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Chapter 4 - The Burning Storm - Chapter 5 by Joey_Richardson full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 4

Word reaches those close to Princess Brenna about the wounds she has suffered. Not just to those on Premderia. Word reaches those of the Federation as well and allies who do not fall under their governance. A golden shuttle descends on one of the landing pads inside of the castle walls. The ramp lowers and a diathine in a long green dress with golden linings around the edges. In her hand, she grips a dark green wooden staff with a clear crystal.

Diathine; known for being an enchanted species. Their skin is teal and tends to shine like the stars. The ears are pointy and outward more than humans. On their face, there is shining silver that goes vertical a couple of inches above the eye and an inch below the bottom of their eye. The lips are the same as well.

The Diathine knows the way while the shuttle she came in lifts it's ramp and flies towards the direction of the event. She makes her way up a narrow set of stairs where several stands outside of the room. Many of them are female warriors like Brenna. The sight of the Diathine woman has them make way so she'd go inside.  A doctor and her staff of three monitor her closely.  Kneeling by his daughter's side is the King. He immediately stands up and acknowledges her. Andor gives her an embrace and finds it comforting for him. He looks over her shoulder for another. She doesn't hesitate to tell him.

"He is staying hidden for now. Too many Federation eyes are watching," she says before taking a knee beside Brenna.

"It is good to have you here, Lady Rukial. You alone is a comfort," King Andor tells the Diathine.

"Rukial..." says Brenna with a small and very weak smile.

"Yes, I am here, my friend," Rukial replies as she takes hold of Brenna's hand.

"Yes it is you," she says while playing with her very straight golden hair. "I am still jealous of your hair," she comments that gets Rukial to smile. "Codrius?"

"He sends his love. He wishes not so many Federation eyes were watching here right now so he can be here."

"I appreciate him not trying to complicate things. It is a shame politicians leeched their way in after all my father has built. I should have been there to support him more."

"It is alright. It is alright," she tells her while rubbing her head to notice her vital signs dropping quick. "Is there nothing that can be done?"

"Her wounds are internal. She used up her energy in making sure her daughter could live," the doctor explains to her.  "What little she has left is to make sure our child is born,"

"I ask both of you to protect her as you protected me for so many years."

"We shall," Rukial tells her.

Brenna couldn't say anymore. The monitors start to beep loudly. Her levels begin to spike dramatically. She let out a loud moan that turns to a scream. Rukial notices her belly starting to glow. She lifts her shirt and belly begin to glow brighter and brighter.  Brenna lets out loud screams as it becomes painful.

"Hold her down," the doctor orders.

The staff of the doctor rush over having to hold her down. Brennas strength is more than they can handle on their own. Rukial takes hold of her wrists. The doctor's staff focus on strapping her legs down. Andor take hold of her hand. His hand glows with crimson color, and slowly her screams begin to become less and less.

She starts shedding tears as the crimson energy in her body begins to make a circle around the main part of her glowing belly. Again her readings begin to spike. The doctor looks and sees them much higher than they're supposed to be. It comes to the point the monitors shatter.

An orb of energy emerges from her body. It shields that of an infant Premderian inside. The orb guide itself to Brenna. Rukial let go of her arms, as Brenna has very little strength left within her. The orb of energy slowly fades and the infant Premderian rests herself on her breast. Brenna smiles and wraps her arms around her. Her father shows a small smile too, and rub the top of her head, brushing her dark brown hair.

"My beautiful Omarin," she says softly. Brenna takes hold of a black string wrapped around her neck and removed it. Wrapped in the string's a stone with several carvings. She takes it and puts it around Omarin. "My beautiful daughter."

All of them watch her hold her child close. Brenna begins to rub Omarin slower and slower. Her eyes keep looking to her daughter, and with the next slow rub of Omarin, Brenna's hands glow of a crimson color. Everyone watch until the glow fades. Omarin begins to cry. Brenna looks straight ahead at the wall in front of her. The doctor calls out her name.

"Brenna," she says several times.

While the doctor calls for her, the doctor takes hold of Jarl without resistance from Brenna. Her hands fall to the side. They put Jarl in an incubation pod. The doctor straps a breathing mask onto his face before closing it. The pod fills up with a clear liquid, and his tiny body floats. One of the staff takes Jarl put while the rest of them try to bring Brenna back.

The doctor and her staff do their best but everything they try to see nothing change. Her expression stays the same, and continue looking upon the wall. The doctor steps back and shakes her head. King Andor sheds no tears but holds his head down. Rukial kisses her friend on the forehead and leaves it at that. She holds her head down and shed a couple of tears of her own.

One of the doctor's staff takes Omarin's incubation pod to a chamber where hundreds of newborn Premderians are taken. After she places Omarinin an empty pod, she turns around to be frightened. Two Premderians covering everything but their eyes, stand there with a cold look while staring at Omarin. She sees the knife in one hand. They didn't give her the chance to scream. One slits her throat.

