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82.55% The Death Stalker / Chapter 71: Fight! [2]

Fight! [2] - The Death Stalker - Chapter 71 by BlackPup full book limited free

Chapter 71: Fight! [2]

"So ?" Han asks me.

I don't answer him. My sight is still on the creature. The creature is still trying to pierce its tail to us, despite knowing it is useless. It can be concluded that this creature is either having no brain or in a great anger to us. I really hope it is the earlier. Han's plan is already too dangerous with the respect that the scorpion has no brain.

"Mr. Bennet ?" Han asks me again.

"Are you sure ?" I ask him back.

"No. But do we have other plan ?" he asks me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-%5B2%5D_53308909498188422">!-%5B2%5D_53308909498188422</a> for visiting.

I sigh. No, we don't have other plan. "Okay. I will distract it while you're gong to its tail," I finally make up my mind.

"No, Mr. Bennet.. Better I distract it," Han refuses my arrangement.

"No, it will be too dangerous for you," I defy him decisively.

"That's exactly why. Beside this is your body. It is part of you. You should be the one who conquers it," Han gives me his argument.

I sigh again. "Okay. Just be careful," I finally agree with him.

"Likewise, Mr. Bennet," Han says in solemn.

We both walk toward the mouth of the crevice. This time we change position. Han who will be the one to distract will be on the left of the scorpion. Since the creature has more severe injuries on its left legs, thus it will be slower for it to move left to chase Han. Its injury will also make it harder to turn right that will give me more opportunity to sneak out to his behind and climb its tail.

Han walks few steps further. In instant the scorpion detects his presence and immediately attacks him. Han swiftly avoid its attacks, deliberately goes to its left. The scorpion can not move its left legs. Instead it turns its body to the left by moving its three right legs then chases Han sideward, dragging its left legs.

Since its concentration is on Han, I easily sneak toward behind it. With one big hop. I launch my self and land onto its behind, near the base of its tail. Though it looks sleek from a far, due to its gigantic size, it actually has many nooks that I can grab on. I make another jump and start climbing the tail. I need to put most of my energy clinging to it since it is furiously attacking Han.

After so much trouble, being swung up-down multiple times in high speed, I finally manage to climb halfway to its peak. The higher I climb, the more swing I have to conquer. It is no longer only up and down but also left to right. I almost lose my grips so many times due to the jolts, but fortunately I still able to hang on.

At where I am, I can see clearly how Han also barely manage to avoid the attacks several times. This creature, beside losing its speed a little, hasn't lost its energy any bit while Han's energy is fast drained. His movement is getting slower by each attack.

"Han, Watch out !!" I warn Han when he still doesn't move while the tail is approaching him very fast. Han can only bare to turn his head to the tail. His body hasn't moved. Maybe he has no energy left to move. I instinctively grab the bristle sticks Han gave me from my waist where I slit them over this time and puncture them into the tail. I don't expect it can harm this creature, but at least to shock and distract it.

It definitely shocks the scorpion. It shrieks then throw its tail to the right, making a huge jolt. The sudden jolt makes me losing my grip and throws me in the air,, slam my body on the wall with a loud bam and cracking sound before I fall down 15 feet off to the ground. I don't know whether the cracking sound is on the wall or inside my body as I once again puking another mouth full of blood. I know this time some of my internal organs are injured.

Defying my need to just lay on the ground and bare with the pain, I roll my body to avoid another attack. I can only roll and roll since I have no chance to even just stand up, even less to jump.

I roll my body to enclose with the scorpion body. Based on my previous experience, it is harder for the tail to attack the area near its body. I was right. The scorpion seems to be a little frustrated, puncturing its tail to the ground that are few feet a head me while I keep rolling near its feet.

But suddenly, when I thought that the scorpion would just attack me with its tail, a huge pillar of leg hits my chest and stomach, squeezes me flat on the ground..

