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81.48% The broken thrown. A new light. book 1 / Chapter 22: Chapter 21

Chapter 21 - The broken thrown. A new light. book 1 - Chapter 22 by Grace_Parker_221 full book limited free

Chapter 22: Chapter 21

Frostbite looked at QuiverWing with hundreds of sleeping darts on her side and he smiled. 'Foll did she really think she could have peace after what she has done' he thought. "Perfect" purred Queen Petle, "now she can't die so we'll have to keep her as a prisoner" she grind the way she did when ever she got her way. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"So how do you plan to keep her looked up?, I mean she is powerful enough to squish my skull" he asked.

"Chains and a lot of them as many as we can get, 20 gards to keep an eye on a reinforced pit and most of all blood gripper ready to be released at any time" she snarled phycoticly.

"Add a laver mote and pin her wings together so if she somehow brake the chains she have to swim in laver witch is impossible" he snarled.

"Yes, yeesss, ye e e e sss" she sang, "it is perfect" the grin got bigger.

"Isn't that grin painful?" he asked.

"Nope it's comfortable" she corrected, booping his nose, something she would do often.

"Well let's get her to that pit" he said flicking his tail to the gards.

"I like how you just ordered my gards like you're in charge" she joked or was being sycastic, he could never tell. "Hay! you" she pointed to one of the gards, "go back to base and get a party to make the pit, reinforced, laver mote, blood gripper gates and lots and lots of chains" she demanded.

"Yes Queen Petle" he bowed low and flow of in a hurry.

"Now for the rest of you get that dragon to the thrown room cage and keep her nocked out" she ordered again.

Frostbite had to run on the ocean floor back to the mountain were he now calls home. It took him two days to get there, once he did he went straight to the thrown room. It was a large and tall cave with openings to let cool air in and warm sunlight. The thrown was combined gold and silver, demands were implanted in lanterns and the walls. In the middle is a barded floor that leads to a pit were QuiverWing now layes deep in sleep. She has a metal muzzle and her wings were tightly chaind like he suggested and he felt someone small bump into him. "What? be careful!" he snapped as he saw BushThorn, Queen Petles daughter. She was rich green and had her mothers yellow eyes.

"Sorry I was finishing a choru mother sent me to do" she shook her head and picked up chains.

"So she sent you to get chains?" he twitched his tail.

"Yep mother said that she needed them and a lot" BushThorn looked pleased.

"Yes and what ever amount you're thinking dubble it ok make your mother proud" he flicked his tail dismissively.

He loved when ever he did that all the dragons in the eara would look shocked as he bosses the Queens daughter around. 'Oh the pride though it's just worth it' he felt the ghostly shape of his face smile. "Frostbite!" Queen Petle called for him.

"I'm coming!" he called back, he walked up the tunnel and into Petles winter sleeping chamber. "So I'm guessing that you've seen my daughter with the chains" she guessed.

"One of the gards reported that I bossed her again" he guessed.

"Yep but that's not the point, the pit is gona take a little longer then one day to make so for the next week I need your help to keep QuiverWing main tamed until then" Queen Petle ordered.

"Will do but I was wondering, what will you do with Scorch?" Frostbite still cared for his brother even though he sided with the chameleon dragon.

"Well he's your brother so I was thinking you get to chose his punishment for betraying me" she nodded slowly.

"Punish? but he is just miss guided he will bow to you" he said quickly.

"Alright you take care of it" she giggled.

Petle then flicked her tail in a dismissive manner and he left, headed to the tunnel that leads down to the cage. He heard QuiverWing breath as if she is snarling, and then he saw all the gards that were here. "Frostbite what brings you here?" one gard greated him with a bow.

"Queen Petle sent me here to make sure she stays asleep" he explained with his head raised up high.

"We gave her another dose of sleeping darts" he pointed his wings to all the darts that were stuck in her side.

"Good do not let her wake up here only when she is in the pit that she can wake up" Frostbite ordered.

"Yes Frostbite" he bowed again.

Frostbite was tired and it started to show so he claimed up to his sleeping chamber that absorbs the heat for the winter. He colapst on his moss bed and felt as if he was shot with a sleeping dart. "Frostbite!" Queen Petle yelled in his ear.

"What?" he heard his own tired voice.

"You've been out for the hole week, anyways QuiverWing has been moved to her new home, come see" she tugged in his wing and he got up immediately since what happened last time. She managed to pull his wing out of its pocket and it wouldn't go back for weeks. "All right I coming" he followed her out of the caves and into the forest behind the mountain, there he saw at least 40 gards all armed with sleeping darts and all of them pointed at a large pit wrapped in metal that can withstand fire, ice, lightning, acid and explorations incase her friends try to brake her out. He looked in and saw large gates that can be opened with a single lever and QuiverWing looked furious and the cold steem of ice trailed out of her nose. She had chains wrapped around her wings, a stronger/bigger muzzle, shackles wrapped in chains on her wrists and ankles and chains connected to everything that they can get a hold of.

Frostbite felt the heat of the laver and when he took another look at QuiverWing he saw her eyes, he saw the hatred and the desire to kill him and Queen Petle. He also saw the fear in her eyes of what's to come, the sadness of being imprisoned and chaind the way she is. He loved the view. "Beautiful isn't it?" Queen Petle grind down at her.

