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77.71% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 136: Snap 7

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Chapter 136: Snap 7

Nathan entered and swept his dead and cold gaze across the room.

When he saw the unconscious Wesley laying on the floor while being stripped down by Eula and Gianna tying him with the fabrics of the curtains, his lips slowly curled upwards.

'Eh? Seriously? These weaklings even have time for that?'

He thought about the scene from Overlord S2 when Ainz and his minions accidentally caught the lizardmen through the magic mirror engaging in the pleasures of the flesh.

'Well, I guess I can't blame them...'

Seeing Nathan, Eula and Gianna immediately stopped what they were doing and went over to him. They knelt down in one knee and laid their weapons on the floor.

Eula then said, "Master, we surrender ourselves to you and may we present to you the son of the Chosen One you've fought. All we ask is --"


Nathan summoned his [Grade D] Great Sword and swung it, chopping the both of them into two with one swoop.

He scoffed.

'What a delusional bitch. Ask for something?'

He could never forget that they struck him with an Ice and Stone spears earlier.

"You... Are you… Are you Amir's cousin?" said a woman.

He turned his head to the direction of where the voice was coming from and saw a group of beautiful women hugging each other in the corner.

Among them was Hae-won.

Her beautiful and perfect face was painted in fear.

And it was also her who spoke just a moment ago.

"You're Amir's cousin, right?"

'Heh~ She still looks normal. I guess it really pays to be a beautiful woman.'

He checked out the other women.

'My, my, even the son of the weak racist Chosen One has a harem of beautiful women.'

'I can't help but feel like I fail as an MC.'

Hae-won broke free from her companions' embrace and stepped forward.

"I'm not sure if you remember me, but we've met at Amir's birthday party a couple of months ago. My name is Hae-won. You're Norman, right?"

Putting aside the fact that she doesn't know how Nathan became so tall, unfortunately, they've only met once and it was at Amir's birthday party. Because of that, she never really thought anything about him which is why she couldn't exactly remember his name.

However, she more or less could at least remember his face because of that scene between him and Amir's other cousin, Kaab, which was hard to forget.

"Norman?" Nathan tilted his head to the side and squinted his eyes.

He thought about it for a moment before bursting out in laughter.


Hae-won didn't laugh and just stood there with a confused expression.

Meanwhile, the other three women were looking at both Nathan and her. Not only did they wore a fearful expression, but also a confused one.

Ever since the zombie apocalypse began, one of the things they've learned was that it's best not to say anything. And after witnessing Nathan killing Eula and Gianna without even batting an eye, they were no doubt extremely fearful of him.

For all they know, he could be as sick as Wesley.

Nathan stopped laughing and wiped off the tears in his eyes.

He summoned his weapon back into his [Artifact] Gold Spatial Finger and looked straight at Hae-won.

"Yes, sweetie, I'm Norman. And I'm really honored that someone like you would remember the name of a person such as myself despite the fact we've only met once," he said and smiled.

Hae-won felt a chill ran down her spine.

Although he was flashing a friendly smile and speaking to her in a kind tone, his dead and cold gaze made it hard for anyone to feel relaxed, let alone safe.

She also noticed that he didn't seem to be in a hurry or worried at all.

But despite all those issues, Hae-won forcefully quelled her fears and doubts.

"Yes, Amir mentioned to me that you've joined Red Dust as well. Did you come here with Rose? Is Amir and the others safe?"

The reason why she knew more about Rose and Red Dust than about Nathan was because she, Amir and the others spent a lot of time with the members of Red Dust that were assigned to protect Amir these past few days ever since the zombie apocalypse began.

As for where these Red Dust members are now, some died from the zombies during their escape from Saint Town to here, while the others were killed by Walter.

'Joined Red Dust? Rose?' His smile became wider and he took his time walking towards her.





He finally stood right in front of her.

With his height at 2.2m (or around 7'2") and hers 5'7", he had to bend down his neck a little further just to look at her beautiful and perfect face.

He slowly reached out both of his hands to cup her cheeks.

His actions took Hae-won by surprise for a moment that she instinctively tried to evade it.

There was blood and tiny bits of flesh on them. In addition to that, they also had a strong stench of blood that could make anyone puke even as a doctor as herself.

He paused his hands in mid-air and innocently asked with a smile, "What's wrong, sweetie?"

She stopped and looked straight at his dead and cold eyes partnered with that friendly smile of his.

The fears and doubts that she just suppressed earlier returned and her instincts were screaming at her to run away.

But after remembering what happened to Eula and Gianna, she realized that it doesn't matter whether he had bad intentions or not.

He could easily kill her.

"Nothing," she said and let him cup her face.

"Ah, I get it now. I'm sorry I didn't realize I was being rude, sweetie."

He removed the glove on his right hand, making him lose the bonus +4 AGI and the 1% chance to block any physical attack that his [Grade D] Black Heavy Leather Gloves gives him. After that, he summoned a hand sanitizer and washed his hand with it.

"There. It's clean now, sweetie," he said with a smile.

He softly traced the beautiful and perfect features of her face with his fingers.

Hae-won didn't move, nor did she say anything.

She already experienced Wesley forcing himself to her so this wasn't exactly new to her.

"So you know about Red Dust and Rose, huh. Very interesting."

"Yes. They --"

"Shhh…" He placed his finger on her lips, silencing her.


He resumed tracing the beautiful and perfect features of her face with his fingers.

"I remember the first time I saw you."