"Huummph.." I make a loud sound as the stomp empties my whole lung and also crushes them at once.Blood spreads out of my mouth. I don't mind the pain at all. My mind is too occupied with the horror my eyes are received.

The tail is fast piercing down toward my face. I can see its huge sting is approaching me, while I am unable to move under its leg. I put multiple punches furiously onto the leg, trying to let my self lose from its under. But it doesn't move an inch.

"AAARRGGHH!!" I shout in frustration and fear.


The scorpion shrieks in pain as its tail that only a few inches from my face is suddenly pulled back and its leg that was over my body is also moved. I quickly roll my body further and get up. Before I can stabilize my stand on the ground, I hear a painful scream. Han !!

I run behind the scorpion's back approaching where I see Han for the last time. The scorpion notices that I am no longer in my position and starts looking for me. But since we have damaged its left legs totally, it can only moving in counter-clock-wise circle.

"Han !!" I shout, calling for Han. There is no response. I quicken my run. After a couple of seconds I see him, laying on the ground. Not moving.

"Han !!" I shout again approaching his body. My eyes bulge in disbelief. His eyes are still wide open. His whole body is blackish blue. There is a big piercing whole on his stomach. Before I can check his pulse, the scorpion is already positioning itself in front of me.

I drag Han's body into the low crevice to avoid the scorpion's attack. After that, I quickly check his pulse, still hoping that it is not too late for him..

"Han !! Han !! No.. NOOOO!!!" I shout in so much pain and anger when I found no sign of live within him. I shock Han's body, still trying to wake him up. But instead, his body is slowly turning into transparent and dissipated from my eyes.

"NOO !!! NOOOOO!!!!"

I look at my hands that no longer have Han's body on it. My eyes can not hold my tear. I can't believe Han is gone. He is gone !! That kind hearted monk is gone to save me! He saved me from this evil thing.. that which is.. which is... my self !!!

A surge of anger fulfills my heart. Soon, the anger flows and possessed into the whole cells of my body. I have never felt this angry before. The anger accumulate a great energy in my body. I clench my fist so tight. I can hear my gritted teeth is making a sound. Mu sight has turned into red. This creature. I have to kill it, even it means I have to kill my self.

I walk out of the crevice. The anger within me is spreading out in the entire room. I can feel that the scorpion is also intimidated by it. I make another step toward the scorpion. It drags its body back.

"Fight me !!" I shout at it then jump on to its body. I hit my fist right into the center of its body. It is actually covered with a thick shell. However, with the amount of energy I have, my fist can penetrates and breaks the shell. The scorpion shrieks in pain. It immediately thrusts its tail toward me.

I pull my fist from the scorpion's body. It is covered with blue stain. I jump to avoid the tail's pierce and at once grab my hand onto the tail. The scorpion waves its tail furiously as it determines to throw me away from it. But I have more determinant to not only stay there but also to break its tail.

Despite of the scorpion's effort to put me down, I manage to cling both my feet on the tail and climb my self up to sit on it. After that, I grab the peak of its tail with both of my arms. I can see a piece of clothe still hangs on its peak. It is Han's robe. The piece of clothe is like an oil pours to my anger.

With all energy I have in my whole body, I twist my arms. The scorpion shrieks in pain, but the tail hasn't broke. I twist harder. A crack sound is heard. The scorpion waves its tail like never before. I twist it again with more force.

In the same time as I feel the sting is popping off from the rest of its body, I also lose my thighs grip from the tail. I fall down onto the scorpion's body. Wasting not a second, I pierce the sting on to the body.

"Please, don't kill me !!" a voice under me pleads. The gigantic scorpion's body is now no longer to be found. In change, there is a small body under me. A little boy. His chest is facing the ground while there is a whole on his waist with the size of my fist and a pierce sting on his upper back.

"Who are you ?" I ask in anger, choking his neck from behind.

"Me ?" He smirks then coughs when I tighten my choke. "I.. I am.. You !!"

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