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54.28% The Extinct Race / Chapter 19: Chapter 18

Chapter 18 - The Extinct Race - Chapter 19 by Lazybones331 full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 18

Vídarr stalks towards the door in his other form, eventually reaching the garage door and he almost ripped the door off its hinges.

"What!" He demands.

I am not in the mood for bloodshed.

Vídarr is blocking the view of who is standing on the other side of the door.

"It's you, Demon I thought you were in your world not in mine." That familiar voice said sounding unfazed of the Demon standing in front of him.

"What do you want leach and where are those snothead brats." Vídarr demands who moves out the way revealing who it is.

Cole Robertson.

"Down boy, down. I'm here to give this to the little soldier who almost killed the entire Savage Pack." Cole jokes with Vídarr, who looks like he is ready to put a stake through the vampire's heart.

Cole looks directly at me and within a blink of an eye he is standing right before me.

"Longtime no see, my dear Malakai." Cole says in his British accent and hands me an envelope.

Taking the envelope, on it says my name.

I also notice that there are seals of the Werewolf Council, Vampire Council, Withes & Warlocks Council and the seal of the Council of Head Hunters stamped onto the back.

Glancing up at Cole who is standing with his hands behind his back.

"Go ahead, open it." He urges me to do so.

Opening the envelope, I take out the letter and start to read it.

Dear Kai Silwer. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Providing new insights and solution to recent events happening across the globe.

Alliance, and a Peace Treaty – these are the goals of the Werewolf Council, Vampire Council, Witches & Warlock Council and the Council of Head Hunters, hope to meet.

We will be presenting a meeting on Wednesday, October 4 at 3:00 PM at Camp Hope. We would like to personally invite you to this meeting therefore we think it will be of great value for you as you work to achieve greater numbers of the Saints of Light.

You can attend our meeting at no charge by simply presenting yourself and only yourself, no need to bring additional members of your group, this is a sociable meeting.

Thank you for accepting this special invitation. We look forward to seeing you on October 4th at the Camp Hope camping grounds.

Best Regards,

Alpha Kingston

Blood Moon Pack.

We are officially fucked.

"It is an invitation to a meeting, discussing an alliance and a peace treaty." I inform everybody and hands the letter to Vídarr so he can look for himself.

"It gotta be a trap." Mickey says with her arms folded against her chest.

"Mi, it is not a trap. Trust me it isn't." Cole commented.

"Oh, and why should I trust you?"

"Mi, I would never lie to you." Cole says in a calm tone.

"Bitch! Imma stake you right now." Mickey shouts, ready to kill.

Removing myself from that conversation, I walk over to Vídarr who is sitting on the couch still looking down at the letter.

Sitting next to him letting go of a sigh.

"Why would Alpha Kingston write me a letter?" I ask Vídarr who is still concentrated on the letter.

"He is the head elder of the Werewolf Council." Vídarr replies and turns his head to face me.

"Do- do you think this is a trap?" I ask him hoping to get some guidance.

"I don't know. I really don't know and that's what is bothering me. They said not to bring anyone with you and what tells you that they didn't bring a few of their people, I mean you are going to be surrounded by dangerous Shadow Creatures." Vídarr says

"I think it is best if I bring you with me, not only for my safety but also you are the only one who know how these types of things usually end." I am practically begging him not to let me be alone surrounded by deadly Shadow Creatures.

"Did you honestly thought that I would let you do this alone." He starts to chuckle.

Looking up at the calendar that have pictures of puppies on them, which is hanged on the wall.

Two Days.

Two days until the meeting, that gives us enough time to work out a plan that would take place during the meeting.

Two days are more than enough.

Looking away from the calendar, I see Mickey and Cole are still fighting.

"Why do you think they're fighting about?" I ask Vidarr with a chuckle.

"I really don't know, but what I do know is that Cole has this massive and I mean massive crush on Mickey ever since they met." Vídarr says.

I did not expect that one.

Who would've known that a vampire had a crush on a witch? Studying Cole who is still trying to talk to Mickey, he is trying too hard that it is actually sad and kind of funny.

June falls onto the couch next to Vídarr.

"Oh, do spill some more tea my dear Vídarr." She says causing all three of us to burst into a fit of laughter.

Turning away from them I look back at Cole who is still standing at the same spot after Mickey walked away with her sister and Sitara, Cole is standing there with his head lowered.

