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50% the devil with in / Chapter 4: different timeline

different timeline - the devil with in - Chapter 4 by Kainara_Suzaku full book limited free

Chapter 4: different timeline

hafiz and Natsumi fighting off a army of Demon by them self slowly the Demon Start to out number them with Natsumi hand gets Rip off from her torso while Watching Hafiz fighting off a dozen Demon by him self life flashes before her Eyes as her Eye sight get smaller and smaller as the darkness consume her Eye sight marking her death as a death Rip her head off her body, begin throw into the Abyss of Hell Hafiz slowly burn Alive by the flame of Hell that is surrounded him slowly approach him the flame was nullifie by a holy light enigthing from Hafiz Sword protecting him the flame became a sacred flame instead of a Hell flame Hafiz fire off his new flame into the Ground pushing him upwards back into the Entrance of the pit. the Demons stare at him as Hafiz fire off a Blame from his Sword Killing them with one fell swoop of his Sword Hades look at him as he Cast fenir on him slowing Down his Movement as Hades Champion approach him at the speed of light both of them reaction to each other Attack with the Claw of a Demon againts a Sword of Mystery both clashing againts each other creating Massive Crater while fire off each other blast from their Attack Hades laugh at the excitement as Hafiz fire off a pillar of holy flames and Hades Champion fire off a pillar or Hell flames causing a Massive lava like explosion that kill everything near except for Hades the longer they clash the stronger Hades Champion gets as he feed off the flame of Hell with the Sword coming from the left Hades Champion Dodge it then fire off a flame from his Mouth while Hafiz charge though it Enduring the flames of Hell causing him to get a clean cut on Hades Champion right at his chest hades look at him "its not done yet " fenir Rise up swinging his Claw Towards Hafiz cutting his chest Mirroring his own Attack at fenir his Eyes Glow red as fenir stare at him Hafiz swing his Sword Fast as he could fenir Dodge it leaping around it showing Hafiz its fangs as fenir bite the Sword his Mouth glow causing a explosion that push both of them back but fenir rush though the explosion swinging his Claw at Hafiz Barely manage to Block it both of them fire a blast at Close range hoping it would damage each other to Hades suprise Hafiz rush Towards fenir while engulf by the holy flames Going though fenir body cut him in half but Again fenir Rise up regenerate him self from the damage that he sustain turning around fenir dash Towards him with his Claw Pierce though the holy flames damaging Hafiz but the holy flames heal him "that good to know "says Hafiz as he swing his Sword cutting fenir to pieces he Still regenerate " im guessing there a limit to your regeneration " fenir glare at him then fire off a Massive lava blast that will melt though anything with the Last amount of her strength Natsumi Summon a cenderawasih to Help Hafiz in his fight the Bird engulf him self with holy light flything from the sky into fenir banishing it from this world Hades look at him" your so Lucky to Face off againts me " Hafiz throw his Sword at him then fire off a blast from his hand which Hades tank the Sword and the blast as he about to Attack cenderawasih fly him and using its Wings to cut Hades chest " I see Now " Hafiz grab his Sword then jump back swinging the tip of his Sword at Hades Hands cutting causing a blood to drip from his arm hades swing his hand Towards Hafiz as cenderawasih Glow and Shine Bright Flying though both of them engulfing Hafiz with light that Shine so Bright it Burn Hades skin Hafiz swing his Sword but hades Block it both Looking at each other "bisimilah hiramah nirahim" Hafiz Swing his Sword much faster then the King of Hell can see with the light from cenderawasih emit from Hafiz Cuts all of hades hands and legs then fire off a blast that completely kill him.

Hafiz rush towards natsumi dead body Shaking it Awake "Senpai dont die yet Senpai if you go i have no one Now Senpai if you die the Love of my live is dead Senpai " the flames dissapear around them showing hades is dead while Tears drop from Hafiz Eyes hits the floor indicating he is Now all Alone fighting for survival, slowly he stood up and walk towards the Deeps of Hell running towards it Holding a Sword Readying to Kill the Remain of the Army of hades with many of them rush him clashing Swords with him Hafiz fire off a Massive lava blast from his Sword with engulfing him self in lava the runs though every hades Enemy while cutting their heads his Sword move Beyond the speed of a good and melt though people like butter cutting dead people in half firing off a blast that shake Hell its self Waking up a dragon that fire off a Beam of flame Hell from far Away towards him Hafiz deflected the blast then fire off his own but the Dragon Dodge it as a Phoenix rose from the Hell ashes of Hell fire off a blast from the both of them Hafiz runs and Dodge both of the mytical Creature attacks that can wipe out all of Humanity dodging their Attack and tanking it Hafiz fire off his own Attack can wipe out all of Humanity Severing both of the Creature Wings then rushes to cut their head from their body using their tail they swipe their tail towards Hafiz to protect them self while Hafiz fire off a blast of his own the Creature Open their Mouth to fire of a blast of Their own nullfieying Hafiz Attack as he jump Down on top of the Dragon head shoving his Sword Deep into its head he look at the Phoenix throwing his Sword into the creature Skull cutting his head off. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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