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96.29% The Burning Storm / Chapter 26: Chapter 25 (Final Chapter of Book One)

Chapter 25 (Final Chapter of Book One) - The Burning Storm - Chapter 26 by Joey_Richardson full book limited free

Chapter 26: Chapter 25 (Final Chapter of Book One)

The dawn of a new day comes in the Masipolt region. Yet it is incredibly quiet. Outside the entrance of the lair, Mildral's robots begin cleaning up the mess. While the robots work, Traur walks up. He looks at all the damage done as the fort they once work on is completely destroyed. Melrina and Tilain cone from a different direction and find it just as surprising.

"Are the rumors true about Joran? What is it you two know?" Melrina asks in a very demanding tone of voice looking to Mildral and Traur.

"We aren't the ones who can tell you," Mildral answers through one of his robots.

"I will," Kalsor says who walks up. "A couple of you know already what has happened yesterday. Joran is imprisoned and will be put on trial for the crimes of assault on the Federation soldiers and a Warden, along with aiding a murderer," he says before pausing to look at both one of Mildral's robots, knowing that Mildral is looking directly at him.

"Where are Nima and Dusglar?" Melrina asks next.

"Both imprisoned with Joran," Mildral answers.

"Thanks to you," Tilain comments.

"He did what he had to," Traur says which makes everyone look at him. "I would have done the same."

"You are defending him?" Tilain questions in frustration.

"It doesn't matter. Joran allowed them to die under his watch when he could have stopped her. On top of that the evidence is not in his favor," Traur says in a loud tone.

"Then we must help them," Melrina says.

"My love is right. We can't just let this stand," Tilain says as she holds Melrina's hands. "Action needs to be taken."

"No," Traur says as he holds his head down. "No, you can't. If you did, you will fail and suffer the same fate as them. That isn't what Joran would want us to do, because he knew all of us had futures and didn't want to risk them on his account."

"Says the one who desires to be a Federation officer," Melrina comments before getting in his face. "When are you going to stop doing what your mother wants?"

"So we are to do nothing and let him take the fall for a crime he did not commit?" Tilain asks who is just as angry while holding Melrina as she cries.

"Yes," Kalsor says and all of them go quiet. "You are to do nothing...All of you have futures and have truly lived."

"What about you, sir?" Mildral asks.

"I am leaving this planet. Those who believe doing this to someone like Joran and are in power is wrong. I can't live under their rule any longer. It is too weak for my liking," he says while walking away not saying anything else to any of them. "The rest of you best keep your heads about you. Grow stronger in every way possible. Those are my orders to you."  He then looks to Kalsor.  "I recommend not getting in my way, Doctor."

Those being his last words, Kalsor leaves. He goes back home but goes to the barn. Uncovered inside the barn is a shuttle. It is fully fitted with multiple guns and turrets. Outside of the barn are containers that are a foot taller than them and slightly wider in nature. One he opens contains his armor. He gets geared up and checks his weapons before looking to the ship. His attention turns to the sky and seeing a golden shuttle. The same one that Codrius and Rukial use.

As the sun starts to slowly rise a Federation soldier sits on a stool outside the cells. Joran and the others stand idle and wait patiently. The doors open and the Captain of the guard comes down.

"It is time."

The guard gives the nod before standing up to stretch.  Several guards come down fully armed. They stand back as the Captain comes through. He opens the cell and stands back at attention, allowing the guards to take them. The entire walk to where they need to go Joran keeps his expression. The people walking whisper among themselves but can easily be heard but he didn't flinch. Children run by in front of them and the Captain stops him from walking, and Joran didn't say or do anything. Nothing matters to him.

They come to the double doors of the court room. Both wait a moment while the guards line up in formation. The Captain looks down at his son one more time before they go in and see Joran still the same. When the doors open, he moves him inside where many more than just the King wait for him to serve justice.  The regional leaders, all of their political staff including the vice regional leaders are present. Other very high ranking military officials are present as well.

They aren't the only ones watching as it is considered important for all premderians living on their homeworld the importance of Premderian justice and what the punishment is. All of Premderia watch from their screens and monitors. Joran's friends do the same from the lair. The residents of the planet are not the only ones who watch. It is something that is broadcasted all over the Federation news network and networks that do not belong to them.

