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Chapter 1: ¿Where the hello am I?


You know, I always hated the sad tragedies in "The Beginning After the End", no wait, in fact, I hate all kinds of sad endings in anything I read. It's painful to see how people lose things for the greater good for the progress of the story, as if that really gives any kind of development. I thought it was more of a justification for making their readers suffer, so sometimes I cursed them. They probably never got the message, but hey, it was worth a try.

Putting that aside, the novel "The Beginning After the End" is wonderful. Its only flaw is the author's eagerness to try to destroy the world and the characters he so painstakingly built, but still, it's a story I love.

Each of the characters reflected a myriad of emotions. They all cried, laughed, suffered, and overcame. Without exception, they all tried to live their lives on their own terms, even if it meant dying.

That's why I loved their world, from the construction of the characters, to the structuring of the world, to the scale of power, everything was incredible.

Although I felt that the tragedies and sadness of the main protagonist, Arthur, were too much...

But he finally came to understand that it was all due to how well the author had constructed his own story.

Which I valued greatly because it meant how much his creator thought about his own story, but it was hard for me to accept. It was like denying my own efforts in the real world, where fate constantly kicked me and I just had to bow my head and accept all kinds of crap that was thrown at me.

I hated feeling that way. Why should we accept what the world gives us? Why not aspire to something better? Why should we allow those kinds of things to limit us?

I do not accept the limits imposed by fate!

I do not accept the shackles that prevent me from going beyond the ending I desire!

This time...

Yes, this time I'm sure.

"Cof, cof, cof..." I leave everything in your hands; this is the most I can do to make our goal a reality.

I will pray from wherever my soul ends up for our success.

And may everyone in the world we have decided to protect and save have the happy ending we so crave.


POV Reinhart James

After returning from work and university, and after reading the latest update of the novel where Arthur began to recover part of Dicathen, preparing for a total war against Agrona and Kezess, I felt a strong drowsiness.

I gradually felt my eyelids heavier; I was sinking more and more into a pleasant sensation, which took me to the bottom of the crystal blue ocean that I saw after closing my eyes for longer and longer periods. Suddenly I felt all the energy in the world swirling around me.

The deeper I went, the less light I saw, but for some strange reason, I felt more calm.

As if the darkness was warmer than any summer day with the sun at its most pleasant moment.

Every second I lost more sensations and saw less light, reaching the deepest part of this space where even my own breathing left me.

It was as if I had never existed in the first place, I was nothing and from that nothingness, I would become myself again; This seems to be the clear message of this space that slowly, unconsciously, begins to convince me to agree with it.

Although I know it's wrong, I don't know why I want it to continue this way, as if something were asking me to leave everything for this brief moment and, therefore, I accept it, sinking more and more into the darkness, losing all sense of reality, surrendering to the enormous sense of achievement within me, where I finally fall asleep.


POV Rinia Darcassan

The destiny of this world has always been very clear to my eyes; I always saw blood, war, death, despair, and tyranny. Brought by the deities, all this due to their pettiness. Some due to madness and revenge, others due to the preservation of their own pedestal of power. The only ones who suffer are the beings they consider inferior, whom they subjected and plan to continue subjecting to cruel experiments, as well as constantly using them to kill each other on a chessboard where the number of pieces lost does not matter, as they will be easily replaceable.

But it seems that destiny did not completely abandon us, since I was also able to glimpse a hero who would gradually lose everything throughout the war. Despite all his sacrifices and suffering, he would rise up in protest against the deities that oppress us. He is our only hope throughout the destiny I can see several years in the future, which, although it is unalterable and divided into millions of possibilities, usually has fixed variations. That is supposed to be how destiny behaves.

Until I found this human baby in the middle of the Elshire forest. I don't know exactly how he got there or why he was there. Even if he had a family and they abandoned him, it's something that, despite my powers as a deviant diviner, I can't see. Something about this child seems to be obstructing my vision of his destiny. It's like a blindfold is on my eyes every time I try to observe him.

