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20% The Devil's Thinking : Death Call / Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Time of Death

Chapter 1 : Time of Death - The Devil's Thinking : Death Call - Chapter 1 by _auraltina7_ full book limited free

The Devil's Thinking : Death Call original

The Devil's Thinking : Death Call

Author: _auraltina7_

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Time of Death

Vixxon :

Hi my name is Vixxon! I'm an 11 year old boy going to Blue Ridge Academy of Martial arts & Powers. It's a school which teaches us control our powers & those who do not have powers learn martial arts. I'm one of them. I don't have powers or inherited powers. That's the reason why I learn Martial arts.

I have 3 friends, Stevven, Genesis & Vanessa. Let me tell you something about my friends. Stevven is a Fox & his element is Fire. Genesis is a wolf & her element is ice. Vanessa is a deer & her element is leaf. They are my friends, who supported me all through my life. The last one is Jones, Robert Jones. He never showed his animal because he is very secretive. He is not only my friend but also the one who adopted me. Yes, he is my teacher & also my father.

Everything is so unknown about him. Being his son even I don't know what powers he has. I do know that he has the Devil's eye. An eye which is very powerful & also evil. That's the only thing I know about him.

It was 7th April. The day we celebrate & battle. It's the day of 'The Duels'. The Duels is a battle day & also a very big day in Heavenearth. It's the day the 2 brothers, Ray & Roy fought to test their powers. Both of them died because of the huge amount of powers they used. To remember what they did, The Duels are held every 7th April.

I could participate this year. I was 11 & the age restriction barrier was removed for me. People who are 11 & above can participate in The Duels. I was very excited for the event. Last year I used to watch it on TV in demise. Finally the day came. I wore my casual jeans & tshirt, ready to battle in the ground. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-thinking-death-call_17633374106059005/chapter-1-time-of-death_47380194087981466">;s-thinking-death-call_17633374106059005/chapter-1-time-of-death_47380194087981466</a> for visiting.

Jones went early as he was a teacher. I had to catch a Flanticon. A Flanticon is a school train specially for Blue Ridge Students. It picks us up & also drops us home or somewhere else. It was 8 am & I was waiting for the Flanticon. I heard a train horn & figured it was it. It stopped a few miles in front of me. I crossed the road & went in.

The cabin like appearance of the train reminded me of the trips me & my friends had. I went to 101, which was my cabin no. I went inside & saw my friends sitting opposite to each other, wearing the school uniform. I was confused of why they would wear the uniform. I sat next to Stevven with Genesis & Vanessa sitting opposite of us.

"Why are y'all wearing the uniform?", I asked.

"Mr.Nightingale asked everyone to wear the uniform as it was our 1st battle.", Genesis replied.

"I guess I didn't follow that", I looked down in embarrassment.

"It's fine. We will anyway change our clothes. So it doesn't matter.", Stevven said, supporting me.

We passed the bridge which was the longest in Heavenearth. We talked about our previous trips & excursions to many places. We were friends for about 7 years. The whole thing seemed to take over my mind. I was fortunate enough to have friends like these. I was proud. I smiled when they all were talking.

We saw a pop up from the table right at that moment. It was the steward.

"Can I get y'all something?", he asked in a robotic voice. Stevven saw the menu which was on the table like a screen.

"I want bacon sandwich with cheese.", he ordered. It costed about 3 Decks. He removed his ID from his wallet & scanned it on the steward's head which had a QR Code. Done, the money was withdrawn.

"I want a watermelon smoothie", I asked as I was thirsty. I did the same process & Genesis ordered. Vanessa didn't as she had her breakfast already. An hour passed it was 9 already. We finished eating & the steward collected our plates & glasses & disappeared. We reached school at 9:05. We were early.

I saw the mountains behind the school & the forest. A river adding to it's charm. I loved my school as it had nature surrounding & also they taught martial arts very good compared to other martial arts schools in Heavenearth. The acceptance rate is about 5%. So I was lucky to put it in my 1st priority list.

There were students going in & some standing there & talking. I was glad as I was not the only student wearing my casuals. There were others too. I waited for Stevven & the others as they were getting down from the train. Stevven ran & caught me up while Vanessa & Genesis were talking about something.

Mr Walter was standing in front of the school with eyes narrowed. Trying to show us how much he was disgusted with us. He was a self centered person & an introvert. There were many things mysterious about him as he was always self minded.

He came next to me & whispered, 'All the best', the whole thing creeped me out. That cold & shattered voice could be the most creepiest thing I ever heard. He then managed a smile & walked away. Stevven just completed stopped for a moment & Genesis looked confused. Vanessa saw Mr Walter walk away in complete awe.

"What? Why are you guys staring like that? He just said All The Best!", I complained making a small frown trying to remove the confusion on their faces.

