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Chapter 6: The Mythics Massacre

~Third Person's Point of View~

"What is that commotion happening there?"

"It's so horrible enough to shake the whole town."

"What is it? Is someone dead?"

"No, it's not just one but many. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I really can't believe that a girl someone like her did that."

"What's really going on there?"

"Seven people found dead in that old church, and right now they are looking for a girl named Angela."

"But why? A witness?"

"No, no, no. She's the one who did this... The murderer."

Many people were compiling outside the old church and trying to get a glimpse of the dead bodies. In the meantime, a lot of policemen, detectives, and reporters were gathering in one place surrounding the church, while the seven corpses were laying on a queue covered by a black blankets. Many police officers are could be seen in every corner of the town to look for a girl as known for being responsible for the crime.

In the distant, three detectives were having a discussion about the case.

"Is this really gonna be fine? Accusing a girl as our prime suspect?"

A petite blonde girl wearing a simple white polo shirt and black long pants questioning the decision of the police chief. She's a freshman and this is will be her first case.

"Who else then? Officer Lim clearly told us that she's the one who did this. He saw it."

A guy wearing eyeglasses said as he wrote something on his notebook. He is also a freshman.

The police officer called Lim was one of the search team that was looking for the missing little girl Aby, and when he came to the church that's when they discovered the dead bodies.

"But he only saw that Angela running away and not the time of killing so, he didn't really see her in action." the detective girl said as if she's defending Angela.

"And that still the same, Bea. It doesn't matter if he saw it in action or not, what matters here is that she ran away and no signs of her till now. That just indicates that she doesn't want to get caught."

"So that's why she's the murderer?" she asked in disbelief. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Exactly. Isn't that right, Detective Khan?"

He said as the both of them looked at their senior detective. A tall guy wearing a long silver earring on his right ear, Detective Khan. But while the two detectives were talking he was just carefully looking at the corpses near behind him.

He turned his head on the two detectives, "That's right. Your deduction is getting better, Mario." he praised him.

Bea gave him a glare that he just ignored. The guy detective called Mario smirked at Bea, but she ignored him and looked at the dead bodies. Then, she walked towards it, near in the smallest corpse.

"Isn't Angela who saved this kid from the Maiden?" she asked.

But detective Khan only nodded and did not say anything about the case.

"That's the orphanage massacre case and that's already closed as we confirmed that the deceased Maiden Anna is the one who killed the children." Mario said, "You were not that time when we had a meeting with these bounty hunters, and how that Angela acted so strange."

Detective Khan on the other hand noticed something on the bushes. It was moving as if something was hiding behind these bushes. He tried to get closer on this when an old man suddenly showed up in front of him.

"Long time no see, Detective Khan."

The old man greeted him as he gave his hand to shake hands with him, but detective Khan didn't accept it instead he bowed his head on him.

"It's nice to see you back, Chief."

The two detectives ran towards them as they saw the chief detective's arrival.

"This small town is really strange don't you think. So many corpses are getting found day by day." the old man said then he walked and looked at each one of the corpses laying on the floor.

"Your granddaughter is not one of them, Chief." Mario informed him.

"Well then, where is she? Didn't you say that you found her?"

"She is missing again, Chief."

He is the chief detective of the group from the big city. The team was searching for the chief's granddaughter that was gone for 13 years, together with its mother.

The chief could not do anything and just let a deep sigh, "I thought I can finally see her... Anyway, report the situation."

Mario was the one who reported the situation, "A total of seven corpses that were found, a child, an old maiden, and five bounty hunters."

The chief glanced at the corpses, "Are these the so-called Mythics hunters?"

"Yes." Mario answered.

"And they are also my granddaughter's friends. I still can't believe that she's been hunting wanted people all these years with them." the chief said.

"It's already been five hours since the corpses were found by Officer Lim." Mario continued.

"Tell me about these hunters." the chief commanded.

"According to my information, the total members of Mythics are eight. Five of them are dead including their leader, Ash. Your granddaughter is missing and the murderer escaped while the other one who was luckily survived named Nami is currently in our care."

"So, the one who did this is one of the hunters."

"Yes, Chief. It's a girl and her name is Angela. I'm sure that your granddaughter Akane managed to escape from her."

Mario said while Bea and Detective Khan were just silently listening. Bea wanted to talk also but Detective Khan stopped her, even though he is her senior she's impudent towards him.

"Hmmmm... So, where is this the lucky girl Nami?" the chief asked.

"She's in the infirmary room of the police headquarters, Chief." Bea answered the chief. "She wasn't that lucky at all, Chief."

The chief looked at her as he got amused by her confidence, "Go on, tell me the details."

"This is actually strange, Chief. Nami only got shot by a gun whereas these five people died because of a poisonous knife. All of their bodies had a lot of cuts and a deep stabbed in the heart. Their leader Ash had a severe wound on his stomach but the caused of his death was through stabbing him on his heart. But the strange in this case is that, Nami didn't get a single cut and only got shot on her arm, that's why she's still alive." Bea's deduction that made them speechless.

"Hmmmmm..." the chief's expression while holding his chin indicating that he's thinking very carefully regards to what Bea just said.

"I talked to Nami and it seems like she couldn't remember a single thing that happened on this massacre." Detective Khan mentioned that made her shock. Bea also got to talk at Nami but it's different from what she heard.