"I was so surprised by your beauty that I was completely blown away."


"I remember wondering to myself if you would taste like milk if I licked you because of how beautiful your skin is," he said and chuckled.


He then noticed the mixed-raced woman who was one of Wesley's harem trying to discreetly move away from her companions and head for the door.

He summoned his pump-action shotgun and aimed it at her.


The mixed-race woman was shot in the head and she immediately died.


The women screamed, including Hae-won.

The Caucasian and the black woman hugged each other. Meanwhile, Nathan grabbed Hae-won's mouth to silence her and prevent her from running away.

He glared at the Caucasian and the black woman and coldly said, "You two better keep quiet and behave!"

They stopped making noise.

He returned his gaze to Hae-won.

He released her mouth and said with a smile, "I'm very sorry. I'm a bit jumpy than usual at the moment due to everything I've witnessed tonight so please excuse my behavior. Where were we again, sweetie?"

Hae-won stared at him in horror.

Although she understood the logic of why this man in front of her would kill Eula and Gianna, killing that mixed-race woman was a different matter because that woman was a victim just like her.

"Please don't give me that look, sweetie. I'm not that bad, you know."

"Where is… Where is Amir and the others?"

"What a kind soul you are, sweetie."

"I'm sorry?"

He stopped smiling and recalled the information that the two women he met back at the Saint Holy Child Hospital shared with him and also what Alexandre told him.

And with a cold voice he said, "Do you know what they did to my cousin?"

Hae-won's eyes widened and she stammered, "I… I…"

She hasn't seen Amir and the others since she was taken away by Wesley. However, she heard some rumors that they were sent to the barn where it was supposed to be something like hell.

He returned back to his friendly demeanor and said, "You don't have to say it. I know the truth. My cousin was tortured to death because he was protecting you."

Tears began to well up in her eyes. "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry. I really --"

"Shhhhh… Stop crying. It doesn't matter anymore. What is important is that I'm here now."

Hae-won forcefully stopped herself from crying.

And of course, she felt guilty about what happened to Amir.

Even before the zombie apocalypse, Amir protected her a number of times from perverts. And despite telling him so many times that she doesn't need his help, he still chose to do it and told her that he wasn't doing it because he liked her but because it was simply the right thing to do as a man.

And when the zombie apocalypse began, the number of times he had to protect her increased and became even more dangerous.

Because of all of that, she and Amir had become quite close these past few days.

Nathan grabbed her chin.

"I want to see what's all the fuss about you that so many people -- even my own cousin would risk his life for you."

He bent down and softly pressed his lips against hers.

With their lips locked together, he felt Hae-won's hesitation.

He stopped kissing her and gritted his teeth before grabbing a handful of her hair on the side and yanking it.

"Ahh!" Hae-won screamed in pain as she tried to reach out for his hand that was holding her hair.


"No, I --"

He violently pushed her down to the floor.



He turned to Wesley and went over to him.

"Stop pretending to be asleep, dog!"

He stomped on his stomach and only used about 20% of his strength.


"UGH!" Wesley opened his eyes and coughed out a mouthful of fluids.

It smelled like whiskey.

He grabbed Wesley by the neck and raised him up.

Wesley held onto Nathan's wrist as he was being raised up in the air "W-W-What do you want?! I surrender! I surrender! Please don't hurt me!"

"So this is the kind of dog you'd rather kiss, huh. Well, there is a stereotype that Asian women are obsessed with white men," he said and studied Wesley's face.

Wesley wasn't a bad looking person at all. In fact, if he was going to rate his looks, it was slightly above average.

He had black hair, green eyes, and a nice nose and jawline.

"Or perhaps it's because I'm a brown Asian? Or is it just me as a person? Hmm... Wait... Has Amir touched you? Sigh... So many things to consider..."

As Nathan was musing, Wesley tried to secretly cast a spell but Nathan quickly noticed it and threw him against the wall.



As Wesley tried to get up, he already got to him and crushed his right shoulder by stepping on it.


"AHHH!!!" Wesley cried out in pain.


He slapped the back of Wesly's head but was careful to only use about 20 percent of his strength.



He rolled his eyes and then ripped off the other shoulder of Wesley.



The sound of bones cracking and flesh tearing apart echoed inside the room.

"GYAAAH!!!" Wesley cried out.

He began thrashing around, causing blood to splatter all over as he cried out, "YOU FUCKING ASIAN BASTARD!!! I FUCKING CURSE YOU TO DEATH!!! I HOPE YOU DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!!!"

He stepped on Wesley to pin him down and said, "Hold on for a moment. It needs to be balanced."

He ripped off the other arm.




Wesley continued to cry out in pain and thrash around.

"Still noisy!"

He slapped Wesley's mouth.



This time around, he forgot to control his strength that he broke Wesley's jaw and he stopped moving.

'Oh fuck me sideways! I forgot to control my strength!'

He knelt down.

'Please don't be dead... Please don't be dead... Please don't be dead...'

He checked Wesley's pulse and also placed a finger under his nose to see if he was still breathing.

Fortunately, he was still alive.


He got up and swept his gaze all over the floor.

It was a bloody mess.

He scratched his nose.

'Uh… I think I may have overdone it.... just a little bit.'

'But hey, at least he's still alive.'

He turned to Hae-won who was still on the floor.

Her face was pale as a ghost as she looked at him in complete horror.

He flashed a friendly smile and said, "Fuck him."


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