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91.95% The Death Stalker / Chapter 80: Quint Rauss [6]

Quint Rauss [6] - The Death Stalker - Chapter 80 by BlackPup full book limited free

Chapter 80: Quint Rauss [6]

In this desperate moment, suddenly a wolf managed to bite his leg. It pierced its teeth so deep and strong until it felt like the teeth crushed his bone. The wolf then dragged him in fast and with so much power swung him away.

Quint flied few meters. His body might still be flying if it wasn't hit a tree behind him. The hit was so hard that made Quint swallowed the blood that already reached his throat. Still sitting on the ground, he stared the wolf that just 'saved' him.

The wolf stood few meters before him. It was the biggest among the pack. When its friends were about to attack Quint again, it groaned loudly. The groan halted other's movement. The wolf turned his head to a direction where another wolf laid on the ground, lifeless. It then turned its head back to Quint. The boy could feel a thick killing intent bursting from the wolf.

Quint put not a second more to wait. Limping, he tried to run as fast as he could. It was in vain. Less than five seconds later, his back had been pounced from behind. Quint fell to the ground, chest first. He quickly rolled his body so he could at least defense himself from the attack.

With both hands, Quint tried to keep the wolf's head away from his neck. It worked. But then the wolf howled like signaling his friends to attack. Soon enough, the other six wolves came and started to pound him again.

Once again, Quint was overwhelmed. But a voice within him is heard. "Just kill this wolf." Quint had no choice but to obey it. He began to punch several times to its neck but the effect was very little to none. On the other hand, his one hand was not strong enough to hold the wolf's head.

In that desperate moment, Quint saw a stick laid on the ground. He tried to reach it, but it was few inches out of reach from him. A wolf bit his reached hand. He swung to release the bite and hit the wolf. Another wolf bit his other arm's elbow. He punched that wolf with his free hand.

While still avoiding attacks, Quint shifted his body toward the stick. It was only less than an each. Meanwhile, he could feel teeth of the wolf on top of him were on his skin. Quint stretched both his arm and fingers to maximum so he could reach the stick.

Suddenly, a wolf bit his leg. The pain made him screamed and jolted in the same time. Fortunately, his jolt moved him toward the stick, just enough so he could grab it while his neck was already pierced by the wolf's teeth.

"AAARRGGHH!!" Quint shouted then punched the stick on his hand hard on to the wolf's nect. It was so hard that the stick pierced through from left to right. The wolf howled in pain and released its bit.

Quint also released his stick, but only to puncture it again and again on to the wolf. He did it several times until he assured that the wolf was lifeless. He then threw the body toward several wolves that bit his legs.

The wolves quickly backed on their feet. However they then just stood still, staring at the body. the other wolves also did the same. Only after half a minute later, one of the wolf walked toward the body and sniffed it several times. It then started howling so long and loud. Its howl was followed by others, making one terrifying and painful chorus.

Quint was already on his feet. At first he was stunned by the howling. He had goosebumps all over his body. When he finally could grab his mind back, he realized it was useless to ran away. With his legs' condition, he was already hard to stand, even more to walk or run. So decided to fight them with the stick on his hand.

To his surprise, after stopped howling instead attacking him, the wolves left the place one by one with tails between their legs. Only several minutes after the last wolf left, Quint relaxed himself. His body instantly slumped on the ground. He couldn't believe he just sneaked out from the death.

Defying his body's urge to close his eyes and rest right here right now, Quint pushed himself to climb out the nearest tree. He knew it was not safe to rest on the ground, especially with wounds and blood all over his body.

Leaning on the trunk, he reached his front pocket and took out something. It was a tiny fabric pocket. Inside it, there were three capsules. They were given by the girl who always followed him.

"What's these ?" he asked back then.

"They are medicine. Each capsule could heal any wounds external and internally, including broken or crushed bones. In short, as long as you still breathing, it can save you," the girl explained with a smile. "Take it. You might need them someday. And if you ran out of them, just tell me. I will give you some again," she continued. Quint saw this girl save that bullyer boy, so he knew this girl was good at healing. Ever since then, he always brought those capsules with him.

Quint took one capsule and just gulped it down his throat without any water. Well.. he had no water. Soon enough he could feel the medicine started to work. Itchiness and piercing were felt all over his body, especially his wounded legs, hands, and neck. He bit his lower lip and his closing eyes were twitching uncontrollably to endure the reaction.


Quint woke up with a loud grumble in his stomach. He immediately opened his eyes. Al though the sunlight wasn't got through, he knew it was already morning as somehow the forest became more lively and as dark as before.

The little boy checked his condition. That little girl's medicine was really amazing. His wounds were healed and his body, despite being super hungry, had so much energy.