The two walk down the halls where there is a podium just before the steps to the throne. As they walk, Joran notices Mildral standing in the back with his armor on. The sight makes him shake his head slightly while walking. The Federation soldiers assist him to the podium then takes a step back and stand off to the side. Holograms of the other Wardens and Grand Overseer Luberion appears who did not hesitate to start the proceedings.

"Joran and Nima Rideran, you stand accused of crimes against the Federation. Those crimes are an assault on the Federation soldiers, and a Warden, along with being an accomplice to the murder of nine Cadets, From the evidence gathered against you and given your past, this gathering has found you guilty of all charges. As for your punishment, you three will be sentenced to life imprisonment on Karsd. For you, Dusglar Beldorion, you stand accused of aiding the ones known as Joran Rideran and Nima Rideran.  For your crimes you are sentenced to twenty years in Prison Station Trulsig.

Do any of you have anything to say in your defense?"

Joran's silence didn't come as a surprise to Andor. He gives him a moment after what he has endured. Nothing change and Joran show the same expression he walks in with. Everyone in attendance continues waiting and shows impatience from the time wasted, they begin chattering among themselves. When it starts Luberion holds up her hand and signal Agent Tivas to take her away. When Lorphiel takes a couple of steps, Joran's lips move. It is too soft to hear the first time. but the second time it is loud enough for all to hear.

"You try to take everything from me," he says while lifting his head to show his anger towards Tivas before looking at Luberion. "Do you think I care what you charge me with? Do you think I care that you brand me with the mark of an exile that has committed these crimes? I don't!" He shouts and makes sure everyone can hear him loud enough. "I am glad they are all dead. Those cadets deserved the brutal death they received. The slaughter of those nine cadets, I enjoyed the most. Hearing their screams while my eternal beloved ripped their flesh and limbs gave me so much pleasure. Especially when Derisior begged for his life," he tells them while looking in the direction of Tivas. "As for Dileos and those traitors, they were lucky that their ends were quick. If I had it my way, I would see them all suffer," he says with pure hatred before turning to the regional leaders.

The crowd shouts in sounds of surprise. Those close to Joran notice the energy in his eyes flowing wilder than ever despite the restraints. The Grand Overseer sit idle in her seat not moving but did grip the ends of her armrests. Joran didn't stop there and come around the podium and walk towards Luberion. The guards grab him by the arms.

"You can blame me for all the crimes you want. I could care less. "For so long you have considered me a wild beast that can be caged. How does it feel to know you couldn't contain what I am?" He asks while looking in the direction of Mildral before looking to Lorphiel once more. "I know deep down you are afraid. Is it because you fear one of us will get too strong and might challenge you?" He asks before asking another that did strike a nerve. "Or are you afraid we will join someone like me?"

"Enough!" Luberion shouts while sitting in her seat.

Several times the guards hit Joran with stun wands. He didn't cry out in pain but feels the sting. Mildral watches as Joran is not so easy to bring down. Eventually, he does go down to his knees. It is then Joran begins to laugh.

"What is so funny, Rideran?" Luberion asks as she sits watching Joran continue to laugh.

There are several explosions outside. Most of them find it surprising. The network feed around the galaxy is cut off when the transmission dish is destroyed. The holograms of the Grand Overseer and the other Wardens come to an end. More explosions go off on the far end of the Federation base, causing several fires and many casualties. Soldiers immediately rush to see the chaos. The same ship Kalsor inspected begin barraging certain parts of the base while it comes under heavy ground fire.

Joran gives Luberion the answer while the Warden has her back turned. Nobody pays attention to him as he uses a tiny piece of a premderium crystal that is long thin and sharp. The restraints on his wrists have a red light to signal they are locked but turns green.

They fall to the ground and Joran is fast to act. He uses the tiny piece of premderium and drives it into one of the guards. It gains the attention of the others in the room. He takes the pistol of the other guard and shoots him several times in the chest. The right gauntlet of Mildral's shift into a large barrel. It charges and fires off a single shot. Joran uses the guard as a shield but is knocked to the floor.

