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Chapter 161: A good friend

On an asteroid cutting through space winking past the nearby stars that had just been birthed, a lone being sit on its surface.

This being as no gender or race, it is something much older than both and was one of the first to see them created.

This being has clay like skin in both colour and texture with small indents all over its elongated body. It was almost like it was put in a taffy stretcher. It had 4 grey crab like legs that were settled on the rock of the asteriod. Small lines between plates show its segmented flesh in between the armour that protected them.

Looking from the waist up, this being looked like it was made of clay with soft and kind features that hid its lethal legs. With thin 6 clawed hands that were long like spears that looked like they could snap between your fingers.

The eyes were one of its most profound features, holding a light unlike anything else in the universe. Crafted from a long lost substance. It had no hair, its head being bald and perfectly round, another feature being it had no reproductive organs.

All of this together would make it seem like a killing machine, but this being was forced into such a situation that its body morphed to handle a situation forced upon itself. So much wisdom and experience rested on the shoulders of the gentle soul that had been picked at by the never-ending grind of life like a vulture finding a fresh carcass.

This being had gotten used to talking to itself in a language created by friends. Now, it was the only one left who could comprehend it, let alone speak it.

"We are star dust sprinkled on the great universal tapestry that was created, but it was made through betrayal and bloodshed most don't rember want it took to get here. Or the pain it causes to keep it going, I don't know how much longer I can keep travelling in the chance that a dream and hope comes true"-Being

It put the clawed finger across the small pile of dust near by thinking all the way back to when it was first created in that instant.

"Creation is such a simple yet complex form of love that it almost seems abusive, but you realise when you comprehend what's the alternative it would feel like all you've felt is warmth"-Being

"Right and wrong are such fical, benal things that act like cancer sticking to all forms of consciousness. I'm grateful to have been created before all that"-Being

"The game is going on now, isn't it oh my how long it's lasted I would have never guessed that would be the last gift. It's still something even at the millionth glance"-Being

"But none of it changes how I feel. The rage that was once as hot as a supernova has simmered down to an ember, but I will never lose the grief at losing such an enormous and kind existence"-Being

"I understand that you gain true innocence is brithed through mountains of depravity that is brought under intense pressure"-Being

"An annoying thing that good only comes from evil existing which is also such a low life form type of idea I'm surprised i utter it"-Being

"Many say things can be born innocent, but tell that to the creature who lays its eggs into the living being and is then eaten alive"-Being

"But that's childish to think of as the sentient will always judge the instinctual as lesser without remembering that one wouldn't exist without the other as chaos and order are helpess without one another"-Being

"All this talk, but what it comes down to is that I'm living in the dream we dreamt of, but you aren't here with me to enjoy it"-Being

"I never could have imagined I would experience hate and misery like this as once all we knew was bliss"-Being

"To think one selfish act is all it took for perfection to be taken away"-Being

"I miss my creator"-Being

"I miss my teacher"-Being

"I miss when corruption and taint wasn't a part of existence when I would laugh with my companions"-Being

"It seems costs must be paid in order for things to begin even with all my time. I'm still not sure of the answer to it all"-Being

"I'm miss when manipulation hadn't happened"-Being

The asteriod was getting close to a planet that was the size of the saturn and was a mix of metal,rock, and ice. This asteroid slips into the planets gravitational field and soon sacred to break up and burn in the atmosphere.

"Most of all...I miss my friend"-Being

Soon, the rock slipped from under it as it burned up in the atmosphere, but its form was much stronger than most, and that was a gift given to it, too.

It arrived at one of the most outer planets in the universe and was here to was more protect the creation of its old friend. Reaching the surface, what should have been a large explosion was a simple landing, and upon touch down, it began to walk.

In the distance, a small platoon of soldiers ran towards it wearing all sorts of armour from different cultures. Some held plasma rifles or nitrogen spears and more as aliens from across the universe stood before it.

"Greeting ancient one, we are honoured to be going on the cleanse with you. Please lead us to victory once more"-Alien commander

It looked at all these young souls, most only just making it past 200 they're still children compared to itself.

"They're will never be a single millisecond that I won't fight for the universe"-Being

"To the universe!"-Alien commander and troops

They soon walked towards the horizon towards the twisted perpetual enemy that never seceded.

"Don't worry, old friend, I'll do my best to protect your wish"-Being

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Ohh some more lore.

Thanks for reading.

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