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48.57% THE BLUE EYES [BL] / Chapter 17: NOT A HUMAN

NOT A HUMAN - THE BLUE EYES [BL] - Chapter 17 by 26stars full book limited free

Chapter 17: NOT A HUMAN

After the black vehicle was perfectly parked in his yard, Kevin immediately unlocked the car door and stormed out of the car. He slammed the car door before rushed to his house without saying anything.

Two creatures left in the car were now mutually silent. Their original plan was to go straight to Blue's new apartment after they left the orphanage, but the plan had to be changed halfway through.

Kris could only sigh. He didn't expect that the situation would turn bitter. He didn't expect that Kevin could be so hard on Blue. All this time, Kevin had always complied with all of Blue's wishes. It felt strange now when he saw the young scientist suddenly treated the young girl harshly.

And, Blue was not different. The blue-eyed girl was also very stubborn. It would be better if she just pretended to be nice to him in front of Kevin. If only she could pretend for a bit, this bad situation surely would never happen. Both Kevin and Blue were hot-headed and were difficult to deal with.

After Kevin leaving the car, Kris glanced back a little at Blue, who hadn't squeaked a bit since Kevin voiced his disappointment earlier. "I'll take my stuff for a moment. You just wait here, and I'll take you to the apartment with my car later," he said to the young girl.

Kris's sentence did not get a reply, and Kris himself did not expect a reply. As a result, the tan-skinned man got out of the car and left Blue alone.

Kris's strapping footsteps began to enter the house where he had been living with the owner of the house for almost two months. Time was like a bird; it flew away so fast. It seemed like just yesterday that he arrived in the city to complete his mission, but it turned out that two months had passed since his first day in town.

Once he got inside the house, he found Kevin standing in front of an aquarium. The young scientist calmly feeding his pet fish in a glass box full of water. Kris slowly walked over to the house's owner.

"You look like a girl who is having her period," Kris dared to tease Kevin even though he knew so well that the man who slightly shorter than him was very sensitive right now.

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The teased one finally turned to Kris and glared at the man. "Who do you think I fought with Blue for, huh?" He asked in a piercing tone.

Kris, who was the recipient of the sharp tone, just chuckled casually. "I'm not asking you to fight with Blue," he said with an innocent face.

Kevin just snorted lazily and walked to wash his hands in a sink not far from the aquarium. "Are you really moving out now? Have you found a new place to live?" This time he spoke in a normal tone, no longer stabbing like before.

"I have no other choice but to obey your beloved little sister who is very protective of you," Kris answered with a shrug. "I haven't found a new place to live, so I will just stay at the hotel tonight," he continued.

Kevin wiped his hands with a napkin hanging on the side of the sink, then walked over to Kris. "You can stay here secretly, and I won't tell Blue about it," he then voiced his idea.

Kevin's idea made Kris laugh out loud. "Why did you suddenly sound like a mistress who forces me to stay the night without my wife knowing?" He boldly teased the other man again.

"Kris, I really don't like the way you joke around. That's not funny at all."

Philosopher Plato said: "Even the Gods love jokes," but it seemed like Kris picked a bad time to joke around. Kevin was hypersensitive right now, and he shouldn't tease him like that.

Finally, the model-like man raised his hands in surrender. "Okay, I won't joke around like that with you again," he said. "Thank you for offering a place to stay, but I think I should move out. I don't want Blue to accuse me of planning anything bad against you."

Kevin, who was already annoyed, only nodded briefly and walked to his room. But, before he entered his private room, he stopped walking and spoke to Kris without turning around, "I entrusted Blue to you. Please take good care of her."

The request made Kris frown. "You cut ties with Blue just because of the fight?" He asked incredulously.

"I don't cut ties with her. I think it's time for her to learn how to open up and not only depend on me. Please don't ever hurt her. She has a very fragile heart."

After saying long enough, Kevin then opened the door to his room and disappeared behind the brown wooden door. Kris could only sigh seeing Kevin's behavior. Suddenly, his life was surrounded by emotional people.

Not wanting to bother, Kris finally chose to walk to his room in the house. It was right next to Kevin's room. He took out his clothes from the wardrobe and put them in the suitcase. He also put his other personal belongings in the room in his suitcase.

After all his belongings were neatly stored in the suitcase, Kris walked out of his room. When he was about to walk past the door to Kevin's room, he suddenly stopped. He turned slightly to face the door and said, "I'm leaving, Kevin. Take care of yourself." He then continued walking to leave the scientist's residence.

As soon as he got to the driveway, he found Blue standing beside his red car, accompanied by her meager luggage.

"Didn't you say just for a moment?" Blue immediately hit him with a question when he arrived in front of her.

The question made Kris smile. "Your dear brother is very sensitive, so I had to comfort him before I go," he replied.

Blue didn't respond to Kris's words anymore. She just motioned to Kris to quickly unlock his car door. The tall man caught the signal and immediately unlocked the car door with his car key.

The young girl immediately got into the car along with her belongings. Kris could only shake his head at her behavior. The young man then put his suitcase into the trunk and immediately got into his car, he positioned himself behind the wheel.

The drive to Blue's new apartment was enveloped by silence. Neither Blue nor Kris opened their mouths to speak. The car radio was not turned on, adding to the tranquility in the car. The only sound that existed in the car was the sound of their breathing.

Fortunately, it only took 20 minutes to arrive at the apartment building that would be Blue's residence starting from tonight. After parking the car in the underground parking lot, the two creatures with a significant height difference immediately head for the elevator that would take them to Blue's apartment unit.

It didn't take long to arrive at Blue's unit. It was on the 10th floor and looked like it was pretty strategic. It was dark inside the small apartment unit the first time Blue walked in. Only after the sound of a "click," the light swallowed the darkness. It was Kris who just turned on the light to drive out the blackness.

Blue's blue eyes surveyed the atmosphere of the small apartment. Yes, it was just a standard unit with a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It was a small place to live, but Blue didn't mind that. The girl was currently sitting on the living room sofa and looked up to see Kris who was standing not far from her.

"I have prepared all the items to meet your daily needs. The fridge is full of groceries, toiletries are also ready in the bathroom, and some new clothes are already in the wardrobe. You can use all of them. If you need anything, you can contact me."

Blue did not respond to Kris's explanation. She just continued to stare at Kris with her blue eyes. It was very apparent that Kris was trying to win Blue's trust, but so far, the effort had not paid off.

"Now that you have successfully adopted me, then, can you tell me your true intention?" The girl finally asked and completely ignored Kris's explanation.

The man could only sigh as he watched Blue continued to be stubborn. He then sat down on the sofa opposite Blue. "You still don't believe in me?" He asked in a low voice.

"Tell me what your intention first, then I will consider whether I should believe in you or not."

What a stubborn girl. 'Why is this girl keep behaving like this to me?' Kris couldn't help wonder.

"My only intention is to protect you."

That was the answer given by Kris. It seemed like the answer was completely unexpected to Blue. The look of surprise radiated on the beautiful face of the blue-eyed girl.

"Protect me?" She asked again.

Without hesitation, Kris nodded his head and replied, "I know who you really are. If you stay among humans without me watching, it will endanger you."

Again, Kris's answer made Blue gasp. She managed to catch one suspicious phrase in his explanation. With a horror expression, she asked, "Among humans? What do you mean by that? Am I not human?"

26stars 26stars

Hello! I'm very shocked because I got 10k views a day. Usually, I only got less than 1k views a day. Does this book really deserve that attention? LOL.

I really appreciate your support. This is my first book, and I'm so nervous about it. But, I'm working really hard for this book, so I hope you keep supporting me.

See you tomorrow!

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