The premderian stand there looking at Omarin. When he heard the door shut in the distance, there's silence. He adjusts the grip he has on the knife and walks forward. They continue to focus on Omarin as he does so. He stops after just a few inches from Omarin's pod. The premderian goes to press his hand on the pod to feel a static of crimson energy strong enough to retract it.

He watches as Omarin opens her eyes. They're full of anger and hatred. The bubbles under Omarin's breathing mask begin to become wild. A small glow of energy begins to form around Omarinin the pod. The Premderian didn't waste time. He focuses his energy on the blade of the knife and goes to thrust it forward.

Omarin's eyes open fast with a wild glow of energy within them. He let out a scream, from under his breathing mask. The Premderian drives his knife through the pod of energy and into his tiny belly without hesitation. The screaming stops and the Premderian retract the blade. He looks at the blood drip down for a moment and walks away.

Their feet stand frozen at the sound of a scream. He turns around with wide eyes and sees Omarin floating in his tube with anger. They watch as the pieces of the glass tube are put back together. The wound he inflicts seal shut. The one Premderian charge at Omarin once more. Another energy shoots out from Omarin's body. It turns the Premderian into ash. All that remains is the knife.

The other Premderian grabs the blade goes to charge at her. Before he is given the chance, a young Premderian with only twelve years of life and messy light brown hair appears. In nothing back black spandex shorts the boy leaps on the back of the assassin and puts them in a chokehold. As he does, the boy bites deep on the assassin's face ripping off their flesh.

With the actions of the young boy comes at a price. He starts coughing heavily and begins wheezing. The assassin throws the boy off and to the ground. With a firm kick, the young boy falls to the ground. The assassin grabs his knife and makes for Omarin. He feels a small hand wrap around his ankle to see the boy lift his head and bite the ankle taking more flesh.

"Leave the princess alone!" The boy shouts out.

"Stupid kid! Stay out of my way!" Multiple times the Premderian stomp on the back of the boy's head but the boy refuses to let go. A Premderian at forty years of age, grab him by the wrist, halting his attack. He's an average height of a premderian at six feet with an average premderian build; fit and toned. The Premderian has messy light brown hair and a slight scruffiness to him that's as raggedy of an appearance as his uniform. 

This one is not of the Federation that they are governed by. Nor it is a regular Premderian military uniform. It is dark green. On the left shoulder they wear a black patch.  It has two crimson swords crossed. In front of them, a triangular golden shield with the crimson star of Premderia. To wear a patch mean they are Honor Guards of the King.  The sight of this Premderian makes the assassin shake with fear. He looks down at the boy slowly getting up who makes eye contact with the Honor Guard.

"Get in your medical pod, Joran," he instructs the boy.

"Yes, father."

The boy does not hesitate to follow the instructions that are given to him. Hearing the names make the Premderian assassin even more nervous. He comes to realize who the one holding his wrist is. Images fill the assassin's head of the Honor Guard fighting in the arena and on the battlefield from stories he has heard.

"Your Kalsor Rideran."

"Unfortunately for you."

"This doesn't concern you," the Premderian tells him as he shakes off the grip he'd have on him but Kalsor is not worried. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The assassin notices Kalsor looking passed him. Turning around, the assassin finds himself looking at another honor guard. This one is the same age as Kalsor, however this one is much larger at six foot eight and four hundred pounds. He is bald, has a long thick brown beard.

"If you know who I am, then you must know Bodgar. Who are you working for?"

"Someone that must see this child destroyed before he ruins my master's plans."

"She is but an infant who went into her medical pod just before the dawn of this day, and you already consider her too dangerous to be kept alive? Must have your master pretty scared."

Kalsor's words didn't sit kindly with him. The Premderian is fast to hold the blade up to Kalsor's neck. Bodgar is just as fast and grab the Premderian's wrist and start crushing it. Four black marbles fall from his sleeve. Smoke pellets that make them close their eyes. The Premderian goes for the pod once more. Kalsor gets in his path. The assassin sprint and rush the other way as the cloud of smoke lifts. The two chase after him.

They hear the thrust of a blade driving into flesh followed by a screeching sound. The four brothers rush around the corner to find King Andor drive his sword through the back of the other. He withdraws his blade and the four brothers all point their weapons. Andor pays no attention to his honor guard. He watches as the body of the Premderian falls to the ground.

Kalsor and Bodgar search the Premderian and find nothing of value on him. There is something that did become visible under the sleeve, just on his wrist. Andor kneels and roll it up and see the black star.

"A Nethrol Faithful. Wanted to prove himself," Andor says before standing up and allowing Bodgar to spit on his face as he watches Kalsor look at the medallion. "A recruit of Steron."

"Why would he go after Omarin?" Bodgar questions while he kneels and examines the body.

"It has been years since we've heard any word. How did they get in here without us knowing?" Kalsor wonders.

