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The Unknown Friend - The Black Hero - Chapter 5 by Joydeb_Sarkar_5961 full book limited free

Chapter 5: The Unknown Friend

Over time, Cizilians had made their way into the Milky Way Galaxy. They had received frequent Strong Signals from this Galaxy about the Black Suit and Commander DIYer was very much sure that someone had obtained it. They had entered our Milky Way Galaxy with full force and army and was now searching for the User of the Black suit. They had created many small parties and sent them to search for him in different parts of the galaxy. In the meantime, he was also aware that the Ten Master's clan had sent the Red, White and Yellow suit user in search of the legendary weapon. So, they crept into the Galaxy so silently that their plane of capturing the Black suit would not be revealed in front of them and he could easily reach it.

"Has there been any update?" asked DIYer.

"Negative, Sir. Our Operation teams had been searching for any piece of Info but it seemed that they had to toil more."

"Order them to make haste. I want that Black suit user. After. I capture him and execute him and take away all legendary powers. Then the suit will belong to me and I would be unstoppable. Even the Ten master's clan could not do anything about me."

"Sir, I have just received information about the weapon. It states that the Weapon's signal was caught again near the solar system, the Andropadesia and the Quashia systems."

"Command all investigation troops to advance immediately towards these systems and search each one of the planets. Aaaaaah! BLACK SUIT USER, HERE I COME." and gave a dirty smile.

On the other hand, among the homo sapiens, the other users were still in the school. The white suit user suddenly received something. Her face was suddenly filled with horror. " What happened White? Why are you so tensed?"

"It is not good!!"


"The future!.... The future had got divided into seven paths, each ranging from the best to the worst."

"If that the case, I think we should hurry and find out the Legendary weapon's holder. However, who do you two suspect?"

"I think it is the boy who had scored well but less than the unknown guy. I think everyone call him Susan. I did so because I thought he was holding back and had tried to use that power just a little."

"However, I think it is the unknown boy on the other day. He had destroyed the crystal and even killed that Dog in an instant. Who do you suspect White?"

He was in deep thoughts when he woke up on Yellow's question," I dunno but I can tell surely that if we don't hurry, we would be in grave danger."

Suddenly, all the speakers in the campus turned on and someone began to say, " I want to apologize to all candidates that due to a sudden technical failure we would not be able to post the class sheet today. So your marks along with your section would be sent to your registered emails by tomorrow. So, please cooperate with us."

Everyone was very much curious about their performance reports however this announcement had converted their curiousness into sadness.

"AAAAAAA! I have been very much excited to see my section and marks." someone among the crowd spoke up.

"Do not make such a sad face we would know about it by tomorrow." said the one's friend.

" What do you think might have happened, White?"

" I dunno but from now every actions will count." she seemed to be very much serious.

On the other side, Rohan was filled with sweat from top to bottom. He was standing outside the principal's cabin all alone. As the school had ended, no one was allowed to stay there except for Rohan for today. He raised his hand towards the door, knocked on it and asked, " Sir, may I come in?" A grave voice came from inside, " Come in." But before could he enter an old man came out of the cabin. His head was full of white hair and he carried along with him a staff that supported him. His face could not be seen clearly and his eyes were taken over by his hair however his nose was long and big and his mouth could be seen clearly. He said, " BEST OF LUCK." However, Rohan was quite puzzled by the phrase of the old man. All at once, one more voice came from inside which had asked him not to stay outside.

When he entered, he saw Miss Malina and Sir Kohankar was standing there along with Principal Histon. However, Histon was looking outside the window. Malina was looking down and Kohankar had been standing there with closed eyes as if he was meditating.

Rohan spoke up, " Good morning principal ... and... good morning teachers." Hearing his voice Kohankar opened his eyes and saw him. Rohan was extremely scared and his scarceness had been increased by miss Malina's sudden shouted, " FIne!" After she gave him an angry look at Rohan and went outside. Kohankar followed her however before his leave he asked the boy, " Are you, Rohan?" Rohan replied, " ....Yes...."

Then Kohankar gave a deep breath of sigh and said," Leave it." and then he departed from the place. Rohan was completely puzzled by those two's expressions and continued to graze at Kohankar as he leaves the place.


"Yes... Yes, sir"

" I have heard of your mischiefs in the capacity and power test and I am gravely disappointed." He was still looking through the window.

" Sir, I have not done anything..... It was just an accident... I, myself, didn't know how I have done it or how could it happen but I swear I will not do it again..... Please sir pardon me...."

"Stop making reasons!" he shouted and then turned back. He seemed to be more serious than at the welcome ceremony. " Your actions have forced me to take action against you. Whatever marks you might have got or whichever class you may have been enlisted being a Principal I declare that you along with your gang, Susan and some other students are being put together in section D of the first year."

