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60% The Cursed Gamer / Chapter 11: Oh no- 

Oh no-  - The Cursed Gamer - Chapter 11 by Master4thWall full book limited free

Chapter 11: Oh no- 

Chapter 11: Oh no- 

"Hm, what should  I do…" Gara mumbled to herself with an absent-minded look on her face. "Should I really bring her with us?"

Gara was changing her clothes with a deep frown on her face, deciding on something she found rather important.

With a towel hanging from her shoulders that she had just used to tie her hair up, Gara stared at the air blankly. "Decisions…"

[Image Here]

"Well… let's go with 'okay' for today. I guess she can come, then." She mumbled something that only she could understand and shrugged again. "I should get dressed now."


"Um… is it really alright for me to come with you guys?" Kimi asked with a frustrated look on her face. "I mean… it's a family thingy where you have dinner together, is it okay for me to tag along?"

She looked at Gara, her eyes sometimes wandering on her body as she hid her blush.

Gara was wearing a fragrant perfume that gave Kimi a sense of comfort. Her midnight blue decollete clung to her figure. A leather strap was tied under her bosom. Glimpses of her cleavage could be seen through the transparent veil stitched to her otherwise revealing dress, while the side of her chest was completely open. And lastly, her beautiful long, pale, and creamy legs reflected the light of the room.

Gara laughed hearing Kimi and brought her into a hug. "Kimi, you know the rules, don't you? Your elder sister and I were best friends, so you're like my own younger sister. Now that your older sister is… no longer here, it's only fair that I treat you like family."

Kimi blinked twice as she felt a warm feeling overrunning her heart. Meanwhile, Neji kept staring at the scene with an interested look on his face.

'Her elder sister is dead? Damn, she really has a tragic past, huh.' Neji thought but immediately realised it was none of his business. 'Anyway, I would have liked it if she didn't come with us, to be honest. But I guess she would be a good bodyguard.'

He liked Kimi, she was nice company. But this was a family gathering, as she had said, there was no need for her to come along. Though he could also guess why his mother was bringing her. As much as he knew how nice Gara was, he also knew she was the type to enjoy these things with family only, so the only reason she is bringing her should be to use her as a bodyguard… or so Neji assumed. 

While what Neji thought was partially right, it wasn't completely the case. If Gara really needed bodyguards, she would have just ordered a bunch of them to be in another car and protect them from outside the restaurant she plans to eat in. The actual reason she wanted to bring Kimi is that she really viewed her as her little sister. She has known Kimi for more than 15 years now, even before the latter had become a hero, she really was like a little sister to Gara, so she wanted to bring Kimi with them – this way, not only can she do her job as their bodyguard, she would also be able to enjoy her time and deepen her bonds with them.

Neji, for a few seconds, observed Gara's expression and blinked. Her smile seemed… genuine? No, it didn't seem genuine, it is genuine. Neji smiled seeing this. 'Maybe I should stop assuming my mother is as selfish as me. She really is nice.'

After that, Kimi changed into a better Maid dress and came out with an optimistic smile on her face. Aiko then guided us to the car as we followed behind. 


"Haha, honey. This night is going to be a hard one, isn't it?"

"Oh my, I am sure it won't be hard for too long with me here."

It's 7 PM, so the sky was barely lit. We were inside the car. Dad was driving the car with Mom sitting on the seat beside him. They were mostly talking to each other.

In the back, Me, Nejire, and Kimi were sitting. Nejire kept playing with Kimi's tail though Kimi didn't look too uncomfortable. 

Cats don't like their tails being touched, same with Kimi. But she is used to it by now since Nejire is kind of an insensitive girl who doesn't care about blurting out people's insecurities. 

I once thought, should I 'fix' her? Maybe make her a less curious and more sensitive type? But I had quickly put that thought out of my mind. I liked her as she is. I won't deliberately try to change her, not unless something extreme happens. 

Mom and Dad were gossiping about what was hard and what was not. They also talked about what we would eat tonight. I also noticed their lust-filled gazes directed towards each other every now and then. I guess married couples get super active at night on their anniversary…? I don't know, maybe my parents are just horny today. 

