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98.78% The Devil King of fast wear was a little sweet / Chapter 1630: In the 1725s and 1990s, the little brother was finished

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Chapter 1630: In the 1725s and 1990s, the little brother was finished

Author: Thirteen pure ones Machine Translation

The scandals of the Su family continued one after another, with all sorts of ugly appearances.

The villagers were getting a little tired of watching them play.

It was said that a living face was like a living tree with a living skin.

Now, the people of the Su family clearly did not care about their skin. They did not associate with anyone in the village, and only shut their doors.

To be honest, if the people of the Su family village did not care about the older generation, Su Eryuan was after all Su Ying's father. For the sake of the reputation of the village, they had to think of a way to get this family out.

Everyone in all the villages knew about Su Eryuan's glorious deeds when they heard that he was from the Su family village.

First, he had an extra child. Then, he sold his second daughter to his eldest brother's son to change his marriage. After that, he replaced his third daughter with his second daughter. He used the money of his two daughters to build a tiled house and marry his daughter-in-law.

In the end, his daughter-in-law was married and was like his son. The two old men had to support these two young and strong men.


The people of the Han family in the same village looked at the Su family's joke. They didn't say it on the surface, but they looked for mother Han in private. They couldn't help but sigh.

It was said that it was fortunate that Su Ying had a resolute character back then. He had broken off his relationship with the Su family long ago. Otherwise, they were all from the same village. The children would have been in a lot of trouble. Mother Han would have been worried to death if she had to face such in-laws.

"That's true. " Mother Han nodded in agreement. However, she was disdainful in her heart.

Although she had never gotten along with Su Ying, mother Han knew her own daughter-in-law very well.

Su Ying was not an easy person to handle. He dared to jump into a river at such a young age. He was barely literate when he was in his teens. However, he made a comeback in the end. He didn't have a relationship with either the key high school or Fudan University.

Was He going to draw a line between himself and the SU family That was Su Eryuan's own doing. He was not blessed.

If his family was still in-laws with the Su family, Su Ying could casually make a move and the daughter-in-law of the Su family would probably be badly punished... ...

There was also the matter of Su Yan and the scabby man. If it was exposed, they would be arrested. It would be a crime of intercommunication, right?

Su Ying was a barrister. Wasn't it just a matter of a word whether he wanted people to enter or not?

Mother Han had lived her whole life. Han Jin was disobedient and always had his own opinions.

Mother Han had come to an understanding. No matter how powerful Su Ying was, as long as the two of them lived a good life and gave birth to a fat grandson for her, as long as Han Jin could subdue Su Ying, then why would their parents care so much for nothing?

What pot goes with what LID. A child can't control its mother. It has always been the same since ancient times.

Xia Ling lived a comfortable life in Shanghai.

She had a career and a family.

Han Jin and she were both very capable people. Work matters were never brought into the family, and they were always resolved in an orderly manner.

When two people with high iq were together, their lives were also very interesting.

No matter how busy he was at work, Han Jin would always buy a bouquet of flowers every few days. He would invite Xia Ling out for a walk and reward her for her recent hard work.

The mood was always tormented.

Han Jin was so romantic, so Xia Ling naturally gave him something in return.

The occasional surprise in bed and personally cooking made Han Jin look forward to it very much.

In their circle, those who knew them were all very envious. No one had ever made money, and the couple's relationship could still be so good, leading such an ordinary and blissful life.


Secretary Han and mother Han lived at home. Han Jin still had to go back with Xia Ling every New Year's Eve.

Only then would Xia ling understand the current situation of the plot.

Su Mei had the golden finger of space and was now a famous artisan in the country. She had even set up a workshop and was earning a lot of money every day. It seemed that she had already started a family with the male lead. She had come back before the New Year and was still driving a mercedes-benz. It was a full return to her hometown.

The villagers were all gossiping. They all hoped that Su Ying and Han Jin could surpass her and make the ostentation big so that they could have something to talk about in the next year.

However, Han Jin and Xia Ling were not high-profile people. They came back to drive an SUV. It was a sino-japanese joint venture brand. The configuration was high, and the most important thing was that it was comfortable.

The male lead who drove the mercedes-benz back... ... His father had just signed a contract with Han Jin ...

Su Mei's workshop was a little famous, but Han Jin and Xia Ling started early and developed quickly. Now, the development of the male and female lead was just a small matter in front of them.

Seeing through it, Xia Ling could not be bothered to compare this with Su Mei. They were no longer on the same level. After Su Mei came back, she pretended not to know about the little thoughts of putting on a show.

And after all these years, the Su family had become a pile of mud.

When Su An's wife saw that Xia Ling had returned, she wanted to use her identity as Xia Ling's sister-in-law to pester her, but she was rejected by Xia Ling with a cold face.

On Su Yan's side, she still vaguely resented Xia Ling.

Because Su Yan felt that if Su Ying had not run away and obediently submitted, then Su Ying would be the one married to the mangy family now, and she would be the one married to Han Jin and living a good life.

People were like this. They only saw others as good and could not bear to see others'hard work.

Xia Ling had interacted with Su Yan once. As long as Su Yan was a little ambitious, Xia Ling would think of a way to bring her and her son out. The outside world was very big, and Su Yan could live a normal life after leaving the Su family village.

However, Su Yan did not have that intention at all. Unlike Su An's wife, she did not want to take advantage of Xia Ling. She hated the mangy family, but she was particularly entangled with the mangy.

The Su Family village was like a pool of mud, firmly binding her inside. She could not struggle and was too lazy to turn over.

Marry someone Sleeping with anyone was not sleeping. Apart from being a little old and ugly, the mangy did not treat her badly at all.

He treated her as his ancestor. Usually, Su Yan had an old woman to order around.

A lifetime was so long, she would just be like this.


In this lifetime, Xia Ling and Han Jin did not have children.

The two of them did not deliberately use contraception, but they did not make any movements. The results were all good.

Mother Han said a few times, but Han Jin blocked her.

Han Jin vaguely knew that he had been having dreams recently.

He dreamed that he and Su Ying were together for many lifetimes.

In these worlds, although Su Ying looked different, he could recognize her at a glance with her eyes and spirit.

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