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69.14% The Bastard In The Zombie Apocalypse / Chapter 121: To Corn Town

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Chapter 121: To Corn Town

9:38 pm.

Nathan was invisible and wearing a battery-free night vision goggles as he was running down the road to Corn Town.

On the left side of the road there was a sea of trees.

Meanwhile, on the the right side was the view of the ocean.

Nathan was still about 30 minutes away from reaching the town when he suddenly heard the sound of engines from a distance.

He stopped and closed his eyes to focus his ears on the sound.

'Cars? Motorcycles?'

The sound of engines got louder and he opened his eyes.

Far across the end of the road, he could see blaring lights coming from a convoy.

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He ran towards the blaring lights.


The convoy's side…

There was a car in front, a modified school bus at the back and 4 motorbikes on the sides.

A Caucasian man dressed in System items got out of the car's passenger's seat.

He made a gesture with his hand to tell everyone to turn off the engines.

Everyone turned off their engines.

He looked over at the forest.

"I need 6 people to search for them here. Bring out the dogs as well."

4 people with flashlights and 2 dogs got out from the bus along with 2 people from the motorbikes went inside the forest.

The rest went on patrol to guard the convoy.

The engines may have alerted any zombies nearby.

The man leaned at the side of the car as he lit a cigarette.

"Gerald, what if we can't find them?" a black man asked.

It was the driver of the car who poked his head outside the window.

"Then we're fucked," Gerald said nonchalantly as he blew smoke in the air.

The driver let out a sigh and looked over the ocean. "I wonder what happened to Byung-Ho and the others. Do you think they were able to loot unique items or [Artifact] grade items inside the Divine Tower?"

"Beats me."

"You know, man, I think we should've gone with them inside the Divine Tower. I bet they're so powerful now with their new items and shit. They've probably decided to remain at Cram city."

"You're free to go to them."

The driver scoffed. "Yeah, right."

The two remained silent for almost a minute.

The driver continued, "This sucks, man. I didn't join our group to be a lapdog for the Chosen One's dickshit son. I mean, who the fuck cares about two prisoners escaping? There are many others back at the town where that dickshit could torture."

Gerald sucked his cigarette one last time before flicking it away but didn't say anything.

What was there to say?

Although he didn't like the situation they were at, there isn't that much of a choice because of the zombie apocalypse.

And as for their leader, who a Chosen One, not only was he too powerful to overthrow but also had a very spoiled and sadistic son.

'At least our situation is better compared to the townsfolk,' Gerald thought.

When the zombie apocalypse began, he and the others formed a group to fight away the zombies on the East side of Cram city.

However, just after a day or two, other groups began to pop out as well and thus began the turf wars.

But that was abruptly stopped when the government started to intervene.

They refused to be the government's lapdogs so most of the groups decided to settle their differences and band together, leading them to be able to conquer the Eastern government shelter.

They lived like kings there, doing whatever they want.

However, that lifestyle was cut short when the Second Phase happened.

As powerful as they can be as a group, they just couldn't handle the endless waves of the 3m-tall zombies.

That was when they decided to separate.

Some decided to head to the Divine Tower, while others left Cram city and head to the towns.

"Let's leave and build our own camp," said the driver.

Gerald didn't say anything and continued looking over at the ocean.

The night sky was cloudy and no stars could be seen.

There were flashes of lightning and the sound of thunder growling a deep rumbling warning.

'Looks like it's going to rain tonight.'

"Man, are you listening?"

Gerald looked the driver.

"Donovan --"

However, he wasn't able to finish what he was going to say.

"They're back!" said one of the people who were patrolling. He was standing on top of the bus and looking through a thermal vision binoculars.

Gerald and Donovan looked over at the forest and the group of people that went inside earlier emerged with a bruised and bloodied naked brown-skinned Asian woman who was bound.


Hearing her plea, some laughed while others sneered.

Gerald looked over the naked woman.

She was beautiful -- well, to be exact, she used to be.

Her body was covered in bruises and cuts.

She was also missing an eye, ear and a few teeth.

Most of her injuries were inflicted by the Chosen One's sadistic son.

"Where's the other one?"

"Dead. She committed suicide before we were able to catch her," said an Asian man.


The Asian man looked over his shoulder.

One of the men beside the woman punched her on the gut.

"You noisy bitch!"



The woman coughed out a mouthful of fluids.

She dropped to her knees and lie down on the pavement.

"Mer…cy… Please…"

Tears began flowing from her eyes.

She really didn't want to go back to Corn Town.

It was no different from hell.

"Take her to the bus and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid," Gerald said before getting into the car.

The Asian man turned around.

"You heard the man. What are you waiting for?"

The man who punched the woman grabbed the woman by the hair and raised her up.


"Come on, bitch. You're going back home," he said and dragged her to the bus.

The woman continued crying.

Donovan turned the engine on and looked over the rearview mirror.

"The dickshit isn't gonna be happy about this."

"What else can I do about it? The other one committed suicide."

"Fair enough."

Gerald glanced at the side mirror and saw how the woman was being dragged inside the bus.

'This is sick…'

He could let her go or kill her but he chose not to because they would be the ones in trouble.

And plus, in his mind, the woman was to be blamed as well.

Womania was a progressive country.

One of their beliefs is that all genders are equal.

What a man can do, a woman can do as well.

Some would even argue that women could do even better.

With that kind of mindset, the fact that everyone had the System, anyone had the potential to be strong.

As long as you're brave enough to kill the zombies, one can grow to become someone powerful.

Even a kid could become powerful!

And in his case, there were so many times that he almost died in killing zombies but that didn't stop him from striving hard to become strong.

However, for some reason, there were people like this woman who didn't choose to increase their strength despite being in a zombie apocalypse.

What were they fucking expecting?

Society would remain the same?

People would just continue to white knight themselves for others?

They should've at least expected this.

The convoy turned around to returned to Corn Town…


Nathan was standing on the side and invisible as he saw the convoy leaving.

He witnessed everything but didn't do anything.

Why would he?

He wasn't some white knight.

In his mind, the world has always been a dog-eat-dog world even before the zombie apocalypse.

The only difference now was that people are now more honest because of the zombie apocalypse.

As for the Asian woman, it wasn't someone he knew.

However, the sight left his stomach in knots.

'Are they from Corn Town? Are they part of Red Dust?'

If they were, given that he killed Rose and the others and the two women he met back at Saint Holy Child Hospital told him that Amir escaped to Corn Town, he could only imagine what they did to his cousin.

'I hope I'm wrong… I hope I'm dead wrong…'

He clenched his fists before following the convoy.


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I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Thank you for reading!

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