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The Demon Lord’s Bride (BL)

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Author: Aerlev

4.95 (15 ratings)

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Getting transmigrated inside a novel is not really a bad thing—you know the story, you have the power of the future in your hand, you know all the hidden keys. You might as well end up as the most powerful and omniscient being in that world.

That is, if you don’t wake up during the epilogue.

And yet I find myself in the body of a fallen priest at the end of the novel, a tragic hero who had his mana circuit broken in the last war, being shunned, drown in debt, and destined to die not long after.

Fortunately, I know just the cure.

Unfortunately, the cure was in the hand of one of the Demon Lords—you know, the race that my kingdom just wage war with.

Would he give me the cure if I asked him politely? There’s no harm in trying, right? I’d die if I didn’t get the cure, anyway.

“Sure, but you have to be my bride as the price,” the Demon Lord said.

...huh? Sir, you know I’m (technically) a priest, right?

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    I love this story!! the author pulls you into the history, context, plot, and the setting. Flows smoothly. The characters are adorable!

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    I love this story! The way you're fleshing out the character development, the novel is. general is the world in which the story is taking place, everything is perfect!! Thank you for sharing this wonder with us! I use Google translate, sorry for the mistakes

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    I’ve been following this story’s daily updates for a while and absolutely love it. The characters are fun, the MC experiences real growth, and the two leads genuinely care for each other. The story deals with real emotions of curiosity and guilt and friendship. The background and reasoning behind the story is solid and the mysteries of the past and the exploration of the world keep you intrigued. Also, I love that this is Val’s own story, and the original story of the novel he’s been pulled into isn’t taking over. All in all, this is a story that I anticipate being invested in until the end! I love it so, so much!

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    LV 15 Badge

    Literally one of the best novels I’ve read on here in a while, if I didn’t have a job I would’ve been caught up in like two days(currently on ch272). The world building is insane like I can genuinely see the whole world unfolding as I read. The characters might be the best I’ve ever read. Especially the ML, he’s not just a one dimensional rich boss bf, he has emotions beyond just loving the mc and being possessive, which is commonly like the only traits you see in MLs these days. He gets flustered, embarrassed, proud, spoiled, and he has meaningful connections with characters outside the mc. The mc also has amazing character development and is so lovable and the side characters are the same. I already miss them even though the book is nowhere near over. Also the grammar and writing and the way the author describes settings and emotions is so detailed and emotional. UGHHH I love this book, sorry for the ramble I just had to leave a good review. Hopefully this makes sense and convinces even one more person to read this greatness bc you won’t regret it!! JADE 4L

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    this novel is so captivating ,i have only read 30 chapters and i am obsessed !!!If you dont like the novels that have toxic and aggressive ml, this is your chance to experience the sweetest love story...🤭ahhhh the butterflies this novel makes me feel...

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    this story is one of the best i have read in this platform !!!the characters are very good written with lots of development.There are no loopholes and the writing quality is soooo good💯A must read

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    I cruised through all the available chapters and then full on pouted because i knew i had to wait. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. I ADORE Val and just how he’s working through his emotions. Yea, it’s a love story, but this lead has baggage. Makes everything sweeter, but the angst and panic sneaks up on you, much like it does for people with anxiety disorders. And cycling back to the love story… slow burn of the best kind! This author has really exceeded my expectations with whats been written. Definitely looking forward to more.

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    100⭐ awesome read, love the writing style and cute characters that I always stay upt todate on chapters. Don't regret reading this awesomeness 😁😉👍

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    Waiting for more Chapters!!! and the MC is Priest!!!

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    Been reading this for idk a year now the journey is so GOOD- But this book omg THIS. BOOK. I HIGHLY recommend this if you like; ✓Fluff ✓Traumatic back stories ✓Fantasy ✓Transmigration ✓Rich ML ✓Rich Demon Lord ML ✓Rich Demon Lord ML spoiling MC ✓Birb ✓SUPER GREEN FLAG ML (like the greenest green flag ever got me questioning my morals) ✓Softie adorable Capable MC (must protect) ✓Past lives connection between ehem mc&ml ✓And did I say that the ML is a HUGE Green flag? Calling our mc his "Sweetheart" and treating him as his most precious like KYAAAAAAA!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    If you're a sucker for a green flag ML and an MC who will have a character development, then this is for you. Everything about them is just so sweet that my heart would flutter along with them. The right amount of angst balances out the fluffiness too. Please read it! The plot is also good and the writing quality is clean as well!

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    The cover art really doesn't do this book justice!! The lead character is so innocent and lovely. The way the story unfolds is like a rose blooming in slow motion: fascinating, colorful, beautiful, but thorny. I want more!!!! On a more conventional note, this is a very well-crafted novel: - the world building is way above average, both close up and big picture make cohesive sense, - the character development is way above average, you end up caring about these people, and - the Gods and transmigration and reincarnation are integral to the plot, not just a convenient way to get the MC to a new world. I'm very impressed, wholeheartedly recommend this book, and, I WANT MORE!!!

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    I've been following this book for months now 🤭 It is a great book. Amazing characters and I love the plot ❣️❣️🤗 I've been following this everyday for an update 🤭

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    The way the author writes is very beautiful, I can imagine almost everything that is happening in the story, keep writing my dear author[img=Loving it][img=Smitten]

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    I love this book so much. If not for Limited Free I wouldn't encounter this book. The ML is so Green flag aside from being a sugah daddy 💵💸💲💳 Highly recommended. If not for being poor, I already finished this book. Well I need to save coins again

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    Author Aerlev