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Chapter 30: Evolving Sheru

Rishi was practicing when an idea occurred to him. Because of his class, he could use both a bow and a sword.

His swordplay was good, but he couldn't say the same for his archery.

"There are only two days left for Sheru's evolution."

"I should spend these two days working on my archery," he murmured.

Rishi then went to see his master and greet him.

"Why have you visited me?" Naman asked Rishi.

"You should prepare for the academy's selection exam."

"Master, I chose the Bow and Blade Ranger class, but I'm not very good at archery," Rishi replied.

"So?" Naman inquired.

"So I decided to learn archery from you because by relying solely on my sword, I would not be able to use the advantages provided by my class fully."

"You should have thought about it when choosing your class," Naman said seriously to Rishi.

"What were you thinking when you chose that class?" he asked. Rishi was silent for a moment before explaining Naman.

"Master, I believe this class is a cheat."

"I can use this class to counter most of my competitors. When fighting an archer, I will use my swordsmanship to defeat him."

"When I'm up against a swordsman, I can use my archery to harass him from afar."

"I will always have the advantage of adapting to more favorable scenarios when fighting against other classes."

"All these situations are only possible if you have mastered both swordsmanship and archery," Naman told Rishi. "Using two weapons also means you'll need to train for longer than others."

"You have a 0.5 damage disadvantage against all archers and swordsmen," he added.

"You've only recently begun sword training, and you only know basic archery. What did you think when you chose this class?" he asked Rishi.

"I am sorry, master, I got carried away," Rishi apologized to Naman. "Please assist me; only you can assist me."

"Okay, let's forget what happened and focus on what to do in the future," Naman sighed.

"You have a ranger class; the disciples of this class start their practice with a curved bow."

"Real rangers use longbows," he explained. "Because you don't have much time, I'll start your training directly with longbows."

Naman then began teaching him the fundamentals of longbow use. He first showed Rishi how to hold the long bow and stand properly.

He then instructed Rishi on how to hold the bow. Rishi began to improve at a rapid pace. "You have a skill that helps you learn things faster? Upgrade it," Naman asked Rishi.

"Okay," replied Rishi.

Rishi improved his "enhanced focus" skill. Naman taught Rishi everything he needed to know about wielding a long bow.

Rishi was a sponge, soaking up all the fundamentals of archery.

After two days, Rishi had finished learning all of the fundamentals; all that remained was for him to focus on practicing them every day.

He needed to concentrate on Sheru's development today. Rishi has planned everything and reserved a lab for his clan.

"Sheru, it will be a little painful, but after successfully evolving, you will be able to become much more powerful," he summoned.

Rishi stroked Sheru's hair and gave him a metal essence crystal.

Sheru slowly consumed and digested all of the essence crystals.

Sheru has gone through a lot of changes in the last seven days. His golden fur has darkened slightly.

He then requested that a researcher in the lab inject Black Felix's blood essence into Sheru's body.

After a while of ejecting the beast's essence, nothing changed.

"Don't panic," Rishi said to Sheru, "sheru's evolution takes time."

He used his 'inspection' skill to discover that growth was 99% complete and that only 1% more growth was required for Sheru's evolution.

Rishi gave Sheru some more essence crystals.

He was just about to wait when he noticed Sheru emitting a bright light that blinded Rishi.

Rishi opened his eyes after a while, and what greeted him was an adult black-colored tiger.

It was covered in black fur and had metal claws and canines.

It also had a muscular tail; the golden eyes were the only similarity to its previous form.

Sheru approached Rishi with his tail swinging; it rubbed its head against Rishi's waist, and Rishi patted its head and used his 'inspect' skill to see changes.


AGE: 12

CLASS: Bow and Blade Ranger



HP: 2310






MP: 125

CHARM: 75 (This stat makes magic beasts friendly to you)

Free points: 0 (1 point could be used to increase a stat by 1)


Skill points: 14 (use 1 point to increase the level of a level 1 skill by one level, use 2 points to increase the level of a level 2 skill by one level, and so on.)


Fitness Freak (Level 5): Your stamina will recover six times faster.

Mid-Rank Enhanced Focus (Level 1): When you comprehend everything quickly and easily. You will have a photographic memory. You will be able to learn any skill three times as fast.

Beast Sense (Level 5): It increases all the natural senses by six times. You also get a little sixth sense.


Mid-Rank Inspect (Level 1):

Mode 1: Consume 6 MP to reveal everything about the object or magic beast of the same level or three levels above the user.

Mode 2: Use 5 MP to learn about the Special characteristics of any magic beasts. The amount of information available will depend on the level difference between the magic beast and the user.

Mode 3: Use 10 MP to discover a magic beast's evolution path.

Quick Draw (Level 5): use 6 MP to attack an opponent with six times the speed of a normal attack. It also does triple damage.

Shadow Walk (Level 1): Use 10 MP to move through shadows.

Phantom Steps (Level 1): Use 10 MP to increase the speed by 10% for 1 minute.

[Contracted beast 1/2]

[Black Felix]

Age: Adult

LEVEL: 1 Exp (001/100)


HP: 2650





MP: 135

Free points: 0 (1 point could be used to increase a stat by one)


Skill points: 1 (use 1 point to increase the level of a level 1 skill by one level, 2 points to increase the level of a level 2 skill by one level, and so on.)


Sharp Claws (Level 5): It increases the toughness and sharpness of the claws by four times.

Beast Sense (Level 5): It increases all the natural senses by six times. It also gives a little sixth sense.

Metal control (Level 5): Increases the control of the metal element. / This skill has been upgraded


Tiger Claw (Level 5): uses three mana per use to do five times more damage by claw attacks to the target for 3 seconds.

Dash (Level 5): Increases your movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds by consuming 6MP.

Mid-Rank Metal Claw (Level 1): Use 6 MP to make your paws coated in metal element. The paws coated in metal will have a piercing effect. It will also deal six times additional damage to the enemies. It will also deal three times more damage to the enemy of higher level.

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