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Chapter 58: Compliance 404

With a final grind of his teeth, Parc bit down on Esdeath's breast and pulled his head back, tugging along and stretching the soft funbag before letting it fall free from his mouth. Its elasticity bringing it to a swift a jiggly return to normal, now with small marks around the much redder nipple.

His hand that had been exploring her backside pulled out from her panties. Traveling up her back, skirting beneath her armpit on a path to her breast. His palm stroking across the inflaming nipple as it continued its travel up towards her chin where he pinched it, not having to move it a single millimetre as never once did she pull her eyes from his.

"I'm surprised your not resisting." He said, his other hand firmly squeezing the soft flesh of her thigh, keeping her leg raised while her other dangled.

"We all get to have our fun once in a while. I had mine. Tonight, you have yours," with a smirk she added in a little, "though, I do love taking control when my enemies get cocky."

'Well that's not a threat,' Parc sarcastically snorted to himself. "Enemies is it?" He questioned amusedly, "I thought I was supposed to be your lover?"

"You are."

Of course, he was, even here he was still a member of Night Raid and so long as he didn't pledge himself to the Empire, he always would be. If that didn't make him an enemy of the Jaegers, he didn't know what would.

"You know," Parc muttered while releasing Esdeath's thigh from his grasp and let her leg fall back down to dangle alongside her other. His hand pressing against her belly as if to feel the budding life within. "I always found it strange why you would fall for me. I was barely a threat back then. Even now I can barely hold a candle to you. And yet you're going as far as to get yourself pregnant all to keep me with you. I'm a far cry from your ideal man no doubt." He released her chin, bringing his fingers up to her lips.

"You aren't," Parc took the opportunity of her mouth opening to shive his index between her teeth and into her mouth. "You lagh an ihnnoshent shmile," her word jumbled as her tongue stroked against Parcs fingers as he spoke.

"True. I lost that a long time ago." He pushed his finger deeper into her mouth, scratching against the underside of her tongue and along the slimy walls of her cheeks. Lathering his finger in her spit. "Is that really the only thing I lack?"

Esdeath kept her eyes locked on his, cheeks tilted up as he continued exploring her mouth with his finger. "you dhon't shtrive to be sthron-"

Parc interrupted her by jamming his finger as far into her throat as he could, his other pushing her cheeks in to push even further until her could feel and start poking her uvula. Esdeath's chest naturally heaving from such a stimulation but luckily nothing coming out apart from drool that came to drip over her chest.

Parc bobbed his head a little to what Esdeath said, "I don't strive to be strong?" he had to think about but ultimately came to agree with her. While he didn't want to be weak and he wasn't aiming to be an ubermensch. He may be fighter, but he was not a warrior. He wasn't back in his world, and he wouldn't be when he returned.

Even now he doubted he'd ever strive for some inane goal of 'being the strongest.' He had more problems to deal with than to bother with such trivialities. If he lost a battle, he lost, if he won, he won. He wasn't going to linger on it.

"Strength seems like something you search for in a partner." Parc pulled his finger out of Esdeath's throat, tears running down her cheeks as she coughed lightly to clear her throat of saliva.

"I wanted someone who could keep up with me. You can," she said after a few seconds of clearing her throat.

Parc cast a glance to his slimy finger with a smirk, "I doubt I could back then. Even just sticking with your armies or dealing with Daidarra and Nyau was a pain in my ass." He turned back to her, gripping her hip and tugged her against his body, his chains rattling from the sudden movement.

"You had potential to grow. You still do."

With Esdeath pulled close to him he brought his teigu covered hand behind her body and dug his fingers beneath her panties, bunching up the fabric of it together before tearing it off with a single fell sweep before just as quickly returning and digging the metal into her ass meat. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His other hand soon coming to grab the other cheek with his index held up, preventing any of her slime from coming into contact with her body and lessening the amount of 'lube' atop it.

"You just require the right motivation."

Parc's eyes fell shut for a moment as he nodded his head, "killing two birds with one stone, isn't it? Keep me leashed to you with a child and get me all protective of it." He pushed his wetted right hand closer to her ass crack while his other spread the cheeks open.

"Always percep-ive," her breathing hitched mid-word as Parc pressed his slimed finger against her puckered hole bringing about a small but noticeable shiver through her body.

