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Chapter 32: Chapter 32


First off... you guys are ruthless,

I was getting cooked in the comments for choosing something so dumb and long.

I'm on my hands and knees begging for forgiveness.

The funny thing is not a single person liked it, I would have been okay if like at least one person liked it and I would have moved on just thinking that everyone just has different taste, but for not one single person to like it... sighhhhhhhh I messed up 

So now we get to vote since I'm uncreative and should never be left in the kitchen.

1. I fix how I wrote it and do it like this: "I'm thee... Monarch... of Death

2. I... Am... Death... (alot of people said that this was better somehow)

3. Death... Angel's... Retribution....

4. This... Is... your End....

5. I... Am... your Ending...

6. Others (your ideas)

Ps. People don't actually like the 'come forth and serve' and preferred the Original so from now it's just going to be the original 'Arise'


~Omni pov~

After the battle Shadow slowly floated down onto the wasteland he created.

As soon as his feet touched the ground the area around him started to come to life. With each step he took grass and flowers started to grow.

He then arrived in front of the bones of the dragon.

His expression quickly turned into a sinister smile as he turned his head and looked at the soul of the slain dragon still floating around aimlessly "You thought that after actually experiencing death i would have left you rest in peace, how naive do you have to be to actually believe that"

The soul of the dragon got terrified and tried to run away, not expecting Shadow to be able to see him. But he didn't make it far.

Shadow's face then gained a cold expression as his eyes glowed a beautiful purple color "Arise" he said in a emotionless tone, which was followed by the appearance of a purple and black dragon bowing his head in servitude.

Shadow looking at the dragon then put on a pondering expression trying to think of a good name for a dragon that's able to control fog and poisonous mist.

After a while Shadow then snapped his finger and said "I got it. From now on your name shall be Hazzard, Hazzard the mist dragon".

The dragon then bowed his head even lower and said "I thank you my Leige for choosing such a name for one such as I"

Shadow then just nodded and called the dragon into his shadow, joining the rest of his 5,000 other shadow soldiers.

Once the ordeal with the shadow dragon was over, Shadow then put a hand on the skull part of the bone. Once he made contact Shadow then started to use the element of Life and bring back forth the body of the dragon.

The dragon's formed once again, it just layed there without showing any signs of moving. Since the soul of the dragon was no longer available all that remained was the husk of what was previously known as a dragon.

Alongside reconstructing the dragon Shadow also repaired the land he once killed with his element of life and when he was finished he called the girls over.

All seven then appeared right in front of Shadow kneeling in one knee, they all then said "My Lord" at the same time awaiting their orders.

Once they were in front Shadow then using the elements started making golden goblets with jewelry adorning them.

The eight goblet then proceeded to stay floating infront of them, while Shadow started to cut open the dragon and grab it's heart. Once the heart was in his hands, shadow then proceeded to dry it out and pour all of it's blood inside the goblet.

Due to the size of the heart, it had enough blood to fill up all eight goblet to the brim. Shadow then took a hold of one of the goblet and passed the other 7 towards the girls.

He then held the cup towards the girls and with a smile said "To our fruitful battle"


The girls then stood up and and brought their goblets towards Shadow's making them clink, they then awaited for Shadow to be the first one to drink.

Shadow then downed the blood in one shot, immediately he felt a warm sensation flow through his body. He closed his eyes as he felt the changes that were going through his body.

His muscles has gotten more compact, the magic circuits in his body started to expand, he felt his eyes start to burn and he felt his presence become more overbearing.

When the process finished he opened his eyes and what appeared were two purple color dragon slit that started to narrow. He then turned his attention towards the girls.

[Pic of eyes]

Due to his body that was made to bear the power of the Shadow Monarch, his process of absorbing the blood was a smooth one. The same thing couldn't be said about the girls

Seeing their master drink the blood the girls followed right after and as soon as the blood entered their systems they quickly felt like they were being burnt alive.

The girls quickly dropped to the ground and let out a bloodcurdling scream.


The girls were just rolling on the ground trying to suppress their pain, after a few minutes of more screaming and tears rolling down their eyes they stopped squirming around and just layed there panting with sweat glistening and with their eyes close.

The first one to open her eyes was Alpha, instead of her usual golden eyes what appeared were golden dragon slits. She then tried to jumped from the ground, but instead of the normal height she used to reach she reach a height way higher than she normally did.

When she landed she looked at her hands and in amazement "Woah" she whispered "I feel incredible". She then notices the changes in her eyes and looks around and when she looked at her master her eyes widen in fright.

'I knew master was strong, but to possess such power...' she thought while still looking at her master using her dragon eyes to detect his energy. Her eyes then travel to his shadow where she saw every single shadow soldier looking back her.