"No nothing!", Stevven gulped suddenly.

"Let's go we are getting late!", Genesis said. Vanessa & Stevven followed her on the way to class while I was there still standing.

A few minutes later we had an announcement by the principal.

"The battles of this year will now commence! All participants are requested to fight at their level best. We wish you a very good luck.", the principal announced. The class was a total chaos. Most of them were pretty excited while some of them very nervous.

We went to the grounds. The students of other sections & classes sitting in the audience seats made me nervous. I panicked, which I shouldn't have. I knew it would mess up my performance, so I tried to keep calm as best as I could. I remembered the moves Jones taught me. He told me the best principle in every battle was 'Focus'. I just had to focus my moves & concentrate my weak parts.

I twitched my head trying my best to win. Stevven was preparing for the battle with basic excercises, Genesis was practicing her element while Vanessa went to the Cheer leading podium. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat on the chair next to Nero. A boy who you can probably imagine to be the bully in every school.

He bullied me because I had no element & also no animal. In Heavenearth we use animals as our help & also our powers. I had none. I was just a student of the martial arts academy not the other one. Whenever I saw him, it made me feel down & unlucky. I tried to ignore him but he kept staring at me. He smirked & stood in front of me.

I looked up. The sun passing through him, forming a shadow. I stood up & was in front of him. I wanted him to be my opponent as I wanted to show him the real me. That I could use my powers instead of animals. He was a mongoose. His element was Earth. He was furious in every way he went.

"You will lose, Vixxon!", he smirked & walked past me.

"Yeah we will see!", I challenged. The horn blew which meant The Duels started. Stevven stopped his excercise & Genesis sat on one of the chairs & saw the opponents list. I saw the list too. I saw my name at the last. My opponent's name next to mine.

My opponent was Nero! I was happy & also nervous. Genesis had to fight with Ray Zebull & Stevven had to fight with Mike Bobcat. Seemed like opposites really attract. All of the participants got to know their opponents & began preparing to go on the ground. The cheers from the other classes cheered some of the people.

I prayed that I would do well. Stevven gave a smile & Genesis gave a thumb up. I did the same. The MC announced my name as it was a random match. I took a deep breath & went down. Stevven & Genesis were up while Vanessa was cheerleading as I came down. "It's going to begin! Calm down! You can do it! Just focus!", I whispered in my mind.

Nero was waiting down already, as if he wanted to kill me from a long time. The smirk on his face just gave it away. I stood in front of him & then the horn blew. It was my first battle & I had to ace it. He came running towards me with his fist clenched. I stood there struck without any movement. I felt like I was paralyzed. Something was making me stop. A force.

He punched me right in the face. His attack having a combination with Earth. It was hard as a rock! The punch felt like a million of hands punching together. The force created a great pressure on my face with my jaws moving out of their position. I fell on the ground with my face broken, my blood trying to come out of their busy work.

My eyes shutting down & up. The glances of people. Stevven, Genesis & Vanessa seeing me & picking me up. Jones carrying me. Then my eyes closed when I saw my friends running behind me but the other teachers stopping them. It looked like a movie being played. Each scene was when my eyes opened for a bit.

I opened my eyes to see the nurse putting the IV bag. She looked at me & walked away. I felt completely drained of exhaustion. My sweat glands exercising, my face burning with the wound & my breath becoming slow. I tried to get up, but my body pulled me back. I had no energy left in me. A punch so hard in my face, never expected it to be this exhausting.

I could feel the bandages on my face. My jaws were broken & it still hurted from the battle. I saw a tall figure entering the room. It was Jones. His brown eyes & hair made it obvious. He sat on the stool next to my bed & brushed my hair which was similar to his hair colour. He smiled. A smile so comforting. I couldn't see my friends though.

"I'm sorry! They couldn't come. The teachers didn't allow. You tried your best, it's ok!", he comforted me.

"I.. t.. s.. fin---", I said in a shaky voice. Just then the door opened. 3 people came running towards me. Stevven was crying, Genesis was seeing me, worried & Vanessa looking sad. They hugged me in my sleeping position.

I smiled, which meant that I was okay. They stepped back as Jones told.

"You better take rest Vixxon!", Stevven said wiping his tears.

"Get well soon! We'll come to see you soon!", Genesis added.

"Yeah. We are always there with you.", Vanessa said.

They left the room after saying that. I tried my best to make good bye with my hands which later on failed. Jones waited till they left & gave a serious look. His eyes narrowed as usual.

"Listen to me carefully Vixxon. I know that you are not in the condition to talk, but you have to listen to me.", he said.

"Yes.", I said. Probably that was the longest word I could say.

"You're a snake, Vixxon!", he said.

