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Chapter 24: "Happy Farm"


Demiurge pov

Demiurge walked through the corridors of his farm, which was built a few months ago. He was in a good mood, like every time he worked on the farm. As always, he enjoyed the smell of fear and suffering in the air, as well as the painful screams that occasionally echoed through the hallways. But this time he was in an even better mood, and the reason for that was very simple. 

After Shalltears defeat, Lady Oriana had stayed in Nazarik to personally oversee the strengthening of Nazarik's defenses and had therefore temporarily postponed their previous plan to spy on the Slane theocracy. That's why, after careful consideration, he decided to present his success in parchment production to Lady Oriana. This particularly applied to his side project of finding a suitable food source for Lady Oriana and even breeding one if necessary.

To his delight, his mistress had agreed to his invitation and even approved of his plea to discuss the upcoming plans with him. That was why everything had to be perfectly prepared for her visit; he couldn't afford even the slightest mistake when he had the honor of meeting such a distinguished guest. Therefore, the cages had to be cleaned, the prisoners had to be disciplined, and the necessary samples had to be prepared. Truly, there was no greater joy than to serve the supreme beings. He looked at his watch, and after checking the time, he made his way to his office. He was still in time, but he should hurry up; after all, it would be rude to keep a supreme being waiting. After he had entered the office, he took a position behind his desk and waited. 10 minutes later, a violet portal opened, and he kneeled down.

"You can stand up, Demiurge. After all, this is your office, and I am only a guest here," said the beautiful young woman who left the portal.

"Not at all, my lady; I am your servant, even if this is my office. I am at your command," he answered, remaining in his position.

"I am aware of your loyalty, Demiurge, but we are not here today for the sake of politeness. You have offered to show me the fruits of your work, so we will leave the courtesies aside. They are unnecessary when we are alone." The vampire said

"As you wish, my lady," he said, standing up. 

"Good," said his lady, who sounded pleased.

"I believe you told me about your recent experiment, that you wanted to find a food source for me that is long-lasting as well as tasteful," she said, and he could hear a bit of excitement in her voice.

"That is correct, my lady, here..." He produced a bottle out of nowere and started pouring her a glass with the red liquet inside the bottle.

"I have found a specimen that showed a lot of potential: an elf, female, blond, with green eyes, and possibly level 20. I hope she will meet your taste."

His lady took the full glass, turned, swung it around, and watched how the blood moved in the glass. She brought the glass to her nose and carefully sniffed the contents, then took a tiny sip and moved the contents around in her mouth to try and taste the red liquet. After an eternity, she placed the glass on the table and locked at him.

"I suppose you want my honest opinion, right?" She asked, and he nodded his head.

"Well, I guess for the first time it was not that bad; it was more tasty than almost anyone I have met in this world, but that is not really praise if you think about the level of this world. It tasted bland, uninteresting, and bitter, possibly due to overuse of alcohol, and the worst thing was the lack of EXP in her blood. If you try such an experiment again, I recommend you first find a very high-level elf. If possible, not just a girl from the gutter, but someone with class. I know it is difficult, but it's not like you have a time limit; just take your time, and I am sure you will be successful." His mistress answered.

"Yes, of course, my lady," he replied, sad that he did not fully meet his master's expectations.

"Well then, now that's done, all that's left is the inspection, but before that, I think it would be good if we had a quick recap of our current situation. Since we know who is responsible for the Shalltear incident and that it was nothing but an accident, the planning of our next move is much easier," said his master.

"Yes, I agree, but how do you wish to proceed, my lady?" he asked Corious.

"Well, first, we will withdraw all troops from the theocracy. They didn't notice us, but since we took one of their most important pieces, they will certainly be more vigilant than usual. It would be a shame if we were discovered so early on, and since they have more high-level YGGDRASIL items than any other nation, taking more action against them would be a big risk." His lady explained:

"What would you suggest, My Lady?" he asked, feeling excited about discovering more about the supreme being's inner thoughts.

"We will first target a much weaker nation than them; of course it is possible for us to conquer them all by force, but I prefer a more elegant and refined approach, and I am sure you do too." 

"I do what I am ordered to do, Master." He answered with passion buring in his voice.

"Of course, Demiurge, it was not my intention to question your loyalty, but I am grateful for it. Well, where was I? Ah, yes, targeting another nation. And what better nation could there be than the Re-Estize Kingdom? Even if we consider their war with the empire, it is practically breaking down from the inside with corrupt nobles and a crime syndikate that has almost as much power as the crown." 

"I believe you talk about the eight fingers, my lady? One of my spies told me about them in great detail." He concluded 

"That is correct, Demiurge. My new pupil told me a lot about them; apparently, his sister was sold to them by their parents and later killed herself due to a trauma she suffered when she was transported to the capital. Well, what can I say? Animals will be animals after all." His lady remarked with a strange tone in her voice that he had never heard from her before.

"This is also a good opportunity to introduce our 'evil' organization to the world in order to later use it for our purposes," his lady said.

"That reminds me that the new girl, Zesshi, the daughter of the elf king, had a huge debt to settle with her father. I wonder how it will turn out. I was always a friend of family drama. His lady murmured to herself.

The daughter of the Elf King? She is our newest member. So it was planned from the beginning. She went to the theocracy just to recruit her, as she was already a valuable piece in her plan to overthrow the elven kingdom. Does this mean the person I was told to recruit was also part of her plan? I was already wondering why not every member of the organization is played by a person from Nazarik. So it is all part of the plan; with the elven princess, the organization will be able to claim the elven theretory. Sasuga- Oriana Sama, your plans truly cover everything.

"Why are you looking like that at me, Demiurge, with this sparkle in your eye?" His lady questioned him with an amused tone in her voice.

She can guess even my inner thoughts; she is truly someone to fear. The demon thought and shivered inside about the genius of the supreme beings.

"Well, then, enough of that. After we have collected enough information in the capital, I will order you to move on behalf of the organization. Let us make a great show for everyone to enjoy." 

"Fufufufu, I understand, my lady. I will move if ordered," he declared.

"I am glad to hear that, Demiurge, but first... let's do the inspection you promised me. This is especially true for the animals I left with you recently. I hope they were well looked after."

"Fufufufu, you mean those males that interrupted your travel to the theocracy? Fear not; I have taken good care of them." The devil said with a giant grin on his face.

"Ihihihihihihi, whats the matter? I am not normally this excited." His lady mutterd

"Let's pay them a visit, shall we?"


Ciel_Best_Waifu Ciel_Best_Waifu

Next chapter will include torture, so look out for that. Hope you liked this one.

See u guys next week

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