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3.1% The Conquerors bloodline / Chapter 6: Slaughter of house Tellien

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Chapter 6: Slaughter of house Tellien

"Everyone ready?" It was the following night that Parc had decided they would take down the Tellien family. The meeting had taken just over a few hours to get everyones thoughts. It wasn't a particularly complicated plan all things considered.

Mine and Lubbock would act as the outer perimeter, ensuring that no one left the estate with their lives intact. While Leone and Sheele would enter the estate, Leone taking the bottom floor back entrance while Sheele took the front. Clearing the building out from bottom to top, trapping everyone who was inside, inside. While Akame herself would be roaming around hunting down and taking out any hidden or patrolling guards.

Leaving only Parc left to take care of whatever was in the storehouse. Originally, they had planned to have Bulat here as well, but as it turned out his own mission was taking longer than expected, leaving him indisposed for the night.

Bulat was an unnerving man. Not to do with how he looked, not at all. He was a tall, overly muscular titan of a man with a pompadour that could put cupid to shame. No, what unnerved Parc was that Leone had calmly stated to him, with the cruellest grin she could form, that Parc was in Bulat's strike zone, because he was apparently 'gay.' The unnerving feeling only getting worse when Bulat blushed and didn't refute it.

"Rearing to go," Leone puffed her chest out, her hair having grown into a mane hanging to her hips. Two lions ears atop her. Her hands morphed into paws, fur sprouting over their entirety with each finger ending in a razor-sharp alabaster claw.

Parc's eyes roaming over her body, landing where her belt was wrapped around her hips. The buckle of Lionelle covering the golden gemstone they had found after their wake up sex. She took it surprisingly well that she had just sprouted a strange crystal out of nowhere as every time she trailed a finger over it she would twitch and let out a steamy sigh. Eyelids flickering and her mind going numb only to reawaken with a start.

Currently they were the only two who knew about it, which made sense considering Leone didn't have a very big streaking streak on her record apart from time where she got exorbitantly drunk.

"Just like someone else~" she looked to Mine with a wink, something she had been doing since they held the meeting a few hours ago back at base. Leone having consistently teased and proded the pink sprite the entire trip into the capital.

While Mine herself, was quick to turn red every time she looked at him with bloodshot eyes with bags hanging from them like she hadn't been able to sleep. Which he found strange considering she was quite literally slamming her head onto the table due to how tired she was.

Mine sent a death glare Leone's way, "Can we just get started? I want to go to bed," she grumbled in a strangely soft and subdued tone compared to her own as if she just wanted to fade into the background and not be seen by anyone.

Parc looked to Sheele and Lubbock. Sheele giving him her usual small smile. In her hands an oversized pair of scissors with a panda head sticker covering the tension screw. Seeing her hold it first hand was an adorable if not terrifying sight.

The blades themselves were as long as her legs and just as wide, giving off an ominous and incredibly sharp feeling just from a short glance. And when layered atop the beautiful form of Scheele in her lilac Cheongsam that that revealed the sides of her legs up to her hips and her airheaded, endearing personality. It just felt off putting to say the least.

"I have prepared," Lubbock said, staring off to the moon, his hands buried in the pockets of his green jacket. Seemingly staring up into the infinite void of the university, studying its intricacies, searching for an answer to some life changing question.

Parc nodded, good. Then lets begin, Parc pulled out a bronze stopwatch from his coat pocket. The others doing much the same with their own variations of a stopwatch, the girls having much small, colour coordinated versions. He looked between them one last time, thumb over the button on top. Getting a final confirmation that everyone was prepared before pushing it down in synchronicity with the others.

The very moment they did all five of them bar Parc launched towards the estate, leaping the gape that was the wall that separated the estate from the rest of the capital in a single bound.

"Let Night Raids hunt commence."


"GRAH!" the guttural grunts of Marcus Tellien filled his bed chambers, lavoushly decorated with all the treasures he had accumulated during his tenure as a leader in the mercantile guilds of the capital.

All of which he loved, truly and deeply. If someone so much as scratched a prized shoe he would have them dragged out back and thrown with the other insects for his wife and daughter to play with.

Though, he himself found their 'play sessions' much to dirty for his tastes. There was only so much blood and viscera one could clean from their clothing before it must be tossed away. A waste of fabric and money it was.