Realizing that he hadn't been eating since yesterday, Quint jumped down on the ground. He was stunned a little bit to notice that the wolf he killed last night was now merely skull and bones. He was grateful he forced himself to climb the tree last night, or less.. the wolf's bones might not the only one left on the ground.

Quint started to trace back to the water spring he found yesterday. It was not only because he needed water, but he also needed to find his knife. Without it, he would have more trouble surviving in this forest. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Luckily, he found his knife. He actually found his drinking bottle, too, but unfortunately the wolf's teeth were very sharp thus made few holes on it.

After satisfying his thirst with the cool water, Quint decided to find some fruits and maybe fungi along the way to fill his stomach. Since he no longer had bottle to content his drinking supply for the journey, his journey would have little drawback as he would need to stop and find water spring every now and then. Thus, hunting animal would waste him more time since he still needed to grill the meat. On the other hand, Quint still pitied his stomach and pallet to eat raw meat.

Following his own signage, Quint found back his track. While munching fruits and fungi he found along his path every now and then, Quint continued his journey. After facing that hell night, maybe Heaven felt pity on him. Thus he found not much of trouble during almost the rest of the journey..

It was the fifth day of his journey. Quint knew that he had passed the deepest forest and almost reached the end of the forest because the sunlight could already through the forest. Quint was so excited because this journey would end soon and he could meet his master again.

However, his excitement was disturbed by a loud groan. Quint immediately halted his steps. His body instantly got alert. The groan was heard again. It was still more than a mile away from where he was. When the third groan was heard, Quint frowned then hast his steps toward the voice.

It was a groan of a bear , most likely a black bear. The groan was heard again. This time it was obvious it was a painful and frustrated groan.

Five minutes later, Quint slowed down his steps as he finally arrived to source of the sound. A black bear being very agitated, trying to release itself but failed. One of the bear's leg got trapped into the bear trap.

Quint slowly walked toward the bear. The bear saw him and groaned to him.

"Easy now," Quint said in calm low tome. "I am here to help you. Do you want to be helped ?" The bear groaned again.

"Good," Quint said. He then lower his body and squatted in front of the trapped leg. He then placed both of his hands each on the trap's lips and opened it. Once the trap was opened, the bear pulled out its leg. It then groaned and licked the boy's face.

"You're good to go .."

"What are you doing, Boy ?" suddenly a man's voice cut Quint's words. Quint turned to the voice. There were two men walking toward them. From their appearances, flannel shirt, cargo pant, cap, and of course riffle on their shoulder, Quint knew they both were a hunter. The bear groaned.

"What ?? Don't you know it's hunting season now ? In this area we are allowed to hunt bear.." the other man scolded him in irritation.

Quint only shrugged. "Sorry ?" he asked.

"What the hell.." The first man suddenly raised his gun, cocked it, and aimed it to the bear.

"No !!" Quint shouted. He ran in front of the bear. He thought that the man would discourage to shoot. To his surprise, the man still shot.

"Argh !!" Quint hugged the bear and moved to avoid the shot. However, the bullet still scratched his upper arm.

The black bear groaned in anger. It then ran toward the man and pounced him to fall on the ground. The man's friend immediately cocked and pointed his riffle on to the bear. However, Quint quickly stood up and ran toward the man. With a jump, he threw his small fist onto the man's right cheek.

Al though it seemed small, the fist was powerful as the man jolted and fell to the ground because of it. Quint jumped onto the man chest, threw his gun away, then punched his face several times until he was unconscious.

Suddenly Quint heard a gun shot. The bear groaned in pain and backed off. Quint turned to the man who was pounded by the bear few seconds ago. The man still laid on the ground, but with wide smile. Once again he cocked his gun and pointed to the bear.

Quint ran toward the man and without thinking a second thought, Quint plugged his knife into the man's left eyes.

The man cried in pain. However, Quint's mercy was thin on this man. He plugged out his knife then punched it into the man's stomach a couple of times. Blood was squirted and bursted from the man's body. Quint then punched his fist onto the man's neck to just end his life.

Quint approached the wounded bear. Fortunately, the bullet was passed through the bear's body, leaving two big holes on it. Quint groped his pocket and took the capsule. He opened the capsule and poured the powder in it into the bear's mouth. He then closed the bear's mouth, telling it to swallow the powder.

"Good boy," he said then patted the bear's head. After took care of his scratch wound, Quint told the bear to go before the other man woke up. He himself then continued his journey.

Hours later, Quint finally reached the edge of the forest. As he expected, his master was there. To his surprise, his master actually built a tent and camped there to wait for him. He was just making a bonfire when Quint arrived.

"Master," Quint greeted him. His master looked at him and smile widely.

@@@@@ Author's Note @@@@@

Can't you guess which part of the last two chapters was the hardest to write ?? ^_~

Should I put + sign on the bloody scene ? Let me know in the comment :),

And.. please vote with power stone. Thank you

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