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Chapter 6 - The Extinct Race - Chapter 7 by Lazybones331 full book limited free

Chapter 7: Chapter 6

I'm cold.


Opening my eyes, only showing the beautiful blue sky with a few clouds.


Why is my back hurting?


Turning my head, only to see I'm laying on the gravel of a rooftop, noticing that the railings of the roof are old and rusty.


That's a safety hazard.


Standing up, cracking my back and dusting the dirt off my pants. .


"It is good to see you're finally awake." I know that voice, turning around.


"Demon, what are you doing here?" Asking while taking at step back.


"Be careful I don't want you tumble of that railing and fall to your death." The Demon says with concern.


"I didn't know that you could talk." I said, making him grin.


"My name is Vídarr." He says sticking his hand out for me to shake it.


"That's Old Norse." I reply shaking his hand.


Vídarr looks at me with a surprised look on his face.


"I want to show you something, come." Vídarr says gesturing me to follow him.


Walking along side him all the way to the otherside of the rooftop, we stopped infront of the rusty railing.


"Wer're in New York. I always wanted to come here." I practically screamed with excitement.


"Look closer." Vídarr replies, sounding sad.


Leaning over the railing and looking closer, realizing one thing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


It's all gone.


Empty cars scattered on the road, no people on the streets. Some of the buildings and cars are covered in vegetation.


It looks so empty.


Some buildings are missing patches while others are leaning on other buildings.


"How?" Was the only thing I manage to say.


"Humans. They continued to act carelessly, resulting in their own extinction. A part of Manhattan is underwater, since it is an island.


"All the drilling for fossil oil in Japan caused Mt. Fuji to erupt. Sinking Japan in the Pacific Ocean." The Demon pauses and then continues.


"Some animals developed a poison in their system so if someone were to eat that meat or drink the milk of that animal, that person dies within a week.


"While other animals started to act the humans and killing them, wild animals would brake out of the zoo's going on killing sprees." Vídarr stops and turns his head to face me.


"And lastly, the humans blew themselves of the face of the earth with atomic bombs and those explosions caused earthquakes." He finishes.


I can feel tears forming in my eyes.


Everything is gone.


Everyone is gone.


"You're part of the Saints of Light aren't you?" I asked him.


"Yes, and that's why I'm here. With your help we can take back what rightfully ours and prevent all of this." Vídarr says determined.


"But you're a Demon. How can you be part of the Saints of Light if your not even a Creature if Light?" I ask suspiciously taking a step back.


"My sire was an Demon and my mother was a Soldier of Nature, but died during child birth." Vídarr replies.


"How old are you?" Asking, hoping to find more things out.


"Lost count after a hundred." Vídarr says with a bored tone.


He then looks straight at me with a serious face.


"Time to wake up Kai."

Opening my eyes, revealing a white ceiling.

Looking around everything in the room is white the walls, bed covers, nightstand even the vase is white and the flowers are white.

Sitting up straight even the clothes that I'm wearing are white. There are no windows or a door in the room. Standing up from the bed walking around the room.

For some reason I'm sticking my hand out to touch the wall. It has a rough texture, rubbing my fingers across the wall as I walk getting the same texture.

Stopping in front of the bed. The wall across the bed is smooth and not rough, it almost feels like glass.

Tapping it with my finger against it, it is definitely glass. But it looks just like the other walls.


Like a snap of the fingers the wall gone leaving an empty room on the other side of the glass.

Seeing six figures move from the shadow and coming towards me. All six figures stopped when they came in the light, looking up only to show familiar faces the Serebryanyy family and the Argento family.

"I always hoped that you where one of them Kai." Mrs. Argento says walking closer to the glass facing me.

"Pull the levers you two." Mr Argent demands.

Both Nash and Ilaria emerged from the shadows, moving to the left side and pulling the levers down.

"Bye Kai." Was the last thing I hear as a trapdoor open from under me falling into darkness.


Hitting the ground in complete darkness, I can feel floor sinking to the one side causing me to slide down.

Finally stopping, standing up. Pitch black I can't even see my hands in front of my face.


The lights went on in the room showing that it is a cafeteria. Hearing another click sound I look to the left seeing doors opening and more people with the same clothes that I have on walked out.

"Bottom sup" A voice says over the intercom.

Looking over to all the people who came through the doors. They're teenagers and kids. I know them.

They're Hunters.

"June? June Wu, is that you?" Asking the girl with the purple hair whose back is facing me.

"Kai it's you!" June screams while running to me.

Engulfing me in her famous grizzly bear hug.

"How are you alive? They said that you got ambushed by vampires and you where murdered." I ask after hugging her back.

"Lies, I've been here for the past two years." She spat with venom tracing in her tone.

"Why? Your parents what about them?" I ask June with concern.

"Kai please those motherfuckers are apart of this. They are all in this." You practically see smoke coming out from her ears.

"This? What is this June?" Asking her.

All this the so confusing why would parents do this, why would the Hunters do this?

"This place is hell 2.0 they do experiments on us to alternate our DNA making us weapons. They're creating modern soldiers…Soldiers of Nature." She pauses.

"We already lost 12 people, 9 teens and 4 kids. Fucking children, they are doing this power." June stops with tears in her eyes.

"That's what happened to Hayden and Lucian, their parents did the same." Mumbling while looking down to the ground.

It makes since, Mom said there was going to be another war bigger than The War of Light. A war between Hunters and the Shadow Creatures and the...Saints of Light.

"You said they alternated the DNA of everyone in this room, what exactly did they do?" Asking her, I might find a solution in stopping this.

"They mutated the DNA causing the healing process to be faster. They injected this one teenager from Paris with some kind of drug causing him to grow feathers from his back and girl who was injected with the same drug but she had an entirely different reaction, her molecules gets ripped apart and repair itself. She can literally walk through walls every time it happens. We are nothing but lab rats to them." June finishes.

"I'll get us out, all of us." I say positively.

But how am I going to do that.

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