He could see her grinding her teeth HARD as he forced his way into her hole making utmost use of her natural lubricant. She knew he had noticed her weakness during his explorations earlier, and now she got to prepare herself to resist it.

Esdeath was forcing herself to stare at him as his finger was buried halfway into her unwilling tight ass. A smile forming on Parc's face as she looked utterly hateful that she was feeling enough to raise the speed of her breaths by so much.

"I was sceptical at first, but you really do like anal don't you?" With his right hand taking over her ass, Parc brought his left between their bodies, bringing it down to the hem of his pants to pull them down and unleash his member from its fabric cage. "And judging by this tightness…" he pushed and pulled his finger in two large motions into her tight, cool ass.

"Grrr-" Esdeath crossed her feet in an effort to ignore the feeling surging through her backside and force any moans she may have to the back of her mind.

"…you haven't played with it. Do you even masturbate at all? Or is that frowned upon in the Empire's military. Not that you'd listen to any rules given to you."

Speaking through ground teeth and snarled lips, Esdeath said, "as… my future husband, rrr… I will tell you that I pleasure myself twice a month… Grrr… regularly. And once after every battle has been won." She ground her thighs together now thoroughly feeling the uncomfortableness of Parc's finger pushing in and out of her hole.

Parc whistled while his gauntleted hand stroked his member awake. "Quite often then." With her being the strongest general and all. "Is it ever enough?"

Parc pushed hi finger even deeper until just a small few millimetre separated her knuckle from her sphincter.

"HNGH!" Esdeath was about to moan but forced it out through a nasally snort, "Never. It never feels as good without a- Grgh," Parc pulled and pushed in a swift second, continuing to do so in an attempt to get a proper moan out of Esdeath. "Nnngh- toy." She forced her usual grin to her face but with a small twinge of uncomfortability to it.

"A toy?" he questioned gripping the base of his shaft and flicked the tip against Esdeath's vagina, slightly parting the two lips and pushing into the slightly moist confines. "You mean one of these?" He didn't give her the time to react before he thrust himself forwards, plunging his shaft in her body while his finger dig much the same to her back door.

Esdeath gripped the chains binding her to the ceiling, her legs unlocking and her head tilting back, finally granting Parc the first true, "Ahhh," moan of the week. And gods did he enjoy hearing Esdeath's demeanour of a domineering woman collapse, even for just a second to that of a true woman.

"You're… ghgh… you're going to have to do better than… ghmm… that to make me submit," though her words taunted, her voice did not hold much of her general's tone to it. Much to filled with a woman trying to hold back and not let her pleasure be seen as a sign of weakness.

Parc smirked and nodded his head, "that much I know. You're never going to make things easy for me," he turned his eyes to the chains Esdeath was crushing between her hands, frowning at the slight white frost forming on them hoping sincerely that she didn't break them. But beneath that frost, on one of the chains he could see a golden shine that travelled from the only golden orb on his gauntlet to her wrists, slowly emptying the reserves into a mark around Esdeath's wrist.

Had he not sent out the third eye with Kurome he would have likely sent both of the energies into Esdeath as a precautionary measure, but now that he had the opportunity to even get so far as this he just couldn't let it go. A single mark was still a mark, he just had to hope nothing went wrong.

"Hngg, mnggh, grghh."

While a womans moans were most definitely one of his favourite sounds to hear. Esdeath's forced noises were a whole new pleasure, sad that she'd be giving them up to true moans not long from now.

With hard thrusts of his hips and forceful twists of his fingers, Parc swapped his eyes between his chains and Esdeath's form. The sound of meat slapping together and Esdeath's groans being the only thing audible within the room.

'Come on,' Parc grumbled, the transference even if it only took a few minutes in reality, felt like ages as he swapped between the feeling of Esdeath wrapping around his cock and waiting for the energies to fill up the mark, which thankfully Esdeath seemed to preoccupied to care about.

Hopefully just chalking up the heat around her wrists to the lacking circulation of blood getting to her fingers.

When finally the chain's glow died down to nothingness, Parc was excited. His lips fell open and a word fell out, "moan."

"Ghr- Mnhaa! Haa~ Ah~ Ah~ Nnn~" Hearing her own moans Esdeath's subconscious mind cleared up enough to realize something was wrong. Her eyes sharpened and she attempted to pull against her chains, yet all her body did was twitch just a little.

