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The Game's Villain's POV The Game's Villain's POV original

The Game's Villain's POV

Author: _A_A_L

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Prologue

Life... What's its true purpose?

Is it merely to be born, then coast through existence with the routine of eating and sleeping until the end?

Or is it about striving to achieve something meaningful, leaving behind a legacy that resonates through generations?

When pondering life and its ultimate goal, doesn't it all seem a bit... bland?

Yet, despite its banality, this seems to be the path that most people tread, including myself.

I find myself following the typical trajectory that society lays out for us.

At 25 years old, I'm currently in pursuit of a full-time job. Unlike many others, I count myself fortunate to have loving parents, supportive siblings, and a network of friends and coworkers who have helped me to where I am.

Certainly, I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way, as we all have. If given the opportunity, I'd certainly go back and rectify them.

But time presses on, leaving me little choice but to forge ahead.

Currently, I work part-time at an aerospace company, gaining valuable experience to bolster my resume for a permanent position.

Additionally, I've dipped my toes into the field of medicine, albeit reluctantly.

The prospect of committing at least five more years to it holds little appeal to me. Yet, I pursued it, if only to fulfill my mother's wishes.

She always said I could be anything I wanted, but for her sake, I chose to pursue medicine.

Why? Because she's my mom, and her happiness means the world to me.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand...

Have you ever done something so unforgivable that it warrants someone loathing you so deeply that they'd go to any lengths just to mess with you?

Well, I can't recall such a transgression on my part. Yet, here I am, feeling like someone is indeed messing with me.

Entering my apartment without my knowledge, rearranging objects, replacing them with reminders of my past... it's unsettling, to say the least.

or following you everywhere you go, so meticulously you began to wonder that what if 'I am being targeted' for some reason. 

I feel like I'm being targeted, but by whom? Could it be a loved one playing an elaborate prank? But do they possess the resources or motive for such an elaborate scheme?

Obviously no, not at all, but than is it the government after you for some reason? 

Ok, but knowing the government why would they waste their resources, instead of taking me out quick and swiftly? 

All these questions and no answers. I couldn't fathom why someone would go to such lengths just to unsettle me.

Was their life goal simply to disrupt mine?

'Look at this nerd, he's achieving something...' 

'Imma ruin rest of his life just because I can and why not?...' 

Did the lunatic of a person have this sort of conversation with himself? 

That's the feeling I couldn't shake. And now, here I am, back at my parents' house, seeking solace. But even here, the feeling persists.

Taking a shower and retreating to my childhood room brought back memories.

My parents did not want me to leave, not until I was married like my older brother.

But I did it anyways, well because I could afford to pay for myself and I wanted a little bit of freedom too. You know how parents can be, regardless of age. 

Now, as I sit in my room, bewildered by recent events, my phone suddenly registers multiple touches as droplets of water materialize seemingly out of thin air, causing it to glitch and land on a peculiar game page.

"What was that?" I mutter to myself, staring at the dry ceiling above.

Where did the water come from? I pondered, but my thoughts were interrupted by the intriguing page my phone had landed on.


[Spellbound Saga: The Legacy of Clonton]

Downloads: 0 

Reviews: 0 

! This game may be blocked in some parts.. click here...

Description: [Embark on an epic journey with Arthur Ash, a determined young boy studying at the prestigious Military Institute of Clonton (M.I.C). In a modern world where magic and mana are commonplace, Arthur's life takes a dramatic turn when his parents fall victim to a powerful demon's curse. Determined to find a cure and prove his strength, Arthur sets out on a quest that will test his abilities and challenge his resolve.

As Arthur navigates the halls of M.I.C, he encounters a diverse cast of characters—some allies, some foes—all with their own agendas and motivations. From jealous classmates to formidable adversaries lurking beyond the institute's walls, Arthur must tread carefully, choosing his allies wisely and honing his skills to overcome the obstacles in his path.

With each step, Arthur delves deeper into the mysteries of Clonton, uncovering secrets long buried and facing off against creatures of darkness that threaten to consume him. Armed with his wits, courage, and burgeoning magical abilities, Arthur must navigate treacherous dungeons, engage in thrilling battles, and forge alliances to ultimately find the cure for his parents' affliction.

Join Arthur Ash on his quest for redemption and salvation in Spellbound saga: The Curse of Clonton, where the fate of his family—and the world—hangs in the balance.]

[Download] [More Details..]


A cliché game with a cliché description. In fact I would of closed the page immediately, if not for that 3D character design and the name 'Arthur Ash.'

That name... it sent a shiver down my spine.

To think someone would go this far to make a game just to remind me of my past or to make a fool out of me.

Arthur Ash, was a name I could never forget.... 

Stopping myself from reminiscing of the past further, I focused on the game icon. 

It was a 3D character, Arthur, I was sure of it as, he had deep greenish blue eyes and ginger hair.

Just like the one I knew from real life.

Not sure what to do next...

Maybe he want's me to play his game?

I made the decision to download the game, hoping that it wasn't a mistake. After all, it was available in an app store; surely, it couldn't contain any viruses... probably.

* * *

— Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap, Tap

After spending a good few hours playing the game, a couple of things stood out to me.

Firstly, the main character, Arthur Ash, his appearance and backstory, almost matched one to one with someone I knew. I clenched my teeth, knowing this wasn't a coincidence. But who, genuinely who, is doing this and how did they know so much about me and my past?

Secondly, there's me. I was made out to be a 'fat-ugly character' in the game. My character looked similar in appearance to me, but was fat and had huge pimples all over his face, hence ugly.

'Aren Blackstar,' the 3D character on my phone screen right now, almost everything about him was similar to me, except for his last name.

In the game, he was not given a proper backstory, but it was hinted that his change in behavior may be due to the passing of his mother.

After her passing, he became ruthless, causing trouble, seeking attention, and even attempting to cause harm to his ex-fiancée as his engagement was falling apart.

He tried some of his nonsense on Arthur, which he quickly got humbled for, leading him to be disowned by his father.

I gritted my teeth again, feeling angry and a little scared, because the character portrayed as my father and even his name, 'Nathen Blackstar,' sent shivers down my spine.

It's my dad's real name and he looked similar in ever aspect, except for his expression.

I closed the game, knowing I had to do something about this, someone or...

I removed my glasses and wiped my face.

"Some crazy person... has an agenda against me... that's for sure."

Is he someone the 'real' Arthur knew about?

I don't know and I don't care, all I know is that whoever it is, is bothering me and now that I have some tangible evidence - The game, I'll inform my family and report it to the authorities.

'Let's see how you'll react then.'

I thought to myself and strode towards my window, which was opened. I was sure it was closed. Growing paranoid, I walked over to close the window, then suddenly, I felt a push.



I now found myself falling out of my window, adrenaline coursing through my body. I looked back up and saw a hand retrieving. I then looked down and saw a whirlpool... No, a distortion of air..

Everything went dark after that...

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