it and knocking him out cold.

Meanwhile, the Blood Beasts attacked him.

Nathan rolled his eyes.

'These things are completely useless. What a stubborn and stupid old dog.'

He slapped them all.




He stared down at Walter.

'So he's one of those racist natives, huh.'

Before Nathan came to Womania, he did some preparations. He took Regisian language lessons for months to improve his proficiency and also did some research about the culture and customs of this country so that he can assimilate himself faster. The last thing he wanted was to unknowingly commit a crime in a foreign country due to his ignorance and go to prison.

Speaking of this Walter's racist views, he more or less understood where he was coming from. He wasn't blind. He lived in this country for 8 months and noticed a few things.

However, Nathan didn't have any savior complex. And even if he did, who was he to tell people what is right and wrong or tell them how to run a country when even his country wasn't perfect and was poorer compared to Womania?

In his mind, as long as it didn't bother him personally, he could care less about it and just do what he came here to do -- earn enough money and then return back to his country one day.

According to what he knows, 50 years ago, Womania suffered from a severe economic and social collapse. During that time, hunger, unemployment and violence became the norm which caused many of its people to flee to other countries to seek for a better life.

It took 10 years before Womania was able to stabilize itself again. However, the damage left the country's economy to regress at least two decades worth of progress before the economic and social collapse.

As a matter of fact, during that time, the collapse left Womania like a third-world country compared to its neighboring countries.

Realizing the situation they were in, the government decided to take a huge gamble by loosening its immigration laws to attract foreign investors to help them rebuild their country's economy in the shortest amount of time.

It's also important to take note that during this period, political correctness was still almost non-existent in the world so racism in countries was still a pretty common thing, making Womania a like pioneer.

In the first 5 years since Womania loosened its immigration laws, it was a complete nightmare for the government because they struggled to control the massive influx of foreigners, and the tension between the foreigners and the natives was growing and growing. Aside from that, the country became a laughing stock to neighboring countries, telling them that they were selling their country to foreigners.

However, in the 10th year, although there were still some tensions between the foreigners and natives, for some miracle, Womania's economy was growing at a rapid speed that even the average citizens felt it. With this success, the government used it in their propaganda to further convince its citizens, especially the natives, that a multi-ethnic country was the key to a prosperous future.

Fast-forward to the future, Womania eventually became a very rich country, even richer than its neighboring countries. It also boasted as one of the top 15 countries in the world with a healthy GDP score even after 40 years.

And the best part of it all? The citizens of the countries that used to ridicule Womania even migrated to Womania to seek for a better life!

With Womania's success, it became the poster child for many politically correct rich countries. It was even praised by many experts around the world as a country that was way ahead of its time because according to them, countries in the future will become multi-ethnic societies.

Was it all worth it?

Nathan doesn't know.

Yeah, it would be nice to live in a world where everyone is happy and nice to each other, but such a world doesn't exist.

Even his own country, Muwin, used to be a colony of Regis which has shaped what it has become now.

Sometimes he wondered if Regis never colonized Muwin.

Would it have been richer?

Would there be no social divide because of the difference in religion?

He doesn't know.

Also, what good would it bring to think about it?

The past is the past.

Muwin lost from Regis' invasion because it was weaker and that's it.

He pulled out his [Grade D] Long Dagger from his right thigh before grabbing Walter by the neck and raising him up.


He chopped off his legs.

Walter woke up and screamed.


He then began punching and scratching Nathan's face but he was too weak to cause any significant damage.

Nathan sneered. "No right? You dare to talk to me about rights? This is the new world. Weaklings have no rights!"

Walter spat on Nathan's face and said, "YOU PATHETIC BROWN MONKEY!!! IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU KILL ME!!! MY PEOPLE --"

Nathan dropped his [Grade D] Long Dagger and shoved his hand inside Walter's mouth.

"Weaklings like you also have no need for tongues."

He grabbed Walter's tongue and ripped it out.


Walter shrieked in pain as blood spurted in the air and then trickled down his mouth.


Walter again tried punching and scratching Nathan but the result was the same.

"Seems like you still haven't yet learned your lesson!"

Nathan dropped Walter to the floor.


Walter was thrashing around as he continued crying out in pain.

Nathan stepped on him and ripped off his arms.

The sound of bones cracking and flesh tearing apart echoed in the hallway.







Walter stopped moving and was silent.

His face was so pale that he looked no different from a corpse.

The only reason Nathan could tell Walter was still alive was because his body would spasm from time to time.

Blood dripped down from his mouth and severed limbs, painting the floor in red with whatever little blood he had left inside his body.

"Don't die just yet. I'm going to bring you over to your son," Nathan said with a smile.

He picked up his [Grade D] Long Dagger before carrying Walter by the neck.

And just after a few steps, Nathan stopped.

He shook Walter.

He was dead.

"And you dare to call yourself a Chosen One and demand rights?"

Nathan scoffed.


He threw away the mutilated corpse.


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