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1.14% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 2: The Beginning (2)

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Chapter 2: The Beginning (2)

Nathan was still on his knees staring blankly. It was only after a minute until he finally got a sense of what just happened.

"This is crazy."

He ran his fingers through his hair and his eyes darted down.

He saw the 2.5 ft long sword on the floor. He tried to remember everything the white silhouette said, but his memory was still a little fuzzy.

"I'm one of the chosen humans?"

"System," he uttered.

A status chart appeared in front of him.


Level: 1

Experience Points: 0%

Strength: 14

Agility: 9

Vitally: 12

Intelligence: 9


Level X [Coward's Walk] – Grants the user complete invisibility. Once the user attacks, the invisibility status will lose its effect. No mana required and has no cooldown.

Chosen One Status:

You are unable to earn skill points and learn other skills. In exchange, every time you level up, all your attributes will increase by 1.


"Heh~ It's just like a game!"

He started waving his hands around, treating it like a tablet or something in case he could find other features.

After failing to find other features, he said, "So how do I turn this off?"

"Close. Shutdown. Turn off. System off."

The status chart finally disappeared.

"Oh, it worked."

He then tried to activate his skill.

"Coward's Walk."

He saw that his body turned transparent.

"This is invisibility?"

He looked for a mirror. He had no reflection.


"Invisibility off."

He saw his reflection.

He was really excited. But after thinking about it, he slowly started to understand the severity of the situation and his expression darkened, especially the part where he can't learn other skills.

Being an introvert himself, of course, he spent a lot of hours playing video games and reading light novels. Unless one has a [Plot Armor] or [Plot Luck] tag, the probability of dying is very high.

What if his enemy can fly?

What if his enemy is immune to physical attacks? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

What if his enemy can also turn invisible?

A one point increase on all stats each time you level up may sound pretty nice, but if you really think about it, you're totally in a disadvantage against others who have more than one skill, especially in the later levels!

"I remember that being who referred to himself as god mentioned about a zombie apocalypse."

Nathan started to recall some of the light novels that he read. One of them was [God and Devil World].

"If I were to follow Yue Zhong's route, I should level up, gathers supplies, travel with capable companions, and set/conquer a few bases. However, there were some factors that needed to be addressed.

Firstly, although I like the novel [God and Devil], I refuse to follow Yue Zhong's route because I'm a hardcore introvert. Gather people? No way, I rather work alone.

Secondly, in a zombie apocalypse, zombies aren't the only ones you have to look out for – humans, wild beasts, sickness, lack of supplies, no proper shelter and accidents are also things that could threaten one's safety.

Thirdly, I have [Coward's Walk] which grants me invisibility. I can always run away. As for the supplies, with my skill, I can easily gather supplies. Share my supplies with potential backstabbers? It's not like resources will just drop from the sky, so fuck no. Moreover, what if I get an accident or be sick if I leave the city?

Fourthly, given that there's a level up system, the place with tons of experience points is in big cities. I have to get strong as soon as possible or I won't be able to control my fate. I doubt if people still act civil. Only strength matters.

And lastly, I'm one of the chosen humans. This means I have [Plot Armor], right? I'll have some crazy [Plot Luck] like Meng Hao from [I Shall Seal the Heavens], right?"

While Nathan was addressing the last factor, he was more or less just trying to convince himself. He wasn't confident about his plan, but he needed something to justify his decision of staying in the city. However, there was something important he forgot to consider – his family.

"Hmm… Why do I feel like I'm missing something?"


There was a loud explosion not far away from the apartment building where Nathan was living in and the lights immediately went out which startled him.

He took out his phone as a flashlight and went to the window to see what was happening.

A gasoline station was on fire. He saw people running, screaming and crying on the streets. There were three skinless humanoids about 3 meters tall chasing humans.

Nathan's expression darkened.

'I really have to increase my level as fast as I could.'

He moved away from his window and went back to his workout room to pick up the sword.

'First, I need to prepare before heading out.'

After he said that, the thought about his family finally came to his mind.

"Fuck! Amir!" He slapped his forehead.

In the apartment he was living in, he lived with his cousin who works as a nurse and was currently on duty. Both of them are immigrants so their family is in another country.

With the zombie apocalypse, forget about going to another country, even just leaving the city will be hard.

He searched for his cousin's phone number and contacted him…

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