Tivas presses her foot on him as Mildral walks up. In the back of the room, the ceiling explodes and collapses, forcing Mildral to move out of the way but is buried underneath the rubble. Kalsor leaps down in his armor with a rifle and sword. Over his shoulder, he has his son's two swords and a couple of rifles.

In mid-air, he fires a single rocket at Lorphiel. She makes an energy shield with his hand, knocking her through the wall. Joran rolls back and Kalsor tosses him his swords.  Tivas draws his pistol and Kalsor draws his.  He shoots the Senior Agent's pistol and it explodes.  His hand burns along with hot pieces digging into his skin.  Tivas screams before fleeing in retreat.

He cuts off the restraints of both Dusglar and Nima. Mildral slowly gets up to find himself kicked in the face by Kalsor to knock him out. He tosses Dusglar a rifle and is ready. When it comes to Nima she hands it to him.

"Do you know how to use this?"

She does a quick functions check showing that she can handle it. For her it is surprising that she knows how to do it.  Kalsor nods in a slight surprise before looking to those in attendance. While others are scared King Andor did not flinch. He gives a nod of approval. Kalsor's attention then turn to his friend that he fired off a rocket at. She comes through the wall breathing a little heavier than normal but smiles at him. The four leave without any of them intervening. The four of them move quietly through the halls and head to the upper levels.

On the way, they encounter some slight resistance which draws attention from those in the building. They continue moving up until getting to the roof leaving a wake of bodies. They have a clear view of the chaos his ship has caused on auto mode. It is still set ablaze by multiple rockets.

"You didn't think you were going to escape that easily did you, Rideran?" Tivas questions as he comes on the roof with a few soldiers. "Now be a good little Premderian and surrender."

"That wasn't my means of escape," Kalsor says with a big smile and points up.

A golden shuttle swoops down. The same shuttle that Rukial arrived in. Bruldock has a big grin on his face at the sight of Tivas.  He recognizes the pilot immediately.  Despite how it would be so easy to gun down the Senior Agent, he turns the ship around.

As it hovers in the sky, the ramp lowers. Codrius and Rukial both stand there. She aims her staff at Lorphiel. With a white glow from the tip and her eyes shining bright, she fires a single shot of energy. It is strong enough to drive Lorphiel into the Federation soldiers knocking both her and them off the roof. Codrius helps the four of them on board then turns to Lorphiel.

"Give my regards to the Grand Overseer," he says before the ramp lifts and they fly away.

Tivas is quick to get up and continue watching. As does the King who has a small smirk on his face. Her shoves aside all those in his way. All for him to grab the King and give orders. The honor guard grips the handles of their weapons and Andor holds his hand up to prevent them from doing so.

"Get your fleet to pursue them."

"It is a Federation Agency matter, not a matter for me as a Warden," Lorphiel tells her before slowly removing Tivas' hand from her arm. "Best of luck in finding them."

The golden ship flies into orbit and immediately goes into jump space. Joran looks to his father and no words are said between the two. They embrace and touch foreheads, finding relief that his father rescued them. Dusglar shows his appreciation as well with a clasping of their hands around each other's wrists before touching foreheads with the veteran premderian. When she turns to Nima, he is surprised to find her arms wrapped around him. He pats her on the back. Codrius makes his way up to the cockpit and sees Bruldock and Hylig both checking their scanners.

"Any activity?"

"No, Captain," Bruldock replies and does a double-check. "We are good."

"Keep a sharp eye," Codrius instructs while patting him on the shoulder before going to the back again. "I was wondering when you were going to call in that favor," he says while standing face with Kalsor, and the two smile.

"Only took five years," he replies as they shake hands before Codrius looks to Joran. "You've grown since then."

"Always good to see you, Captain Codrius," Joran says as they shake hands before feeling Nima clinch his arm. "It is alright. They are our friends."

Rukial gets down on one knee and holds out her hand for Nima. Joran looks to Nima and lets her know that everything is alright. She places her palm on top of Rukials. There is white energy that surrounds both of their hands. In Nima's mind, she sees many happy images of her and Joran over the time they have been together.

"Very beautiful," Rukial comments, and Nima smiles in shyness before looking to Codrius. "They are bound together." Codrius only have one response to such a thing.

