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The Emperor's Omega Is An Extra The Emperor's Omega Is An Extra original

The Emperor's Omega Is An Extra

Author: ladyaize

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Broken Vow (1)

The sound of laughter in the room completely drowned out the music playing outside. There were dozens of people of various genders in the private room, so it was easy to become distracted and lose track of time. The lighting was also somewhat dim, with only dancing colored lights illuminating the room. Someone can be seen displaying their drinking abilities, or two people making out on the side. This group of people was not new to this and could be said to be very familiar with it.

"Wait," a sweet voice said, not loudly, but the owner of the voice's status could be seen by how the room suddenly became quiet. Their focus was entirely on him. It was dark, but his delicate and beautiful features couldn't be hidden, nor could his dazzling blue hair, which sometimes reflected the lights. The boy was clearly the center of attention at all times. The stares didn't seem to bother him in the least; perhaps the stares were normal for him.

"What is it, Arren? Is there a problem?" enquired a man with silver buzz-cut hair. He was on Arren's right side. They were having a good time when the man abruptly called out, not knowing what was wrong. In terms of status, only he had the right to ask Arren a question, as the hierarchy was deeply embedded in the minds of the people.

The man in question only smiled brightly before shaking his head and slowly standing up. His face was still relatively normal, save for a slight flush on his cheeks from the alcohol.

"It's okay, I just need to use the restroom," the sweet voice with a slightly playful tone rang in the air, and it was the only thing that could be heard apart from the loud music from the dance floor outside.

For a brief moment, the people were enchanted before returning to their normal selves. It couldn't be helped. Arren wasn't dubbed the most beautiful omega for nothing; anyone who caught a glimpse of him for the first time, and even those who knew him personally, couldn't resist his allure. He was just that enticing. Unfortunately, he was also unreachable, and few people have the qualifications to be his partner.

Despite the fact that everyone was staring at him, Arren's actions were light as he put on his blazer.

He smiled again, "Go ahead, I'll be right back in a minute," Arren assured them, then began walking away towards the door. His actions were smooth, as though nothing really was going on. Nobody stopped him, or rather, no one dared to.

His status was a natural deterrent that made people hesitant to approach him. Even though the group was always with Arren on fun nights and could be considered his friends and acquaintances, it was still difficult to bridge the gap in status.

Only after Arren had left the room did the room return to their loud conversations.

Arren walked slowly to the restroom as if nothing was wrong, but once inside, the façade was blown as he decisively closed and locked the door after ensuring he was the only one inside. Arren looked at himself in the mirror.

The beautiful face still had the previous blush on his face, but it had become so intense that if someone could see his face right now, they would immediately know that something was wrong.

His short breath also had an alluring effect that had no doubt any alpha could go insane right now as his phoenix eyes seduced anyone who looked into them. Sweet pheromones began to permeate the air as well, though they were faint. Yes, there was no need to confirm. He was about to go into heat.

Observing his flushed cheeks and how his breath gradually became hot. Arren couldn't stop himself from cursing. His hands in the sink trembled even more as he clenched them into fists. The rage in his heart could no longer be hidden.

"Damn bastard, don't let me catch you," he yelled through clenched teeth. The beautiful phoenix's eyes had turned bloodshot with a hint of madness. His piercing gaze was fixed on the mirror as if he wanted to shatter it into pieces.

He didn't need evidence to know that someone in the group had put a heat-inducing drug in his drink because his heat was not supposed to arrive yet. Furthermore, he never failed to take his suppressant shots.

This was the obvious disadvantage to having friends who did not have his status. Just like today, some brave fucker soul drugged his drink and made him fall into an unexpected heat. Who knew what would happen if he didn't feel it right away?

His group was exactly that. Because of his status as the son of the Duke, every flock of different people would want an opportunity to make friends with him. There was never a shortage of social climbers and opportunistic people in his "friend's circle." He didn't care, though. These people were just part of Arren's enjoyment, and as long as they weren't part of the storyline, he was fine.

Nobody tried to do anything out of the ordinary, and he was more than open to these types of people. Over time, he grew accustomed to it.

Only, tonight some bastard dared to do anything to him. Huh, just his luck. As a son of the Duke which is one of the highest statuses in the empire, Arren was supposed to have a lot of bodyguards protecting him at all times. However, he insisted to his father that he didn't need one because he would only be playing around in the capital.

As a compromise, he only needed to bring bodyguards if he was traveling outside of the capital. Arren wholeheartedly agreed with his father. He knows how much his father adored him, and the Duke was also at ease because, in his opinion, no one should dare to touch his son in the imperial capital if they want to live peacefully.

The Present City, the Imperial capital, was not only the center of the Empire but also the entire world. For the Duke, it was very safe here. Arren was also unconcerned; add to that the fact that he knew self-defense and had been living this way ever since, and nothing had happened to him. Arren was like a fish in the city, except for the places he had to avoid.

Arren's breaths became ragged and hotter as the seconds passed. His chest heaved and his eyelids drooped slightly. If he hadn't been wearing scent blockers, the smell of his heat might have drawn a lot of alphas nearby. That was only temporary, as he knew the longer he stayed, the stronger the scent would become.

His skin began to feel hotter and itchier, and it turned red. Arren restrained himself from scratching them too hard. His vision was becoming hazy as his breath became shorter with each passing second. Arren knew in his heart that he needed to get out of there as soon as possible.

Arren washed his face again, water dripping down his face, to calm himself down. Looking at his increasingly miserable appearance, he spat out another string of cursed words directed at the person who had drugged him. His clenched fists in the sink trembled almost constantly.

He swore he was going to kill him. Arren clenched his teeth and formed a fist with his trembling hands in the sink, despite his weakness.

Before that, he closed his eyes and breathed heavily to keep his heartbeat steady. Despite his shaky legs, he forced a step and walked out. Arren appeared to be in the restroom for hours, but he was only there for about five minutes.

He was still aware that the person who had drugged him knew why he had gone to the restroom. Arren was sure someone would go there soon. He needed to leave as soon as possible.

Arren was grateful that his will and resolve were stronger than ordinary omegas, allowing him to suppress his heat for a longer period of time before it completely erupted. He was very proud of it. He had never had a bad heat since presenting as omega three years ago when he was eighteen. He only needed a shot of suppressants to get through any heat he had. He often boasted that he didn't need an alpha companion at all.

Fortunately, despite his dizziness and blurred vision, he could still walk in a relatively straight line. The room was dark and noisy, his figure was not conspicuous, and he had already covered his blue hair with the blazer. He walked slowly but steadily. Arren clutched his blazer tighter around his head, biting his lips as a wave of pain slowly invaded his insides.

His hand became colder as time passed, and his heartbeats became faster. Arren chanted to himself to hurry up, avoiding skin contact with those on the dance floor and walking faster than before.

Fortunately, no one stopped him. Perhaps the person who drugged him and his accomplices, sure, never expected that despite being drugged and going through heat. Arren was still able to walk out of the bar from the restroom. He knew they were just waiting for the right opportunity. As a result, he fought his way out, disregarding the pain in his stomach.

The loud music had become incomprehensible to him at this point, and all he wanted to do was go to the hospital and get a shot of heat suppressants. After some time, he successfully exited the bar. All he had to do now was find his car. He had a driver with him because he knew he was going to get drunk tonight. He never imagined he'd be drugged rather than drunk.


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