I tried to ignore their antics and acted like the kid I was. Nejire didn't even know what was happening but I could see the small blush finding itself onto  Kimi's face.


...Did- did she just moan? Did she just moan from Nejire's touch? Is this normal for cats or is this because of the situation we are in?? Any cat experts here?

"N- Nejire-chan, t-that tickles ." Oh.

Anywayyyyy…. On the other hand, I have actually thought of something that might let me enter dungeons without my parents even realising. Though I think I need to wait a few years before that becomes a possibility, I plan to start annoying my parents by requesting to let me go outside of our residence early.

And just like that, while I and Kimi ignored my Mom and Dad's slight touching here and there as they threw words with double-meanings at each other, we finally reached the fancy restaurant. 


I walked out of the car with my eyes fixed at the gate of the restaurant.

As bad as my previous parents were, I still got to experience the rich life every now and then. Yet if I were to say, "Wow, this place is fancy." It would be an understatement. 

"Le Quatrième Mur" A huge board saying exactly that was hung at the top of the huge door. 

I only observed the elegantly decorated building for a few seconds before turning my head back to the car. Nejire and Kimi came out of the back of the car while my father came out of the front door on the opposite side of where I was standing. He then came towards us and opened the door for my mother. He kneeled on one of his knees and raised his hand up for mom.

My mother giggled softly and accepted the hand as Dad kissed it softly and stood up. 

"Now let's go." Mom said as Dad smiled and gestured us to follow. 

Soon we were inside the restaurant and went to the pre-booked table. It was a table close to the corner of the whole compartment hidden from sight. There were candles lit nicely around us, and chandeliers hung from the roof and thus lighting the whole place up nicely. 

A waiter came and Mom ordered food after exchanging words back and forth with Dad. It took 10 minutes for the couple to decide on the food while the waiter maintained his professional smile. 

"Oh wooow! This is sooo good!" Nejire exclaimed while eating food without any sense of dignity. Food was stuck around her lips as she licked her finger with sparkling eyes. Her messy way of eating was drawing some irritated eyes from other tables nearby… 

Why… Why is she eating like that? Where is her dignity as an Ojou-sama? And why are my parents fine with this? Wait, what am I even talking about, they are too busy flirting with each other to reprimand Nejire. I think Kimi is the one feeling the most awkward in this place. She must be regretting ever coming to work in our household. Damn, what the fuck. 

Believe me, when I say seeing your parents double talk and flirt with barely hidden lustful intent is awkward as fuck. Luckily I am a kid.

I silently ate my food while realising it was so well made.

After that, the Hado family enjoyed the dinner with smiles on their faces. I soon got used to my parents' antics and just ignored it all, guessing they must be planning something special tonight for them to be so excited.


Next up, we were done eating. But we hadn't left yet….

It seems my father had the 'great idea' of confessing in front of a crowd, so he gathered the attention of everyone by standing up and tapping his glass of wine with a spoon.

Everyone had their eyes on him from their respective tables. 

"Show what you're made of, champ!" An old man cheered with a small laugh at the end.

At the side of our table, my dad was on one of his knees in front of my mom.

He had a blue rose in his hand, matching my mom's hair and dress – he held the rose up for her while my Mom was covering her mouth with her hands. 

"Gara…" My dad started. "Remember, 11 years ago, this exact day when I first met you? I realised, 'Oh no, this woman is my soulmate!' I knew at that moment, I want to live out the rest of my life with you." He declared. "That day, I declared my love for you for the first time. 10 years have passed, and I wanted to say, till this day – even now, my love for you hasn't dwindled. It has only increased!"

My Mom gasped out loud. 

Dad took a deep breath in. "I love you!"

"I love you too!"

….Next up.

After that, for the final play – the family had decided to go watch a movie. It was a kid-friendly movie, surprisingly. We watched, ate popcorn, cracked some jokes here and there, laughed and got sleepy. I noticed Kimi was now much more free around us and seemed to have overcome her previous awkwardness.