"Interesting. Very interesting," he says before turning his attention to Joran. "Heard from your father you have been quite entertaining on Premderia lately. Making life difficult for the Federation and even scarring the perfection of Tivas. I wish I could have been there to see his expression when it happened," he says before pulling out his bottle and taking the cork off. He takes a sip then hands it to Joran. "Relax, kid, Kalsor drank from the bottle when he was only five."

Kalsor punches him on the shoulder with a big smile but didn't stop Joran from taking a drink. Nor did he stop him from offering to Nima and Dusglar, who each took a drink. They watch as the bottle instantly refills on its own.

"It's a kind of magic," Codrius explains with a smile as he puts the cork back on and inside its jacket.

"We are here at the rendezvous point, sir."

"Very good."

Codrius motion for Joran and his two colleagues to go to the front. They come out of jump space to a large cruiser meant to carry thousands. One of the first models of a premderian battle carrier. Fit to have multiple guns and cannons, along with port and starboard torpedo launches. For a ship model that is well past its prime days, it still looks fit for battle and upgraded in many areas.

"What is that?" Dusglar asks as he marvels at the ship.

"That kid is Storm Rider. That is home," Codrius answers before looking to Joran and place his hand on his shoulder to get his attention. "You ready for a real challenging adventure, kid?"


While Joran and his companions find joy in the start of a new adventure, another focuses solely on one desire. In the darkness of deep space where ships of different size and models from all over the galaxy gather. Among them is a large black craft of Vendarion origin. In his room Brank sits alone. His armor rests on a rack while his large sword sits on his lap. He takes a wet stone to it and makes sure it is sharp. The door to his quarters opens up. He looks over his shoulder to see Gormaur walk in.


"She has escaped the Federation custody during the trial. However they escaped with Kalsor and Joran Rideran thanks to the aid of Codrius Ringar and Lady Rukial."

"That will complicate things in uniting our people."

"I am sure it will thrill some of the Vendarion Lords... It would be easier if we..."

"He won't come out for us. Only the one who rightfully wears the armor... We must do this on our own."

"And him?" Gormaur asks next and Brank looks over his shoulder at his companion once more.

"He is counting on us to unite our own."

The two look to the fleet. Among them is one craft that is three times larger than the others. It did not linger in the rear or in the center. This one leads them without fear. A craft belonging to a race who has been reduced to only one remaining.

They are known as the Versal. They are dark olive green skin humanoids with golden glowing eyes. They can grown hair and facial hair. On their back end is scaly tail that is long and thick. Around the front and side of their head is smack black horns that curve slightly. Also black are the veins in their body which are visible with glowing energy. The more visible glow of energy is a testament of their power. The greatest reputation they have is once being known as the greatest and most powerful warriors in the galaxy.

Sitting in a large command chair is the last of their kind. He stands at seven and a half feet tall at four hundred pounds. His hair is long and tied together in a ponytail that goes all the way down to his lower back but is draped over his shoulder. On the chin he has a beard that is braided with silver beads that have symbols of his kind. The muscular physique he has is incredible but power coming from him is something that makes others keep their distance. His face is seen with several scars. Part of the upper left side of his lip missing and concealed by scar tissue.

For clothing he wears tight black spandex pants and a no black sleeve spandex shirt. Over it he wears a blue armor with silver around the edges. Around his neck is a silver medallion with another symbol for his people meaning Unified. Next to the seat he rests in is a large scimitar sword with gold around the edges and more black markings of his kind. Sitting on his arm rest is his helmet.

On board are who he deems worthy to work his craft.

While others work without question, his hands gripping the arm rests and the eyes shut. He does not visibly show it but his mind is haunted. The screams of his kin. Visions of his people slaughtered when he was nothing more than an apprentice in the art of combat. All around him everything burns while the bodies of his kind lay all around him. Many tormented in such brutal fashion.

In his vision he sees one blanketed in darkness that is twelve feet tall. Much larger by at least three feet in comparison to the other monstrous beasts slaughtering his kind.  He sees its large ax swinging in his direction before the vision comes to an end.

His eyes open and glow with wild golden energy.

"I will avenge you. All who have wronged us will learn." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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