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100% The Devil's Creation | Book one / Chapter 2: CHAPTER ONE

CHAPTER ONE - The Devil's Creation | Book one - Chapter 2 by Thando_Cilo full book limited free

Chapter 2: CHAPTER ONE

Sable (n.) : Black, dark, a black colour in heraldry.

I could feel their sharp stares penetrating through my cold skin before a hoarse voice, which held so much authority boomed in silcence summoning me. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-creation-%7C-book-one_20682282206920305/chapter-one_55518662907453225">;s-creation-%7C-book-one_20682282206920305/chapter-one_55518662907453225</a> for visiting.

With much effort, I fluttered my eyes open eager to take in all their appearances but darkness clouded my vision. I woke my aching body from the floor and with all my attempts, I'd still utter helpless grunts because of just how painful the experience was.

It was like I was gifted with clairvoyance as I could account for where they were, relative to me regardless of not seeing their faces. Right now I was more vulnerable than ever because I couldn't account at their actions and they'd simply kill me without me putting up a fight.

The mark on my back hurt and from there I knew that it was him, he was here.

"Wake up!" his hoarse voice echoed in silence.

I sat up straight hoping that he'd see that I have woken up.

"Good girl." He spat, his voice bitter. He had been hunting me down, and from what I could account it all started years ago when I provoked him.

"Didn't you miss my company, little girl?" he questioned, his tone bitter. Confidence building up in my still frame, I wanted to say something that'd anger him but as I opened my mouth, no words seemed to form.

"Are we mute now dear?" He asked, taunting me. Silence settled between us, my heart beating hard against my rib cage.

I heard a heavy sigh being released and registered it belonged to him. "Fine, we will do this just the hard way." He tiredly spat.

From those words a new feeling resided deep within me, my heart now heavy as if I knew exactly what he meant by that. I felt fear.

I involuntarily stood up, my feet against the cold, rocky surface as a part of me wanted to fight but the other was rather perplexed and unknowing of the situation that laid ahead of us. It was as if two people occupied my body, both having different agendas or goals.

"Please, don't please!" I screamed my voice laced with fear.

"So, now little one, you can talk?" He asked, his voice carrying no hint of emotion just as a chuckle erupted.

"Please!" I exclaimed in fear of not knowing and knowing the outcomes. "You are sick!"

The chuckle was killed in a short space of time, leading me to such dreadful silence.

"I'm so sick-" He began."-but let me actually show you how actually sick I am!"

After those words he started to laugh a crazy, terrifying laugh that sent shivers down my spine as if after that laughter I'd see the other side of him that my other self was awaiting for.

I wanted to run, to get away from him as soon as possible, to leave his absurd state and never come across him again, but it was pointless. I felt powerless.

"You know, amore, life doesn't happen the way we want it to." He started to taunt me, which was something he did best. He released a sigh. "Back in 1999, 17 May, 10:16 pm, you were mine! And you kept running away from me! Which is something, I actually despise little girl."

Drifting through my thoughts, I realized that date as my birthday. I seemingly provoked him on my birthday, how fortunate.

I sighed, feeling a pang of pain right under my ribcage from my attempt.

"Already tired? Oh sweetheart it's too early. We are going to experience something phenomenal together, well with some intruders but it's going to be mesmerizing, amazing, magn- oh I can't form the perfect words to describe it!" His hoarse voice rang in my ears.

Silence fell, my frame stood still, my heart beating hard against my chest, a part of me losing itself from his words. It felt like Deja Vu, where something bad was lurking.

"And it all starts, now!" His words echoed, breaking down the silence. I recognized his words as the one that'd cause chaos in me and break me.

I felt heat, a taste of fine iron attacking my taste buds and unpleasant noise attacking my ears. This was so bad. I knew it.

Holding tight my stomach, I heard a cold, terrifying laughter followed by a rather heart shattering coughs which I assumed came from him. It was seemingly amusing for him to break me. I fell hard on the floor with my knees and let out a whimper.

I averted my gaze up, only to meet up with the flames calling my name. I could literally see my name on those flames, written if that could ever happen.

I wanted to run, to get away from this thing because a part of me knew that I would break into small fine pieces. But I stayed, regardless of the fact that I couldn't get away, I stayed loud to experience whatever that was lurking.