Continuing her endeavour's, more moans came from her, soon blended into words, "Haa~ What di-Hnnn~ did you do?" she could hear her voice, but it felt off to be so… sensual. Not when someone else was in control.

Parc's grin turned to a frown at Esdeath's questions. His eyes shooting to hers and seeing a clarity she shouldn't have, a clarity that neither Kurome nor his test subjects back at the base had. Releasing her ass of his gauntleted hand, Parc rose it to above Esdeath's shoulder to check both of the remaining orbs, finding them both pitch-black without any energy in them.

'It worked. So why is she still lucid?'

"You said we could use our teigu. I'm using my teigu." He simply answered, cruelty forming in his eyes. "Now, would you kindly cum for me?"

"GHG-AHHHH!" Esdeath's legs wrapped around Parc's her back arching and her head rocketing back with a powerful scream while both her ass and pussy clenched down tight enough that Parc felt she may very well break them with the cool, Icey confines. Having to clench his teeth and stop his thrusts just to resist himself from climaxing himself.

"Jesus," he groaned, just barely keeping himself watching as Esdeath's body slumped, head lulling to the side post orgasm. Her eyes a hazed mess.

This was the best time for him to make another order. One that may very well end this whole competition before it began.

"Submit to me." He leaned forwards and whispered in her ear. Pulling himself away enough to await her reaction while returning to much slower and softer thrusts.

"Nnn… hnn…" she moaned.

"Ahn… haa…" she kept moaning.

"Haa… nhaa… mnn… ahh…"

Parc was growing concerned, 'did she not hear me?'

"Submit to me." All that came from her was moan and the sound of cracking stone.

Wait, cracking stone?

Parc raised his head to the ceiling, a twitch to his lips when he saw the ceiling frozen with dozens of cracks around where his chains connected to it. Following the chains down, his twitchings only grew stronger at the sight of Esdeath's straining arm muscles and tight grip on the chains.

When at last his gaze fell to Esdeath's own, he knew something went wrong. Infact, he knew exactly what went wrong.

And when Esdeath hookedher legs around him and tore her hand down, ripping the chains from the ceiling with enough force to knock him down onto his back and pull his hand from her ass. He knew that his control over her wasn't true.

Esdeath pressed her hands against a nervous Parc's chest, keeping him stuck to the ground along with shackles of her own ice forming around his arms, legs and neck. Her hips raising up nearly pulling him free from her frigid walls but not quite.

"I'm not so easily conquered."






Big thanks to Jamnerino for the donation!


So yeah, Esdeath has a bit of resistance to being mind controlled. This has always been a plot point I wanted to bring up and its somewhat supported in the manga when Esdeath first gets her teigu. As shown in the Wabakaki chapter, the beast (the wabakaki/wendigo) was able to drive someone to madness and Esdeath has been the only one to actively resist and force the teigu itself under her control, hence she has some form of mental resistance that lets her resist Parc's mind control.


I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this, but just as a forewarning for future worlds and warning for the rest of the AkG world.

With the already existing characters I will try my best to keep their general personality in line with their original series. But. And this is a very big BUT (And I cannot lie), I will be changing several characters personalities to fit more in line with the story. For example, if I deem it necessary I could turn a quite girl into a raging nymphomaniac if it fits in. Or I could turn a kind milf into a more rutheless version of herself.

Yadda yadda yadda I could keep throwing out examples but in essence just have a bit of dissonance between the character you know, and the character I present to you.


Also thought I might talk (write) about how long I currently intend this story to go on for.

My current working idea is that the end of the Conquerors bloodline will e after i've finished around 4/5 big worlds so you can expect a good, 5-600 chapters around there before I finish up with this to focus exclusively on my more original stories, both NSFW and SFW.

This story was never really meant to be something I work on for years to come and I very well may not keep to my previous estimation but thats a problem for the future and I'll deal with that in the future. Currently it's not much of a problem unless I burn myself out, at which point I may just take a break for a bit to revitalize myself.


And with that, I will leave you with a terrible joke about a potato.


I once sent a potato to space...

I called it Spud-nick

Then it got stolen...

It was spud-nicked.


These are the things I think about at work and now i've got a word document with my terrible ass jokes in it.


I feel like my author notes tend to be obscenly long... I'm not the only one thinking that, am I?

Lasarus Lasarus

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