And that's not the strangest thing. Since I met this child, the destiny that had remained unalterable and without changes now feels less firm, as if it could twist at any moment, but I don't have the ability to change it.

The baby's crying interrupted my thoughts, asking me to feed him through his little tantrum, which I proceed to do to avoid his expressed anger through loud sobs. During these first few days that I have been with him, I have become fond of him. I observe the baby with yellow eyes and silver hair; watching everything around him very attentively, as if everything he saw was important to him.

When I found him in the middle of the forest less than a week ago, he had nothing else with him apart from the blanket, the basket where he was curled up, and a note with what I suppose was his name. Even so, I can't take my eyes off the baby's eyes, which look at me very attentively and with surprising intelligence through his soul windows, not letting escape any of my movements or expressions, as if he had found something that caught his attention and had left him in shock. He's too adorable, I even thought I saw fear on his face, as if he was afraid I would leave him in the middle of the forest.

After picking him up, I decided to bring him and recite his name to him to see his reactions. "Hello, little Julian". At that moment, the baby opened his eyes brightly and I could see happiness in them. "That's right, little one, your name is Julian Kingscrown". I couldn't help but smile due to the baby's pleasant expression. "And for now we will live together until I can investigate a little more about you through that old bat Virion".

After all, I need to find out his origins. It seems to be a difficult task, considering the tense relationship between humans and elves. Even if I asked Virion to investigate his origins, it won't be easy to find traces, especially considering that the baby was in the middle of the forest without any sign of having been accompanied by humans before.

But I don't mind raising him and observing him. After all, he has captured my interest, as he is the only person I cannot perceive his past or future. Although this case is not the same as the hero I saw in future visions, where I can't see everything about him clearly, the fact that this predicted destiny has become less solid leads me to think that this boy is very special. Maybe he can play an important role in the future of this world and I want to bet on this opportunity, hoping not to regret it.


POV Julian Kingscrown

I, Reinhart James, have always considered myself a very sensible, talented, and also intelligent or maybe perceptive person.

One never truly gets to know oneself, and I think that's okay. After all, regardless of circumstances, one must live in a way that we won't regret.

For example, yesterday, after doing my best in my day, at night, after work and university, I finished reading the latest update of the novel "The Beginning After the End". Suddenly, I felt a strong drowsiness and simply gave in to it. I thought I was too tired, what could go wrong? I thought, as I entered the world of the deep crystal darkness that enveloped me.

That was until I woke up to a ray of sunlight hitting me directly in the face. At that moment, I thought "Damn sunlight!" and squeezed my eyes harder.

But after reflecting, I noticed that there was no possibility of direct sunlight entering my apartment, as I usually close the curtains and most of the window is covered by my closet.

This filled me with a sense of nervousness, which made me open my eyes to observe my surroundings and determine where the annoying ray of sunlight was coming from.

After that, my view was filled completely with amazement when I caught sight of the dawn sky. It wasn't clear, but not too dark either. A sea of trees was covered by dense fog.

The first thing I thought was that it was a beautiful portrait of nature like the ones you usually see in landscape photos around the world on some image publication site.

After reflecting again, I touched reality. "What the hell is going on? Where am I? If someone played a joke on me, I swear I'll kill them," is what went through my mind.

But when I tried to talk, inarticulate and erratic sounds came out, as if my ability to speak was null.

When I tried to get up, worried about what was happening with my voice, I also felt the lack of ability to move my body. This filled me even more with the sense of nervousness I was feeling.

I was terrified, what the hell happened? Why can't I articulate my words well or move? Yesterday, when I went to bed, I'm sure I was completely fine and at home.

But now, I was in the middle of a forest. Could something have happened while I was asleep? Am I seeing hallucinations? They are not so frequent, and even less so realistic. This is very strange.