"Yes but I think something can be added" he wasn't sure what exactly but he felt that something was missing.

"This is why you're my goto" Queen Petle grind bigger.

"But what should we add?" he flicked his tail looking at her once again. Then he got it. "She's an aquatic dragon give her some water"

"Straight from the frozen lands" Queen Petle laughed in a way that made all the dragons around her uneasy, but he didn't feel that way.

"GARDS!" she called out.

"Yes your majesty" one gard glided down to her.

"Get a group, not from here, and get a large block of ice and chuck it down to her!" Frostbite heard her voice grow louder so QuiverWing could hear. QuiverWing growled and he heard her, her heard her growl and he felt it sink into his sol. He shivered, "you good, getting cold" teased Queen Petle.

"No I fine" he responded knowing full well that if he argued he wouldn't win.

"Alright then, well I'm getting hungry lets eat" she then flew back to the mountain cave.

"Alright gards keep an eye on her make sure she stays in the pit and if she tries anything don't be afraid to shoot her with anything!" he gave a final order and ran back to the mountain.

"Yes Frostbite" all of them called out to him. When he got there he saw that Queen Petle set a large feast for any dragon that is at a high enough rank. Frostbite saw that BushThorn was sat next to her mother, 'that doesn't happen often' he thought tilting his head.

When ever BushThorn is next to her mother Frostbite has to be next to princess instead of the queen. "Hello BushThorn" he greeted friendly.

"Hey Frostbite" she nodded happily.

"So you got next to your mother today" he congratulated.

"Yes mother was impressed by how fast and how many chains I got she put me here" she wagged her tail, "thanks to your tip of how many I should get".

"Oh well then you're welcome" he then picked the amount of pry he wanted.

"Frostbite welcome injoy the meal" Queen Petle called happily, as happy as he saw her in a while. "Everyone I would like to call a celebration!" she called to all the dragons attention, "today we got the very last chameleon dragon chained up in our little pit!" he then heard all the dragons cheer. "Now thanks to many of you my place on the thrown is secure and I need to reward those who helped capture, locate and studied her, dearly!" every dragon went silent, silently waiting. "To those who I will approve of will now get two separate sleeping chambers, for winter and summer, they will also get a higher rank for pry and will receive a wealthy amount of jewelry of your choice" she announced.

Most of the dragons celebrated by the fact and the others just cheered, "wow that is very generous of you" Frostbite said to Queen Petle.

"Well they deserve it and for you my little jewl, you got almost all of the chains I need you deserve a treat" she booped her daughters nose with her claw that has a demand extention. "You can have whatever you ask for" she smiled in a loving way, that is unusual for her as she has always saw her daughter as useless and she only got her to seel the thrown to her blood line. "Thank you mother I'll figure that out later" BushThorn never looked so pleased.

"Well are we gona eat?" Frostbite heard his tone sound very impatient.

"Oh yeah" Queen Petle exhaled, "everyone can now eat?" she announced and the hole cave went into a feeding and he didn't realise how hungry he really was until he took a bite. Once everyone was finished Queen Petle ordered a couple dragons to clean up and put the left overs in the pry centre, "hey Frostbite can you help me with something?" BushThorn asked.

"Sure what is it?" Frostbite answered.

"What should I get?" she bounsed infront of him and she was barely the size of his front leg.

"I don't know, what do you want the most of all?" he asked.

"Hmmm maby a pet like mothers king cheeter" she answered.

"Right, what pet are you thinking of?" Frostbite asked.

"Hmmm maby a komodo dragon" she thought deeply.

"Then ask for that" he said nudging her with his claws.

"Ok by Frostbite and thank you!" she bounsed of to her mothers sleeping chamber. 'I swear that she is gona get killed if she's that loud' he sighed. "Frostbite" a gard called for him.

"What?" he had to respond.

"We have a problem with QuiverWing, she hasn't escaped, but we need your help" he said quickly.

"What! what's going on?" Frostbite dashed of to were the pit is. When he got all the gards were scrounging the pit in a defensive position and the sound of chains flooded his ears. He looked down and saw that most of the chains were shaped but her wings were still tightly tide. She was snarling and pulling on the chains and anuther one snapped, there was a giant ice cube and water was at her ankles as she continued to tug on the chains. "Shoot her with the darts!" he called out.

"We can't there is too many chains in the way!" one gard explained.

"Give me that!" he pointed to one of the gards sleeping dart gun.

"Here" she handed it to him and he jumped down and had to dodge a wack from her muzzle. He grabbed hold of the chains and moved them apart and shot it in to her neck. He then shot a few more and after a while she finally passed out, "keep her asleep!" he ordered.

"Yes Frostbite" said the gard who he took the sleeping dart gun from and he handed it back. He then went to straight to Queen Petle, he nocked on her sleeping chamber's wall. "Come in" she spoke.

"We have a problem" he said as he walked in.

"What kind of problem?" she never looked so calm before, 'should I tell her now or let her mood sit back to normal' "the gards that are watching QuiverWing are low on sleeping darts" he lied.

"Oh well order someone to get more" he waved her front claws dismissively.

"Right" he left the sleeping chamber and did what Queen Petle ordered.

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