'How did the dragon not react to this, is master able to decide who can view his inside his shadow... what am I talking about, of course he can. The only reason the dragon wasn't reacting was because master didn't even let him know.' Alpha just nodded her head at her deduction

The other girls then followed suit and got up as well the most excited about the change was clearly Delta as she looks like she couldn't sit still.

Delta then pounced on Shadow, who had to reinforce himself due to Delta's new strength in order to not be knocked down on the ground. Delta while on Shadow grabbed him by the collar and started to shake him.

"Boss, boss, let's go hunting! I'm stronger now so hunting is going to be more fun now. please, please, please, you promised us a gift right, then Delta chooses to go hunting with Boss"

Shadow just took a hold of Delta and started to pet her head and play with her ears, which cause her tail to wag "Alright, Alright, we'll go hunting just the two of us, but it'll have to wait until we finish everything here"

Delta grew even more excited and started to rub her cheeks against his to show her affection.

Cid then put her down and turned around and turned towards the dragon corpse and regenerated it's heart.

He then turned towards the girls and said "Epsilon I have a job for you"

Epsilon then playfully got into a military salute and said "Yes sir"

"When we move everything here and get ourselfs situated, I want you to dilute the blood of the dragon to the lowest you can get it, since your magic perception and control is the highest it should be fairly easy for you.

With the diluted blood i want you to give it to all to shadow garden members. Since the blood is diluted the only benefit they would get is just a slightly expanded magic circuit. And when they gain achievements i want you to give them a piece of dragon meat, that should be enough to make them stronger.

I'm leaving you in charge of the distribution"

Epsilon then gained a serious expression and nodded.

Shadow then turned towards Eta "I want you to research every single part of the dragon and find uses for their body part. Just do what you do best, experiment to your hearts content. When you run out of any more dragon call me so I could replenish it.

And Alpha I want you to keep an eye on her so she doesn't experiment on any of the members"

Eta then gained a expression of disbelieve "Milord but how am I supposed to know if my creations work, and come on I only tried it one time you can't keep holding that against me"

"The fact that you believe only trying one time is acceptable is concerning and thanks to your experiment I was green and growing leaves and mushrooms everywhere, it wasn't a fun experience. If it wasn't for master's help and demanding you hand over the antidote, I would have stayed green." said Beta shuddering remembering the event.

Eta tried to plead her case but since no one was believing her all she could do was pout and look at Shadow with a begging expression.

"Sighhhh, fine but you can only do it on the cult members we capture" said Shadow while facepalming.

Eta then looked towards the other girls and gave them a lazy victory sign.

Shadow just shook his head at her antics and made Epsilon put the dragon in her shadow.

Once everything was complete Shadow made his way towards the Ancient Capital Alexandria. The first thing he did when he arrived was call forth his shadow.

"I want you to collect anything of value that is left over in this city, whether it's books, gold, jewelry, anything, okay"

The shadows soldiers just nodded and started doing as they were instructed. Except Hazzard as Shadow told him to stay behind.

"I want you to go towards the perimeter and encase the entire area with your mist but this time use my mana and make it much more denser and potent"

Hazzard just nodded and flew off towards the distance.

After 30 minutes everyone soon returned with bags full of stuff, whether it was ancient text to common jewelry everything was collected.

Shadow just nodded and stored everything in his shadow.

After making sure nothing was missing Shadow made the girls wait outside the city, although confused they followed his orders.

Once they were outside Shadow made his way towards the center of the capital, when he arrived he spread his arms and closed his eyes. He then started to float in the air and slowly take to the sky.

He was envisioning his hidden city the future base of operation for Shadow Garden, using his mana reactor he started to disassemble the capital city and making new material with his mana, he started to make his perfect city, a place of his own.

A place for a Monarch.

He started making residences for all members and future ones, training grounds, library, hotsprings, a castle, a throne room, a throne.

While that was happening the girls couldn't believe what they were seeing. The one most impacted from such a scene was Zeta, it was at that moment she decided he was a True God. From this point onward no matter what anyone said they couldn't change her mind.

'A gospel, a church, a religion, it has to be done. With our lord as the one true God overlooking the world, no such things as corruptions, wars, cults, slaughter, and Demons shall befall this world... maybe Beta could help me make a Bible which contains our lords wisdom' Thought Zeta already planning on how to start it.

Meanwhile with one last thought Shadow finished completing city.

Shadow just stayed in the air overlooking everything. "It's perfect" he softly whispered.

[Pic of city]


What do y'all think is an acceptable name for the city 🤔 since I clearly can't be trusted with such a decision

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