We were back in the car and Dad was playing some light romantic music on the radio. Nejire had fallen asleep and had her head resting on my shoulder. Kimi was also dozing off and I was starting to get comfortable too. 

"Where are we going, dad?" I suddenly asked. "This is not the way home, is it?" 

I knew that because I had tried to memorise the road that we came from in case of something clìche happening.

Dad smiled and said, "We are going to one of our beach houses. Your mom wanted to go back there since we had our honeymoon there. It should take around 3 hours as the beach isn't that far. I know you guys are tired, but bear with us a little, alright?" 

I nodded while looking at his face through the rear-view. My dad looks… like Shanks. Yes, the guy from One Piece. He even has that claw mark on his left eye, though he refuses to say how he got that injury. He has shining silver hair and blue eyes, though when he activates his quirk, his hair changes into jet black in colour, kind of like a reverse Super Saiyan transformation. 

[Image Here: Aiko when using his quirk]

He is a nice dad. Nicer than other people, at least. Though he likes Nejire more than me, for some reason.

In my previous life, my father had died when I was 6-years-old. He was… also a nice dad. I don't hate that man, well, more like I don't even remember him enough to hate him properly. Though the one thing I do remember is the fact that when he was alive, my life was truly rainbows and sunshine.

But his death was a changing point in my life. Mom became a hooker, fucked new guys every week. Got together with abusive boyfriends who would beat her up along with me. At least she used to hook up with rich guys every now and then. That's why I was used to rich people culture. Now that I think about it, that's also the reason I was able to get on the Yacht and she was able to push me into the water, huh.

What a bitch. Though she is also the reason why I knew things like: "How to get in a girl's panties without seeming like a douchebag." At least, because of her, I had a body count of double digits… I guess she wasn't all that bad, huh?


...Anyway, enough depressing thoughts! Tonight is my new and best parents' marriage anniversary. I should fall asleep to not disturb their special plans!

I decided and closed my eyes. I was already tired enough so it wasn't that hard for sleep to win over me. Feels nice.




My eyes sprung opened as I breathed out loud. "Hah?" My throat was dry and I felt like I had a bad dream. Though I had already forgotten what the dream was about.

I looked around and realised I was laying on a bed. The room was made of wood and was quite dark. Though not dark enough for me to not see anything. It seems tonight is a full moon, so the room that is seemingly close to the sea (since I could hear the sound of the waves) was bright enough for me to see.



"H- honey, you're too rough!?!"

I blinked as I realised the moaning sound belongs to my mother. The sound is coming from not that far away, so most likely another room close by. This is awkward… hearing your parents having sex is super awkward. I might not have realised this in my previous life since, well, as I said, my mom was a hooker, but in this life because of my new parents' proper teachings, I am aware of how awkward this is. 


...Trying my best to ignore her moans, I looked at the bed. Nejire was sleeping beside me. She was a deep sleeper, so this sound won't bother her… I hope. 

Hm? Where is Kimi?

I sat up on the bed and frowned. Is she in another room? Highly likely. Well, anyway, I am thirsty.

I looked at the small table on the side and grabbed the water jug kept there. It was empty. As expected. Dad said this is our beach house, so of course, there wasn't anyone to fill up the water jug. 

Hm, should I go and grab some water? Or do I try to sleep? Hm, decisions. 


Realizing that even if I scream right now, the love birds wouldn't realise it, I decided to go out and grab some water. 

I grabbed the jug and got down onto the floor. I noticed the door was already opened slightly. I stretched my limbs and then walked towards the door. I don't know where the water source is here, time to search I guess. 

Thinking such, I stepped outside the door and… froze.

"Hah…" a strange scene was going on in front of him. "Haah…. Mmph!"

Kim's Sugihara, the maid, was outside the door of my parents' room, sitting on her ass while doing, what I could only assume as masturbation.

I kept standing there for exactly 7 seconds before turning around. 'I guess no water for me tonight.'




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What a tragedy, he shouldn't have raised that flag!

Jokes aside, maybe I should stop trolling at this point...

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