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4.39% The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage / Chapter 68: If You Don't Tell Me, I'm Going to Kiss You

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Chapter 68: If You Don't Tell Me, I'm Going to Kiss You

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

That night, Gu Jingze slept on the couch at the side. When Lin Che stood up to go to the bathroom, she saw Gu Jingze lying there. Unfortunately, the couch was indeed a little too short for his 1.9-meter height. He had to put his legs up to fit on the couch. Lin Che felt slightly uncomfortable as she looked at him. She lowered her head and gazed at him. Fast asleep, Gu Jingze's thin lips were tightly pursed. His brow was relaxed and lacked the usual sternness, making him look a lot more gentle. His exquisite skin, which was flawlessly smooth such that no pores were visible, really made women envious.

She looked at him like that for a while before holding her chin as she instinctively went a little closer to him.

This man was actually her husband.

Thinking about it she still felt that it was miraculous.

Furthermore, her husband was seriously handsome.

No celebrity or artist she had met looked more perfect than him.

Of course, the reason that Gu Jingyu could be so famous was also because their Gu family genes were fantastic.

There was also Mr. President; he was reputed to be the most charismatic President they ever had in many years. It was clear that the Gu family genes were really great.

Lin Che realized that although the two of them had been married for a very long time, this was still her first time observing him in such detail.

It turned out that his eyelashes were very long when she looked at them like this.

It turned out that the corners of his eyes were lifted very high when she looked at them like this.

It turned out that his lips were so full, so…

"What are you looking at so sneakily?" At this moment, she suddenly heard Gu Jingze's muffled voice.

All at once, Lin Che almost fell to the ground on her butt.

When she lifted her head, she saw him looking at her with a face full of mischief. His playful expression made Lin Che feel completely ashamed.

"I… I'm looking at you. Why? You're my husband. I can't even look at you?" Lin Che said, feigning composure. She glared at Gu Jingze indignantly.

The sentence "you're my husband", made his eyes stir.

His smile thickened and he came slightly closer to her.

His face enlarged abruptly and gave Lin Che the sudden urge to move backwards.

However, Gu Jingze swiftly took her chin between his fingers and prevented her from moving.

Lin Che shouted, "Why did you come so close?"

"You're my wife. Why can't I come a little closer?"

The sentence "you're my wife", made Lin Che's cheeks begin to heat up immediately.

Gu Jingze seemed to be looking at her lips teasingly. "Tell me. What were you doing so close to me?"

"I… I saw something on your face… " Lin Che avoided the look he shot directly at her.

"How's that possible? There's nothing on my face."

"Of course there is. There's so much eye crust." Lin Che was making things up.

"Hehe, you think everyone is as sloppy as you," Gu Jingze snorted.

Lin Che glared at him fiercely.

He was looking down at her again.

But it was really strange; this man seemed to be capable of always being elegant. Even lying on an inadequate couch like this, his sleeping posture could be so nice to look at. It was as if he had not moved once throughout the night and his face perpetually looked very clean.

"Are you telling me or not? What exactly were you looking at?" He looked at Lin Che persistently.

"I really… "

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to kiss you." Gu Jingze approached her abruptly.

Shocked, Lin Che only felt that he was about to crash into her nose but then, he stopped moving at the perfect time.

Just like that, from the right distance, he used his breath to stir up her feelings and make her cheeks itch.

"You, you, you, you… "

"Wrong answer." The instant his voice broke off, his lips immediately and palpably fell onto hers, brushing her lips slightly like a dragonfly skimming across the water.

Lin Che was surprised. "You, you, you, you really kissed me."

Looking at her panicked expression that was as if she had seen a ghost, Gu Jingze almost broke out in laughter immediately.

"I never joke around," Gu Jingze said sternly.

Lin Che was so scared that she quickly pushed Gu Jingze away.

Looking at her scramble to escape, Gu Jingze broke out in laughter for real this time.

As she listened to his mocking laughter, Lin Che really felt that she had disgraced herself completely.

She went straight into the bathroom and closed the door, her heart about to jump out of her chest.

This could not do. She had to go further away from him.

Otherwise, what was she going to do about this man, who now loved playing as a hooligan for no reason?

At night, Lin Che did not get a good sleep at all.

But on the second day, Lin Che very quickly received a piece of good news.

The discussions about her on the news had already disappeared. The police had indeed issued an apology swiftly, indicating that that was just an accident and that everyone had maligned an innocent person.

Also, Lin Che's advertisement deal was also very quickly set in stone.

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When Lin Che arrived at the company, Yu Minmin was presently waiting for her inside. Her face could not help but twitch upon seeing Lin Che before she let her in while saying, "According to the rumors, that Senmira has already been banned."

"Huh? Is that so?" Lin Che said in a confused tone, "Who said that?"

Yu Minmin said, "Everyone in the industry knows. Senmira offended someone, so her management company already terminated her contract. Right now, there's not one management company that dares to sign her on again either. While she's allowed to take on work on her own, the key problem is that no company dares to work with her too. I reckon she'll gradually disappear after this."

Lin Che blinked. She felt that it was really easy for a person to vanish from this profession.

Yu Minmin said, "I can tell that Gu Jingze is doting on you quite a bit."

Lin Che's face turned slightly red in an instant as she looked at Yu Minmin in embarrassment.

But thinking about it, she felt instead that that wasn't the case.

Gu Jingze was just too responsible; he felt like he owed her because even after their marriage, he still met Mo Huiling occasionally.

However, she did not feel that the marriage this time between the two of them was all because she had stirred up trouble, nor did she feel that it was his problem.

Their marriage was a result of both their mistakes; they could not blame each other.

Lin Che sighed once before saying, "Sister Yu, you don't understand. This isn't about whether he dotes on me or not… but he is in actual fact a very good person."

Yu Minmin broke into a smile. "If people find out that you called Gu Jingze a very good person, that will really frighten them to death, alright."

"Why?" Lin Che blinked her eyes in slight confusion.

Yu Minmin said, "Everyone knows that Gu Jingze is a tycoon who strikes terror in people's hearts. He's indeed very difficult to approach. Furthermore, you think someone who can play so well on the market can still be so simple-minded?"

Lin Che blanked out. When they were just starting out, she did in fact feel similarly that Gu Jingze was very aloof, very demanding, and very detestable.

But afterward, she got familiar with him and consequently was no longer so bothered by him.

Now, she did not feel that Gu Jingze was terribly scary.

Yu Minmin said, "Alright. We have to get going very soon. The production team snagged a good advertisement opportunity. I'm sure you know the show 'National Winner'."

"Of course I know it. Isn't that a flagship program? Everyone knows it; the viewer ratings are so high and people of all ages love to watch it. I, for one, grew up watching this show," Lin Che said.

"You guys are going to participate in this show this week. As one of the major characters, you have to go participate too. Take note and prepare for it."

Hearing this, Lin Che said excitedly, "I can go participate too?"

"Of course."

Lin Che immediately felt an extreme happiness. She did not expect that she would one day actually be able to participate in a program with such high viewer ratings.

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