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The Fallen Gamer (MarvelxDXDxMulticross) The Fallen Gamer (MarvelxDXDxMulticross) original

The Fallen Gamer (MarvelxDXDxMulticross)

Author: StarWaves

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Chapter 1: Chapter: 1

Chapter 1:

One second I was walking to another dreary day of work and the next I found myself floating…here. Was I in space? I was floating in some kind of void and all around me I could see floating lights and glowing clouds. Were those… stars and nebulas!?

[Congratulations! → You died!]

Floating in front of me all of a sudden was a holographic screen saying… I died? "No way! I was just walking down the street a second ago, heading to work. I didn't die!" I exclaimed.

The floating screen in front of me changed as a new message appeared.

[An old lady accidentally dropped her flower pot on the 18th floor of her apartment building. It landed right on your head unfortunately and BAM–instant death.]

"Really!? That's such bullshit! All those years of schooling…all those years of grinding away at my job and for what? Nothing but a completely stupid and random end apparently…"

[Well that's just life. Would you like to start a new game? Please select your choice.]

[Yes] [Also Yes]

"Holy shit! I can become a gamer!? Wait, why is there no option for no?"

[No one ever chooses 'no' so we removed it.]

"Fair enough." I said as I selected yes.

[New game commencing. Beginning character creation… Please select your race.]

[Human] [???] [???]

"How come two of those races are blurred out? Can I not pick them?" I asked. My hand was already hovering over the holographic screen ready to press 'human.' The system's response stopped me, however.

[Those two races are a surprise. Rest assured they are humanoid in appearance. They also come with bonus stats and special abilities along with their own racial drawbacks.]

"Are they stronger than humans?"

[Both races are indeed superior to humans physically and magically. They are both also technically immortal races.]

I immediately took my hand away from the human icon before I accidentally pressed it! "What the hell!? Why would anyone pick 'human' if those races were so much better!?" I complained to the system.

[All gamers eventually become the top powers in their respective multiverses regardless of their starting race unless they are killed and get a game over. Some gamers also enjoy the extra challenge of starting off weaker. In the end it doesn't particularly matter. Gamer's are also unageing as well. Even if they initially pick 'human' as their race.]

I'd rather not make it harder on myself early on and get a game over. I had a choice between the two hidden selections so I just picked the middle icon.

[Race selected→ Fallen Angel (DxD)]

Woah! I'm going to be an actual angel… well a fallen angel, but still! That was amazing! I would be able to fly, speak any language and have cool magical light powers.

[Your appearance has been created based on your ideal self. Please confirm if your character's appearance is acceptable.]

My perspective suddenly shifted and I felt nauseous for a moment. "Holy crap! I'm seeing stuff in third person!" My body had apparently completely changed in appearance. Wow, I was absolutely drop dead gorgeous! The Fallen Angels in DxD were all beautiful after all. My new body looked to be in it's early 20's. I had a heart shaped face with luscious lips. My hair was now jet black and ran almost all the way down my back. My eyes were supernaturally purple. My figure was also a perfect hourglass and like most women from DxD, my breasts were now much larger. They were sitting at a D cup easily. "I look absolutely perfect. Thank you system!"

[The host is welcome→ Racial drawbacks found! Sin of lust has been added to the player as a permanent trait that cannot be removed.]

"Sin of lust?" I said. That wasn't so bad. "I probably suffered from the sin of lust when I was human before anyway. My computer hard drive was packed with–"

[The system knows… it has seen your memories.]

I coughed awkwardly. "Alright then is that it?"

[Not quite. Now displaying status sheet:]

[Name: Layla of the Fallen]

[Age: N/A due to being immortal]

[Level 1:

[HP: 1000/1000]

[MP: 100/100]

[Vigor: 100]

[Strength: 10]

[Intelligence: 10]

[Luck: 0]

[Available Free Stat Points: 10]

[Skills: None]

"Are those stats good? Is there like a reference to base those off of?" I asked my system.

[The average baseline human has about 5 for all stats. As a fallen angel, your starting stats are vastly higher. Especially your vigor.]

Yeah supernatural beings in DxD could definitely take some crazy punishment alright. Issei was getting impaled left and right early on as a low class devil and somehow surviving what should have obviously been crippling mortal damage. Or maybe that was just because he had plot armor...

[The Game is officially starting now. Host's home dimension has been randomly selected. Good luck Gamer. Try not to get a game over…]

With that I felt some invisible force physically yank on my body as I rocketed through space faster than I could comprehend! All around me the stars were zipping by me… or was I zipping by them? I kept speeding up to what I instinctively felt was near light speed! It was too much for me and I started to black out.


A/N: Welcome to my new story! Glad to have ya'll here

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