"FUCKING WHORE!" spittle flew from his mouth, his hands clenched tight around a poor slut Maria had picked up off the street just earlier today. Her hair was long and flowed like silver. Her eyes a hazy emerald with tits that would make any man jealous. A travesty she had found herself on the streets when she could have so easily sold herself to a whore house.

But he wasn't going to complain, it was just his luck that she had been brought to him. Letting him treat her how a whore should be. Without any mercy.

The girl-her name forgotten to the annals of the capital- her eyes had lost their life, her chest stopped heaving for breath. Her bruised and battered body listless and without life. Rapidly growing colder with every thrust Marcus pushed into her corpse.

Often raising his fist and slaming it down into her belly or crushing her breasts with both hands. Leaving dark splotches from before her passing.

"GRRR! Marcus thrust in deep, his hips stopping at full sheeth, pumping his vile fluids into the girls body. Panting with sweat dripping down his brow onto her paling body. An evil smile on his face as he looked down at his crimes.

"Pig," Marcuses glee was broken as a feminine voice rose behind him. His head turning to look at who it was. Eyes widening as his slasher smile grew larger.

There standing in his doorway was a woman of gold, luscious locks hanging to her hips. A curvaceous body hidden in the clothing of a courtesan that could put whoever the whore on his bed was too shame. Absolutely leaking desire for him.

Pulling his shaft from the corpse, he turned to the woman, his erection standing hard, "another~ Maria's been working herself bare…" he muttered, frowning when he finally noticed the more than human paws and cat ears the woman wore, "No…" his cackled loudly, "ahhahaha finally, Doctor Stylish has granted me that gift he owes me it seems~"

The woman frowned as he approached her, his hands reaching out to her chest. Just narrowly missing them when the woman nimbly dodged to the side, avoiding him. Much to his anger. "YOU DARE!" he roared, stamping his foot on the ground, uncaring for the dirty look the woman was giving him as she looked down on him, "ON YOUR KNEES WHORE, AND I MIGHT JUST FUCK YOU INTO ECSTASY!" he pointed to the floor.

The golden haired beauties brow rose, looking down to his 'mammoth' shaft. A snort coming from her that quickly morphed into snickers and then fullblown laughter, holding her belly as tears trickled down her cheeks. "Sorry, no offence. But the only ecstasy you'll be bringing anyone is if they were as deep as a toenail. You'd wouldn't even reach my first g-spot." She wiped her cheeks down, "hooo… haven't laughed like that in a while."

Marcus was now royally pissed, and no words could express it. Turning his back on the woman he made his way to his bed. Grabbing a silver rod with two prongs on the end before turning back to her. Flicking a switch on the handle letting electricity crackle between the two prongs.

Stomping towards the cat eared woman. Ready to jab it into her gut, force her to her knees and make her taste what true ecstasy was like.

But that would never happen.

He couldn't even raise his hands when the woman spun around on a single foot, her leg raising into the air. Sending a round house kick straight to his face sending him flying through the air, crashing through a window and into the backyard. Screaming in agony as his hands raised to his face. His jaw hanging loosely by a single bit of fibre to his face.

Death would come soon whether he liked it or not. Yet it would come all the sooner as the shadow of the cat eared beast appeared before him once again. Her expression one mimicking his own cruel one from just earlier.

Marcus crawled back wanting to escape. But she stepped over him, grabbing the top of his head and holding him in place, standing with her legs either side of his chest as she bent down to his level, "even if you weren't so pathetic down there. I already have a mate." In a split second her arm rose up, her fur covered hand smashing down upon what was left of his face, crushing it into mushed, splattering bone, blood and brain matter on the crimson ocean of blood that the courtyard had turned into.

Leone stepped over the body, 'one down,' she muttered, looking down to her bloodied hand with a scowl, 'gonna be a bitch to get this crap out from under my nails,' she thought. Orienting herself in the yard, soon finding the storehouse where Parc was. 'Might as well,' she shrugged and began to walk towards it, stepping over the bodies of guards and butlers, many showing signs of bullet wounds and a single slash marks to a single non-fatal point on their bodies.

Akame's work the ones with the slash wounds. Her katana, Murasame, another of the Teigu, famed for killing all who get cut by its blade with a single cut. Earning it the title of One-cut killer.