The red flames were coming closer to my still, yet shaking frame, ready to engulf me and burn me. I wanted to scream, I wanted to thrive, but I couldn't. Instead I followed my gut and looked behind the overwhelming inferno only to find their faces.

Stern yet mocking faces were evident behind the inferno, two of them were females and one of them was a male.

The young female and male wore expensive looking clothes, gold and diamonds literally engulfing their frames but the older female, however, with her baggy eyes, pale skin, wrinkles, looked utterly sad and broken. Her soul was screaming hurt and turmoil.

"Do you recognize them sweetness?" He questioned, as I now also realised that he had recovered from that heartbreaking cough. He was mocking me once again.

I kept my eyes shut for a few split seconds as they started to literally burn. Opening them they were still there, a faint smile plastered on the young female's face.

My mark started to hurt more than usual, breaking every piece of me that the Universe conspired in building.

Their voices broke the dreadful silence, sounding as chants behind the inferno. I couldn't understand their words, nor could I even hear them. I started to scream, without my consent, asking for help.

My back hurt, as if the mark was boring inside of me, ready to reach my insides. I laid down on floor and held my stomach tighter than before as if it was to fall off.

I woke up from my deep slumber, my lungs desperately in need of air as I started to take in more of it once, paying for the one I owed my lungs.

Cold sweat covered my body. I woke my zombie frame, realising that it was 08:43 in the morning, seven minutes away from the ringing of my alarm and it waking me, I walked to the shower and took a cold one.

After some time I walked to my room, a towel wrapped around my body and soon I wore my usual black clothes, a black sweatpant, a black hoodie and sneakers.

After some time I walked out of the room and found granny, too happy to notice my presence, singing as she made her usual delicious porridge.

"Morning grandma." I vocalized, my voice laced with unsureness.

"Oh, hey sweetness!" She exclaimed, her words filled with happiness. I didn't want to crush it as the last word she uttered woke something in me, reminding me of that man who tortured me. "What is it love?"

I looked up, to see her frame nearing me gazing at my foul expression. "uh- not-thing." I replied, trying to wipe away the expression.

"I know you Willow." She said, making me feel different emotions at once at the way my name rolled down her tongue.

"It's the dream, it's back." I said without thinking, tired of the whole dream experience.

The atmosphere changed, drastically.

"I know that you thought the herb would actually help, but it did not work." I said with pleading eyes, pleading for her mercy to do something about it, probably take me to a psychiatrist if I'd help.

"Oh my little Willow." she muttered, engulfing me with an embrace. "Okay, then I guess, today you skip doing your chores. Go and sleep, I guess it is caused by your lack of sleep. Go. Go."

She began shooing me away from the kitchen, without breakfast on my stomach, forgetting that i'm a taurus.

I complied, walking away from her and throwing myself on my bed hoping to get a good sleep. I laid my body flat on the comfy bed, listening to the quietness of nature as were lived in between the terrible looking, dark woods. For what seemed like a century, my body felt like it was rearranging itself or so I thought. My hands felt like they were backwards and massive, head empty untill I saw something, darkness.

I felt my heart beating hard against my ribcage, threatening to exit through the gaps, fear residing deep within me.

Tilting my heart I saw it, gigantic, light black like the area , with red eyes that searched for my soul deep within my brown orbs.

"JUMP!" That four lettered word echoed, scaring me but regardless I looked over, seeing how beautifully nature has rearranged itself. There was a cliff and I was standing near it, I fell.

Taking a deep breath between my journey to the ever so unpleasant looking rocks, i saw darkness again. It was as if nature never existed. As if it were the greatest illusion.

Soon the darkness came to a rather, pleasant journey of curiosity, as pictures began flashing at the back of my mind waiting for me to overlook at.

From the first, I saw her wrinkled face, happy to see a small child which looked like a young me. The second one had her laying limp on the floor, blood everywhere as the child had her heart, dripping blood.

It hit me like Deja Vu and before I was to react, I heard my grandmother's cold, icy yet loud voice calling my name before it all disappeared and I faced her angered state.

"Oh, little naive Skylar Willow Morllet you shouldn't have done that! You just provoked me. You woke my chaos." She screamed, and ended her words with "But chaos is, fundamental."

From her words, darkness clouded my vision and I in thoughts of seeing what I had saw, I fell into a deep unpleasant slumber because this one, was forced.

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