Rohan became very much sad and disappointed and tried of request the principal to reconsider his decision at least for his gang and the others. However, the principal turned out to be very much rigid on his decision and said, " You are dismissed for now. From tomorrow your regular academic class will start and do not be late." and then again turned back towards the windows again.

Without any more words, Rohan left the room with sadness. When he reached outside the cabin and closed the door, he began to blame his luck in his mind as it had also engulfed his surroundings too. He left the empty school at 6 p.m. and began to walk towards home all alone. On his journey, he met his competitor Susan and his gang. They were standing at the junction of two streets. Rohan stopped. He saw a bunch of college students appeared out of the blues in front of him.

" So he is Rohan." pointing at him.

" No doubt he is."

"I have heard that you have destroyed the ancient old test crystal and killed the dog all at once."

"No... I haven't.... it was just an accident. I didn't do it on purpose...."

"Aaaaah! Why are you fearing us? We want to be your friends."

"Friends???? Why would you like me to do so?"

" We are searching for a powerful guy who will join our group and as we heard that you did such wonderful jobs we could not hold ourselves and came here." he left others and began to approach him.

" Say buddy will you like to join us? "

"Why should I?"

"Well... we friends will go for a long drive, have parties without telling our parents, do some adult-like things and enjoy ourselves to our heart's content."

"Sorry, but my parents had told me that only bad boys do these types of works."

" Ooooo... I think you are insulting us." and all of a sudden he gave a punch on Rohan's face and Rohan staggered and fell back. He was looking like a fish out of the water and all of the other students began to laugh at him. " Listen boy if you come with us we will forgive you and if you deny then..." Rohan was still swimming in his pain. Suddenly, a girl appeared from behind. The college students who bet Rohan asked, " Who are you?"

"She replied I have just come here to take him from here."

"Aaaaaah! So, come and try it" and gave a dirty smile at her.

The girl without any hesitation went forward and reached Rohan. As soon as the girl bent forward to help him, the high schooler made his attempt to beat her. But suddenly the girl sped to the front. The big boy was surprised and said, " So you want to play, no worries, we all will play with you." Then one by one each came forward and tried to beat her. But the new one was dogging every attack. seeing this a high school girl was dogging every attack of college boys, The big boy became very much angry. He now went towards her with his bat which he was carrying and swung at her. But when he struck her with his bat, the girl defended herself with her right hand and the bat was torn down into pieces. Now the girl began to backfire, she continued to take out all of the boys one by one and she didn't use magic in the fight. After a moment, all of them were on their knees and seeing this Susan left that place with his gang instantly like a fearful cat.

"So, do you all will leave us or want to have more? Do you???" Seeing her scary face all the college students ran away from the shame of being beaten up by a high school girl saying " MONSTER! MONSTER!"

"Do I really look like a monster?!!" she whispered to herself. Then she went to help Rohan by giving her hand to him. Rohan wiped his tears and accepted her hand and stood up. He bid her thanks and she replied to him, "Welcome." and began to walk away from the place.

"Hey before you go could you please tell me your name?"

"My name is Sohana." The girl was very much beautiful and her beauty was even more prominent in the sunset. She was wearing the school uniform. Her uniform consisted of a black girl's school shoes, white knee-long sockes, a white colour skirt with red lines on it at regular intervals, a red colour females' shirt which reached up to her wrists and a violet tie. Her hair was long and it was of golden colour. Her face had bored a light pink colour lipstick and her eyes and nose were very much beautiful. It seemed that if she had participated in the miss universe contest at that very age, she could have owned it easily.

However, the uniform of Rohan consisted of Black colour shots and a red colour shirt which like the girl's one reached up to the wrist and a violet tie. His hair was short like the rest of the schoolboys but it was brown in colour. He was also a somewhat handsome good looking one. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing the girl's beauty, Rohan somewhat liked it. And then with some hesitation, he left the place. " Hey... one more time thanks for your help..."

" No problem it is my pleasure." and then both of them got seperated.

It was around 11 p.m. that the suit users was going to meet at the toppest building in the city. The red and yellow suit user was on time but it seemed that the white user had not come till now.

"Here she comes." side the red and a girl appeared in front of them. What!!!! the girl was the one who saved Rohan today.

" Have you got any info about the Black suit user." asked the yellow.

"Negative but we have to find him quickly. I can see the continuous sifting of the future. However, before some time it was moving in the wrong direction but suddenly it got shifted towards a good one."

"So, I think there is nothing to fear"

"NO! the future could shift again and the worst case could befall on us and even including this planet."

"So, we have to try again to find him."

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