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The house dog Su Lin - The CEO's loser wife: Rebirth of the villainous queen of alchemy - Chapter 1 by Yolohy full book limited free

The CEO's loser wife: Rebirth of the villainous queen of alchemy original

The CEO's loser wife: Rebirth of the villainous queen of alchemy

Author: Yolohy

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: The house dog Su Lin

Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter...

The raindrops barraged down like bullets from the sky. It was raining heavily today.

Su Lin was sitting solemnly by the window sill.

Her eyes had a dejected look, brimming with a melancholic peace and calm.

She had always liked looking at the rain.

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She thought it was magical, something entirely out of the ordinary, adding mystery to this cruel dry world.

The rain always made her feel just a tad less lonely. It was one of the few things she had left in her miserable life.

And now, she needed it more than ever.

How appropriate! It was as if the heavens were bidding her farewell.

She liked that thought. It made her pathetic existence feel somewhat valuable.

Su Lin smiled as she slowly opened the window and played with the water droplets.

"At least... I am not alone when I am dying..."

Yes, dying.

Su Lin had taken some drastic measures earlier that day.

She knew full well just how cowardly it was to do what she had done.

But she couldn't bear it anymore.

She was too weak for it.

They wanted to break her so badly and she was finally broken.

Su Lin was an orphan from birth. Being all alone was nothing new to her.

But the loneliness she had felt then, all those years ago, was nothing in comparison to what she was feeling now.

She really couldn't stand it anymore, and she was anyways going to die by the end of this month.

What was so wrong about leaving this hell a little bit earlier?

She had prepared her grand father-in-law's favorite dishes that day.

She missed him, missed him a lot.

Maybe all this suffering started because of him.

But she would rather have him in his life than to trade all of this misery for a different life.

Just getting to know him and spending that little bit of time with him was worth all of this.

Su Lin was ready to leave.

She had made her peace with everything.

She looked one last time at her beloved grand father-in-law's photo and closed her eyes.

It looked like it was time.


Su Lin was a terminal cancer patient and decided to end her life this evening by committing suicide.


"Look at that. Lazy bitch has been sitting there all day. And I have to finish all this work by myself? Screw this. I am kicking her awake today."

The housekeeper cleaning the floor tiles guffawed angrily.

No one respected her in the household, not even the employed housekeepers.

In fact, one might even earn some browny points from the old madam if they tactfully tortured her.

The housekeeper grinned and then proceeded to kick the lifeless limp body of Su Lin mercilessly.

But suddenly, a loud shriek echoed in the empty lavishly furnished luxurious room.

Unexpectedly, when the housekeeper had kicked, Su Lin's limp body just rolled over and fell flat on the ground.

Frightened, the housekeeper immediately started shouting, "Help! Help! Young mistress Su Lin is unconscious".

Even though Su Lin was the house dog, she was still the wife of the young master.

So the housekeeper immediately called for help and went to the main office to report to the chief butler.

It was a pleasant Wednesday mid-morning, and everybody was either at work or busy with something else.

There was pin-drop silence in the whole mansion, except for the random noises from the house chores getting done one by one.

But if someone had looked at the mansion from outside, they would have seen dark grey storm clouds gathered above.

There was a silent vortex brewing mid-air, attracting flashes of lightning and thunder.

Then suddenly, there was a huge flash, as if the sky was torn apart and something horrendous squeezed in through the tear.

At the same time, inside the mansion:

"Blerghhh" the previously dead and departed Su Lin, surprisingly woke up with a jerk.

She stood up all wobbly and looked around in confusion and curiosity.

She then sat on the couch and helped herself to a glass of water, with an attitude and demeanor befitting a heavenly queen.

As she gulped down the water, like a hungry starved animal, a burst of loud laughter erupted from the gentle dainty mouth.

"Ha ha ha ha.. ha ha ha... Looks like I escaped those old fools after all."

Su Lin slapped her hands on her frail thigh like a maniac and chuckled heartily.

"Ha ha ha ha... Who's laughing now assholes?! As if you can catch me, the queen of alchemy!"

"I can change anything and everything with a single snap you jerks. Have fun searching for me and dying in those wastelands."

Her previously gentle crescent eyes now gleamed with a ferocity of a wild animal, oozing with unbridled blood lust.

"Now.. Where the hell am I?"

Su Lin or rather Alzeira stood up and observed her surroundings.

But not long after, fatigue and dizziness overtook her weak body and she fainted on the couch.

A rush of strange memories flooded her mind.

These must be the memories of the body's previous owner. Alzeira calmed herself down.

Though these memories might be mostly useless, they might still help her get acclimated to this new planet.

She sat back up, with her eyes closed and head propped back on the couch, and slowly took in all of the flooding memories one by one.

Alzeira was someone who didn't belong to this planet.

Her home planet was Xion, in which she was a supreme being, standing at the pinnacle of cultivation and alchemy, with an unfathomable battle prowess.

But, because of unfortunate circumstances, she was backed into a corner and was forced to escape by using the taboo soul transmigration technique.

It was a mystical and ancient technique, which sacrificed one's cultivation for strengthening the soul and transferring the soul onto another body.

The technique was very raw and unrefined. The soul would be brutally sucked out and thrown into the ether vortex, randomly dumped into another body, literally anywhere.

Alzeira would have never used it in a million years unless it was her last resort.

But, somehow, those wretched mongrels teamed up and forced her to this state.

And now, she was here... in an entirely new planet... occupying Su Lin's dead body...

Yolohy Yolohy

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