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Chapter 1: The wonderful world of female leads

"That's it, faster, it's so comfortable, I'm about to have an orgasm."

A naked and stunningly beautiful young girl sat on top of the teenager, her body rising and falling rhythmically.

With a beautiful moan, they both reached orgasm at the same time.

The young girl kissed the teenager's cock with her mouth, licking all the white fluid on it. Then their gazes met, as if both could still sense the lingering affection in each other's eyes.

"Will we be together forever?" the stunning woman gently caressed the boy's face.

"Yes, we will always be together," the boy responded.

The woman revealed a sweet smile, then she pulled out a handgun from the drawer beside her.


The bullet pierced the boy's chest, and blood gushed out instantly.

The boy seemed stunned, staring blankly at the woman, while her beautiful face twisted into a hideous expression as she kept firing the gun.

"My dear, please don't blame me!"

"Because only in this way can you stay by my side forever!"


"Another bizarre dream!" 

The afternoon sun filtered through the curtains, casting a gentle glow across the classroom. A handsome young man lay sprawled across his desk, his face etched with disbelief.

The dream had been too vivid, almost beyond the realm of imagination.

He glanced at the clock above the blackboard; it was 3 PM, half an hour away from the end of school. The teacher droned on at the front of the class, delivering a monotonous lecture. Many students had succumbed to slumber on their desks, but this young man was far from sleepy.

His gaze shifted to the window. Outside, the wind played among the trees, branches swaying in a tranquil dance, a stark contrast to the turmoil in his heart.

Gazing through the window, he saw his own reflection – both familiar and foreign, prompting a deep sigh from him. 

"It seems I am truly trapped in this world."

As hard as it was to believe, he had to come to terms with the fact that he was in a different world. It had been nearly ten days since he found himself in this strange land.

He used to be Alexander, but now he answered to Sam, having been transported to an entirely alien realm.

He couldn't fathom what had led him here.

Just a week and a half ago, on a particular night, he came across an eerie email that seemed impossible to delete, compelling him to install it.

To his surprise, it was a legendary dating game, and an adult version at that! The game's title was "The Female Leads Truly Loves You."

Sam was captivated by the game, drawn in by its numerous, stunning female leads. The game followed the classic format of a harem-style adult game, featuring a single male lead.

The promiscuous male lead maintained ambiguous relationships with various female leads, engaging in sexual relations with all of them. 

Sam thought that having sexual relations with these female leads would mean conquering the game, but the ending shocked him.

In the end, the male lead paid a price for his actions. When the female leads discovered he loved other girls, they exhibited incomprehensibly insane behavior.

Driven by a possessive desire, fueled by jealousy and fear of sharing him, they resorted to extreme measures.

Thus, the game's male lead was killed, dismembered, preserved in formalin, and made into a specimen to accompany those girls who deeply loved him.

After playing this game, Sam found himself transported into its world, becoming the male lead!

Was this some kind of twisted joke? A setup for his inevitable doom?

Sam still remembered the system's prompt upon arriving in this world.

[Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Female leads'.]

[The host can choose the exploration mode: if you choose to conquer the female leads, you will continuously receive various rewards.]

[Of course, if the host chooses not to conquer any female leads, you will lead an unremarkable life.]

The former implied challenges, while the latter meant safety.

Thus, without hesitation, Sam chose safety.

Otherwise, what? Date these female leads? 

Wouldn't that lead to the same ending as in the game? Conquering them, engaging in sexual relations, and then being killed and made into a specimen.

He didn't want to end his young life so crudely, so having been in this world for nearly ten days, Sam chose to avoid all the female leads, staying away from them and the places they frequented. 

Though life wasn't colorful, at least he was still alive and well.

In these ten days, Sam had roughly figured out his current situation. He was a junior at Kuhang High School. His family wasn't around, so he rented a room close to Kuhang.

Additionally, he had a younger sister, and his parents were busy with their work, leaving him with few friends.

Also, he noticed his cock is long and thick.

Finally, the school day ended. Sam picked up his backpack and, without interacting with anyone, left the classroom alone.

He couldn't go home just yet; he needed to work a part-time job at a convenience store. This wasn't his choice, but a necessity dictated by the plot of the game he was in.

Initially, upon arriving in this world, he had planned to quit this job. However, to increase his chances of survival, he decided to stay. The convenience store seemed like a safe haven, as the female leads of the game had never appeared there.


While waiting for the subway, a notification sound interrupted Sam's thoughts. He glanced curiously at his phone, squinting at the text on the screen:

[Sam will receive flowers on the subway.]

Confused, Sam opened the message, only to find that the sender's information had disappeared. When he closed and reopened the messaging app, the message had vanished as if it had never been there, deepening his confusion. What was going on?

Before he could ponder further, the subway arrived. Upon boarding, he noticed an unusual quietness; the carriage was mostly empty with plenty of seats available.

As he was about to sit down, his eyes fell on a bunch of flowers on the seat next to him. Was this a coincidence, or something more?

Sam picked up the bouquet, its appearance igniting an awareness within him. This must be part of the system's functionality, which he hadn't fully understood yet.

However, this sudden foresight made him more wary than pleased. Was this a harbinger of good fortune or a prelude to something more sinister?

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