At the same time, inside a small infirmary of the police headquarters.

Nami was currently laying on the bed and crying. She woke up an hour ago when Detective Khan came in to her room alone. He had asked her for few questions, but she didn't say anything. She only said 'I don't know... I don't remember.' in every questions. And as the detective left the room she started crying.

"Damn it. Why did this happen? Why did she do that???"

She still couldn't believe all what happened to her comrades, to the family that she only has... And now it's gone. She clenched her fist tightly as she bit her lips till it bleeds.

"This is not the time to cry. I have to leave this place and find her... I have to find Ela and tell her everything. I have to... As the last task that leader gave to us, I have to find her."

She wiped her tears as someone knocked the door.

"So, this is Nami. One of my granddaughter's friends."

The four detectives came inside the room and saw Nami still sleeping. She decided to act like that because she didn't want to hear any questions from them anymore. She didn't want to get interrogated. She stayed still while her eyes are closed and listening to their conversation.

"I have to leave this place so, Ela please... Be safe, until I find you."

On the other hand, in the deep forest, Ela was walking and breathing heavily while she was holding her arm to cover the blood that kept on flowing from her wound.

She once again got stumbled and fell on the rocky ground. She moaned in pain due to her arm and she's been loosing so much blood since she ran away and left the town, and right now she had no clue on what to do or what will happen to her.

Ela didn't even care anymore if she would see again the sun or not at her situation. She wanted to rest, that was what she only thinks about at the moment.

On the way, there was a big tree ten steps away from her position. That would be her best spot to rest so, she pushed herself to crawl towards that tree. Although, her right arm was feeling so numb she was still trying to get there using her legs and left arm.

For some reason, she couldn't understand why she was still moving, why she kept on walking, why she ran away, why she was hiding, and why she didn't give up.

She just wanted to rest but that doesn't mean she wanted it till forever. She didn't care if she would see the sun or not, but she was hoping to see the moon and watch it till the sun replaces it.

After all what happened to her life ever since her grandpa died, she still wanted to live.

| It's your fault. |

The demon voice once again disturbing her mind. It didn't want her to have some peace. But Ela didn't care, she didn't have the energy to fight against the demon anymore.

| If you just kill that old lady he wouldn't die, because of you all this turned into nightmare. |

She ignored the voice and kept on crawling.

| Because of you.. all of them died. Those people that gave the warmth of a family and the man that you love so much... all of them died because of you. |

She felt like what she was trying to reach is seemed so far from her, miles away from her, an impossible distance to reach. She felt like the more she kept on crawling the more she was getting slower... Like a snail, all alone on its shell.

| It's your fault. It's your fault. It's your fault.! You killed them all! |

Like a snail that doesn't have anything else and yet it still keeps on crawling to get the thing that it wants to see. And Ela could be compared to a snail as she didn't stop on reaching that big lonely tree. It was midnight and the light of the moon never fails its duty, to make everything shine and let everyone know that even in darkness there is a light. And that is why Ela wanted to reach that tree to see the source of light.

She kept on crawling and the devil was also kept on disturbing her. But she was almost there.

| It's your fault. You killed them. You killed those who already considered you as their family. |

Finally, she reached the tree. It was now in front of her. Ela looked at it then she took a deep breath as she used all her strength to get up and rest her back against the big trunk of the tree while holding her bleeding arm. She was panting. Ela was so tired that she couldn't feel her senses anymore but even so, she looked up to the moon.

The moon who does nothing but to impress every person who look at it, on how breath taking its beauty.

Suddenly, she got frozen by what the demon said to her.

| It's you who killed them. Just like before, you killed that man who was trying to **** you. You killed him. It's also because of you why your grandfather died. You killed everyone. |

She lowered down her head.

| That's right. Remember it all. Don't forget your past, don't forget who you really are... Zoey. |

Tears started to flow down from her eyes, from her tired eyes.

| It's all your fault, Zoey. |

She didn't say anything, she couldn't utter a single word or have any strength to stop this darkness. She was just letting the tears to express what her heart couldn't say, even though she had no one there to express it.

Maybe, it's not bad to take some rest... Was what she thought before she closed her eyes.

The next morning, a little boy with a wooden stick was walking in the middle of the forest. His grandpa at the moment was done picking up some herbs.

"Nayan, don't go ahead by yourself. Wait for me." the old man warned the kid as he started following him.

"Be faster old man, I'm so hungry." the boy called Nayan said then his stomach let out a loud growl indicating that he was saying the truth.

His grandpa giggled. After picking up some herbs they decided to have their breakfast in the open green field. That was a perfect place to have a their picnic together and eat the sandwiches that his grandma made for them.

"Grandpa, I can see now the big tree, so hang in there!" the kid shouted in excitement.

"OK! OK! You can go there first, I'll catch up!" the old man shouted back, "Haaa~ Just what did he think his grandpa is? I'm still strong enough to beat that brat."

He murmured but suddenly he stopped walking when his sight caught something on the ground. He squatted as he touched the red liquid on the ground.

The old man got stunned, "Wait... This is a blo----"

"Old mannnn.!" Nayan screamed as he was running so fast towards his grandpa.

The old man immediately stood up when Nayan arrived in front of him, "What happened??"

When Nayan's breathing went back to normal he started panicking. His legs wasn't calming while he was pointing the big tree. The old man somewhat guess what was going on.


To be continued...

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