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1.6% The Divine Wolf... or? / Chapter 1: Reincarnating?

Chapter 1: Reincarnating?

Some people have it easy in life, and some don't. Some people have no trouble waking up in the morning, while for some people it is a nearly insurmountable task that requires a lot of attention and hard work.

For Ark, it was the second case, both when it came to life and getting up in the morning. It was a usual Sunday morning, nothing special really. Trying his hardest to get out of bed Ark turned up his alarm clock to the highest possible volume and tossed it across the room so it would land on a blanket. This was the strategy he usually used to get up in the morning since it forced him to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. Having woken up Ark put some simple clothes on and walked out of his room to get prepared for the day, his room was pretty small since it was 2x3 meters but it got the job done and could fit his bed and a small desk, albeit a bit cramped.

The clock had just turned 6 am and Ark's part-time work started at 6:30 so he went to his bathroom and started brushing his teeth, after 2 minutes he spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his face before checking himself in the mirror. Just from looking at his outside appearance almost no one would be able to guess Ark was a loner, for one simple reason: he was handsome, very handsome. He had really fair skin and a nice jawline if it was light outside his navy blue hair that he had put up in a ponytail would almost shine. But his most prominent factor would definitely be his eyes, they were a rare silver colour that looked as though they were as deep as the ocean and as dazzling as the night sky. He was definitely not an ordinary youth by any means, he also had an air of maturity around him, he didn't seem like an ordinary 17-year-old youth at all.

Since he usually had his breakfast at work Ark just put on a pair of sneakers and a jacket and headed outside. His part-time job wasn't far from where he lived since it was just a pretty generic supermarket that sold essentially anything really, his job was just to restock though, nothing exciting but it made a living.

Absorbed in his own little world whilst crossing the road Ark didn't notice the sound at the back of his head that had started to tug on his soul, for each minute that passed the sound would get louder and louder until he finally couldn't stand up anymore and fell over in the middle of the road, never to be able to stand in this world again.


Arks POV:

I always thought my life was dull and I always felt that it was unfair. Some people were born into loving families with parents and siblings and a decent social standing, some people were even born as the sons and daughters of multi-million dollar companies were they could get anything they asked for. Whilst I myself was born without any of these, I didn't have a family, I didn't have any siblings or parents, I didn't have any money and I didn't have any social standing either.

I was born to be a lonely orphan without any friends that everyone looked down upon, and even though I was an orphan I was both handsome and smart which got me bullied in school. You might wonder, why would you get bullied even though you're both smart and good looking? The answer is simple, jealousy. How could an orphan be better than them right? Outrageous! This is the reason for my constant bullying which I had to endure for my entire life.

Well not that it seems to be much of a problem right now...

Feeling the pain at the back of my head and my vision turning more and more blurry by the second, I couldn't help but let my mind wander. "What happens when I die?" or "If there is an afterlife, I hope I won't suffer as much there" were the most apparent thoughts running through my head as the pain grew too hard to bear and my consciousness slowly faded away.

Feeling a sharp pain in the back of my head I try to open my eyes, but to my surprise, they were already open. It was just too dark to try and see anything, "have I been kidnapped?" was the first thought that popped up in my head but I instantly threw that idea out of the window. I mean why would anyone want to kidnap me? Getting anxious by the idea of being in this dark room forever I slowly got to my feet... or at least that's what should've happened.


3rd person POV again:

In a dark cave in the middle of a grand forest, you could see a navy blue wolf slowly rise. Its fur was beautiful and blended almost perfectly into the darkness, If you managed to look even closer you would notice that there were some radiant strands of white hair mixed in, even though it was well hidden it was a fact that it existed. The wolf was about a meter long and it was about half a meter in height if it stood on all fours, which it currently did.

This was none other than Ark himself, after having woken up he quickly noticed that he wasn't a bipedal animal anymore and he quickly got confused. But he had heard from some kids in his school before about light novels were the main character was reincarnated in another world in the body of a monster or an animal, so he wasn't too scared, just a tad bit worried, that was all. The worry soon turned into happiness though as he heard a monotone voice in his head sound out:

[Due to certain actions the host has obtained "Night Vision lv.1"]

Hearing the voice Ark quickly grew a bit happy due to the fact that a lot of the novels from his previous world had a game-like element to them that meant that people could get stronger from obtaining levels and skills. In his excitement, he quickly yelled status inside his own head to see if it worked, and guess what? It did.

Name: Ark

Species: Blue Wolf

Level: 1

Hp: 28

Mp: 45

Strength: 10

Agility: 13

Dexterity: 11

Endurance: 8

Vitality: 10

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 11

(The average for an adult is around 10-12 ish)

Night Vision [Lv.1]

Water magic [Beginner Lv.1]

Growth [Lv.Max]

Tyrone_Bedoire Tyrone_Bedoire

First work so be gentle.. or not, it's up to you!

English is not my first language so bear that in mind!

Feel free to ask me whatever you want!

Have a nice day!

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