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100% The Horoscopes / Chapter 7: Buffet For A Voracious Virus

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Chapter 7: Buffet For A Voracious Virus


Rosy red crustaceans, schools of smoked fishes; a seafood banquet galore with plenty to serve. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Caramelised onions and charred greens, little shrimp bruschetta and sliced cheese as hors d'oeuvre's.

A full buffet for myself, and my new little friends. Of course, I am referring to the results of my new ability.


[Voracious Virus

Type: Ability

Voracious Virus is a deadly ability that allows the user to manipulate germs and pathogens, even bacteria! Depending on the knowledge of the user, one can create diseases that are evidently incurable.

Note: Due to the unique status of the Host, any and all pathogens you control; evolve and form a hive mind connection with you.

Note: Can be upgraded.

Note: Host's body becomes practically immune to all diseases, (Even the ones you create yourself).

Note: The viruses you control are stronger than the average pathogens

Note: This ability grants you the Plagued Body as a result].


It was an interesting ability for a budding virologist such as myself, and I was surprised by the fact that I could even control all bacteria, I mean, after all most bacteria aren't even pathogenic for that matter.

And unlike the others I can't exactly use this ability in my Domain, so I had to go out. When I first awoke, it was strange as my relatives were all floating in the air.

And Eichi, I believe, was wrapped up in a chrysalis. Which was the most unusual thing I had seen so far.

I left a note for the others in case they woke up. At first I was going to drive my way there, but apparently there was no need.

[If you want I can teleport you there?]. I was amused by this, "Sure." I replied candidly, Alviss was definitely useful, I thought with a smile in my face.

Mist swirled beneath my feet, shrouding me in its cool arms. As it slipped over my head, the mist had erased me from Touka's house, and transported me into mine through the small crevices of my door.

It was an intense experience becoming completely transparent and vaporising into thin air, before recollecting myself into one whole piece at another place. Well, not like I'm complaining as it was pretty fun.

"Hey, that was pretty good." I mentally noted to myself to try and obtain a teleportation ability next time I had the opportunity to.

Its convenience was off the charts. My thoughts were on how I could do such a thing while I practice my new powers.

Clutching at the air, I willed all bacteria to gather before me. Any airborne diseases or germs that are around were to be summoned at once.

And so they did, to my dismay a massive influx of mosquitoes and disease carriers revolved around me, as if I was their sun.

I would have been grossed out if not for the fact that they carried the most important part of my ability. "Come to me my children! And become one with this plagued body!" I was essentially calling out to any and all microbes to assimilate into my body.

This was the 'Plagued Body' the System was referring to. It meant that I was an effective carrier for any and all bacteria, with the introduced microbes becoming a part of my immune system.

Unsure of how it worked, but the microbes essentially become a sort of supercell in my body, protecting against all foreign bacteria by eating them.

In other words, they were essentially phagocytes except for the fact that they grow stronger every time they eat them.

Not to mention that they could virtually live forever as long as they ate a certain amount and evolve to greater heights.

Well, at least that was my theory to what could happen. But nonetheless, they were very useful.

As for the mosquitoes and other pests? Not so much. So, it was time to create a new virus!

I closed my eyes and imagined of a particular strain of a common virus. The influenza, quite common.

But instead of the normal fevers and lethargy that comes with it. I'm modifying it to an extreme extent.

And in addition I am creating a virus that replicates my new bacterial cells. They eat and assimilate the other cells as well as imitate any identified cell, (other than blood cells and a few others), and since they are very similar to phagocytes, this can in theory psychologically make the mosquitoes immune system think that these bacteria are its own.

I breathed out a turbid breath, releasing my horrible concoction. As the mosquitoes and other pests were busy with the endless waves of influenza viruses, my mimic viruses will identify main cells.

Emulating their characteristics, and get a free pass. Next they slip into any important organ and attack the cells inside, replicating as they go.

They latch onto the walls of the organs and drain them of proteins and sugars to sustain themselves.

Once the immune system is suppressed at a certain level, the influenza make their attack.

Violently spreading their contagion and destroying any cells as well as themselves.

This suicidal tactic was so that they had a higher chance of surviving, provided that they gathered enough energy to do so.

Which is supplied by my mimics. After the mimics are done with their job, they latch onto any influenza virus they can find and give all of the energy they gathered to them.

Dying in the process. The creatures infected were spasming wildly, their bodies twitching at a rapid speed.

Then came the cell deterioration process, which utterly destroys any chance they have of surviving.

And for my final act, the parasitoid disease that affects cognitive abilities. Breathing out a turbid gas incense more; this time it had a greenish shade that was very radical of many pathogens.

For it had the ability to grow a sentient mind by spreading throughout its host body. Shutting down all organ functions to optimise their true purpose.

They would then begin drawing away all of its host's resources and to the brain to form a complex organic membrane that made the brain a habitable place to breed. It would kill the host, but in turn it would allow them to mutate into powerful variants.

The spasming stopped, and eventually they were under my control. "Go my children, feed and proliferate. Uh, not the crabs and lobsters or the shrimp bruschettas though, cause those are mine." I communicated with them through my mind instinctively, an astonishing feat even for the System.

[To think you learned how to telepathically communicate with your viruses this fast. What great potential!].

Alviss seemed impressed, but I felt that there was more to his words than he let on. Either way, it didn't matter to me as this was a milestone achievement.

I shrugged away the thought of his words and made the proper response, "Yeah, yeah. I know I'm amazing, but for now; we feast."

Winged_Staff Winged_Staff

Sorry I’m late. I was terribly ailed with pangs of nausea and a bleeding nose. But I’m alright now.

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