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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Battle training (part 1)

As everybody getting to the training grounds from the school, they can't stop talking about the battle training they are going to have for the first time.

When they arrive in front of Muziki and Iruka, the class goes silent.

"It seems that everybody is here."

"So we can begin," Iruka starts his lecture, "Everybody knows that a big part of being a shinobi's life has fought in it. Well to prepare you, we will start this year with battle training. the other training exercises will still be taught. but over the years we found that as we start teaching battle training in the last year of the academy. the students not only get the experience from the friendly spars, but they also start to get used to their own techniques. that's why it is always best if you give your all in the spars."

Hearing that Hinata, start listening better to the words.

"Some people would say that we need to hold back, in fear of hurting our opponent. Well, we are in a safe investment, medical-nin on standby, and 2 experienced teachers. so let loose, we have even notice that for some students it is a freeing experience. because they always have to keep everything in."

'Iruka really knows his stuff, but he doesn't know that everything he is saying is going to bite him in the ass' Raven was thinking while listening to Iruka and sideglancing to Hinata.

"But what I talk about will be happening later in the year when you were taught a bit. but before we start the spars for this afternoon. We have to warm up your bodies," And Iruka started smiling.

"Now start running, 5 laps to warm up. then we will arrange the spars in tournament style. Also, it's girls vs girls and boys vs boys. only mid-semester will we mix things up. SO START RUNNING."


after warming up.

"Ok, now gather up. the female braked is:

- civilian vs Sakura-

- Hinata vs civilian-

- Ino vs civilian-

- civilian vs another clan member-

"So first battle... start."

Sakura and the civilian started off with a right punch each. The only difference Sakura blocked the punch from the civilian, while Sakura's punch hit her right in the face. almost knocking her out. because Iruka didn't stop the fight yet sakura advance to the girl and gives her a kick in the stomach, while she was still dazed by the earlier punch. by getting hit in the stomach she flys out of the ring, ending the first fight.

'It seems that Sakura has started to learn how to fight already. but it's still basic. But she has a chance at winning the battle training for the kunoichi's' that was Iruka's opinion.

"Start the second battle..."

Hinata and the civilian enter the ring. while facing each other, Hinata starts getting nervous. 'do I hold back or let loose?' that was going through her head. but her opponent made the decision for her.

"Just quit Hinata, you're not made for this. just go home." a random civilian student girl taunted.

No with determination, she started to let go of her thoughts of holding back. 'I'll show you what I'm made off.'

Raven seeing the atmosphere changing around Hinata. He couldn't stop smiling. 'Show everybody here the real Hinata. Hinata.'

" Start..." Mizuki signaled.

the civilian girl went straight for Hinata, while Hinata waited for her to come to her. the civilian then gave a left hook. Hinata seeing it come her way, just sidestepped out of the way, and just knife handed her in the neck. the civilian girl just went down, easy like that. One move only was needed to end the fight. the class just looked at the ring and just taught one thing. 'What the hell did just happen?'

"Hinata wins, next match comes up," Mizuki ordered.

while walking down, Hinata could hear the whispers from the class.

"what the hell happened?" "Was Hinata always that strong?" "isn't she weak and shy?" "Is that someone else?" "Since when can Hinata fight?" "She looked so cool right now" ...

Hinata sat back down, reviewing the comments and the spar. 'that was too easy, Hanabi would have never fallen for that. how slow was she as well? I could have ended it in multiple ways. And why is everybody looking at me weird? why is it like they expected me to fail, do they really think I'm weak? Hell, I'm even in the same class as them. I have worked my but off to become a shinobi.'

Ino won her be-attle with ease as well, because she also had lessons from her father, so she could defend herself. and the civilian won against the clan member. but it was a close brawl.

"Ok we will let the girls rest for a moment, now the boys first round.

- Naruto vs Shikamaru -

- Sasuke vs Kiba -

- Shino vs Choji -

- Raven vs clan member -

The first fight started, and Shikamaru already put his hand in the sky, "I give up."

Iruka had to give the win to Naruto, 'sometimes I really hate how lazy the Nara clan is.'

"Let's start the next fight..."

After a close battle between Kiba and Sasuke, it was Kiba who lost? the battle between Choji and Shino was as anti-climatic as the fight of Shikamaru, as Shino gave up the moment the match was proclaimed. Then it was the fight of Raven.

when they stod over each other. the Clan member started ridiculing Raven, "So are you prepared to go down, Orphan?"

"Sensei, Can we start?" Raven asked.

"Start," Mizuki started the fight.

the clan member ran to Raven. And started swinging his arm to hit his face. Raven just sidestepped, to dodge. the member thought Raven was weaker than him, so he was avoiding the fight. So to keep the 'advantage' he started speeding up his barrage of kicks and punches.

"Can you only dodge, weakling? You just like Naruto, you'll never be a shinobi if your this weak" the member Taunted.

After dodging another kick Raven finally said something, "Is this all you got? Is this the skill you have to taunt me?"

"You can only dodge, what do you know, weakling."

"It has been long enough, don't you think Sensei?" Raven asked Iruka.

"Yes raven, you can end it. he had enough chances and we still have another battle's to do."

"Ok, let's end this farce," then Raven just hit the member right in the gut. and he flew out of the ring and hitting the academy wall. he was unconscious. And Raven left the ring. The whole class stared at Raven as he sits back down.

"Ok, now that does battles are over. Let's get on to the next battle. Sakura, Hinata get in the ring."

As Hinata passes Raven, "Good luck, Hinata."

the two stand facing each other. Iruka looks at the ring and then to Raven, "Now you'll see that being in a clan doesn't give you an advantage.' then Mizuki started the fight.

Both Sakura and Hinata ran to each other. Sakura started with a jab, and then with a left kick. While Hinata just dodges the Jab then she catches sakura's leg. then she crouches trou her legs and does an overhead trow with Sakura's leg as leverage. BANG. Sakura was face-slammed in the training ground. right after Hinata let go of Sakura she jumped after her to knock her out if the overhead throw wasn't enough. but Sakura didn't get up again.

Mizuki called in a medical-nin. while Iruka went to ask Hinata what just happened.

"Why did you jumped after Sakura after that heavy trow? you had to know that she wouldn't be able to get back up?" Iruka asked.

"She wouldn't?" Hinata asked questions "How is that possible? When I do that to Hanabi, she always gets back up in or spars. I have to use much more than that to knock her out. Is what I did wrong?"

"No, what you did was not wrong. but what do you mean, when you spar with Hanabi, she is not yet in the academy?"

"But in our clan, we spar weekly. I have been doing that for 2 years now. My father is always there during our training and spars. Is there something wrong whit that?"

Only now did Iruka find out how wrong he was. the clan members get training after school as well. that's why the school groups the clan member is in the same class together. Then he looked to Raven. 'That bastard knew this, that's why he wanted the bet. I got played.'

Raven saw Iruka looking at him, 'well, I did try to tell you. who would have thought you believed everybody in this class starts equal. NOW you know what we non clan members have to catch up to.'

The next fight was no surprise Ino won. her opponent had no chance.

"Next fight, Sasuke vs Naruto ... "

thelastgrim thelastgrim

I know it took a while to upload this chapter. But I write when I feel like it. So if I had a hard day at work, it will take some time for the next chapter to appear. But normally in 2 to 3 days, the next chapter would normally be uploaded. so sorry for the wait.

Till next time.

And if you have some ideas about my story? Comment it and let me know. Can't make any promises ;)

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