"Wha---", my voice couldn't prolong much. I was a snake! What? How? Maybe my parents were. They abandoned me when I was 3. Jones then adopted me when I was 5. 2 years I had spent in the orphanage with the other kids. When he said that my heart stopped. I was happy that I was a snake but also worried.

Why? Snakes are considered to be evil & are thought to be used in witchcraft & black magic. That's the reason why people hate people who are snakes. The reason why I was happy was because I knew my animal. I didn't care if it was a snake or not. But I got an animal! This would be the happiest day of my life.

"But I guess you'll be removed from the academy. That's the reason why I had to talk to you about it first. You were paralyzed because the venom was forming in your body.", he added.

He knew I was paralyzed! How? Was I that obvious? It just took 2 seconds for Nero to punch me. It would've been to late for Jones to notice! Maybe he did.

Venom was forming in my body? I guess I was getting immune to the venom. That's why I was paralyzed. But still Nero won! I frowned but was half happy.The worst part was that I had to leave Blue Ridge. I didn't wanted to. But I had to because of the condition. The Council controls entire Heavenearth including Blue Ridge. So I had no option but to leave the academy.

They have certain rules & regulations which people had to follow. I was wondering what my friends would think when they heard about this. A, they would be happy that I got my animal. B, they would be shocked that I was a snake & C, they would cry when they realised that I would leave Blue Ridge. All of these things were making me mental.

I wanted to talk but I couldn't. My jaw was broken.

"I know it sounds all alienic when you hear it all of a sudden. I want to give you your space & time to think about it & tell me when you get well. You have some fractures by the way.", he said.

I knew it. I wanted to say my answer right away. I was ready to leave Heavenearth for the best. I knew it would disappoint my friends but I had to. I did a gesture that caught his eye. He smiled & left the room. He then came back after 10 mins with a man.

He was the tattoo artist of our school. Stevven, Genesis & Vanessa got their tattoo done by him. In order to use the animals for help, we get a tattoo done. When we are in a battle or a fight, we use the tattoo by tapping them with our index & middle finger. It's always in the right hand. I was getting a tattoo done!

He showed me a book of designs asking me to choose one. There were plenty but I chose the one which looked the coolest. It was a black snake entangled in a rose. It looked really cool. He removed his machine & drew it over my hand. It hurted but only took 3 seconds for him to use the tech.

I saw my right hand in my sleeping position. There it was! The thing I wanted for so long. I whispered a glee. Jones giving me a wink after the tattoo artist left. He then said a small bye & left the room forever. I was lying on the bed with all the tubes on my hands.

I thought to sleep. I dozed off on the bed. My dreams taking over my mind. A nice beautiful place I was in. Behind me was a cave. A huge one. In front of me was the prettiest nature I had ever seen. The oak trees, the hills & the mountains, the river showing it's blue tint. All of these would be the best thing.

I sat on the edge of the cliff seeing the nature in my eyes. It felt like I had peace after a long. It burnt the unnecessary thoughts in my head leaving it empty & blank. I got up & walked towards the cave. It was dark & looked long. There was a lantern at the side. I took it to guide my way.

I went further, walked a few steps & reached the end. There was a huge castle. Sort of what looked like a realm. The castle was small but looked ancient. There was no one but one man. A man wearing a black robe. His hood covering his face & hands. Only his palms could be seen. Which was pale & white. He was playing a melodious tune with his flute.

The perfect harmony for the nature. He stopped playing all of a sudden. I figured maybe I interrupted so he stopped. I was embarrassed of doing that.

"It's ok you can continue! I'm sorry for interrupting. You play the flute well by the way.", saying this I left the sight of the man.

I felt that he was watching me & following me. It was creepy. I felt like a stalker following me. I turned back, seeing his eyes watching mine. He wasn't human. He was different. He had black intense eyes, his face showing his pale white skim. I couldn't see his body because my eyes just saw his. They were completely black. I screamed at the top of my voice.

My voice box exploding with screaming sounds. My adrenaline rushing with fear. My guilt of seeing his face troubling me all through. My heart at a pace of shock. I was trembling with fear. I had never seen a dream like this before, so intense & eerie. I wanted to wake up but I somehow couldn't! What the hell? Why couldn't I wake up! Someone help me!

I reached the long, narrow cave. The lantern being at the side. I picked it up in haste trying my best to run & not see him. He was still following me. This time his speed increasing faster. I tried my best until my heart could no longer take the breath. I reached the edge of the cliff.

I threw the lantern at him, thinking if the fire would burn him & I would be out of this dream. He defended it & ran as fast as he could. I was now at the edge of the cliff. Behind me was the fall & in front of me was the creepiest man I had ever seen. I wondered if this was the time of my death or a chance to escape this horrific dream.

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