"Hmm?" Leone exclaimed seeing a figure burst from the open door of the store house.

She was a young girl with short blonde hair and bright sapphire eyes. Dressed in a white long sleeved shirt and a frilly light blue dress and black bodice and lastly a pair of white boots. Her face contorted into terror. Turning to hope when she saw Leone walking towards her. As she got closer, Leone could see her entire body laced with blood that smelt of someone else. On her right cheek a large gash that sever her ear in two.

"SAVE ME!" she screamed, "THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL ME! PLEASE SAVE M- AHHHHH!" she was interrupted as pain coursed through her back. Falling face first into the mud, the back of her dress quickly being dyed red around the axe plunged into it.

"Save me… Please…" she pleaded, her nails digging into the dirt, crawling towards Leone who had stopped a decent distance away. Looking down coldly at the girl, the daughter of the Tellien couple, Aria.

Leone's gaze traveling back up towards the store house where another form was hobbling towards them. A boy this time. Stripped bare, his arms chest and legs covered in red rashes. His expression malevolent as he made his way towards Aria.

"-!?-AHHH!" the boy stepped onto Aria's back with one foot, his hands gripping around the handle of the axe. Tearing it from her back, sending a spattering of blood against his body. Raising the axe into the air as Aria reached her hand out for Leone tears unable to fall before her arm fell limp. An axe separating her head into two halves.

Leone whispering as she watched the entire scene play out.

The boy's chest trembled, as he took laboured breaths. His eyes though laced with insanity, were growing clearer by the minute. Bursting into sorrowful laughter. "Rot in hell, you fucking bitch." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"Hmm~ hmm~ hmm~" Maria hummed a singsong tune. Her quill scraping along the lines of her journal, leaving trails of sangria red in the form of words and sentences.

A bright and excited smile on her face as she recalled the days experiments on that Ieyasu boy. The virus was progressing faster than she had expected, in the two days since he had first injected him with a culture of it, it had progressed and covered nearly ten percent of his body in painful rashes.

It was a fascinating occurrence to her, that just a simple disease could leave a boy as health as him a quivering mess, writhing on the floor, unable to scratch the itches that laced his body or face pain worse than anything he had experienced before.

She had really taken to this hobby of hers, logging how diseases progressed in the body. Watching as man, woman and child were morphed into abominations or boils, rashes and tumours.

"Hmm?" Something curious drew her gaze. Her wrist, there wrapped around it was a red band. "Strange, I don't remember ever getting…" why was her gaze lowering to the ground? She wondered. Her body separating into pieces, blood spurting out of every bisected part.

Her head finding itself on the floor, blank, dead eyes directed at two white boots. A lilac dress slit on one side revealing a womans leg, dressed in a white thigh high sock. The last thing Maria ever heard coming from her killer.



Parc was on a quick approach to the store house. Rushing between tree cover, to avoid the eyes of the two guards patrolling around it. Soon finding an opportunity to charge one of them, dagger poised close to the ground, tip nearly scraping the ground.

The guard heard his approach, turning to inspect the noise, but he couldn't react fast enough. Parc's dagger rose in a diagonal slash upwards. The second guard also barely able to react, only able to raise his rifle up to a fifteen-degree angle before Parc, using the momentum of his slash, spun around in a full circle. Arm whipping towards the guard, releasing the dagger. Sending it cutting through the air and into the guard's chest, easily puncturing through his armour and right through his heart. Killing him instantly.

Parc approached the body, kneeling down and pulling his dagger from the body. Placing the spine of the blade into the crook of his arm. Closing his arm around it and pulling the dagger from between, scraping the blood off.

As he was about to take a step towards the storehouse he heard a highpitched scream, one of pure agony. His eyes shot open and he beelined it towards the shut metal door. Grabbing the handle and pulling it open as the screaming continued. The shrill creaking of metal piercing through the cries of pain.

"Mother! I thought you were done for the night!?" the soft voice of a girl shouted over the screaming. Barely audible over them until the screaming died down. Whoever it was screaming having passed out in shock. "Hmph!" the girl grumbled, but continued doing what she was, filling the room with horrid crunches and sawing noises.

Parc stepped to the edge overlooking the lower layer of the store house. Barely taking in the horrific sight of mutilated bodies, missing large chunks of their bodies or even entire halves strung up and hanging from the ceiling.

