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3.05% The Emperor's Pampered Wife / Chapter 4: Weakness and Tolerance

Weakness and Tolerance - The Emperor's Pampered Wife - Chapter 4 by milesaguanta full book limited free

Chapter 4: Weakness and Tolerance

It's already been a week since Wei Yan's return. Because of her current job which required a great amount of time and effort, she wasn't able to return home or even step out of the hospital. The other doctors wanted to find out what she's made of and had been giving her a hard time.

She wasn't all happy about it but she was ready for the challenge. It's no fun if they only try to coax her, after all, she's raised by quite a strange and fearful mother.

Her unhappiness however wasn't taken lightly by her secret lover. Currently, the atmosphere at Tianshi was severely cold as though they're in the polar. All they're missing was an actual Polar Bear and wolves!

Ji Li Zhao walked towards his office, every step sending blizzard to the room as his face displayed the coldest look he ever has. They don't know who but they're quite sure someone offended him big time and his thinking of a way to strike back. Just thinking about the possibility of them being the perpetrator was enough for them to wet their pants.

Huang Xun opened the door for him and bowed down to the employees in apology before getting inside as well. He understands his upset at his current position. He's neither Hou Wei Yan's boyfriend nor even a friend. If he steps in without even a slight connection to her, she might just view him as a stranger targeting her.

"President, should I contact CEO Hou?" he asked, inquiring about the previous order he gave. Li Zhao looked at him and nodded his head.

"The current Hou Household is in disarray, I do not want other people to hear our conversation so arrange a place where we can meet and talk to our heart's content" As the order came out his lips, the once cold room turned slightly warm.

[Ah, he must be quite relieved that he can finally have a position in her life once he gets to talk with Hou Guanyu]

Huang Xun slightly smiled and nodded his head as he thought of this.

"As you wish. Is that all, President?" he asked because he knows he's still not giving the most important order of the day. His heart will only be at peace once he gets to see her face to face.

Li Zhao sighed, fully acknowledging Huang Xun's capability of assessing his feelings.

"Contact Yi Lan. I need a check-up and I want Doctor Hou, no one else" he ordered followed by a slight smile. With his name and his status as one of their VVIPs and secret owner, this request is nothing. If he asks for her to become his personal doctor, Yi Lan might even give her to him in a flash.

But he knows it's not good to pull her away from her work. She'll loath him and might even disappear. That's one of his fear and she's his only weakness.

"As I thought, I can't simply stay away. I overestimated myself, thinking that there's plenty of opportunities but I realized if I don't strike now, someone else might. I can only tolerate a week of not seeing her now that I know her location"

"It's not bad to indulge, President. The young lady seems to really not remember anything at all" he said after finding out some things from Xie Na.

Of course, the best person to approach in order to know everything is the best friend. She was adamant about sharing at first, but after mentioning Ji Li Zhao, her attitude took a sudden opposite turn.

Normally, she'd refuse but it involves her best friend's welfare and she firmly believes no one else can be a perfect match for Wei Yan than Ji Li Zhao. His deep concern and consideration moved her heart, much more when he endured 8 long years of parting so Hou Wei Yan can get back to normal.

Li Zhao spun his chair towards the window and sighed. It's true that she seems to not remember anything but he has to test the waters first. He has to capture her this time, but not frighten her. "I'll indulge when the time is right. For now, get me mixed with normal patients. I don't want her to feel uncomfortable when checking on me"

Huang Xun nodded his head immediately. "Understood, President"

His boss really loves her, he'd even blend in just so she won't feel restricted. Handling a VIP on just the first week of her transfer is quite frightening. Most VIPs at Yi Lan are top-notched businessmen who, some would call rulers of the imperial.

A single error or anything may trigger their alarm and destroy your career.

Of course, she shouldn't feel this considering someone is greatly protecting her...but she doesn't know that.

Ji Li Zhao suddenly stood up and took out his coat.

"Let's wait at Yi Lan" he said while coughing. Huang Xun didn't say a thing but he had a wide smile on his face which he tried to hide. The President is eager to meet Wei Yan, it's showing, and can't be hidden.


One of the directors of the Yi Lan Hospital sat dumbly at his office with his phone hanging in his hands. Ah, what on earth is Ji Li Zhao doing?

First, he acquired Yi Lan, he ordered him and the owner not to say a single thing about it, and now he's asking him for a full body checkup and assign only Hou Wei Yan. His actions are too obvious it's making him dizzy as it was too much.

Certainly too much!

It's great that he's now interested in someone, but could he not keep using their hospital for purposes such as this. They have a shortage of staff since they sent in some to the US for a medical event. If he keeps on making him arrange such things as mixing him in with other patients, it will drain him out.

But of course, he was only complaining. He can't possibly tell him off nor dare tell him of his menial concerns.

A knock on the door interrupted his train of thoughts. He sighed and composed himself by sitting properly and smoothing in his coat. "Come in"

"Director Ping, I had already made the arrangements. Doctor Hou now have his records and as usual, she'll call when he's up" It was his little assistant who helps him around special request such as this. She's extremely good at her jobs that he kept her around longer than others.

