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Chapter 12: Jealous!

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She hurriedly explained, "What's wrong with you? We clearly have nothing to do with each other!"

Why was this person spouting nonsense? They were clearly just getting married. So far, they had not even held hands!

Chen Siwen looked disdainful and could not even be bothered to ask.

Just by looking at her expression, she understood what was going on.

At this moment, he had already finished his first lap.

Many people had strong explosive power and insufficient aftereffects. Even Zhou You, who was physically fit and loved sports, had already begun to blush.

Chen Kai felt that his throat was burning and his nose was starting to hurt. He was clearly breathing heavily, but he still felt a little short of oxygen.

This feeling was too uncomfortable.

If not for the fact that he wanted to defeat Xiao Ran, he would have laid down on the spot!

On the other hand, Xiao Ran still maintained that stable speed and continued to run behind.

It would be a lie to say that he was not panting, but it was still considered a relatively comfortable state.

Although there was sweat on his face, there was no abnormal redness.

After all, he had not used his full strength from the beginning.

Gradually, as their stamina ran out, many people began to fall behind Xiao Ran.

Seeing that everyone was already exhausted, he began to exert a little strength to increase his speed.

However, even so, he did not dare to charge at full speed.

After all, they had only completed one lap. This field had a 600-meter track, which meant that there was still a full lap to complete the competition.

He was prepared to start sprinting again in the last half of the circular track.

Su Li's gaze had been on Xiao Ran. Seeing that he had surpassed the other two, she couldn't help but pat Wang Manman excitedly. "Look, look, Xiao Ran is much faster!"

Because of her excitement, even her voice became much louder.

She was really happy for him. Xiao Ran was awesome!

Wang Manman was shocked by the pat. She complained, "Aiya, I saw it. Can you not be so agitated?"

She was too blatant, unlike her. No matter how much she liked him, she could only secretly steal a peep.

She would not be like her.

If her classmates found out, they would definitely look down on her!

Chen Siwen, who was not far away, heard their conversation.

As if she had discovered a huge secret, she hurriedly tugged at Ding Suiwan's sleeve.

Her tone was mysterious. "Hey, why do I feel that Su Li likes Xiao Ran too?"

First, she had a question. Now, she was so excited when she saw that Xiao Ran had surpassed a few people.

She probably had some shameful thoughts about Xiao Ran!

Hearing this, Ding Suiwan's heart tightened.

Her watery eyes instinctively looked at Su Li.

Su Li's face was slightly red, and her eyes were filled with undisguised excitement.

Ding Suiwan felt a little upset.

Did she really like Xiao Ran?

One had to know that Xiao Ran was the father of her child!

What would she do if he really got together with her?

The more she thought about it, the more nervous she became. She did not know when her fair hands were clenched.

Ding Suiwan, who had no love experience, met someone who liked her future husband the moment she fell in love. She felt terrible.

However, she did not know what to do. She felt extremely upset.

In less than a minute, the boys had already finished half a lap. Xiao Ran had even become third place.

Although Chen Kai was running with his life in front, he did not forget to turn to look at Xiao Ran behind him from time to time.

Seeing that he was about to surpass him, his heart sank.

Unexpectedly, this chap was quite good at running.

Even if he ran to his death on this field today, he could not let him finish acting tough!

At the thought of this, he ran forward with his two legs that were gradually out of control.

However, Xiao Ran was not stupid.

It was time for him to sprint.

He adjusted his breathing again and rushed forward with all his might.

With a gust of hot wind beside him, Xiao Ran appeared in Chen Kai's peripheral vision.

Due to the lack of oxygen, Chen Kai's mind was in a daze. He only remembered one thing. He could not let Xiao Ran surpass him today.

He stretched out his leg without hesitation, trying to make Xiao Ran fall hard.

After all, as long as he did not win, it was equivalent to him winning!

Xiao Ran was running seriously when he saw a leg reach over.

It was obviously too late to dodge.

He made up his mind and kicked it hard.

He had no choice. If he did not exert force, his center of gravity would be unstable. At that time, he would be the one to fall.

He had indeed used a lot of strength in this kick.

Chen Kai screamed in pain and was about to cry.

He lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Even his knees were scraped.

He gritted his teeth and hugged his legs. This chap was really f*cking ruthless!

Xiao Ran only turned around to look at him and said indifferently, "Sorry."

He continued to run forward without even stopping.

After all, this was an exam. If he stopped, he would more or less be disrespectful to the exam.

Besides, who asked him to stick out his leg?

Wasn't it obvious that he wanted to fall down on purpose?

He had no choice. He asked for it!

Seeing Chen Kai fall, many girls were shocked and exclaimed.

"Ah, bad news. He fell!"

"Chen Kai fell!"

Sun Ming was from the second group. When he saw Chen Kai lying on the ground, he hurriedly walked over and prepared to help him up.

The exam was still ongoing. At this moment, Xiao Ran was already second. The first was Zhou You.

The two of them were only two meters apart. Xiao Ran continued to sprint and finally caught up to Zhou You.

Zhou You also felt that his brain was lacking oxygen. With the sound of footsteps approaching, Xiao Ran had already successfully rushed in front of him by the time he reacted.

He endured the anger in his throat and tried his best to greet her. "Damn it, are you on steroids!"

It was fine if his results inexplicably improved, but could he inexplicably become faster even when she ran?

It was really strange.

"Shut up. It's best not to speak when you're running. Save your energy!"

Seeing that the finish line was almost here, Xiao Ran rushed towards the finish line at an even faster speed.

The PE teacher had a good impression of him because he took the initiative to stand up. Now that he saw that he was first place, he could not help but sigh. He was really not bad!

Why didn't he realize that this child was so talented in sports?

If he had known earlier, he would have let him be a sports committee member or something.

In four minutes, Xiao Ran reached the finish line with first place!

Looking at Xiao Ran's back view, Zhou You could only breathe in shock.

Damn it, he was the first to surpass him in three years.

What did this grandson eat today? Why was he so good at running!!!

He was actually not as fast as Xiao Ran, the young man who loved to spend time in the Internet cafe. He was really disgraced!

Seeing that Xiao Ran was first, Su Li clapped her hands excitedly and said to the people around her, "Look, Xiao Ran is first. He's really amazing!"

Ding Suiwan was one of them.

Initially, she was very happy that Xiao Ran could get first place, but after Su Li's words, she suddenly did not seem so happy.

Why was she so excited? What did her husband getting first place have to do with her?!

Many girls laughed when they heard Su Li's words.

"Su Li, don't tell me you like Xiao Ran?"

"That's right. Xiao Ran got first place. Why are you so excited?"

"Wow, Su Li actually likes Xiao Ran. Xiao Ran is really lucky now. I reckon Su Li's father doesn't care about his family's debt at all and will just pay it back!"

Everyone teased Su Li.

Ding Suiwan was already feeling uncomfortable. When she heard this, she felt as if someone had knocked over a bottle of mixed feelings.

There was an indescribable grievance on her face.

Why should Su Li's father repay his debt?

Her father could do it too!

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