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Chien Dai [3] - The Death Stalker - Chapter 74 by BlackPup full book limited free

Chapter 74: Chien Dai [3]

Days passed by quickly. Chien Dai had tried not to be the second last person in every training he had. Unfortunately, he was the smallest boy in the group. Thus, in term of speed, nor strength he was lacking beyond others.

Fortunately, he was always guided by the initiate power that told him his opponents weakest point when he was in. a fight. However the power only appeared when he was in his brink of death. Thus, at the end the fight he kept being dragged into the treatment room, gulping the little girl's medicine to save his life.

Chien Dai sat on his bed with knees closed to his chest. The night was very old, but he couldn't close his eyes even a second. The beds in this huge barrack were almost empty. The only bed occupied was far across him. There was laying a huge ten years old boys sleeping soundly. That boy seemed didn't care or maybe very much confidence on himself about tomorrow's fight.

Chien Dai sighed heavily. His unconsciously clenched fist was slightly trembled. He was finally managed to avoid fighting for his life these few days. Finally, he was not the second last and had been only spectator. Seeing his 'friends' one by one died on the field was another horror feeling. His friends who were fighting for their lives were like a demon beast. Mercilessly killed their opponents. He must be the same like them. A beast.

And now.. there were only two boys left. And tomorrow.. tomorrow was..

"Ssshh..." Someone hissed from outside the window near his bed. Soon a cute face appeared on the glassless window. The little girl. Chien Dai approached the window quickly, knowing the girl must come to look for him.

"Here.." the girl gave him a thin long needle that was covered with a leaf.

"Be careful not to harm yourself with it," the girl said after placing the needle onto his palm, "It is poisonous. It will blur your opponent sight and stiffen his muscles for few minutes."

Chien Dai blinked his eyes to the girl. "Why .. ?" he asked.

The girl smile. "Because I like you more," the girl said then pecked his cheek. "So, you must live," she continued before she left.


Once again, Chien Dai stood on the arid ground. In front of him was the huge ten years old boy, cracking his fingers' muscles to warm himself up. Far behind him, Chien Dai could see a couple of westerns were observing them accompanied by their elders.

"Start !" One of the elder shouted to them.

Chien Dai's opponent walked toward him, not even in a rush. Just when he was two feet before Chien Dai, he raised his fist and threw it to Chien Dai with so much force. Chien Dai dodged his fist, then with all mighty that he had punched his fist into his opponent's stomach. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A crack sound was heard. A second later, Chien Dai felt a tremendous pain in his fist. Meanwhile, his opponent just smirked then he pulled Chen Dai with one hand and threw him hard on the ground. Chen Dai fell face first. Blood immediately spurred form his nose and mouth. His chest felt like crashed by train.

His opponent jumped and about landed onto him. Chien Dai used all his power left to just roll to avoid him, and he missed just a hair. Dust covered Chien Dai's body, some just went through his throat. His opponent kicked Chien Dai on the stomach and the poor boy instantly spurred another mouth of blood.

"Stand up !" his opponent hissed and kicked dust in front of Chien Dai's face. Chien Dai coughed. Slowly, he raised his upper body to kneel. Before he got a chance to stand up, his opponent kicked him right on his jaw, made him flying few meters back again.

Once again his opponent walked toward him. But instead kicked Chien Dai like last time, this time he grabbed the little boy on his shoulder to stand him up. With one hand held Chien day to keep him standing, his other hand continued putting his fist onto his face.

Chien Dai was like a lifeless punching bag that could only received his fist without able to defend nor attack. After satisfied, once more Chien Dai was thrown away by his opponent like a broken doll.

"Finish him," one of the elder shouted in anger toward the huge boy. Maybe the elder was irritated to see the continuous bully, or maybe he was just too eager to get money from the westerns. The huge boy nodded.

He then walked toward Chien Dai and started to choke his neck with one hand. But suddenly the huge boy shouted in anger and grabbed his own neck. He felt a sting on his neck. "What ?!?!"

A second later he felt his sight was blurry and lost his balance. He stepped few steps back before fell down on his bottom.

Chien Dai woke up slowly. He didn't have power to stand up straight, so he just crawled toward the huge boy who looked at him with confused yet fearful sight. Chien Dai threw punches on the huge boy's stomach. It was seemed to be meek and random fists. But actually he was once again guided by his initiate power. His punches were right on the boy important organs. like liver, lung, and heart.

Chien Dai punched so hard, he didn't care about the sound of cracked bones that was heard every time his punch was landed on the huge boy.

"Die ! Die ! Die ! Die ! Die ! Die ! Die !"

Chien Dai only stopped when he was literally had no more energy and fell unconsciously on top of his lifeless opponent.


I twitch my eyes uncontrollably to see the young boy who was just finish punching his opponent til his last breath is walking indifferently toward me. His face and body are drenched in blood, both are his opponent and his.

The moment I didn't disagree to his invitation to show me who I was, he took me back to a boy called Chien Dai's life. While leaving me alone as a beholder outside the scene, the young boy went into the scene himself and be the Chien Dai.

"That's Chien Dai. The original you," he said with expressionless tone.

I squint my eyes. "What happened to him ?" I ask.

The young boy shrugs. "He became Quint Rauss."

BlackPup BlackPup

it is long weekend due to Ied Fitr here so I have time to write extra chapter. Enjoy !! ;*

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