On the ground floor, dozens of pieces of 'furniture' with sharpened spikes covering their entirety. Near half of them having festering bodies pulled atop them, piercing through their skin with dried blood covering the floor and torture devices.

Worse still was the tank filled with water where the bodies of two women were hung in limbo. Missing arms and legs having been drowned alive.

But at the centre of this all was a table and a girl. Aria, the blonde devil stood besides a metal table. A girl with long black hair and a thin figure strapped atop it. Stripped naked revealing fresh cuts along nearly every part of her body.

In Aria's hand a bloodied bone saw. Her face curled to that of a demon as she butchered The girl… Sayo's leg from her body. Soon finding herself through the tough bone and having a much easier time going through the remaining flesh until the limb had nothing more than blood connecting it to Sayo's body.

Parc hissed, fury in his eyes. About to lunge her, pierce her through the lung.

"Par-Parc!?" he turned to the side at his name being called. His eyes landing on a cage where a black haired boy with a white band around his head was standing. Both hands gripping around the bars insanity and relief in his eyes as he looked at Parc.

"Ieyasu…" Parc muttered. But returned his gaze to Aria as she wiped her cheek with her sleave, leaving a smudge of blood along her face. Her head raising up to him.

"Mother, could you help me han-" her voice hitched. Locking eyes with those of crimson orbs glowing in the darkness. Just their sight sending spurs of fear through her body, "W-who-!?" Parc's hand shot up, almost flinging his hand forward to send his dagger careening towards Aria.

"WAIT!" Ieyasu shouted, but it was too late, Parc's arm had already shot forward, he couldn't stop it. But he could divert it at the last moment. Releasing it on a course that brought it across Aria's cheek, leaving a large gash and sending her sprawling to the floor. Were Parc near her he may have very well smelt a new rotten smell of her pissing herself in fear.

Parc looked to Ieyasu, the rage in his eyes telling him everything he needed to know. Approaching the cage door, Parc grabbed the lock, inspecting it for a moment while his other hand dug into his coat pulling out a set of lockpicks, deftly using them until the wrought Iron lock fell to the floor.

Opening the door to let Ieyasu step into the faint moonlight. "She's mine…" Ieyasu muttered, lumbering down the steps.

Parc a step behind, rushing to Sayo's side to assess the damage and staunch the flowing blood coming from her leg with bandages he'd brought having expected to be using them for something or another. "Sorry I'm late."

To the side, Ieyasu had grabbed a hatchet off the tool rack. Holding it in one hand, turning to Aria who just couldn't find the words to say. As he approached her, she panicked, clambering to her feet tackling his side and passing him by. Rushing up the stairs and out the door.

Ieyasu hot on her tail until he was at the doorway. Stopping there he lifted the axe with both hands, bringing it above his head and throwing them down, releasing it in the perfect arc for it to lodge into her back, sending her sprawling to the ground with a cry of karmic irony.

Things went silent after that. Either Aria was another body on the pile or he had been too focused on treating Sayo to the best of his abilities. She needed proper medical care, and that is what she would get.

He had already removed the straps, so he hooked his arms under her knees and back. Carrying her like a princess up and out the torture house. Leaving the other captured in their cages for someone else to deal with.

As he entered the yard he could see the body of Aria on the ground. Dead with an axe to the back of her head. Leone kneeling nearby with an unconscious Ieyasu in her arms. Looking up to Parc seeing him with just about the same thing in his arm.

Sheele, Akame, Mine and Lubbock arriving besides them not moments later. All silent and looking to Parc. His eyes questioning Sheele and Leone if they had accomplished their tasks. A stupid question, but one he wanted an answer to. Even if he could see the blood on Leone's hand and covering Sheele.

They both nodded. He let out a relieved breath, "Lubbock, time?" he asked.

"twenty seven, thirty eight. We have three minutes to vacate the place before we get rocked by the soldiers."

'seems he'd back to normal… I think?' Parc thought, he couldn't really tell, he hadn't known him long. "Good, then lets go. This contract has been fulfilled."




Brutal, most definitely. But hey, this in Akame ga Kill, one of the most brutal anime/manga series out there. So, deal with it, there's likely going to be more. Though, I THINK this might be the worst for a while? Don't hold me to that

Lasarus Lasarus

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