Could it be a dream?

But this feels very real. From the sensation that runs through my body every time the wind blows, to the clarity with which I can think, they indicate to me that I am completely awake.

After going through the stages of grief, where I completely denied reality trying to go back to sleep again, which worked too quickly, upon waking up, the landscape around me was the same...

Then I felt anger towards the bastard who was doing this to me. I swore I would make him suffer as soon as I got out of this. Then I thought to myself that at some point, I would have to wake up from this nightmare, trying to rationalize myself. After some time, I became depressed when I saw that nothing had changed and I was still in the same situation.

Finally, I reluctantly decided to accept my situation and began to reflect on my surroundings and situation.

I understood, first, that my size seemed too small. Every time I tried to move one of my limbs, its movement felt too short. This, coupled with the fact that I couldn't speak, convinced me that I was a baby at the moment.

How? I have no idea, but that was the reality.

After analyzing my surroundings completely, I understood clearly that I was alone. I told myself, "What the hell is a human baby doing alone in the forest?".

After seeing the position of the sun, I know it was not more than ten in the morning approximately. This filled me strongly with a sense of crisis, as at any moment, my apparent "second life" would end up in the stomach of some animal.

Just when I was looking for solutions to get out of this situation without losing any of my limbs in the process, I heard footsteps approaching me.

At that moment, my body tensed with fear. At the same time, in my mind, I had some expectation and fervently prayed that it would be a human.

When I managed to get a clear view of the person who approached me, I was surprised. Not in the negative sense, as for something bad. Don't misunderstand me.

I was really surprised to see an elf who was supposed to exist only in mythology and fantasy.

But what was even more surprising was her appearance: an old woman with gray hair, who seemed to have been struck by lightning, and unmistakable multicolored eyes, in addition to emitting a presence of mystery.

Rinia Darcassan, I'm very sure it's her. And if so, that means somehow... did I reincarnate? Did I transmigrate? I'm not sure of the term.

But the result is that I ended up in the novel "The Beginning After the End". And if so, I wouldn't know if I should be grateful or terrified.

At that moment, she looked at me with a confused expression, surely thinking about what a baby was doing in the middle of the Elshire forest.

And exactly thinking the same way, I cursed again to whatever left me in the middle of the Elshire forest, where I could have been the breakfast of mana beasts.

"What are you doing here, little one?" The old Rinia approaches to see me closer and then lifts me off the ground.

"What is a human baby doing alone in the forest?" she said again after looking around, surely trying to figure out how I got here.

Then she returns me a scrutinizing look, with her eyebrow raised, surely trying to question my origin or maybe trying to see something beyond me due to her diviner abilities.

After reflecting for some time, she has a completely stupefied expression on her face, which makes me wonder what she saw in me.

Finally, she gives me a smile that overflowed with kindness and begins to examine my figure more closely, lifting some kind of paper that was in the basket where I was found.

She began to walk with me in her arms. I supposed, I, that she was heading towards her house.

Then I began to reflect on my future in this world full of possibilities, where I want to save all the people I can and hit the ugly faces of Kezess and his Asuras; as well as Agrona and her Alacryanos."


And well, here's the author of this fic. Initially, I was just reading fanfics of several novels that I've read and found great, but after reading those of TBATE, I had a kind of realization where I said to myself, hey why not try to make one and that's how we got here. I hope you enjoy it and comment so I don't feel so lonely, after all, your words of encouragement and corrections encourage me to keep writing knowing that you are really reading the story I'm trying to write.

Haruto1028383 Haruto1028383

and well here the author of this fic greets you initially I was only reading fan fics of various novels that I have read and I thought they were great but after reading the ones on tbate I had a kind of realization where I said hey why not try to make one and so on was how we got here I hope you enjoy it and comment so it doesn't make me feel so alone after all your words of encouragement and corrections encourage me to continue writing knowing that you are really reading the story I'm trying to write

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