"There are many, including our own who don't love what we are," Andor explains before looking up at his honor guard but look to Kalsor out of the four, seeing a troubled face.

"My granddaughter is strong, but I sense she is wild. We best train her," he tells them before taking his leave.

Bodgar looks to Kalsor who walks down a hall of incubation pods full of newborns to others that are for adults. He stops at one to see Joran already inside. Kalsor presses his fist on the pod. Joran does the same for a moment. Kalsor has a small smile as Joran shuts his eyes and the pod fills with liquid fluid to keep him in stasis. 

"Reckless, son. Incredibly reckless...But honorable."

Kalsor takes notice of a doctor running tests on Joran. A Premderian female twice his age with straight gray hair down to the center of her neck.  She wears a Federation medical coat but nobody stands in her way from doing what she needs to do. On the name tag it reads Arunu Coldosia.  Kalsor stands silent as she watches for a moment.  One of them consisting of a blood sample. Just from the blood in the vile Kalsor sees difference. It has dark red thick spots in them. There are very few of them but he sees them clearly.

"How bad?"

"Slowly becoming worse. It is remarkable he has lived this long," she explains while taking more samples. "Someone with his condition I have tried so many years to find a cure for and I always come up with nothing. Even with all the Federation funding and technology at my disposal, it is unreal."

"More unreal than my son living this long?"

"He just keeps proving that this disease is unpredictable," the doctor says before leaving.

"He has proven everyone wrong for over twelve years, Doctor," Kalsor tells him as he watches as his son rests. "You just keep proving them wrong, my son."

High upon the mountains, Gormaur continues looking down upon the castle. He returns to the temple located deep underground. Again he finds the torches lit when arriving. A dark energy form once more in the same seat taking shape of Brank.

"The one's you sent on the mission has failed, Lord Steron."

"Impossible. Both were the most promising Premderian Faithful's I had," Steron complains as he slams his fist on the armrest.

"Yet they failed," Gormaur reiterates.

"Enough," Brank voice tells them and both go silent. "How did they fail?"

"By engaging in conflict with the one known as Kalsor Rideran."

"The savior of Premderia...This turn of events is quite interesting," he says as they take notice of Gormaur's unusual silence. "What is it?"

"I sense another that is equally strong as the child that attacked me. It was for only a brief second."

"There are many strong Premderians that come and go within the castle walls. Perhaps you are just sensing one of them," Steron comments.

"I assure you, that my senses are clear on this. There is another within those walls that are just as strong."

"It makes no difference. Continue gathering what we need. When the time comes, the Premderians will have to make a choice."

They see one dressed in black wearing a large leather trench coat and a black cap with a round brim. On his back, he has a large sword.  The handle is made of Golden Premderium.  On the guard of the sword, there is a clear crystal like the Diathine are known for carrying.  He looks thirty with his black hair slicked back and has a thick beard. What he is not just a premderian as he has the ears of a Diathine.  Codrius Ringar, the legendary Captain of the pirate ship known as The Storm Rider.  He did not travel alone as two others truly loyal to him join his side.

The first is a young Agenturl boy named Hylig. Known for having a turquoise blue skin color. Their hair is mainly white and has a sparkling tint. The rest of them they look human for the most part. All he carries in his hand is a pistol showing he is ready for anything.  Despite only being in his late teens he has all the qualities of a good pilot but sits in the co-pilot seat without complaint with a good teacher.

A middle aged Ildonian pilot named Bruldock Mirtack. An Ildonian are sage skinned humanoids with dark brown lips and ginger colored hair.  They do have yellow teeth that are pointy.  Like his kind are known for, Bruldock keeps a messy appearance with his hair slicked back with a shaggy beard he has not shaved in several days.  On his back he carries a rapier style sword and on his belt are two curved daggers that he keeps concealed under his messy leather coat.  The only other weapon he keeps visible is a pistol strapped to his hip.

"Well this place is a mess," Bruldock says while looking at what remain of the village. Both look at him and he didn't care. "Just being truthful. I still rather live here than the rest of the planet which has become a political shit hole."

"That is what happens when the wealthy throw out money and gain influence over others, Bruldock," Codrius replies while taking a knee by some black dust that did not match the rest. He picks it up and senses the power that it originated from. "He was here."

"The Black Drazgov?" Bruldock questions and Codrius doesn't have to reply.  He spits out the dip in his mouth while looking to the mountains from where the little boy ventured off.  "Best bet is the fucker came from those mountains.  Probably has been hiding there for some time."

"Are we going after him, Captain?" Hylig asks with great ambition.

"Relax, kid," Bruldock tells him as he pays his young copilot on the shoulders to calm the boy down.  "Going into those mountains is a place we don't want to go.  Even with the full force of the Honor Guard supporting us I wouldn't go in there."

"It is not the creatures that lurk in the darkness of those mountains that concern me," Codrius says while standing up to continue staring at them.  "Something much worse from a past that I do not wish to see come into the light."

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