The Director simply nodded his head and moved his hands as a sign of dismissal. "Don't bother with entertaining them, he said he'll go to her office like a normal patient. Since the hospital is busy, there won't be any problem of him slipping in right?"

She thought of it for a while and nodded his head. "Yes, and I believe he had already thought this through"

Meanwhile, outside Yi Lan was a Maybach Exelero parked 500 meters away from the entrance. Huang Xun was in the driver's seat waiting for the Director's approval. He took a peek at the rear mirror and saw his boss clutching a gold-colored locket in his chest.

It was a gift for him from the most important person in his life and it contained everything that he held dear. It was what made him live through 8 years of hell.

To not fully expose himself, Ji Li Zhao got rid of his black suit. Now he was dressed in a casual white buttoned shirt with rolled-up sleeves tucked in denim pants. It was accompanied by Aviator sunglasses and wingtip shoes. Since he was going in by himself, Huang Xun was spared from changing his outfit.

"Sir, they had already given your records. She'll call you out once you're up, since she already has other patients early in the morning. They managed to slip you in her hectic list so you don't have to wait for so long" he explained and handed Ji Li Zhao the mask he asked him earlier.

Li Zhao took it and looked at him. "Did she not say anything or complained?"

He shook his head in disapproval. "They used another doctor's absence. Since you already have an appointment it was easy to convince her to accept you without complaints. Young Lady takes consideration to those who spared time to visit the hospital only to not get checked at all"

He fell into silence as he looked at the entrance of Yi Lan. If he walks in, he'll finally be able to meet her again and take a step towards his goal.

After a full 30 seconds, he placed the mask on and opened the car door. He stepped out and started his parade towards where his lover stays...with Huang Xun cheering him on inside the car.


A strange masked man with broad shoulders and an obviously well build body attracted a lot of attention.

He sat not far from Wei Yan's office and he finds his position good since he always hears her voice and sees her as she escorts her patient out the door and welcomes the next one. But he was in a predicament as more and more continued to linger around him, going back and forth with their carts.

He never expected that his build would be one of the reasons he might get exposed. Luckily, the Director's assistant was fast enough and shooed the ogling nurses away. She looked at Ji Li Zhao and a hint of admiration flashed in a second but it disappeared quickly as well. She knows her limits and she ultimately knows the truth of his reason for suddenly arriving at Yi Lan.

Meanwhile, Li Zhao didn't bat an eye at any of the girls. He feels as though if he does such a thing his like betraying his wife. So he remained focused on the ground than on the lingering women. He was firm on it, but an old woman stood up and almost lost her footing.

Because he was swift enough, he managed to save her from trouble. He held the old woman gently as though he was holding a fragile glass and helped her stand firm.

Noticing that another patient walked out Doctor Hou's door and the old woman kept glancing towards there, he held her hand and gently offered a helping hand. "Let me escort you to Doctor Hou"

[His wife would not get jealous of old women, right?]

He suddenly thought to himself as he walked his way towards the door with the lady's hand.

The old lady was taken by surprise by his kind gesture. He was so aloof earlier, as though he never cared about anyone. But of all people, he was the one who noticed she nearly fell. She gave him a warm smile of gratitude and allowed him to guide her through the door. Hou Wei Yan greeted the old lady with a gentle smile.

Her gaze suddenly fell on the man holding the lady's hand and smiled at him as well. "Are you her son? You can come inside with your mother"

He got frozen for a while and was unable to answer. The old lady noticing his reaction gave a slight chuckle.

[Ah, the smell of romance in the air]

"How I wish he is. This young man is simply helping me get here safely"

Hou Wei Yan gave an 'oh' reply and gave him another smile.

"Thank you for your kind gesture. I will take it from here" she said and took the old woman's hands from him. The moment her skin touched him, he was electrocuted. As he flinched the old woman gave a sweet gentle smile.

He's such a cute boy, she wondered if it was their first meeting.

He got back from his senses and gave the two of them one final glance before nodding. After that, he left without a word and went back to his position.

[Dear Lord, what was that?]

Hou Wei Yan took a glance at him and shrugged her shoulder. It's not like it's her first time meeting a weirdo. But she's thankful that he helped the old lady.

"Let's get inside so we can start" she said and finally went inside along the lady and closed the door.

Ji Li Zhao, after the doors close suddenly grunted.

[What was that?]

He could have said something but all he gave was that response. Well, it wasn't so bad but he could have done better. What's more, he actually flinched. He flinched! Now she might think he doesn't like their contact when in truth his heart was about to explode and his mind was about to order his body to hold her hand and hug her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-pampered-wife_11759015505515405/weakness-and-tolerance_31630700142717801">;s-pampered-wife_11759015505515405/weakness-and-tolerance_31630700142717801</a> for visiting.

Did his longing really reach the maximum level that he can't even handle a simple contact? Then what is he going to do when she finally examines him?

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