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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Dissappointment

After the meeting at the Hokage office. Raven went back to his house, wondering if Yukino is home yet. Yes, they live together since last year. because the orphanage had to give up her room for new tendance. so Raven suggested she could live at his house. He could buy it after some years working at a shop, as a delivery boy. his house is not that big but it could room another person. Raven did think that after some missions he is planning to get a bigger place so that there is room for a training room and a back yard. Yukino likes the outside.

At home, he found that she was not home yet. But he saw that the interior changed a bit. 'It seems that Yukino made it her house now. well, as long she doesn't change my room I don't care.'

He did check his room to see if she changed anything. ' Oh, it's still as I left it.'

He checks the fridge to see if he could start making something for diner yet. The fridges looked somewhat empty. 'It seems I've had to get some groceries.'

Then he went shopping.


While shopping he found out that most people don't recognize him anymore. the strange hair was the big reason. not that he really minded. he also heard complaints of the pranks Naruto still made. well, what else is new. As he was looking for a meat shop.

"Hey, you?"


"Hey, you?"

Raven turned, "You're talking to me? I have a name, so stop calling me you."

"Your that boy, that hasn't have to come to class."

"Yes, that's me. And if I remember your name is Saruka, right."

"that's me. What are you doing here?"

"Well, that's obvious no? I'm shopping for groceries."

"Ah, yeah. Now I see. Can I ask when you coming back to the academy?"

"Why you ask?"

"Well, there are some who want to see you again."

"Let me guess, some boys still want to challenge me?"

"Yes, there are some of those, but there are also some who want to see you again. You did leave, for like a month."

"It's not a mystery. I went to train outside with some old classmates. just got back. I should be back at the academy in a few days I think. have some stuff to work out before I am back."

"Oh, that's great. can I tell the class?"

"knock yourself out. Oh, now that you're here. Where is the butcher shop again? I can't seem to find it."

"Ah yes, the former shop owner quit a week ago, the new shop is at the end of the street."

"Oh, then what's this shop then?"

"Ah, it a mystery shop."

"A mystery shop?"

"Yes, mystery hop. it sells strange mystery stuff from other countries. It's only opened for a few days now. you should check it out."

"Maybe I will, but not now."

"Oh ok, I let you shop. See ya at school."

"Yeah, yeah."

then he continued to shop.

After preparing diner, Yukino enters the house. She was surprised that Raven made diner. But she remembered that he the most of the cooking before. after eating they started talking about his training with team Guy, and then Yukino started talking about her time in the academy and her internship at the hospital. She even talked about the Leaf Concentration exercise, for chakra control. Even told Raven how to do it. he couldn't wait and they started practicing together. She was better at than Raven, but what you expect he just started.


Next day, at the training grounds at eight,

'wonder who I'm waiting for.'

after an hour, he saw someone coming his way. 'Hell, no not him again. does this bastard not know how to read a clock.'

"Hi, sorry I'm late I had to help someone with her groceries."

"Yeah right, You Late bastard. I've heard all about it from Guy. Did you just remember you had to be somewhere and flickered here? Or Don't you have a clock?"

"Hey, I really had to help..."

"Ah save it for someone who cares. If I didn't need your guidance I would have already left."

"Ok, let's begin. What you want?"

"They really didn't tell you anything?"

"I got a mission scroll to be here at eight, so I'm here. Now tell me what do you want?"

"So you can read a time, go figure. You're here to one guide me in training and two give me guided access and guidance from the genin library. Until your next team is known I think."

"WHAT, I have to do what? I already failed you why do I have to guide you anyway?"

"Hey, It's not my idea. I rather am with Guy, then you. even though he is a bit strange he knows how to read a clock."

"I can read a clock." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Then start doing that. Then you won't let people wait for you. I already mist an hour of time. I could have done something already with that time."

"Whatever. So I have to guide you. What do you want to know?"

"Well, I don't really know. I just wanted to figure that out when I got to go to the library."

"Then we will do that. Don't expect much do."

"How do you mean?"

"You'll find out." Kakashi walks away.

"Hey, Jonin who can't read a clock, wait up." and Raven ran after Kakashi.


- At the library -

Kakashi gave him entry to the genin library. after a couple of hours, Raven came back to Kakashi with a disappointed look.

"So found what are you looking for?" Kakashi asked with a hidden smirk.

"What the hell. there is almost no Jutsu here. most of the stuff is about history ad stuff from other villages. Informative yes, useful no. I did find some stuff I like, but it won't close the gap."

"Told you not to get your hopes up. I'm Surprised you found anything useful. Care to share. maybe I give guidance now?"

"You really having fun with this right. I bet you smiling behind that facemask. Whatever. What is found that is interresting.,"

-Temporary Paralysis Technique -

-Shadow Shuriken Technique -

-Manipulated Shuriken Technique -

-Body Flicker Technique -, and last.

-Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu -

"but that are the only scrolls I've found everything else is not usable."

"That's all? you did find the most useable scrolls from the library. But the headhunter we will have to see your affinity. Because that will help"

"Well there are some more but it seems I need permission."

"Oh, do tell?"

"Well, you may be heard that I gave the Uzumaki lesson awhile back."

"Yes, I know. The great thing you did too. I've always found it strange they stopped teaching about the Uzumaki at the academy. So?"

"Well, since I read about them. I liked there mention of seals. So, I've found a scroll, the beginning of the art of Fuinjutsu, but it is only readable if a Jonin gives permission. then there is something I read in the knowledge scroll of Suna. something called Chakra Strings, it's what they use to move their puppets. I've found it interesting. and then there were some scrolls about Kentjutsu. but I don't have an idea what kind of sword would fit me. So I didn't pick a scroll up before asking you. Any ideas?"

"So you want to learn about Fuinjutsu, Chakra Strings, and start with Kenjutsu? And the other Jutsu scrolls you just got?"

"Yes, but I can wait with Chakra strings because that has a need for some insane chakra control."

"And that will be most a self-study."


"Because we don't have the training scrolls for that. this Jutsu is from our ally, Suna. and we don't have the training Jutsu for this. So you can only rely on yourself for this. The Fuinjutsu scroll, that will need permission from one the Hokage and two your training Jonin. and I'm only your Guide. But don't get disappointed, a start to Fuinjutsu is Kanji. So get started learning that and I can help you with finding your sword and then guide you in swordplay."

"I am disappointed that I can't start with Fuinjutsu, and can understand that about the self-study for Chakra Strings. But I'm glad that you can help me with Kenjutsu."

"Since you have your scrolls from the library. we will get something to eat. then make a training plan for all the Jutsu's that you lent from the Library. And the rest we will train your Kenjutsu.

"Fine by me, but can you by a clock too. so that you can get to training on time."

"Annoying bastard, let's go."


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