"Mickey is Cole's beloved, isn't she?" I ask.

Both June and Vidarr turns to face me, looking at me as if I'm a pig with wings.

"Yes, she is." Cole answers with his back still turned to me.

"Is it that obvious?" He turns and ask who I in return nods.

I stand up and walk closer to Cole with the letter in my hand. Stopping a few meters away from him.

"Why did a werewolf send a vampire to do his bidding." Asking him before lifting the letter up for him to see who wrote the letter.

Snatching the later from my hand he reads through the letter.

"Fuck." Cole mumbles.

"What's wrong?" I urge him to answer.

He looks away from the letter and focuses on me.

"Greyson." He mutters.


"Yes, he saw what you did to the Savage Pack and the rest of the world. He wants you as a partner." He says sounding like he is starting to panic.

"He? Who is he?" Questioning the vampire in front of me who is starting to lose his bearings.

"Alpha Kingston wants you to exterminate the Savage Twins." Cole says with a shaky tone.

"So?" I shrugged.

"So!? What the fuck is wrong with you? Lucian and Hayden did nothing wrong, they're like children. Still scared of everything and alone in this dark and scary world." He yells at me.

Did nothing wrong!?

Vidarr jumps off the couch and slowly walks towards us.

"Leach I would choose my next words wisely if I was you." Vidarr warns him.

I am so pissed right now.

How can you say someone is innocent if they slaughtered a kid's parents right before his eyes.


I stopped Cole from talking by grabbing him by his throat and slowly starting to lift him up from the ground.

Cole grips onto my arms.

"How?" He manages getting out as he is trying to catch same air.

"Let me show you why they deserve to die." I say looking straight into Cole's eyes.

His eyes roll to the back of his head. Closing my eyes and opening them again after a few seconds of closing them.

Letting go of Cole who falls to the ground coughing.

I look around, this is where it all happened.

Camp Hope.

The sun is shining a really beautiful day. Turning to my left, there I am sitting in my chair.

"That was a real dick move, you know, that right?" Cole says.

Not paying any attention to what he is saying.

Looking over to our camp, there I was playing with the people I thought was my friends. I saw the Serebryanyy and the Argento family as my own.

I guess that it was fake since the beginning.

"Anyway, where are we?" Cole asks.

In return I point to eleven-year-old me sitting.

"That's you." He mutters.

It started.

Mr. Argento shouted wolves and Mom who screamed to protect us. Two black wolves appeared from the woods. Jumping out of my chair I start running only for one wolve to jumped onto me causing me to hit my head and passing out.

"No." Cole says.

The wolves managed to get on top of my parents and right after I woke up only to see the wolves ripping out the throats of my parents.

By now I didn't notice that I was crying.

"No!" Cole shouts who is still looking at the scene playing in front of us.

Younger me stands up making a fist and pointing it at them, opening them fire orbs shoots from out my hand hitting the wolves.

Placing my hand on Cole's shoulder.

With a blink of the eye.

We are back to reality. Looking up at Cole who looks like he is about to cry.

"Those bastards lied to me! They made me thought they were innocent when they fucking weren't." Cole continues to cuss the Savage Twins out.

"I'm going to kill them myself. No one and I mean no one make a fool out of me. Do they know they know who I am? I am Cole Robertson the next heir to the Morningstar Coven!" Well shit, I did not know that Cole was part of the royal coven.

My nose starts to run, taking my hand I wipe it clean. My fingers are suddenly numb, looking down to my fingers I used to wipe my nose only seeing that black substance that Dr Wu injected me with.

"Iam- I never knew that the tears of a Soldier of Nature were black." Cole says.

Tearing my eyes away from my hand I look at Cole. I feel so horrible on the inside both physical and mental. When did I start to feel like this?

Since the attack at school!

Collapsing onto my knees I start to cough uncontrollably.

Eventually I throw up causing everybody to run to me, paying more to what I threw up…the same substance.

I feel weak.

"Kai don't close your eyes." Vídarr instructs me while he bends down and grabs hold of me so I don't fall over.

I feel like I'm…dead.

"Kai look at me. Tell me what's wrong." Vídarr asks.

"Since the attack on the school, I don't feel the spirits anywhere." I manage to say out of breath.

Leaning onto Vídarr, I barely hear what everybody is saying. My vision started to get blurry until everything is black.

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