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The Crippled Bigshot’s Little Ancestor Is Too Cool The Crippled Bigshot’s Little Ancestor Is Too Cool

The Crippled Bigshot’s Little Ancestor Is Too Cool

Author: Naughty Pouch

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Chapter 1: The Funeral of A Conspiracy

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

In the cemetery south of the city.

The He family in Rong city was holding a funeral.

He youran stared blankly at the coffin containing her grandmother carefully placed in the grave pit. Her little face was numb.

Everyone pointed at her.

"Did you guys hear? The He family's old lady was angered by He Youran."

"I heard, of course I heard. I also heard that on the day old lady He was on the brink of death, He Youran actually fooled around with some man in bed. Oh my, everyone in Rong city saw that erotic photo."

"She's really shameless. She already has a fiancé, yet she's still fooling around with others. Look at her face. She's lucky enough that someone wants her, but she still dares to fool around with others."

When Chen Meiyu heard that, the corner of her mouth curled into a disdainful smile as she glanced at He Youran.

He Youran was not bad looking, but she only had half a face. The other half was so ugly that even ghosts were afraid of her.

There was a scarlet birthmark on her face. She was as ugly as she could be.

But, it was fortunate that she had this face. Otherwise, Xue'er would not have been able to replace her and get married to Gu Shaomu.

What made her even happier was that after the funeral, He Youran was going to be kicked out of the house.

Thinking about how the He family would be under her control in the future, Chen Meiyu was so happy that she felt like she was seeing a coffin and getting rich.

The funeral was held for an hour.

After it was over, everyone left.

He Youran was left alone.

It drizzled down from the sky.

The cold rain hit her face, and she seemed to finally come to her senses. She lifted her leg, which seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, and walked step by step to the tombstone.

"Grandma, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have drunk that night."

"Grandma, would you blame me in the afterlife? You're the only person in this world who dotes on me, yet I'm so heartless."

"Grandma, Youran is leaving. I'll come back to see you when I'm back."

She bent down and knocked her forehead heavily on the ground. She kowtowed three times in a row, and her snow-white forehead was soaked in blood. Tears finally appeared in her cold, phoenix-like eyes.

She took one last look at the tombstone before walking down the mountain step by step.

He family home.

At this moment, the He family home was brightly lit, giving off a warm feeling in the rainy night.

There were waves of jokes coming from inside.

"Xue'er, the old lady's funeral is over. Next, it's going to be the marriage between you and Shaomu. Aiya, this is really a joyous occasion."

"Mom, you're the one with the plan. If you hadn't drugged He Youran's wine, Grandma wouldn't have suddenly fallen ill, and brother Shaomu wouldn't have switched to engaging to me."

"Of course. Don't you see what kind of person your mother is?"

He Youran's hand, which was about to push open the door, suddenly froze. It was as if a flash of inspiration had struck her mind, causing her entire body to tremble.

She knew that grandma's condition had always been very stable. Why did she suddenly fall ill that night.

She was wondering why her stepsister, He Xue'er, who had never been on good terms with her suddenly invite her for a drink that night.


So all of this was planned by them!

He Youran's eyes were bloodshot. She pushed the door open heavily and pointed angrily at Chen Meiyu.

"You... you... It was you who killed grandma!"

Chen Meiyu shuddered. When she came back to her senses, her expression became contemptuous again. She elegantly adjusted her sideburns.

"I don't understand what you're saying. Now that the funeral is over, you should keep your promise and leave this house."

He Youran's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. She casually picked up the antique vase and threw it at Chen Meiyu.

Chen Meiyu was scared and let out a cry while quickly dodging away.

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